Justin Welby (10)

Just to prove I’m an equal opportunities cunter, let’s do a cunting for mine and your favourite bloke in a frock. Raise your glasses and give a big hand for Little Justin Welby aka the Archbishop of Canterbury.

It appears that Justine has taken time out from counting the money generated by his church’s vast estates to slag off all us white supremacists.

I can only apologise for being white.

Is your heart going to weep for the Christians currently being persecuted in countries where they are in the minority? I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

I have recently come into contact with 2 of your vicars and they are top notch blokes and I think you are destroying all the good work they are doing.

And here endeth the lesson.

Nominated by SimmyJavill


63 thoughts on “Justin Welby (10)

  1. Yes, white supremacy is a bad thing. But so is black supremacy, you thick cunt!

  2. Church of England not fit for purpose
    Stay out of politics and stick to religion 👍👍
    Welby is just like the rest of them a fucking hypocrite 👍👍

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