Not so fab eh?

A very quick up to date virtue signalling up our arses cunting please for JustFab, a clothing company my daughter bought a pair of shoes from the other day.
They have just announced that today they will be adhering to do no work because today is, wait for it #blackouttuesday!?!?!?
Is this for the effniks to come out?

Nominated by Once a cunt always a cunt

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  1. Adhering to do no work in support of black people? I thought we were trying to get away from lazy and racist stereotyping?

  2. An emergency cunting please for Pembrokeshire county cuntcil who are going to bathe county hall in purple ligh in “solidarity” for violent criminal and messiah George “I can’t breeff” Floyd, this is virtue signalling because Pembrokeshire is 99.5% white, they dont even like anyone outside the “family” down there let alone more tanned types!

    CQ there is a time and a place for these things, it is called the Nomination page, Now if you were to write it up nicely and put it there, well good chance it will be published and hopefully doesn’t turn into a conversation about a clothing company, HINT.

    • I believe Wednesday is “rape a white bitch” day, Thursday is “stab up a bruv for dealin’ on my patch” day, Friday is “smash a monument to the British anti slavery movement” day – Saturday and Sunday are “get stoned and eat fried chiggun” days, Monday and Tuesday are “sign on then get stoned and eat fried chiggun and wait for the whitey money” days.
      Talking of slavery – I think it’s time we reintroduced it – it’s the only way we’ll get any graft out of the idle thieving fuckers! 👍😄
      Right, back to washing me Klan robes – got told off by the Grand Wizard last meeting for having blood on them! 😁

      • Don’t worry the Africans are on to it already. 9.2 million of them living under slavery or servitude in Africa to black Africans Child labour, sex slaves etc. Won’t see the leftwaffe marching on Mogadisu any time soon though

    • Fuck me. I used to holiday every year near Haverfordwest, particularly as there were no sooties there.

      • Wow! Too right and it’s also the time for Pembrokeshire new potatoes – scrummy.

      • Pembrokeshire earlies this year are like rocking horse shit due to the bad weather!

      • 🎶
        Say something once, why say it again?
        Psycho Killer
        Qu’est-ce que c’est 🎶

  3. Black out Tuesday on Instagram. I use Instagram simply for sales. I just did my normal thing and had some white entitled moanibg millennial cunt having a go . I pointed out to the cunt she was a Soviet Union pavlik Morosov cunt and could stick black lives matter up her Arse. Made a sale anyway. Fuck these cunts.

  4. What an absolute fucking pile of shite mess this Our Country has ended up in, we have slid so far down the shitter, our past which is being torn away from us and our future is being taken away from us by a minority bunch of cunts who came here for a better life aided by lib cunt snowflakes cunts the lot of them it’s going to be shit or bust time

    • used to love that advert. Don’t remember me wetting my pants over it being wacist. I do remember the black kids at school being better at footy than me. I didn’t start bleating about racism then. And I bet they had bigger cocks. Life isn’t always fair.

      • We had 900 kids at our school and not one black or peaceful amongst them.

        I do remember after footy our p.e teacher used to join us in the shower. Swings and roundabouts.

      • I hope you never heard him say, “That’s not how you wash it. Give it here…”

      • When I went to school in the 1980’s (rough place – there was “Strangler Smith” and “Stabber Ronson” – and they were just the teachers!) there were no black kids and no muslim kids.
        Now in far too many areas white children are in the minority, held back educationally, victimised, bullied, discriminated against and told to believe things which are just plain wrong – such as the “religion of peace” bullshit they are permanently fed – and any dissenting voices are removed.
        We edge ever closer to 1930’s Germany.

    • Why are they asking for £3 per month from us for fresh water when the cunts have Kia Ora?

  5. Its blacks out tuesday?
    Happy to oblige!
    Dont bother saying bye, just pack yer bags and go.
    Dont bother writing either.
    Not missing you.

    • And to think of all that kerfuffle over ‘Knobs out Friday’. Evening Miserable.

      • It never caught on did it LL?
        Maybe the summer holidays when the kids were off school wasnt the best choice?

      • Earlier today some people I do not know in any way “removed” a bunch of snowflake fuckers intent on damaging a local war memorial.
        By, er, all accounts watching the pwincesses run was “Justfab”!
        So I am told. 😄👍💪🏻💥🏃‍♂️

  6. I really thought 2020 was going to be the year we fought back against all this woke bullshit. It did look like the tide was turning in 2019, how wrong I was.

    Black criminals are turned into saints. White girls who are gang raped by peacefuls are told to keep quiet. White man has been erased from advertising world and the definition of ‘woman’ is offensive.

    You can’t even go to the pub, the last remaining place where you can talk bollocks and be a racist homophobic far right cunt with likeminded folk.

    • 2020 needs cunting, but we aren’t even half way through the cunt yet.

      Global pandemic
      Black supremacist riots
      Appeasement from our cops/politicians/media
      Churchill statue defaced in front of cops and TV reporters – no criticism
      Whitey bashing
      A bloke in a frock is a woman
      Bog roll crisis
      VAR and Liverpool about to win title
      Khan saying he’ll replace historical statues with diversity.

      What fucking next?

      Zombies with AIDS? Minges start growing teeth?

      • Yeah and I bet we find out st greta thundercunt has a cock and wants to be called Steve….get to fuck.. # time to get the white sheets out and burning crosses

  7. I have to say the only times I feel patriotic is on a sunny day on a hill in the countryside with no fucker about to spoil it, as soon as I attempt “Normal behaviour” like turning on a radio, watching tv I start to feel very marginalised (which is probably why we have such tight gun laws in the UK).
    My next question would be why did once a cunt reproduce? I have had a pretty shit life and the world had been going to shit way before I could cum (Yay no longer a special word) so I opted out of reproduction and have no worries apart from the fact that I will out live my dog.

  8. I wonder how long this ‘Black out Tuesday’ will go on for? The big woke corporations will say they’ll continue to pay the blacks ‘protesting’ (staying at home) until they feel that they no longer need to protest.

    Meanwhile, guess who’ll be picking up the slack while his heritage is removed from history?

    This country is fucked. And what does Boris do? Put tweets out about climate change.

    Take a knee? ‘Take a fucking hike, dickhead’ will be my response. I’m saying it’s even money on Boris taking a knee and bowing to his new masters.

  9. The country gets madder by the day.
    In fifty years, politicians will be vying with each other over who can build the most mud huts.
    I got in from work today, and the telly was on. ” Oh look, it’s the Blues Brothers “. Looked again, it was actually George Floyd’s funeral. Fucking ridiculous .
    Needless to say, it was fucked off pronto.

    • I think we should give all black prisoners OBE’s and anything owned by white prisoners.

      • I do believe BLM demand that all blacks be released from prison immediately. And for the police to be defunded.

        I’m not making this up.

      • If BLM do not have Police protection that is just fine with me.
        But those of a nervous disposition may want to leave the planet when it begins.
        Ooh – aren’t I just awful 😄

      • Fuck that, how about giving the fuckers a short rope and a trapdoor and a long drop

    • I’m hearing the BBC are showing live coverage all day of his funeral.

      It’s like the cunt was fucking British royalty and not a violent criminal from another fucking continent.

      His family must be loving it. They’re minted from donations now. Most of them never saw the cunt as he was a naughty boy it seems. Hardly ever saw his kid. Other family members a bit scared of him. Now? They fucking love him. Now here’s my account number. Piss take lol.

      • Todays funeral/canonisation intermittently interrupted by fires caused by barbeques in the church, a couple of rapes, half a dozen stabbings and a couple of drive by shootings.
        Apart from that it was a very dignified affair.

  10. It seems the BBC and Netfucks have pulled Little Britain in case anyone is upset is suppose. The UK is dead. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell was so right over 70 years ago.

    • The UK is plucked and fucked! War is on its way, either civil, inter – continental or Martian invasion.

  11. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Give it another day or so and they’ll all get bored and go back to stabbing each other.

    • This.
      Especially when the security services start parading the arrested rioters / vandals, next week.

  12. If I had a young daughter buying stuff from Justfab, I’d take a long and hostile look at their business model. It has been suggested that it traps people into paying for fuck all.

    • Luckily she wasn’t ripped off and the shoes turned up on time, she really likes them and for a tenner plus post/pack can’t say fairer than that.
      I should have nominated the whole jump on the virtue signalling bandwagon not just the company but it did make me angry that because of st Floyd they decided to down tools.

  13. The U.K. middle class are gripped by the same mass hysteria as the Yanks, all stoked and fuelled by the libtard media of course. I haven’t seen anything like this since that Y shaped coffin trundled through the streets of London (as it was then called) and they all competed to be more heartbroken than the next cunt.

    • No, I live on a council estate and my thick bitch neighbour was up in arms about it too, unfortunatley she is ow talking to us, for someone who has been self isolating for 2 months she has a lot to say, I had to drag the MRS back in the house to rescue her!

    • I don’t think it’s a class thing. I’m middle class and so are most of my neighbours, and I’m yet to meet one who doesn’t think this George Floyd hysteria is anything other than bullshit whipped up by the media and an excuse for hard-left agitators to ferment violent action.

      As for the Y shaped coffin, when my dad was told Princess Died was dead he said “good riddance.” Cunts didn’t come more middle class than him.

      • That should have read, “foment” violent action – not “ferment”.

        Demented cunt I am. 😡

  14. JustFuckOff more like. Yet another virtue signalling capitalist cunt, deliberately targeting the simple minded.

    For shame the fucking police are too busy taking the knee and virtue signalling to trouble themselves to guard Churchill’s statue against being defiled by these fucking Australopithecan cunts.

  15. How long before this excuse for a government start paying people to stay off work, so they can kneel in solidarity with the jungle dwellers?
    I hope justfab go bankrupt soon, when they do the ex employees can blame themselves and the shiny men for it.
    Soppy cunts.

  16. Yorkshire tea and PG tips say if you don’t support BLM don’t buy their products.

    I drink coffee but I’ll not buy your products next time I’m not buying tea.

    Consumers choose the product you dumb cunts.

    • I do drink tea, and up to now, Yorkshire Tea. Sadly,not any more, or PG Tips. Virtue-signalling cunts, fuck off. BDS for BLM!

    • Spot on Sixdog, just emailed Yorkshire Tea this-
      Ive always used Yorkshire Tea but your virtue signalling over black lives matter has ended that.
      George Floyd was a criminal who held a gun to a pregnant womans stomach.
      Both George Floyd and Yorkshire Tea sicken me.

      Just Earl Grey for me now.
      Hope Earl Grey made his money ransacking & exploiting the 3rd world.

      • Indeed he did MNC – so enjoy that wonderful tea, lie back and imagine the howls of a well whipped slave! 😄
        PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea can fuck off if they think they are having another penny from me as long as I live.

      • Shame because Yorkshire Tea is fucking excellent. I’m sure I’ll find a new brand that haven’t sucked off the guy who put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while his mates robbed her house.

      • Fuck me, just did my home work!
        Earl grey was prime minister and was involved in the abolishment of slavery.
        Another fuckin libtard!😁
        Im nit drinking tea anymore unless its camomile to help lower my blood pressure.

      • I think Tetleys tea is safe MNC, founded in Yorkshire in the 1800’s!
        Now owned by Indian Corporation TATA – well at least they will have some historical expertise 😀

      • I’m going to make my own brand. Do you reckon there’s a market for ‘Empire Tea’ with a picture on the front of a ‘Man from Del Monte’ type figure on the front with a load of Indians worshipping at his feet?

        Could do a whole range, bananas etc…

      • What the fuck are Yorkshire Tea thinking. OK, I get PG Tips – they have long had an affiliation with da chimps. But YT – my favourite brew – but no longer. Are they trying to appeal to the dark keys. FFS, they dont even drink tea – they consume grape juice instead.

        Tetleys and Twinings are not budging yet, but this could change.

        Twinings will have a new customer if they don’t cave it to this virtue signalling, terrorist supporting bullshit.

      • Twinings may be safe. It has the Royal Warrant (HM Brenda), so they likely couldn’t afford to lose that by some cheap virtue signalling bullshit.

      • Liptons is drinkable. Not seen them doing it. It was that fucking Laura Towler’s fault. She’s a white nationalist/jew hater and posted on Twitter that she was really happy that Yorkshire Tea haven’t come out in support of BLM (as she drinks it all the time). They then replied saying they support BLM and not racists and that they want her to stop buying their product.

        I think she did it for attention for her website to be honest. Cheers. Now we can’t drink Yorkshire Tea you little nazi.

        Fuck her right off as well.

      • Twinnings took all of its production and distribution out of the U.K. and reallocated to Poland, causing hundreds of job losses. Assam tea sourced from a sensible source is a good alternative. Twinnings are CUNTS, don’t deal with them

    • That’s really fucked me off Sixdog.
      I’ve always drunk Yorkshire tea, what the fuck are they playing at ?
      I’m going to start drinking whichever one pays people in foreign countries the least, and abuses their human rights the most.
      Taylors of Harrogate, die you bastards.

      • Failing that i’ll start ordering my tea from Miles tea merchants in Porlock Somerset.
        I think it was West country original, you could make a good strong brew from it.

      • Just been on their website, fuck me even they’ve gone ethical. It is not for us to help these foreign cunts.
        We’ve gave them too much during the glory days of the Empire.

    • Fortunately I am a coffee drinker, I prefer south american when I can get it I like to think that I am helping the children from ODESSA, hailing that if push comes to shove I will drink leaf tea not the factory sweepings in a bag, ditto tailor made fags, only ones I will touch are black tobacco.
      None of which are vaguely woke, because I am a grumpy old cunt!

  17. Black out Tuesday, take the knee Wednesday, get the clap on Thursday, find a rope on Friday, Hang yourself on Saturday, resurrection Sunday, can I have Monday off to catch chinky flu 😂

  18. I see there has been another puke-making attempt to grab the black vote by slimy Joe Biden who met the Floyd family before the funeral. He´s exploiting black voters like any old slave driver and is so sure he has their support that he said African Americans “ain’t black” if they consider voting for Trump.

    “He listened, heard their pain, and shared in their woe,” said Floyd family spokesman Benjamin Crump. “That compassion meant the world to this grieving family.” Thanks for that moving insight Mr. Crump.

    Hilary must be pissed off that Floyd wasn´t a woman and she could have taken center stage.

    • I assume Biden was most useful in “comforting” the younger voters.
      I’ll bet the fucker ran when the shooting started though 😀

  19. Aware that my bedsheet-ghost scarecrow might be misconstrued in these difficult times, I replaced him with a Golly-W*g style dummy which I hung from the branches of a tree at roadside….I can see that the Incomers are impressed…they’re already out taking photos..probably put them on Twitter as an example of what should replace those racist old statues….best make sure that one of the envious Cunts doesn’t try to pinch it for their own shitty garden in an attempt to steal my “brownie-points”….I’ll take the hounds down later and we can drag it home behind the horse.

    • That’s the spirit Sir Fiddler – but mind that dummy doesn’t steal your marmalade (or car!) 😄

    • Evening Dick, that cheered me up a bit!
      Been in a murderous foul mood of late,dont know why, im training the dog to cock its leg on kneeling policemen at the moment.

      • I just don’t care anymore.

        A morally and financially bankrupt Country over-run by people and attitudes that I despise. I’m just glad that I live in area that is probably 20 years behind the times and I’ll hopefully be dead before we reach the final Act of this pantomime.
        Remember that Aussie Poster that we slagged off for running the UK down?….I’m beginning to think that he didn’t go far enough. I’m ashamed of what this Country has become.

      • I’ve been trying not to care anymore for at least 2 years. But caring about what’s happening to our once great and influential country seems to be a serious addiction.

        Imo, the writing was on the wall decades ago, but can I give up hoping HMS Gt. Britain might yet change course and turn around?

        Can I fuck!

        My head tells me This Country Is Finished* but my heart won’t let it fucking lie.

        * © RTC 2017

      • DownUnderCunt that was. I thought he spoke sense, but then I’m not caught up in this BLM wankery so I could’ve been wrong.

        Where is your government during all this? They just hunkered down at Number 10 behind the armed guards?

      • Boris the narcoleptic traitor has disappeared KC, a small Man with a big ambition “The Prince” has faded away like a snowball in a heatwave, we now have Dominic “psyhcopathic Moby” Cummings calling the shots.
        Boris makes Teresa May look decisive and Tony Blair look honest, we have the Police “taking a knee” before looking the other way at the race riots and National monuments being destroyed by feral black vermin and snowflake white hate baiters.
        In short, we are fucked and very close to civil war.

      • Evening Vernon.

        Yeah, we’ve seen a lot of this nonsense on our news feeds. It beggars belief that one incident in America has almost brought the UK to its knees (no pun intended). I’ve said before that I have family up there and it sounds fucking scary. I guess it just depends on how much steam these BLM cunts have and hopefully they’ll run out sooner rather than later.

        Our token effort at BLM came (surprise surprise) from the Maori. They couldn’t keep a straight face saying the whiteman slave trader rhetoric though as they themselves were infamous for enslaving any other tribe they got their hands on. Sort of a smart move though; the reasoning was enslave the menfolk, then there was no other cunt to attack you.

  20. Do these Yorkshire Tea cunts think that’s going to boost their sales? Do the snowflakes think that tea is grown in Yorkshire? Don’t they know that these companies have a long history of exploiting non white poor people all over the world? Don’t they know that the habit of tea drinking is deeply rooted in the evil British Empire? Or do they just not give a fuck?

    • That was the only reason I drank tea Freddie,
      Now theyve gone an fuckin spoilt it for me!
      Bit of honey fresh brewed tea thinking of crying tea pickers whipped by bloke in a pith helmet, the simple pleasures.

  21. Kids. Why bother. Great when they’re young before the world, shit parents, and all that turns them. And in this day and age how exactly do you bring a child up without your child ultimately hating you?

    • Fuck em the little cunts.
      Im writting my 2 out of my will and using the money to commision a statue of Cecil Rhodes pissing in Nelson Mandela’s mouth.

      • What are you two like Miserable? Snowflakes or level headed and a mind of their own?

      • Brought them up to be honest and employed LL, but didnt enforce my views on them, thinking let them develop their own views, only things I drummed into them was a)question everthing
        B) be kind to animals
        C) respect the countryside
        Theyre both left leaning as professional people in their early 20s.
        We argue.
        They think im a racist, and are shocked at the things I say.
        Fuck em, I also taught them to speak the truth and stand up for yourself.

      • Confiscate their smartphones, tv, and computer for a week and see how get on LL.

      • Very true LM, a lot of them cant wipe their own arse without a smartphone app telling them what to do.

      • You should make replicas of that statue in plastic and flog it at a rip off price. I’d fucking buy one.
        Then you would be a multi millionaire and could become a libtard sleb talking bollocks out of the back of your arse. Go for it!

      • Obviously you cant profit while there are statues of real murderous racists, dictators and revolutionaries around the world, it wouldn’t be right. So petition to have statues of Castro, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Guevara and Mao removed first. Good luck.

      • Id only fuck it up Freddie,
        From treading dogshite into the red carpet getting out the limo,
        Asking Stormzy to fetch me a drink boy, to asking for bread an butter and ketchup at the posh dinner, to twatting some tranny in the bogs.
        Id. Struggle to fit in .

      • We were banking on you buying an island somewhere for IsAC cunters to escape to when the shit really hits the fan Miserable.

        I floated the idea of taking over Fiddler Towers the other day but he wasn’t enthusiastic, mutterings of “nutters and weirdos crossing my thresh”.

    • Exactly. I was actually looking for a term that surmises that, yet none to be found. I did find something close which is the absolute fear of everything “Panaphobia” but that sounds trendily woke so I’ll leave it at well said sir, goodnight, and godbless.

  22. They have given up on winning elections and referendums and resorting to this form of propaganda terrorism.The silent majority will prevail.

  23. Excellent nomination, Once a C, Always A C.

    I think the company did that for the publicity.

  24. Re: Yorkshire tea-does this mean we can only drink it black or do white tea drinkers have to take a knee?

    • What these geniuses forgot is that snowflakes do not generally drink tea – they pay six quid of Mummys money a cup for some pretentious shite masquerading as coffee – but they will eventually work it out as their sales go through the floor.
      Spectacular own goal there fuckwits.

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