Nomination for Cayde-6

Long time lurker and reader but I have never been incensed enough to put the proverbial pen to paper but this is just a sign of how bad things have got.

Apparently now, and I quote.

If you are white and own a dog, you are openly participating and advocating for cultural appropriation and colonialism. Reinforcing this culture is NOT acceptable and will come with its repercussions.

The mind boggles, is there anything white people can do that isn’t racist?

Well, I’m off to take my beloved eight year old dog to the pound so he can be culturally enriched.


ps. If you want to know more about Cayde-6 then here is its bio. Explains a lot.

Cayde is a father to two and a lifelong conservationist. When not committing time to the local zoo, Cayde spends his time creating and disseminating educational materials for local schools that help kids understand why protecting animals and LGBTQIA+ rights is so important.

Nominated by: Phat Cunt 

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  1. Even the name United Wildlife Union gives it away. It’s redundant. United and Union in the same title? That’s like saying the same thing twice. If you are united then you are a union. Clever!

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