The BBC (27)

The BBC.

A quickie. I’m sick and tired of the cunts constantly referring to rioters as ‘anti-racist protestors’. Just two examples here, but there are others.

Yes, it seems the cops are the bad guys when a bunch of criminals, racists and Marxists take over the streets. How dare they try to restore law and order. After all, if you say you’re anti-racist, then it must be true right?

Sure, they may do the odd black panther leather gloved salute (the glove denotes protecting the black man’s hand from injury when beating up white people). They may rant about the Jews controlling the world, but hey…these are anti-racists. They say so, as do the BBC, so let’s just accept it.

It seems shouting ‘waycism’ allows you to be called the good guys by the ‘impartial’ BBC, even if they do the things I state.

Get to fuck!

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47 thoughts on “The BBC (27)

    • As soon a a soy latte is ordered they turn into Antifa.
      “Mum! Mum! – give me money for a soy latte and a subway! Now”!

  1. Me too wtf happened to law and order. Silver moons, marxist’s anarchist’s, bored rich kids looting rioting assaulting killing destroying hide in plain sight ass far as the BBC are concerned. Beyond belief. All apparently because a career crim was wrongly killed by a bad cop. How many people have suffered died at the hands of this scum. The 5 year old boy shot by a cunt dark key. Where is the outrage Beeb?? Why are you not challenging the cunts rioting , sorry protesters. Protesters my arse SCUM. The BBC scum apologists = scum also.

    • Because despite the move to Salford the BBC still live in a multi-ethnic London bubble. They have no idea how the white working class people of the North think.

      They just don’t get that most people believe that if immigrants have the right to come here and they want to integrate we don’t have a problem with that as long as the numbers are not overwhelming.

      What we do have a problem with is when we are no longer “masters in our own house”.

      To make things worse the party that should stand for the white working class has betrayed us. The Tories do represent us to a limited degree but always in the background there is the idea that their big business backers don’t want working people to get ahead. They want as much production as possible for as little wages and employment rights as possible.

      Our forefathers had Churchill, Atlee, Bevin. They even had Lord Halifax who had the balls to admit “I’m not up to this job” and stood aside for Churchill at the start of the Second World War. Can you imagine any of our current politicians doing that? Who have we got? Keir Starmer? Diane Abbott?? Chris Grayling?!?

      None of that disappointment and frustration registers with the BBC. Entire regions of the country and sections of society just don’t exist for them. It’s more important to produce drama where Maid Marian or Achilles were black.

      By the way I watched the latest film on Mary Queen of Scots the other day. Elizabeth’s ambassador to Scotland was black. Errr I don’t think in reality he was. Mary had four gentlewomen who were ladies-in-waiting, they’re all called Marie or Mary, yep, so far so good that’s right….oh look, one of them’s black as well, despite the fact that we know what they looked like and they were white. Posh and white. Bit now if history doesn’t suit they just change it. Is it any wonder our kids don’t even know what happened in 1066? They certainly won’t find out from the BBC in a hurry that’s for sure.

  2. surely, and I say this with your best interests in mind – put the fucking bbc OFF – just don’t watch it – you’ll put another 5 years on your life … and skip in the meadows and be eternally happy … and might even get laid

    • Married and have minge on tap. Cheeky cunt. The links are to web articles by the way. Who says I pay for the BBC?

      You’re that tin foil hat wearing covid is a hoax muppet, so I’ll ignore you from here on in. K?

      • Covid almost certainly is a deep state hoax CB.
        Extinction Rebellion
        Burn Loot Murder
        All part of the same arse cheek.

        All extremely woke to boot.

  3. As the end of lockdown approached, it appeared the BBCunts were scratching around for the next big storyline. They latched onto George Floyd and gave it all the headline news the story didn’t deserve. I am looking at the telly and thinking this will cause riots here. The BBCunts actively incited bored and disaffected, post lockdown, people to go out on the streets and cause mayhem. I have a customer who makes police equipment and he was flat out during lockdown as everyone expected problems the BBCunts must have known that and did what they could to inflame the situation.

  4. Dirty fucking bastard BB fucking C. Very eager to report the words of some w*g……”the police acted very aggressively.” Oh did they? You mean they didn’t get down on their knees and lick your fucking shoes? How very inconvenient for you.
    And as for the dead cunt in Seattle he pointed a rifle at some cunt and the cunt shot him. I am happy to report he was released without charge which must have broken their commie hearts at Jimmy Savile House. The BB cunting C are a fucking disgrace and we are forced to pay for their daily outpouring of anti British communist propaganda.
    Fuck those cunts to hell! Especially Linekunt!

  5. The BBC are a joke – propaganda, racism, false reporting and lies.
    Leave Lineker to me.

    • Come on Johnson; do something about these fucking BBC cunts and fuck off the licence tax. As of yesterday.
      Fucking cunts have become an outrage and an embarrassment.

  6. If Trump loses the next election, the BBC will have 90% of their “news” related employees out of work overnight.
    The coverage is as absurd as it is biased against the man. They’ve slagged him off since before he was elected, and every day since.
    Somewhat hypocritical considering how gleeful the arseholes were to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon regarding Russian influence in our elections.
    Every time a member of the public is interviewed by the cunts it is either a bame or eastern arsehole. God forbid a white British person should have an opinion.

    But like Nigel Farage said, “You’re not allowed to have an opinion on the BBC”.

      • He never should have left UKIP. I always voted for them.
        He left when the job was done after we voted to leave the EU.
        Well who’d of thought it? We’re still in the corrupt fucking conglomerate.

      • We voted to leave, the remainer whining traitors spent three Years trying to stop the democratic will of the people – Politicians doing this should have been thrown out of their jobs.
        Theresa “piss useless” May is so weak, spineless and cowardly she lands us with a 39 billion bill we do not owe, does not get back the billions we are owed and goes for a cowardly balls up which if you look at the withdrawal agreement actually keeps us IN the EU just pretending not to be.
        An absolute fkin shambles, aided by the BBC and Boris Corbyn.
        The fight for autonomy and independence goes on – vote Fox!

      • I think I can safely add around another 30 votes for you VF. In fact I would even be willing to chuck some of my pension your way to fund the election campaign. I wish Nigel had the health and the numbers to kick the current crop of parasitic cowards and traitors out from all parties and get this country back to where it should be.

    • If Biden wins we are in big fucking trouble. Can you imagine the encouragement, courtesy of the BB shitcunt C, the leftie bastards over here will get from that? Get tooled up, there’s nowhere to run to if Tango goes down.

      • I can imagine the grinning cunts on TV now.
        To save my screen I’d better lash my feet to the legs of the chair, and move any mugs and pint pots out of arm’s reach.

      • Praise from both left and right for his acceptance speech. His strategy like Johnson to keep a low profile I think is working. The Orangeman looks mired, looks shaky.

        On a philosophical point. A lot of politics is about luck. Trump has been unlucky with Covid. People might just vote for Biden…for a change of luck.

      • Love him or hate him Trump is our last hope.
        Biden is senile, a communist and has a very dark history.
        If creepy Joe wins America is finished.
        And us, but Trump is a dirty fighter which the democ rats know so they are keeping Biden away from any kind of debate because it would show just how laughably useless the Man is.
        And TR (real name, yawn) and Katie Hopkins are all over Parler putting the boot into Biden – correct factual posts, not fear and smears.

      • Don’t worry. If Biden wins he’ll either cark soon thereafter or be incapacitated with dementia, which means the blick Kamala Harris will assume the Presidency by default…

        It’s all part of the Democunts cunting plan.

  7. The shitty left wing extremists at this nest of woke poison have no idea.
    They wander about in a Twatter dreamworld buying ethical tofu and mithering about some cunt they’ve never met from a village in Nepal.
    It’s fucking vile.
    Filthy CUNTS.
    Oven it all at once.

  8. The BLM/Antifa rats were recently “given a jolly good ticking off” where I live after a plot emerged to smash the war memorial.
    This was considered bad form, and it’s safe to say those tramps had a number of fingers sternly wagged at them by some rather angry locals.
    The BLM/Antifa soyboys decided to leave, in a Usain Bolt style – and have not been seen again! 😄👍
    Didn’t see the BBC covering that!

  9. The bbc is so woke it never sleeps. Gave up with the twats years ago, once they started to use the guardian for all their news and became very touchy feely with the peacefuls. I remember watching that program the bbc aired after 911 the one were the American ambassador to U.K. was almost crying. Fucking audience resembled downtown Gaza, Peacefuls, libtards, lefties all banging on about how America was at fault. The days of me having any respect for bbc ended. To date I consider them a contemptible pack of twisting cunts who should fuck off up their collective arseholes.

    • Yeah I remember that QT episode on the night of 9/11. I was fucking close to putting my foot through the TV. That was a big wake up call for me.

  10. I used to love my “shout at the tv night” whilst watching Question Time on the Brexit run up but really noticed how left leaning the audience and panel were.
    Boris needs to grow a pair and clamp down on this shit and that little cunt Suck Dick Khan needs to be dragged out of city hall by his bollocks.

    • The BB fuckface C love Suckdick, can’t get enough of the creepy little peaceful wanker. Any excuse to get him on the screen and lick his Blairite arse. I love it when he turns up for Gay Pride, surrounded by pooftahs, knowing, in his head, he is slaughtering every single one of them and feeding their balls to the goats. 👳🏽‍♂️

      • Mayor Khunt looks like he could suck a box of dates through an enema nozzle.
        The cunt.

  11. The BBC always manage to leave out any detail which may have a negative impact on BLM, Extinction cunts and Anti Brexit.

    ‘The protest was essentially peaceful’….. so how the fuck did 27 police officers manage to get injured.
    How the fuck can a nationally funded news organisation not be firmly on the side of law and order.
    The line should have read ‘The protesters were violent and rioted and unfortunately 27 police officers were injured’ disgusting BLM twats!

  12. The BBC used to fine when I was growing up.
    John Noakes and shep,
    Fawlty Towers,
    It aint alf hot mum
    Dads Army
    That nice mr Saville,
    “Dear Jim please could you fix it for me to be driven through paris in a open top car dressed as Adolf Hitler?”
    Had porridge, the likely Lads, some mothers do have em!
    Had Dukes of Hazzard too!
    I saw a tv show other week ‘counting cars’
    (Its fuckin yank rubbish)
    But this rich cunt wanted his car done up like the General Lee!!
    But the soft cunt didnt want a confederate flag on it because of ‘connotations’ so had a yank flag.
    Well then its not like the General Lee!
    That Johnny Rebel flag made it,
    Fuck connotations have a swastika proper upset the cunts!!

  13. Is this fact OR Did You Hear it On The BBC 👎👎
    Total twats the BBC lets have a Referendum on whether we want to fund it 👍

  14. The BBC now reporting, ‘British tourists RACING to get back before. quarantine rule kick in’ , they just can’t help themselves the stupid cunts
    Talking about racing to airports, fuck sake!

    BBC are indeed fucking CUNTS!

  15. CNN is equally biased against Trump and does not even pretend to be impartial. For example, instead of a balanced report on the Democratic convention during which Biden had a 13-year-old boy stand up and say how Biden had helped him cope with a stutter – an act I would consider to be a political stunt exploiting a vulnerable teenager – we had a gang of talking heads praising Biden to the heavens. St Joe was compared favourably with Trump who the CNN pack claimed had once mocked a New York Times reporter with a disability that causes one of his arms to tremble uncontrollably.

  16. Woo-woo-The train now departing platform 7 is the Gravy Train stopping at nothing to pull the wool over your fucking eyes.
    Next stop, Manchester.
    All aboard.

  17. The ironic thing is that Lenin and the Old Bolsheviks, who to be fair were trying to create a more equal State after centuries of Tsarist oppression, would have had these people shot without a doubt.

    When the Bolsheviks took over protest and dissent wasn’t a thing they tolerated. Joe Stalin wasn’t a big fan of it either. Real hard core Communists of old shot first and asked questions later. The soy latte crew wouldn’t last 5-minutes. Troublemakers who do not work get shot.

  18. Apparently NOT being racist means you can desecrate the Cenotaph, AND set fire to the Union flag without ANYTHING happening to you. Being racist would mean climbing up a statue of Mandela and setting fire to a flag with BLM scrawled on it for which you’d be arrested, charged and probably convicted of a hate crime. Funny old world!

  19. The BBC is a satanic pedophile cult.

    I dread to think what Lineker’s preferences are.

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