Claudia Winkleman


Claudia Winkleman, co-host of Strictly, definitely deserves a nomination.

She gets a pay rise from the BBC, taking her salary to £369,000, and 24 hours later she sends a round-robin email to BBC staff asking them to film themselves dancing for a ‘Dancing with our staff’ promotional video.

This has caused some fury among the none ridiculously overpaid staff, because many of them have just received redundancy notices. Wait…they get made redundant, and so called celebrities get pay rises, could there be a correlation?

Anyway, Winkleman has shown a level of self-unawareness that rivals Lineker. And for that reason, I formally nominate the annoying cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw


121 thoughts on “Claudia Winkleman

  1. ” Good evening sir, tonight’s special is Claudia Winkleman, you can fuck her any which way. ”
    ” No thanks, I’ll just have steak pudding, chips, peas and gravy, plenty of salt and vinegar. Can I use your bog ? I’m dying for a slash. “

  2. A top chaps:

    Jewish laydees do not age well. Seriously.
    I speak from experience.

    Winklepicker-didn’t her daughter stand in front of a fire in a cheap Halloween costume that her stingy mum bought from Sainsburys?
    Winklepicker spent years crying and wringing her hands on public to gain sympathy for the “justifiable” criticism at her and subsequent guilt she felt.

    Worst tv presenter ever.

    Unkle Terry, an extra special Zyclon B oven, if you would be so kind.

  3. When she was in hospital having her first child delivered. The baby was so ugly, the nurse smacked the parents.

  4. Wouldn’t pay this untalented wanker in steel washers Overpaid tosser 👎👎
    Let’s have a Referendum on the license fee 👍
    Do We want to pay Yes or No 👍👍

  5. Winkleman is a stupidblooking fuck monkey who needs a knuckle sandwich followed by a head shaving, tar and feathering and finaly dropping off in a desert somewhere, certainly one of the most annoying tarts on the box….

  6. I think the Beeb should export to zer kemp down in Pembrokeshire to ‘entertain’ the carpet kissers.
    She looks like she would enjoy it.
    Filthy looking overpaid slag.

  7. The reason that the annoying bitch has that frightful fringe is that when she last went to have some work done to improve her “horror-mask” face,the surgeon tattooed the word CUNT on her forehead.

  8. I grew up in the 70’s, I remember an advert bestowing the virtues of wearing a seat belt, it was basically a hammer hitting a peach and smashing it to bits, thereby symbolising the damage incurred by the human body in a crash. If ever there was a face deserving of a hammer it’s this cunts!

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