Michael Sheen [2]

Michael Sheen is a cunt, isn’t he?

After receiving a recommendation, I had a quick glance at ‘Staged’ starring both this oily luvvie and David “eyebrow acting” Tennant. What a shit sandwich of a show. A dreary wankathon between two garrulous dullards. Time I could’ve spent watching the kettle boil or pulling out my finger nails.

It’s not often you watch something starring David fucking Tennant and he’s not the most hateful prick in the programme. Sheen is passable doing a Culshaw/Bremner-type impression though stretched out in a film (Clough, Tarrant, Frost) it’s a bit thin. Otherwise, watching Sheen is about as enjoyable as eating Welsh Rarebit with extra defecated, runny excrement. His performing seems to involve spasms of wild-eyed over-acting, flashes of his bleached gnashers then leaning back stroking his face whilst gurning.

He once did a 72-hour live Christ Passion melodrama set in a coastal village in hWelsh hWales. It involved dragging a cross up from the beach then walking through town with his grimacing visage smeared in Ketchup. This pointy-faced drip really loves himself.
Naturally he’s an anti-Brexit, anti-Trump, woke leftie. Go on Sheen, tell us about your charity work again, you fucking bore.

How does one say “Cunt Off You nauseating mook” in Welsh?

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

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  1. A true cunt indeed Cap’n.
    However, from my quick search, it appears that he dated Kate Beckinsale, the jammy bastard. I’d crawl through broken glass to get a sniff of her pants.

    • Never seen him before although from what my fellow cunters say, he sounds like a gold plated CUNT. I’d like to add he does look unbelievably SMUG, the SMUG LOOKING CUNT. Hell he’s also Welsh….. the SMUG LOOKING WELSH CUNT. That is all.

    • Kate Beckinsale? I’d take her to a decent Indian restaurant (not one that puts mushrooms in the Vindaloo) and buy a whole Chicken Pathia and pilau rice.

      If she found it a bit spicy i’d finish it off for her.

      That’s how much of gentleman I am.

      • I’d do one better cuntamus I’d have her eat the vindaloo, the chicken pathia and rice After a long night of fucking her hard. I’d have her wake me up the next morning shitting all the contents of last nights smelly Indian cuisine on my face while jerking me off. She would have to wear the vampire teeth from underworld tho or else the deals off and my vampire mistress fantasy ruined Thats how much of a degenerate I am

        Speaking of shit and Michael Sheen avoid underworld rise of the lycans saw it last month on netflix it was fucking terrible sheen is a cunt

  2. Yeah. Sees himself as the heir to Richard Burton and Antony Hopkins. THE GREAT ACTOOR.

    Welsh to the core. Thinks his views are Soooo important just because he treads the boards.

    You are not a fecking philosopher you great Welsh leek you just play parts. Usually over the top.

      • Burton wouldve drunk Olly Reed under the table, and then recited Hamlet’s Soliloquy…backwards.

  3. His Tony Blair was quite good-they do say it takes a cunt to know one, though.

  4. I thought from the picture it was that other luvvie cunt Simon Pegg. Do all you Pomfolk look the same?

    • We all do to Racist monster Owen “rusks and milk” Jones Shackledragger – ask Wiley!

    • He DOES have a look of Simon Pegg!
      I didnt recognise the name but seen him before, most actors are wankers, lazy cunts too!
      Playing in the dressing up box when should be on the end of a shovel doing a mans job will do that to you.
      “Lemme see those hands mr Hopper!”
      Thats my Robert Shaw impersonation, good eh?
      A actor I actually like.

      • Morning Miserable, get the soft prick lugging a couch up a few flights of stairs while you put your feet up. He was married to the equally cuntish Sarah Silverman, alleged stand up comedienne and actor whom I remember most for mistaking utility markings drawn on the pavement, used to designate locations of underground pipes and wires for Swastikas and went on a Twitter rant about Trump.

      • Silverman is a weird cunt.
        The guy who called her a cunt on Twitter and got her inquisitive response is why i dont bother with Twittet. Even the ‘awful trolls’ are snowflakes.

  5. The general population is realising what we all knew for a long time.

    Celebrities are pointless cunts who should be grateful they get paid for playing like kids. They live in ivory castles and know fuck all about real life.


  6. Mr Sheen was alright in his nice little plane polishing things – but I think he ruined it when he opened his mouth.

  7. Morning Captain C. Morning all. 🙂

    The last paragraph of your nomination, I’ve no idea of complete translation, but the word vagina is fagina in welsh.

    • I think “bitch” is “ast” in Welsh. I used that one to death on my half Welsh ex! 😄
      I wonder what the Welsh is for “belt up Michael Sheen, you prick”.

    • Isn’t a “fagina” something that older gay men have after 40 years of getting severely bummed?

      • I’ll ask Mandy when I see him next Thomas!
        Nah, probably won’t – I would be too busy nutting the fucker!
        Michael Sheen is a decent actor, but has used his fame to spout drivel.
        Shut up Michael, and be grateful you get Millions for playing at make believe.

      • Nutting the fucker?
        Is that some sort of gay act where the fucker goes ‘balls in’ with the fuckee?!

      • Charlie Sheen?
        He bummed that kid from “the Lost Boys’ film.

      • I heard that too, MNC.
        The dirty fecker.
        He’s riddled with AIDS now, I believe?

      • They all are Thomas, they all have AIDS.
        Even Julie Andrews has clymidia. (allegedly)
        If you slept with say Kate Beckinsdale (admittedly fit) youd be lucky to just walk away with scabies.
        All luvvies are pox ridden.

      • All luvvie cunts are STD magnets. I remember Scarlett Johansscunt in the press saying she had an AIDS test every six months and had done for years. Only thing was she was about 21 at the time (2005). You can put a golden globe award in the hands of a slag. But, at the end of the day, it’s still a slag.

  8. Another self important weakling of a luvvie cunt.
    Good nom.
    I hope a Welsh slag heap falls on him.

  9. Fuck all wrong with Sheeny. Born in my home town so beyond reproach. Sad that Corbyn-19 has reduced him to consorting with a fucking Jock. Still, all great artistes much suffer for their oeuvre.

    Tom Jones knew Elvis, you know.

    • I much preferred him when he raced motorcycles..
      Elvis raced fkin motorcycles?
      Off to stand in the corner and have a word with myself now! 😄

      • Your thinking of Mr Sheen, Vernon. A shining example to us all.
        Elvis had Red Shoes. Much coveted.
        Michael Sheen was in Wallstreet, with his father Michael Douglas.
        And Whoops Apocalypse.

    • Yeh there are far worse then Sheen, despite his dubious politics and luvvie ways.

      Quite admire him for bankrupting himself a couple of years ago. Coughed up personally to cover the costs of some sort of kids disabled 5 a side World Cup when the sponsor dropped out.

      And he doesn’t live in Hollyweird

  10. Good nome Captain. This cunt is nearly as full of his own self importance as that fat fuck James Corden. A lefty cunt of the highest order. Agree with previous comments in that he does impressions nearly as well as Mike Yarwood but the recent shit he has produced like Bad Omens and Staged, with that streak of piss David Tennant, are about as funny as getting your cock caught in your zip.

    • Narcissism is the first thing an actor learns, humility and gratitude are the last.
      Although my performance to the Jury recently as I sat beside the esteemed Sir Fiddler (and how come it was only ME chained to the Courtroom floor – clear class discwimination there!😢) was classic as I explained we were NOT pushing the gypsies into the raging torrent of the overflowing river – we were merely “assisting” them in finding the five grand they had just charged an old lady for slightly repositioning a roof tile – it was all good natured joshing your honour, and of course we regret the fact that 17 of them tragically drowned! 🤣👍

    • Sheen was shite as Cloughie too in the dreadful sell out and bullshit that was The Damned United. And as the Captain points out, Sheen is a woke luvvie remainer cunt of the highest order. And that crap about angels and devils that Sheen and Tennant did was bog standard style over substance millennial Sky bollocks and totally piss poor.

      And ‘Tennant’ (named after the Pet Shop Boys bloke, really!) was the Doctor Who who chewed the most scenery in the show’s history. And his ending/regeneration was the most prolonged, over the top and camp ever (to be expected with Tennant going OTT and Russell Cunt Davies in charge). Still, even Tennant was better than Jodie Whittakunt. Who can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

  11. Not really on my radar and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything but I always confuse him with Charlie when the name comes up.

  12. We had some fun on here with ‘The Homeless World Cup’. Speculation about ‘The Park Alkies’ against ‘The Shop Doorway Smackheads’.
    Turns out it was Mr Sheen who had to underwrite it all. His munificence nearly came a cropper. Nearly bankrupted him. I wonder what the costs were for? Oh yes, ACCOMMODATION I suppose.
    Maybe after the competition the couldn’t get back er…back to their country. And he got the bill.
    He has said he has got to work more to get back his losses.

  13. Thank you, thank you so much for bringing this slimy sheepbuggerer to our attention.
    His portrayal of Bliar was uncannily accurate… I nearly thought that it was the traitorous bastard himself.

    He really is a horrible shitty cunt.
    PS: I bet his arse stinks.

  14. He was bloody good as a pilot in that tv advert though:

    “Mr Sheen Shines Umpteen Things Clean.”

  15. You have to feel sorry for theatricals at this time: “Empty shells, from eight to ten, filled with the wit of other men” as Shaw put it, and in this time of non existant theatre audiences and no chance to put the wigs and makeup on every night, the attention seeking little pansies have to say and do anything to keep their names before the public. Sadly, unlike Stacey Solomon, they don’t have wombs, so they can’t bore Daily Star readers with their baby problems, so they will say anuthing that comes into their empty heads. You’re right though – he is a cunt.

  16. This cunt’s been on the idiot’s lantern quite a lot recently, promoting some new things he’s been involved in. Had hitherto never heard of him, though he does admittedly have one of those familiar looking faces (like a cross between Simon Pegg and Rory Bremner). A nonentity who looks like other slebs = colossal cunt!

  17. I thought he was great as Kenneth Williams but if an actor can’t play a convincing poof then he is not worthy of the name surely?
    Fucking woke cunt.

  18. Think I read somewhere that he left that woke jewels cunt Silvetmsn so he could return home to the valleys to fight for Labour in the election or some suck wank. Well fucking done then, cunt! 😃

    Silverman is a cunt but hot as fuck; some nice pics of her tits and snatch on line.

  19. Great shout Cap’n. Sheen is without doubt a total tosser. Surprised that this is only his second nom.
    He’s really entertaining in ‘Midnight in Paris’, as a complete wanker. Didn’t have to put a lot of effort into the role.

  20. Saw this flamboyant shit in that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire recently.

    Hoo-eee, what a cunt.

  21. This cunt was supposed to be giving up acting to focus on political activism to save us all from our right wing tendencies. Clearly that didn’t work out. Not that I’m complaining mind

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