Pandemic Profiteering Prats

Just popped down to the local chemists for my blood pressure tablets (what else). Mrs C says “oh, better get some of those face masks in case we need them”

I join the queue, eventually get my toes up to the big Perspex screen and ask for meds, see sign “face masks £1” I’ll take couple of them too” say’s I.

What does the Doris do? but pulls a couple of cheap disposable masks out of a large multi-pack sticks them in a bag and whacks them on the counter!!

Not individually packaged and obviously not sterile.

I was too bloody gob-smacked to say much beyond “do you have any cheap blankets, now the leper colony has closed”

“Sharon do we have any blankets”? I heard as I turned on my heal ripping at the box of Ramipril.

Industrial strength cunts one and all.

Nominated by: Creedence Clearwater Cunt 

26 thoughts on “Pandemic Profiteering Prats

  1. I was working in a storage unit facility yesterday and they had a vending machine in the foyer, along with chocolate bars and crisps they had face masks…£12!!
    Robbing bastards!
    Rather chance the Crayola virus.

      • Dick would be Turpin in his grave.

        Apologies Bertie, Miserable has been hogging the pun book again.

      • You’re getting quite good at these puns LL!
        You’re spending too long on this site.

    • Morning Miserable, how do you get your Viking beard to behave and get in the mask? You could try saying you are a convert to the religion of peace and “fuck off Islamophobe” to anyone to dares question why your not wearing one.

  2. Fuck me – I hope it’s not whitey raking it in because it would also be racist.

  3. I’m finding supermarkets have got more expensive, not so much that they’ve put prices up but the lack of own/cheaper brand foodstuffs. I reckon our weekly shop is about a tenner more than pre-pandemic. That’s a lot for people on fixed income.

    • Weve noticed many of the cheaper Aldi price matched stuff at Tescos has been conveniently ‘removed from our range’. Well branded stuff pulls in more profit I guess.

    • I’ve noticed that. They’ve also done away with multi packs of tinned items like beans and tuna. Costs a lot more when you have to buy them individual. The wife said there excuse was unnecessary packaging. More like extra profits.

  4. I went in B&Q yesterday and picked a pack of two cheap face masks off the rack as I have some sanding to do. Got to the till and computer said NO!

    Apparently they should not have been on display as they are PPE. Fine but the same thing marked at twice the price and upwards is fine to purchase.

    Not saying B&Q are profiteering but they are cunts.

  5. There’s an actual advert on the idiot lantern from a company called masksrus or something similar selling them. If they can afford a national advert they must be raking it in.

    • If its the one I saw, they were £3 for 10 and £4 for ‘shipping’ a plastic bag containing 10 sheets of tissue paper. So 70p per mask then. 50 for £10 on ebay. free p&p.

  6. The latest on the face mask saga are reports of these things clogging up the Oceans, Joe public being asked to wear the things all over the world and as you would expect, especially in shithole countries, they end up in the rivers and eventually the ocean.
    What gets me are the silly cunts wandering around parks and other open spaces wearing masks, the only place I would wear one is where it is compulsory like public transport.
    My local Tesco have finally abandoned the stupid one way system, I go nice and early when it’s quiet no need for a mask at all.
    I bought a pack of 10 from Amazon, just under £3 including postage and they arrived in sealed manufacturers bag, hopefully I will never need them although I am getting my hair cut today so may need to put one on for that.

  7. In the nomination picture, are those masks huge? Or is it optical illusion? Being closer to the camera?

    Or is it one half of a bra?

  8. Our culturally superior benefactors have quite royally expolited the current corovid hysteria, and have made vast sums of untaxable and untraceable cash . Seeing gaps in the market, they have provided a very unique service to the stupid sheeple who frequent their many corner establishments. The purchase of a kleenex cobbled with some Nannas Knicker elastic @£2.99 each is superior only by virtue that the bog was flushed before the shit wipes could be retreived and cobbled up too!
    I far prefer to pay the exorbitant £3 for masks at M&S safe in the knowledge that their masks have not traversed the arse of the local mozzie.
    Exploiters? Cunts. Cremate the fucking lot

  9. When the rinkydink flu hit back in March, it was the peaceful cunts raiding Tesco for anything they could lay their hands on.

    Four of the fuckers turn up in a Merc twatpanzer, each grabs a trolley and piles it high with bogroll, handwash, rice, bottled water etc to get round the 3 items each rule.

    They load up the Merc take it back to the corner shop and repeat the process until there is nothing left for YT, who were all at work while this was going on.

    I heard a bloke having a full on slanging match with one peaceful on the North end Road.

    “£10 for a pack of bogrolls! You can fuck off with that you fucking robdog!”.

  10. We have a lady that makes masks for my wife to sell in aid of her rescue dog charidee. £2 each or £225 to fellow cunters.

  11. I’ve noticed that the usual M’tebe / donkey / other dubious medical charities, have managed to shoehorn in a reference to Covid 19 into their begging adverts on TV.
    This blatant misrepresentation should have never got past the ASA vetting. Although the amount of bullshit we’re subjected to nowadays leads me to believe that palms are being greased somewhere down the line.

    • One of the guys droning on about the water shortage is defo a “close associate” of Andwoo Windsor-Porchester, or a Speedo as they are sometimes known.

  12. From today in Jockland Adolf Sturgeon is forcing people to wear the fucking things in shops. Iam totally cionvinced that the fucking stupid things are just one great con. I strongly suspect, since he was the first “politician” to call for them, one of Sadick Khunt’s scummy brothers probably has a sweat shop in Stratford knocking them out with cousin Abdul and his wives.

    The fact is if this deadly pandamic is so dangerous (WHO have changed their mind about transmission – again) then you would need your eyes covered as the lurgi will enter through the eyes just as they do the mouth or nose. The only way to be safe would be for everyone to wear a burqa and hijab and a pair of welding goggles over that (alright Izzard you CAN have a pink one).

    It is another way for companies to make a load of money out of gullible fools who have been frightend. I have to walk to the supermarket now, because I will not use buse because I will not don one of the daft looking things. You see people on buses staring like a fish in an aquarium, while looking as if they have been gagged in a bank robbery. YOu get cunts old and young in the supermarkets tooled up in what look like reinforced cricket boxes. Wimmin far more than men, but the older the man, the more tooled up he is. I especially can’t stand the paisly or black masks a lot of them wear – El Bandito.

    We are back in the world of 1999 when Dixons and Currys made a generous ffer to trade in your “old” computer and get £5 off a new one so you wouldn’t suffer the effects of the “2000k scare”. Fuck all ever happened. Any commercial organisation will use any “crisis” to screw more money off the punters.

    I read this week that a lot of the mugs who wear masks actually use them as chinstraps (unless you are Cressida Dick, or Jess Phillips, then they use theirs as a jockstrap).

    I could go on at length about this subject but one final word – if Jon Ashworth, Nicola McFuckface, Sadiq Khan. Matt Hancock and co are so fond of masks, why do you never see one of the fuckers with a mask over their gobs?

  13. Every *ah-hum* ‘corner shop’ has a big sign outside offering sanitisers and face masks, usually at robdog prices.

  14. At least the profiteers in the war were good old British spivs making a bit of cash on the sly. Now we’re the idiots forking out the moolah for bog roll and cheap pasta. When the next virus comes from China I’m going to do a hit and run early on and flog them outside my gaff. Might grow a little tash like that spiv in Dad’s Army.

  15. I have delivered truck loads of sanitiser, face masks and fitness equipment over the last few weeks, where are they made fucking China,
    I smell a fucking rat and the commy cunts have eaten it,
    Cheeky CUNTS

  16. Have a good look at the price of petrol and diesel next time you go out 👎👎
    That’s profiteering 👎👎

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