Diego Maradona

Yes, this is about his ‘Hand of God’ cuntery, but it’s also about his and others’ attitudes about it.

While, admittedly, he was a great player. He was also a cheating cunt who knew that he’d cheated in a World Cup quarter final, no less. The little fuck knew he had used his hand and he didn’t give a toss. Which leads us to the little fat rat’s remarks on the aforementioned ‘goal’. Dirty Diego claimed it was ‘revenge against the English’ for the Falklands conflict. This makes my piss boil because the little cunt once admitted he knew fuck all about the war and he only saw the TV propaganda from Galtieri’s mob when it was happening. It also winds me up because this cheating slut screwing, pill popping fat gnome is giving it large about something he knew fuck all about, and I saw my dad’s mates and our neighbours come back from that conflict and they were never the same again. And this little twat is posturing about it and cheating into the bargain?! What a little cunt.

Also, the fact that the cheating cunt was allowed to spout anti-English shite, while the England players were ordered by FIFA and the FA to ‘behave themselves’ and say nothing. ‘We mustn’t upset them. They’re still sore about getting their Argie arses kicked’. The England lads were not even allowed to applaud their own fans at the end of the game. And it is because of this ridiculous one way rule that only Terry Fenwick and Glenn Hoddle openly protested to that thick cunt of a referee about the ‘goal’ that dirty little twat punched in. Those cunts started the fucking war and our lot had mind their Ps and Qs? Fuck off!

Of course now – as expected – the millennial consensus is that Maradona was a ‘genius’ and anyone who still complains about the little cheat is wrong. Cunts who weren’t even born then spouting that those who resent Maradona for his antics are ‘bitter’ or (wait for it) ‘little englanders’. These knicker wetting soyboys and nu-footie bellends seem to think his footballing ability and his nationality (?) give him a free pass and wipe out his shitty behaviour. Of course the urge to slam anyone who is even remotely proud to be English is also too much for these cunts to resist. But the fact is he was and is a little cunt. Yes, he shamelessly cheated. Yes, he did rob the England team and Sir Bobby Robson. But he also took the piss about a conflict where many brave British lads died or were scarred for life. So fuck him.

Nominated by: Norman

37 thoughts on “Diego Maradona

  1. Didn’t he recently have a heart attack due to the amount of showbiz sherbet he was shovelling up his snout?

  2. is the cunt still alive? The last I knew, the greasy, lisping, hand-balling little goblin had been addled from years of cocaine abuse.

  3. I remember this Spick being discovered as a connoisseur of Brazilian Marching Powder. Presumably that was when he snorted the Penalty Spot and the other pitch markings. “Hand of God?” if it was He missed with the thrashing he deserved.

  4. 5ft 4? I didn’t know they stacked shit that high!

    No surprises another footballer is a drug addled superstar cunt with the IQ of a pigeon.

    • 5ft 4?!!
      I could rest my dick on his head!
      Didnt know argies had pygmies?
      Dago looks the spit of Eddie Large nowadays.
      Hey Dago, Falklands still has the Union Jack fluttering over it!😁🇬🇧
      You cheating little cunt.

  5. Maradonna? Mara-doner kebab…more like.
    The fat, cheating, coke head cunt.
    I like Argentinian Malbec though… lovely.

  6. Peter ‘shite’ Shilton was crap…I remember when he was still in goal for England when Gazza was playing. They had to have a player on each wing when Shilton took a goal kick…the cunts goal kicks were never straight, always going well wide.
    The cunt.

    • Cunt never got near a penalty either. That semi final in 1990 he dived about 10 minutes after each ball was kicked.

      We had no fucking chance. But he wasn’t a bad keeper overall. He saved us against Cameroon I seem to recall. I remember a few point blank saves when we were already behind. We came back to win, but without those saves we’d have been fooked. Still, you knew we were fucked if it went to penalties with him in the nets.

      • He was badly at fault for Germany’s goal in the semi-final too. Stood too far off his line to start with and then laughably slow to react to the deflection. A really terrible piece of ‘keeping.

      • I have to agree. Ray Clemence was a much better goalie. Clem was also better for England, and Man City’s Joe Corrigan was also better than ‘Shilts’. The bit in Bryan Robson’s autobiography, where Shilton starts laying into Robbo, jealous of his status as Captain and Robbo punches the cunt flat out, is ace.

        Imagine that 1990 England team with Pat Jennings in goal? Big Pat was the best.

      • Could have subbed on Dave Beasant in that semi who used to have a reputation for saving pens

    • There’s a picture of Peter Shilton and his tasty Mrs doing the rounds with a caption underneath which says ‘Shame you couldn’t punch that high back in ’86’. Like him or loath him the first goal shouldn’t have stood, but Maradona’s second was pure genius.

  7. “They ‘ad steak and red wine in the Argentine.
    Till they ‘ad run in we’ Royal Navy.
    Now the cunts eat chips n gravy”!

    80’s Macc Lads classic

  8. What’s even worse than the ‘hand of God’ debacle is still having to listen my in-laws from north of the border going on about how the little cunt did for England with it. They still see it as a hoot.
    As for Argie ‘claims’ to The Falklands, well, as has been pointed out many a time and oft, The Union flag’s been flying on the islands since before Argentina was even a fucking country.
    Fucking little cunt, from a fucking wank country that got its arse handed to it on a plate when it tried it on.

    • DCI@
      😁time bandit.👍
      Like that film, theres a bit where John Cleese is a awfully posh Robin Hood, hes greeting them, as he gets to one dw@rf he says “hello there..”
      Before he can finish the dw@rf snaps “4ft 6”.
      Makes he laugh everytime.

  9. Great player indeed (the greatest imo, but I hate admitting it) but thick as pig shit. Even for a footballer he’s thick.

    Spunked all his money on booze, charlie and partying. Got involved with the Mafia who pretty much controlled him (at one point he wanted to leave Napoli, but the leader of the local Mafioso ‘made him an offer he couldn’t refuse’ to stay).

    Although I liked the fact that he shat himself after the hand of God game. He had to take a drug test minutes after the final whistle and so did the slightly psychotic Terry Butcher. The story goes that Butcher asked him if he’d punched it in (and was ready to kick fuck out the little cunt if he said ‘yes’). Maradona shat himself and said he’d headed it in. Pussy.

    Good documentary recently made on the little cunt though imaginatively called ‘Diego Maradona’.

  10. Small fat heap of cheating wank-shite. Good at football? Good at cheating and getting away with it. Should be boiled in rancid chicken fat and fed to someone’s dogs. I don’t even like football but I know what should be done with the likes of this ‘greasy, lisping, hand-balling little goblin’ as Paul M so eloquently puts it.

    His comment of the Falklands war is about what you’d expect from a moronic little monkey-cross like him.

  11. Fuck him, he’s a fucking embarrassment to Argentina. That’s not an easy achievement

  12. Was Gary Linekunt there?
    If so he should have lamped him with a bag of shit Wankers crisps.
    Or Terry Butcher could just have nutted both the cunts.
    Greasy fat Argie rat.
    Sink the Belgrano! !
    Fuck Off.

  13. Nothing of any significance has come from Argentina, except for anglophobic cunts like Patricio Dowling and Galtieri, and also this “Fantasy Island” tribute act, there beef is shite too!

  14. I remember Skinner and Baddiel(cunt) kept putting up a photo of Maradonna nude in the showers.
    Hand of God.
    Fleet of foot.
    Cock of a two year old.

  15. To me this little cunt will never be in the same league as Pele or Best because like Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong he is a fecking CHEAT.

    I don’t care how skilful he was, as a sportsman he is a disgrace.

    In any other sport he would have been thrown out for his drug taking as well as his dubious match fixing.

    He’s a stinking little argy bastard. .

  16. He was a trailblazer a cunt but ahead of his time for cheating like a twat,

    football is full of cheating cunts and just general cunts these days and plenty of them are English.

    And a load of them are anti English too kneeling for BLM you deprived pricks.

  17. Dirty Diego fat little Argiie wanker 👎👎
    Coke snorting cheating has been hurry up and die 👍👍

  18. The picture above also shows why Peter Shilton was a twat. Instead of running out and flattening the cunt, he comes out with his artsy fartsy punch the ball away, wanker move. Never, ever rated him or Clemence. Diego, nobbed hookers on his wedding night, fathered illegitimate kids and hung around with the Mafia, classy Diego, real classy.

  19. From what everyone is saying, it seems like Diego Maradona is a Dago Primadonna.

  20. Yep Maradona is a cheating cunt. Shilton is a fucking pussy he should have punched the little cheat right into the middle of next week.. Just look at the picture..

    • Harald Schumacher would have turned the dirty little Argehole cunt into corned beef paste.

  21. The cunts rigged the 78 World Cup and all. The fascist military junta intimidating and bribing players and officials alike. Johann Cruyff and his family were threatened, so he didn’t go the finals. Willie Johnston fitted up with a drugs test and other antics went on. Everything was in place for the host nation to win the fucking thing. I dare say Qatar will be something similar..

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