People In General

People, the common masses, poltroons in general are cunts….I will elaborate with a few examples for your edification.

People who jump red lights.

People who pull out in front of me and then immediately turn right.

People who queue outside dirty old chip shops to get their fill of chip lard.

People who queue onto and block the road so they can get McDonalds trash food.

People who pay £75 per month for a mobile phone.

People who take a massive trolley full of junk through the basket only line.

People who wear masks on the street and alone in cars…you’re only going to smell your own farts in there.

Old cunts driving at 7am in the morning to nowhere, joggers, Tailgaters,
temporary traffic light operatives, puffed up “essential workers” etc etc

You are all indeed a cunt if you are mentioned. II have missed anyone, sorry but you’re a cunt too.

Nominated by: Spanky Mc Spank


95 thoughts on “People In General

  1. Jesus Spanky-you need to feel some love.
    Not everyone is a cunt. The majority possibly.

  2. You’ve started something here Spanky.
    I’ll throw in cycle cunts, Remainers, the SNP, Frogs, SJWs…
    In fact, pretty much the entire IsAC back catelogue of cunts.

  3. Im guilty of the odd one of those charges Spanky!
    Definitely the common bit.
    But my cuntishness is dwarved by others.
    The French.
    Cant let it get to you,
    Chin up old bean!
    Go out and do something truly spiteful and malign.
    Youll feel much better!!
    Bake a pie full of laxatives and give it a elderly widow!
    Pour a jar of marbles outside the Institute for the blind.
    Be part of the solution not the problem!!

  4. I accepted years ago that people..all people,myself included….are Cunts. Best to Fuck them over before they try to do it to you.

  5. You mentioned Lone Mask wearers Spanky.
    I stayed at a Caravan park a few weeks ago and observed a couple turn up wearing masks together in their car.
    They later emerged from their Caravan and sat outside chatting still wearing these masks.
    I can only assume that they wear them in bed while fucking ?

    • Wearing a mask whilst driving alone in your car is like sleeping alone and wearing a condom.

      Just sayin’ like.

      • Grandad wearing his cap whilst aaggghht and abbaaat (c) B&WC on a Sunday afternoon drive in the middle of a heatwave always registers with me.

        The “Great British Public”. Oh do fuck off; we’re all just the ‘me first’ selfish cunts we always were.

      • I saw a dull cunt in a convertible, roof down, wearing a mask. Yes mate, we were pointing and laughing at you.

      • Driving is an activity whereas lying in bed unconscious is a passivity. I’d say that a more appropriate analogy would be a posh wank which is most definitely an activity! Just saying.

    • Awww – I have a most fetching home made lone ranger mask!
      (It frightens people! 😀).
      And when I make Sir Fiddler “Minister of cycling etiquette” there will be hell to pay!
      I must admit I generally prefer dogs to people.

  6. Spot on, except for me (slightly old cunt) who goes to Tesco once a week at 7am to avoid all the other cunt categories mentioned.

    I would add to the list the cunts who decide temporary cycle lanes are a good idea to accommodate a handful of cyclists and as a consequence create standing traffic emitting excessive mixed gases, the only reason seems to be to demonstrate woke credentials.
    People wearing masks in the great outdoors may be cunts but not as big cunts as those who don’t wear them in public indoors.
    My final addition to the list is anyone under 50 😂

    • Tell me about. I was driving through Bradford at the weekend. One complete carriage way of the through road taken out for cyclists. Presumably for the odd p@kki that doesn’t drive a Merc.

    • Once again………… very difficult to allow a pathogen to spread amongst the young, healthy, majority population in order to achieve heard immunity by depleting the host reservoir if every cunt is wearing a face nappy.

      #Just saying

      #Methodological Naturalism (AKA the scientific method) requires dissent and debate, not orthodoxy or conformity

      #I’m just using #s ironically

      #Not a complete Hipster Millennial cunt BTW

  7. People who cry about wearing a mask, when my grandparents and many others had six years of war and bombing.

    People who grass on social media (the lowest of the fucking low).

    People who revere Saint Chicken Floyd George. Patron Saint of BLM and smacked up armed criminals.

    People in pubs who watch a game on Sky, but act like they are at a proper football match (fucking mongs).

    People who don’t wear masks and hold up queues buying their fags, ‘lotties’ and scratch cards (fucking scum).

    People who watch BGT, X Factor, Strictly, and any other shite like that (retarded morons).

    People who claim ginger baiting is racist (Fuck off Sheeran, you fucking cunt!).

    People who say transbenders are real women (Daniel Twatcliffe the fairy cunt)

    People who say the 70s was the dark ages and un-PC (the 70s were fucking ace).

    People who let their two year old kid in a pushchair have an i-phone (scum).

    People who let their two year old kid in a pushchair eat ‘Maccy Dees’ (again, scum).

    People who call their daughters Chardonnay, Princess, Beyonce, Summer, Sky and Kylie (once more, scum).

    People who call their sons Kanye, Mason, Curtis, C.J, Morgan, Beckham, Carter, and T.J. (again…).

    People who jump queues when a new checkout opens (it’s kicking time!).

    People who talk like cunts and say things like ‘Lolz’ ‘OMFG’ ‘Hugz’ and ‘Wifey’ (backward pigs!).

    People who are grown adults, but dress up at Comic Con and Cosplay events (fucking saddos).

    People who are obsessed with either Harry Potter or Game Of Thrones (wankers!).

    People who think Ed Sheercunt, Tiltess Swift, Stormzy,and Billie Eilish are musical geniuses (deaf thick cunts!)

    People who say ‘Glazers Out’ yet then but the new stupid shirt and put cash in their coffers (shoot them now!).

    • Every one a spot-on zinger Norman, except just the one.

      Taylor deeply appreciates a succession of English cock, writes all her own material, treats her fan base well and is self-made $$$.

      Ok I’ll accept she’s useless at tit-wanking but eg Katie Price’s disgusting appendages make me nauseous, so big knockers* don’t always work for me.

      * Christy Canyon excepted

      • Compared to Ladyboy Gaga and that minging Eilish cunt, Taylor is alright, I suppose. But when people put her on a par with Dylan and Joni Mitchell, that’s taking the piss. Also, did she gobble Ed Sheercunt’s ginger knob? If she did, that puts the tin hat on it. Definitely a no-no if that’s the case.

        And Pandora Peaks has whammers like wehrmacht zeppelins.

      • Morning Norman,
        Hahaha Pandora Peaks…. yes I see it!! Check out Chesty Morgan and Candy Samples whilst you’re at it.

        Reminds me of that Lolo Ferrari bint on the Eurotrash show on Channel 4. Eurotrash could always raise a chuckle by taking the piss out of the continentals by ‘mistranslating’ / exaggerating the faux accents into broad Scouse, Cockney, Cornish etc. I loved it.

        As for Lolo, they once had to apologise for her not appearing in the studio as “British Airways wouldn’t give Lolo flight insurance in case her breasts exploded at 30,000 ft.”. All complete nonsense but hey it was funny when Antoine de Cunt said it.

    • Regarding your 70’s one, I regreat having been born in 1982………… hell, even in the M’Lenny’ll generation! I introduced my 70 year old Dad to Life on Mars (2003 – when the BBC could still make good, preiod-accurate, non-PC TV shows) and the last few times I’ve stayed at his place over the last month we’ve binge watched it.

      It’s really nice to see his eyes light up when some vintage/classic car comes on screen or a song gets played that he recognises and tries to name the song, band and year of release. The current year is so shite, I think everybody is glad for some nostalgia.

      As for the whole dressing up at sci-fi/fantasy conventions; I agree! I have been to 2 Stargate conventions and 1 London Film and Comic Con but never dressed up as I am not a virgin.
      That said, some of the young lads who were dressed up as David Tennant’s Dr Who and Matt Smith’s Dr Who were surrounded by attractive, young cosplay lasses drooling over the gangley, nerdy bastards so maybe there is something to it.

  8. We’ve all had days when it seems we are under attack by the multitude of cunts. I’ve been a cunt at times and I like to think I’m just crossing paths with someone suffering a brief episode of cuntishness when I meet a cunt.

    • I agree with you on this one. Wearing a face nappy is a shit method of allowing a pathogen to spread amongst the young, healthy, majority population in order to achieve heard immunity by depleting the host reservoir.

      Sadly the whole Covid debacle in the UK has been a case of trial by mainstream media which has not only affected policy but even scared the mainstream scientific community into compliance rather than peer reviewing papers which propose alternatives to lockdown (Professor Sunetra Gupta and many others).

      There truly are a lot of cunts out there.

      • Had we elected Gupta as PM she could make that decision (let it rip and lock up the old) but she wasn’t, if the PM went down that route and it ended up in disaster, she would just st back and say ‘well it was just a theory’

      • Problem is though, the entire debale was conducted BY politicians, TO the public, THROUGH the Main Stream Media.

        It was too politicised from the get-go considering that in March, the government were going to go with herd immunity but Bojo turned on a penny during a live TV press conference due to public/media pressure.

        The press conferences should have been conducted, not by politicians, but by medical scientific experts.

        If in March, Witty had said on live TV “we are going with herd immunity, lock up the elderly, the immuno-compromised, people with respiratory and pulmonary conditions”…… the press would have fallen in line without questioing him because to do otherwise would be to act like science deniers in the same vein as young earth creatards, flat earthers, anti-vaxxers and climate change deniers (the latter being the most heinous crime in 2019/2020).

      • I think it was Vallance who talked about herd immunity but only in the sense that to a degree it was desirable.
        It was the media who then put the spin on what he said.
        I agree with comments about the media, I have said many times on different ISAC threads that the media are a big part of the problem.

      • You know I was on-board for the first 2-3 months, but it’s become clear now this whole thing is a fucking charade. If it’s as deadly as the British public currently believe it is, why hasn’t India been totally devastated? Extremely dense, slum like living where people literally shit and die on the streets and only 150k deaths out of 1 billion? That’s 0.01%!

        I’m actually starting to believe now this is more than just political incompetence and bungling but an actual attempt to impose the next stage of globalisation on us without debate or consent. Got a nom coming up soon on this, ‘Build Back Better’.

        The willingness of people to not question our government and scientists is astounding (but not surprising).

      • There is a saying “Never attribute to conspiracy, that which can be put down to incompetence”.

        Since the Brexit Referendum of 2016, the woeful performance of the Maybot, the incompetence of Bojo and the ineffectualness of Priti Pitiful, I am now convinced that there are legitimate conspiracies afoot.

        No group of supposedly intelligent, well-educated people could be so inept unless they were doing so on purpose! I need to go to the shop tommorow to get some tin foil (assuming that “they” haven’t placed nano-tech tracking devices on the surface of the foil). DAMN YOU DAVID ICKE!!!!!!

      • When the ‘incompetence’ stretches back decades and seems to have slowly but surely taken us to the very place the paranoid theorists said we’d end up at.. you have to ask yourself if maybe there isn’t more going on.

        Every PM has been demonstrably worse than the last, when we said it couldn’t get any worse. They also all happen to sing the same globalist song whichever way they lean politically.

      • I don’t usually go for conspiracy theories but back in 2014/2015 and 2018 I was a UKIP member and a guy I was canvassing with in 2015 sent me an email attachment of a Foreign and Commonwealth document compiled between 1970 and 1972 under the Heath government.

        This document advised MP’s how to mislead the British people as to the purpose of the EEC, it’s planned future and how to achieve it.

        It is called FCO 30/1048 and was declassified in the early 2000’s when it’s 30 year classification had expired. You won’t hear much about it in the media because they are all complicit. Fucking shills.

      • Well done for highlighting that piece of info. The supranational cunts in Brussels realised early on that the only way to make their bastard ideas tenable to the vast majority of persons in Europe was by small innocuous steps and latherings of deceit. They became masters of the mediocre appeared if at all as mere pushers of pens. In fact as we all know now they almost succeeded back in the 90’s but over confidence was their downfall. The eu commission which is the heart and soul of the project will get their United States of Europe eventually and thanks to our traitorous cunts in government England is bound to play a part financing said paradise till hell freezes over except of course the frozen plain filled with traitors which is bloody cold and frozen already.

      • Nice looking lass, however, as a lad who did most of his shagging in the opening years of this millennium, I can only assume that in addition to her classic 60s Madonna tits, that she also has some classic 60s mingage as well…… no need for that shit – we have dental floss now.

      • She is similar in looks (and figure) to Carole Hawkins (Please Sir and Carry On films) who was around in the same era – and just as gorgeous. Think I could have tolerated the hirsute beaver!

      • Oh yes very nice! Although my favourite Carry On girl was Amanda Barrie as Cleopatra. She got me hard even before a had a man beaver myself!

  9. I believe humility is a large part of this.

    Gaze at those who grace our wall above; do any of these cunts have a shred of self-awareness and have occasion to stand in front of the mirror and say to themself “OK, OK, I know I really have been a prized cunt of late”?

    Naw, you just fucking *know* they don’t.

    And that is a definition of a cunt, IMHO.

  10. Those people who become a PCSO due to the fact they are too shit, to Fat, too white and not gay enough to join the real Police ‘Service’ but treat every normal cunt they meet like they are a cross between ‘Riggs’ from lethal weapon and the Chief constable of Greater Manchester Police really boil my piss!

  11. Boris about to address us at 7pm.
    Tell us what hes doing to further destroy the country.
    Think this 3 tier restrictions has Liverpool in top spot.

    “Aawww hey, always us like, dat Boris hey?
    Do doh dont dey doh?..

    • I cannot stand to look at Johnson the jellyfish – dark and unpleasant thoughts spring to mind.
      But the rumour is he is gone in January/February.

      • I hope some of it is in Latin!
        Nowt says man of the people like a bit of Latin!

      • Or as Al Murray The Pub Landlord once said “Diddley, Fiddley, Fiddley, Diddley!”.

      • The more I see and hear about Stanley Johnson, I can see why Boris and his siblings are all useless fuckin’ failures.
        The whole family are a breed of parasites clinging on to Boris’s limited success in the past. When Boris goes, the others will go with him.

      • The time of Johnson’s departure depends on how badly he caves in to the EU over whatever trade deal he ends up agreeing to at the end of the year. Or if he extends the transition period.

        It should be borne in mind that a high priority of the EU is that the UK must be seen to be punished and not benefit from leaving the EU.

        Whatever the outcome, Boris will not be Prime Minister twelve months from now. That honour will go to Rishi Sunak.

      • Evening Ruff. Boris is such a prevaricator and procrastinator that I’m sure he’ll extend the transition period. What a big bag of wind he is.

      • Evening Bertie.

        Yes, he’ll either apply to extend or accept a bad deal – in either case he and the EU will use the pandemic as an excuse. He doesn’t have the balls to go for No Deal.

        He’ll also let the Americans walk all over us in his desperation to secure a trade deal with them.

      • Theres something wrong with him.
        Not joking.
        He passes questions onto Rishi Suntan or Chris Tortoise.
        Why? Hes struggling.
        Out of his depth, lost all confidence in himself,
        Maybe his nuts scrambled?
        But its like watching someone drowning.
        Hes a spent force, hes shot his bolt and left holding his cock mumbling latin.

      • The clock is ticking, if nothing is agreed in the next week or so, he will have to decide, I see a deal, a great deal, the deal of the century 😂

  12. I was in Liverpool today, had a curry at lunchtime in The Boot Room Cafe inside Anfield.

    Had a Chicken Tikka Mo Salah….

  13. Cheeky cunts who go to live in someone else’s country (without the native population being asked), then moan about it and try and change it to suit themselves.

    They can all get the fuck out of my country. The cheeky fucking cunts.

    I wonder how I’d get on in Pakistan or Jamaica if I moved there and started moaning about ‘brown privilege’? What if I started pulling down their statues and demanding more honkies in their parliaments?

    Yeah, I bet diversity wouldn’t be a fucking strength all of a sudden, would it?

    I wonder if they’d give me a four star hotel if I turned up without a passport or permission to be there?

    Seeeeend the buggers back…

  14. People who are over polite…
    “After you.” “No, after you.” “No. Please.” “No. I insist.” “Please, you go first.”
    ..or over grateful…
    “Thanks. Thanks very much. Thanks a lot. Many thanks. Thanks a bunch. Thanks a million. Thank you so much. Thank you oooooohoooooohoooh..”
    Oh shut up and get on with it!

  15. I hear you Sir. It’s all shit. I take a break from here when I’m like that as I find it the noms make my disposition worse. The banter here however is pointed and humorous mostly and can occasionally make me smile, so this place can be a double edged sword. Use responsibly all my bottles tell me.

  16. People who last 2-5 years said ”take care” and who now say “stay safe”

    Fuck right off

  17. People who say ‘season’ instead of ‘series’. Cunts.

    People who say ‘Show Runner’ instead of ‘Executive Producer’. Tossers.

    People who say ‘vinyl’ instead of record and LP. Knobheads.

    People who say ‘jaw dropping’. Fucking bellends.

    People who take the knee to salute a chiggun guzzling druggie cunt and a known armed criminal.

    People who call singing (for want of a better word) groups ‘bands’. The Spice Girls were not a fucking band. So fuck off!

    People who say ‘Bo Rap’ instead of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Fucking twatbags.

    • People who phone the police just because you had no pants on up on the moor.

    • I disagree with the first point! During the 90’s/early 00’s I had all of Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine on VHS……. every SEASON in fact. I know this because it said so on the cases.

      At the same time I also had all of Red Dwarf on VHS available at the time………. every SERIES in fact. I know this because it said so on the cases.

  18. The American edition includes:

    BLM types
    Antifa types
    The Mainstream Media
    Hollywood Liberals
    Social Media “Influencers”
    Pot Heads

    • What about them ‘stuffing’ the Supreme Court General? Fuck me they are prepared to do anything. Watched the vice -presidential debate. Harris said that ‘honest Abe’ did delay a nomination. But to say they will get more justices onto the bench just for balance. That’s not constitutional surely.
      The best bit when Harris was going on about Trump not respecting the election and Pence came back with well you haven’t respected a lawfully elected presudent spending 3 years trying to oust him with the bogus Russian interference charges.
      The biggest thing for me though was the fly. What the fuck is that in his hair? It was a big black bugger. And it did hang around..

      • Hey Miles,

        There is not enough room here for me to vent my spleen over the Demonrats and their scheme to pack the court other than to say their “agenda” does not have popular support…no matter what they tell you. To enact it they must seize control of the courts.

        They want Soviet style democracy. (And they might get it it.)

      • @Miles Plastic The only thing that irratates me more than bullies is sore losers who change the rules so that they can win.
        The Democrats seem to think that because they lost the first time, rather than shifting the goal posts, best of three-style (the Remoaner way) they think that the goal should just be made larger for when they get their turn.

        They seem to want a one party state from what I can gather……….. that’s worked out so well in that past so why not try it again. Dirty, lefty bastards.

      • Hiya Tits,

        My thinking at the moment is how fragile America is. The actual election of the president is in question. So is the Supreme Court. That’s two of the three branches of government.

      • I know Mate. It pisses me off no end considering that I would love to live in ‘Murica due to their 3 branch, bicameral legislative, consitutional republican system.

        It may be over 250 years old but it is still the best model going.

    • I know I am not meant to berate fellow cunters but on behalf of all Trekkies I would just like to say FUCK YOU!!!.

      I love you by the way………. with all my fart.

  19. People are cunts. Full stop. Thick as pig shit, won’t take responsibilty for their own fucking health, expect me to turn up and put a plaster on a paper cut ‘It’s beeding, innit’? Cunts that think they’ll be seen quicker if they turn up by ambulance – you fucking won’t, trust me, NHS 111, the biggest CUNTS all of them, doubled our fucking workload overnight, the useless cunts, ooh, I could tell you some stories about the shite they send our way, cunts that watch ‘Ambulance’ and try to tell us our job, cunts that pull over but keep going when we’re on a run, I’d execute them at the side of the road, GP’s that tell the patient to call 999 and we refer them straight back to the fucking GP and, fuck-it, I’m going to sleep. Good night.

    • I could go on a massive rant about how much I despise the NHS for their incompetence and negligence for fucking up my older brother’s leg when he was in university and prevented him from being able to go in the RAF as an officer……… or in the military at all. (Yes that was apophasis as you will shortly see).

      Whiny, overpaid, underworked, unaccountable, bureaucratically unreformable, unsackable, unionista, NHS public sector troughers to a man, woman and creature.

      NHS “Key Workers” need to get the fuck over themselve’s.

      Good night and sleep tight!

  20. I could go on a massive rant about how much I despise the NHS for their incompetence and negligence for fucking up my older brother’s leg when he was in university and prevented him from being able to go in the RAF as an officer……… or in the military at all. (Yes that was apophasis as you will shortly see).

    Whiny, overpaid, underworked, unaccountable, bureaucratically unreformable, unsackable, unionista, NHS public sector troughers to a man, woman and creature.

    NHS “Key Workers” need to get the fuck over themselve’s.

    Good night and sleep tight!

    • ‘Overpaid’??? Are you fucking serious???? If ever you’re in the need of a laugh, I’ll show you my payslip.

      ‘Unnacountable and unsackable’? Ever heard of the HCPC? Paramedics get struck off left, right and centre, mate…

      ‘Get over ourselves’??? Walk a fucking mile in my shoes for a month, deal with what I have to, day in, day out, tell that parent their fucking kid’s died and there’s fuck-all we can do, kneel in blood, shit and God-knows what else to resus the mum/dad, in front of their kids, cut down that teenager that’s hung themself, tell the woman who’s been married for seventy years that we couldn’t save her husband, try to stem the blood of the teenager that’s been stabbed in front of his screaming mum, do a thoracostamy at the side of the road with HEMS, go to three deaths in a row, deal with all that, two of you, before back-up arrives, with only the kit you can carry, plus all of the fucking trivial shit we deal with EVERY day? Yeah, we REALLY need to ‘Get the fuck over’ ourselves.

      The NHS makes mistakes, we’re human, after all, and, I’ve no time for chair-polishers, but, to tar us all with the same brush as whomever fucked up your brother, is frankly crass and ignorant, and, if I might say, hypocritical, as, I’ll bet my gold-plated, ‘get over myself’, undeserved pension that, if you ever have the misfortune of needing an ambulance, you’ll keep your views to yourself. ‘You people’ always do.

      • You won’t need fucking clapping on a Thursday, mate, you’ll need a fucking shrink. I know I did after a child murder….

      • Part three! You might ask, despite the above, and the many cunts that haunt us, why still do the job? Certainly not the pay or pension, but, for that time you DO make the difference. No greater job satisfaction. Be even better if it wasn’t for all the cunts mentioned in part one.

      • Oh, and the biggest laugh of your misinformed rant is ‘Underworked’! Oh, how we laughed as we hit the ‘Clear’ button after dropping the pt off at the rammed ED and the MDT fired up with the fourth job of the day! Got any good ones about your mother-in-law?

  21. Indeed.

    I’ve come to regard people generally as useless cunts, till they individually prove themselves otherwise.

  22. Recent names for book titles cheese me off.
    For instance, The Music Of What Happens; The Gravity Of Us etc etc. You what?

    Pretentious bullocks.

    Probably not the fault of the writer but of the publisher.

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