Uk Gun Law Dissenters

UK Gun Law Dissenters

Along with the disingenuous art of Trump bashing, British liberals seem infatuated with America’s attitude to guns. Why? Unless you are travelling to Florida for a tacky holiday, US gun related murder rates don’t affect us?

This ingrained desire to proffer unsolicited opinion and social commentary must harp back to when our Empire equated to a quarter of the globe.

If we examine homicide in general, the United States, globally speaking, isn’t that bad. Although I concede, that Mexico experiences firearms ingress via the border due to less rigorous rules in the USA and stricter rules in Mexico. We must also concede that I don’t give a shit about Mexico either!

The worst country in the world for homicide rates is El Salvador. Followed by Jamaica and Venezuela. The US doesn’t appear in the top ten, twenty or even top fifty. Russia, Nigeria and even fucking Greenland are higher up the rankings of United Nations list (UNODC). Greenland? Stewed Whales’ bollocks can raise anger levels for sure.

USA ranked eighty ninth.

“But …but…they have the 2nd amendment, the ‘right to bear arms’ which was written at a time of muskets not like guns nowadays”. Would I be comfortable with some drunken, redneck neighbour, sobbing in his yard with an M15 assault rifle, after his wife has run off with his best mate? No! Then again, I don’t live in the States and therefore, don’t give a shit!
United Kingdom is 175th in the table. Great stuff. Well done everyone!

Perhaps liberal ‘do gooders’ in our relatively safe country could start thinking and commentating on subjects closer to home. Inner city knife crime, county lines drugs gangs, future of dementia care for the elderly. Issues that we should give a shit about.

Personally, I am more concerned with the Seychelles, ranked 32nd and have started a funding page to enable me to undertake a two month, ‘boots on the ground’ forensic review, as to reasons why this archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean ranks so high. CUNTS!

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71 thoughts on “Uk Gun Law Dissenters

  1. It’s quite simple. No guns = Globalist Marxism here we come.

    TURDEAU recently saw to that one for Canada, as did the New Zealand rug-muncher PM pass some ’emergency’ laws that whilst not targeting guns directly, effectively mean that her Stasi can storm your house, confiscate whatever you have and jail you for whatever reason they care to concoct.

    If the DEMONRATS get elected in November 2020 then it will literally be the end of the Western World.

    • Semi and fully automatic weapons were banned. No problem with that as it had fuck all impact on the normal people that hunt and can kill with single shot weapons.

      If you need a machine gun to mow down a deer, boar or duck, you’re a cunt in the first place.

      • Let’s sit and watch what comes next. No-one a year ago would have envisaged leaving your house being banned.

      • If/when NZ turns into a parallel of North Korea, I’ll be the first to say I’m wrong and I live in a shithole.

        As ever, cunters are very welcome to state their opinions, but keeping somewhere close to the facts is nice.

      • I would say that laws enabling authorities to enter your house without a warrant, under the guise of ensuring you are ‘social distancing’, shows a slight affinity with the likes of DPRK.

      • I’m not sure where you got that information from. The laws were extended to let police raid known gang houses and their affiliates, as they are the ones with most illegal guns.

        The average New Zealander was given an amnesty to hand over unregistered guns, which the Government paid money for.

        Visions of the Stasi kicking in doors are far fetched, haven’t happened. But, as usual, I’m open to being corrected on any and all points.

      • Apologies. You’ve changed topic a tad and now are referring to our Covid rules? Police could indeed enter a residence under “excessive gathering” rules, although this involves a lot of curtain twitching neighbours to get involved, plus a certain amount of tact from plod. Again, kicking in doors while kitted out as Stormtroopers may be wide of the mark, but I see what you’re getting at.

        Quick caveat…..while calling our policies draconian, I’ve noticed a fuck load of comments regarding Boris and his complete fuck up of Covid. Which would you prefer? A government that cracks the whip but gets the country through it quicker (talks of level 1 in a couple of weeks) or one that dithers, resulting in 10s of thousands of deaths, and an extended lockdown?

      • I need a semi automatic to mow down politicians,leftists and liberals and I’m a cunt. Do I win £5?
        I’d also add chavs, millennials and my neighbours to the death toll which probably makes me a triple barrelled cunt.
        Cunty Cuntington Cuntlestiltskin.

        I’m not sure quite how that might pan out on the hustings but fuck it, doorstep diplomacy with a Spas 12 has glorious potential.

      • “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

  2. There is no fucking way an American President could sign the US up to an organisation that makes up law like the eu. He’d have his head blown off pronto.

      • Currency, same as Lincoln and his ‘greenbacks’ borrowed against gold. Only two presidents ever tried this and they both ended up the same way 🤔

      • Whatever the reason, whoever really pulled the trigger, I always did think that it was a bloody superb shot at a moving target.

      • Hmm, not that difficult given the conditions on the day, assuming the ‘grassy knoll’ shooter took the shot. From the elevated position would have been a bit more tricky. High angle shots require a certain amount of talent.

  3. As the Americans say, an armed society is a polite society.

    Just mull that over the next time you run into a chavalanche of gobshite hoodrat cunts.

  4. “This ingrained desire to proffer unsolicited opinion and social commentary”…. Too right,the busybody interfering liberal do-gooders should mind their own business…nothing worse than a bunch of blinkered windbags,nutters and cranks pontificating is there?

    🙂 .

    • Not sure what the criteria is in the States for gun ownership, just know if your a convicted felon you cant own a gun.
      Over here its subject to checks, having ammunition and gun locked away in separate cabinets, and they do spot checks to make sure your complying.
      Thats right isnt it Dick?

      • It is right….of course farmers and landowners are known to be moderate,placid,balanced individuals and so tend to pass the strict checks with very little bother…..Now,where’s that pushbiker who called me a cunt?

        🙂 .

        Morning MNC
        Morning All.

  5. I think we’ve seen, in recent years, what a mistake it is to go poking our noses into other people’s countries (yes you, Blair) We don’t have an Empire anymore, although certain cunts think we should still be paying for one, so let’s mind our own business. Get every foreigner out of this country and let them get on with it in their own shitholes. The Yanks cab machine gun each other on July 4th for all I care.

  6. Has anyone thought of the Swiss model?
    Everyone has an assault weapon at home, they have near fuck all gun crime.
    But then again look at Sweden that tops the world with grenade crime (I shit you not), however that is more balkan imports.

  7. Remember those that do all this had ringing maybe academically bright but when it comes to the whole picture they glow very dim indeed. At my time in life I have begun to laugh at the fuckers who have no real life experiences at all. I tell you this, all this limp wrist had wringing is lining up the masses for a dictator to come as a society run on fear is exactly what those fuckers need to appear. No resilience at all in society at all, the non Western countries take the piss out of us, just take time to read non Western media, we are becoming a fucking ‘Chicken Little’ society.
    In my country I wouldn’t go deer stalking if the stag could shoot back.
    When they come to rape and pillage the lefties will be asking people like us to protect them, why should I, might even join in.

    • I can’t wait to watch the dismay on lefties’ faces as they’re being dragged off to their conversion camps, imploring, “But, but, we were nice to you!! We stuck up for you”.

  8. The SJW mantra ‘l want to make the world a better place’ translates to ‘ I am an interfering cunt and want to take everyone down the path of cuntishness ‘.

  9. It’s just one more way woke leftie warriors can feel superior and holier than yanks.
    Trump very very BAD!

  10. Leave Americunts business to the Americunts…well cunted Daz.
    On the subject of firearm’s…am I a cunt for wanting to shoot half the population here? Cunts queueing at KFC and McDonald’s etc, dark key trash, white trash, old cunts, slaaaags, fat cunts, teenager cunts, non Black and White cunt cunts, dinghy migrant cunts, migrant cunts, politician cunts, etc. Give me 3 weeks, an Ak-47 and a Royal pardon and I’ll rid this country of most of its cunt inhabitants.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  11. I’d love to hear about some old granny blowing a muggers face off with a 9mm glock.

  12. I don’t give a fuck about the Yanks but there is no reason anyfucker in a modern society needs an automatic assault weapon.

  13. “Our American friends are welcome to their guns. We British have something far more lethal – the cricket bat.” (Prince Philip, Duke of Edenburrow, 1996)

  14. Please expand your mind a little, with that reasoning nobody should own a vehicle that can go more than the speed limit as the killing power increases with the square of the velocity and many more people get killed on the road than with guns. Oh, by the way the term ‘Gun’ describes an UN-rifeld barrel ie shotgun, not pistols, assault weapons etc.

    My wife is an EEC Lawyer who spent many years in the Police, she often says there is a portion of the public that have criminal intent, always will be, take away a method of killing and they will find another method because those cunts will kill. Maybe the knife crime in the UK is just an unrelated blip? I say let the gangs kill each other as efficiently as possible, killing another dreg of society by another should not be a serious crime but hurt good folk dealt with as ‘Dirty Harry’ would.

    Ban weapons, the 3rd world are laughing, if they are so fucking good why don’t the do gooders ban Covid-19, there are less infected people than there are AK47’s in circulation. About time fuckers started getting real, you can’t disarm all the world just like you can’t get the last infectious person within your boarders. Who’s more dangerous, one last person with Covid-19 or the last person with the last AK47 in your boarders. Leftie tree huggers don’t live in reality plus a good chunk of society.
    Virtue signalling cunts!

    • we have an army to protect our borders and the police do a reasonable job removing guns from the street, Probably the main reason for this is some hoods do not like the power balance swing and grass people up.
      I do agree there are a hell of a lot of automatic weapons in the third world, however the quality has a lot to be desired some of them “Look” like the real thing but malfunction badly, a Pakistani home made gold plated AK47 will not function or perform like a Russian AK47 (come to think of it the Romainian and Hungarian variants where a heap of shit, ditto the quality of munitions too).
      so sadly enough I am quite happy to rely on the paid forces to do what they can to curb the influx of illegal weapons,
      Now I know that the next comments would be about an armed Government suppressing an un armed civil population so I will point you in the directions of “The war of the barracks” Croatia where the unarmed civilians surrounded the JNA bases and had them turn over their weapons ( You could also take albainia into consideration but that was more a case of nick everything that was not bolted down) .
      As you know I used to use the things, I tend to view them as tools not toys, they have their applications like most tools, I also used to hunt and eat small furies and a single shot rifle was the best for the job.

    • Perhaps if we banned children from playing with toy Covid-19 viruses, they wouldn’t grow up thinking it’s normal to infect their fellow citizens with the real thing.

  15. I was in the US for around 14 months 95/96 never saw a gun used in anger, in fact the only time I saw any incident was one evening when I had been hosting an english visitor and he had been asking about gun crime, after telling him I hadn’t experienced anything as I drove him back to his hotel two black and whites thundered into the car park cops jumped out and ran in with side arms drawn.
    I found it quite amusing because one of the Black and White literally bounced over the kerb and across the grass just like the ‘movies’.
    I said to my guest, I think we will just park up and sit for a while.

  16. I’d like to see these fuckers worring about our own issues.

    Can’t venture into major cities with a nice watch on, you’ll get stabbed.

    Taking money from a cash machine? Beware the Dooshka behind, you’ll get stabbed.

    Now unless they’ve brought out some really high muzzle velocity Beretta I’ve not heard about, i ain’t going to worry about a stray round fired in “da fucking Bronx” hitting my kids in North Yorkshire.

    Sort our problems first cunts.

  17. If you are not going to critisise the US then why knock NZ which is a civilisied country?

    Carrying a gun doesn’t keep you safe any more than carrying a knife does.
    America may not be high on the list for global gun crime but they do suffer terrible massacres from misfits who take revenge on those they feel excluded by purely because they can obtain powerful weapons. The gun lobby says “it’s not the rifle it’s the person who is dangerous”. This is blatantly untrue since even the maddest person is a LOT less dangerous without such a weapon.

    I am a great fan of westerns and a student of the old West and it is fact that a lot of towns demanded that guns were handed in because they realised even then that bullets and booze don’t mix. So there was a form of gun control back in the 1880s. The shootout at the OK corral was actually the result of an attempt to disarm cowboys.

    Gun sales have gone crazy in the US since corona as people fear the consequences of mass unemployment in a land with little in the way of national assistance. They worry their store of food will be stolen by the desperados.

    Trump’s solution is that worshippers take guns to church and teachers take them to school. Is that a civilised society or simply a sign of a terrified population?

    As for not interfering in something which doesn’t concern us well fair enough they don’t listen to us anyway. But it doesn’t mean we have to accept their twisted logic in favour of guns.

  18. Excellent cunting Daz, as others have said it’s simply a chance for cunts to sneer at the Americans, because racism only applies to coloureds. Or Slavs. Or gypsies.

  19. “Along with the disingenuous art of Trump bashing, British liberals seem infatuated with America’s attitude to guns. Why?”

    Simply because the woke canon of law is international, wars, famine, plague, these things simply don’t matter. White man bad. It doesn’t matter how fucking insane this all is, they are incapable of reason and reflection. #GetToFuck

  20. To be honest, I’d like to see Dirty Harry Callahan armed coppers on our streets to deal with the vermin, human trash and scumbags that are prevalent in our country today. Some of them may think twice about doing the crime with the thought of a magnum .44 ready to blow their head clean off. Do you feel lucky punk?

  21. Seems to me more about emotion than reality which is what the media is all about anyway. Assault rifles are a tool dramatised in the media along with pistols. Fact, I was in the average group where it took me 1000+ rounds with a pistol to consistently group shots where I was aiming at 25m away, again with an assault weapon it took me hundreds of rounds before I could keep on the target with the third round. So how do you think the Muppets do? These media fuckers live in a fantasy world. I remember ‘Father Ted’ telling ‘Dougall’ the difference between fantasy and reality, those fuckers are a Dougall! The most dangerous yet least regulated weapon is the shotgun with 00 buckshot, even a complete novice idiot will get what he’s pointing at. Reality check please, stop watching shoot em up movies!

  22. The problem with dealing with low-life scum by shooting them is that there is a risk of the cunts dying instantaneously rather than suffering the long painful death which they deserve
    Fuck the lot of them.
    Would love to have a licence but probably wouldn’t get one being on “pills fer me nerves”

    • My Brother used to live in Florida with his girlfriend – a multi Millionairess from multi Millionaire parents (Jewish financiers) – a gated community of the very richest, CCTV everywhere, armed security 24/7.
      He considered this a bit OTT until they went to a Wal-Mart, came out to find a van filled with coloured chappies parked right next to them in a huge and virtually deserted car park, his partner said “we’re going to get jacked, put your hand under your shirt like you’re reaching for a weapon”. (Concealed weapons are legal in Florida).
      Being a ballsy type he marched towards them shouting “Can I help you”? Whilst fiddling about under his shirt.
      All of them back in the van, gone. His partner explained that carjacking by “ethnic minorities” was a real problem and rape and murder was common if whitey strayed into the wrong (IE any non white) area. The Police and security personnel have a shoot first and ask questions later policy, it keeps the more rambunctious element in line!
      Horses for courses, but this is another excuse for the “liberal left” to have a pop at Trump – they just can’t help themselves.
      And give those poor bears their arms back – how are they supposed to scratch their butts now? 😁

      • When we were in Galveston some years ago, a couple of bankrobbers took refuge in a high school and a ‘hostage situation’ developed.
        Before you could say Jack Robinson, the outside of the school was surrounded by enough firepower to start a small war, What was really fascinating was the fact that Joe Public rolled up in large numbers with seats, beer and barbeques to watch the siege unfold.
        Britain and America; two countries divided by a common language.

      • That’s a heck of a drive, Daz.

        Depends on where you’re starting from in Florida of course (Florida is long and thin and juts out into the ocean). I’d say you’re probably looking at around 1,000 miles.

        Galveston is a cool town. Can’t vouch for anywhere in Floida as I’ve never been there. Alligators, sink holes and hurricanes are a bit of a turn off.

      • I can totally see that happening, Ron.

        If you so much as fart near a school these days, a SWAT team will appear from nowhere in a matter of seconds.

        Me? I got no skin in that game so I don’t mind a juicy school shooting incident. Thins the herd. If only fewer kids translated into lower property extortion…ooops…I meant tax, we’d be onto a winner!

      • Afternoon LL.

        Me and Mrs Yank did the Texas License To Carry course last week. I describe what happened lower down the page.

        I had a private lesson before I shot my new Smith & Wesson 586 – which is a 357 Magnum revolver. I’ve shot it 3 times now and it still scares me. I haven’t got the balls to fire 357 magnum rounds in it yet, so I’ve been shooting 38 Special instead (it can fire either caliber). It’s fun and scary at the same time. There is so much to shooting a gun well and accurately. Stance, grip, sight alignment, target picture, breathing, trigger pull, etc. It’s actually not that easy despite how it looks on TV and in the movies.

        One thing TV and movies do not show is the ‘sensory assault’ your body experiences when you fire a round. You’re effectively holding a heavy, REALLY loud explody thing in your hand and every fibre of your being wants to get away from it. That means you’ll blink, flinch, jump in either anticipation of the bang and/or immediately after it’s gone bang.

        Working on managing the sensory assault is hard. When you fire a handgun you really appreciate and respect the training and proficiency of law enforcement and the military. They are amazing.

        So it’s going OK thanks. This is where I shoot if you were wondering:

      • Good to hear IY, the ‘sensory assault’ you mentioned is very true. I fired an AK47 and some heavy calibre Russian machine gun in Cambodia at a range – all left over arms from the Khmer Rouge .

        All very touristy and lax as you might imagine, grenades, pistols, all sorts in a laminated restaurant style menu with handy pictures. Pay your $ and some coconuts for target practice and off you go.

      • I can’t remember exactly where the school was Yank.
        What I do remember is that it wasn’t in Galveston itself, but was in one of the peripheral towns across the causeway, back on the mainland, and the ‘situation’ all ended rather tamely. The robbers threw in the towel, knowing that there was nowhere to go.

  23. An interesting nom and not specifically about what goes on in Yankland. That being said, I thought my fellow cunters would like to hear about my experience as a Brit with respect to gun ownership here in South East Texas.

    Obtaining a firearm is too easy in my opinion. It involves filling out an electronic form which asks the usual (name, address, height, weight, eye colour, etc.). It also asks if you have any convictions for violent crime, domestic abuse or if you’re affiliated with gangs or drugs in any way. This information is then sent electronically to some government agency which performs a background check on you. If everything checks out OK, your gun purchase is cleared and if you’re a US citizen you can walk out the store with your shiny new purchase. Takes about 30 minutes. If you’re a Permanent Resident like me, there may be an additional day’s delay while additional background checks are made. After which you’re good to go.

    My point here is, as long as you’ve behaved yourself and kept out of violent/abuse/drug/gang related activities, you can buy a gun without the need for any training or knowledge of how to operate or shoot a gun! I recently took the Texas License To Carry course and I asked the instructor why that was. I used the example of driving. You have to pass a test to drive a car, so why wouldn’t there be some check on your gun handling proficiency before being allowed to own a gun? This cuts to the heart of the debate. Driving is a PRIVILEGE which is earned by passing a legislated test. The state therefore has the right to grant or revoke that privilege. Gun ownership is, under the US constitution, classified as an UNALIENABLE RIGHT. It cannot be granted or revoked by government, state or federal, because it is a right, not a legislated privilege.

    This is why there’s uproar when the left froths at the mouth about banning and/or taking everyone’s guns away. The ruling class doesn’t grant gun ownership and therefore cannot revoke it either. If it did, then the question becomes what other rights would they take away? Gun ownership or a revoking of it is seen as a tipping point. History tells us ultimate control and subjugation of a population begins with disarming them. Whether you think gun ownership is good or bad doesn’t change that fact. Americans are VERY much about personal freedom and gun ownership is seen as a central component of that freedom. Take away the guns and suddenly you’re less free and more vulnerable to the tyranny of the ruling classes.

    I’ll stop there because long posts tend to be a turn off for some. I have more to share on buying ammunition (it’s insane) and what happened at the Texas License To Carry course (bonkers). I’ll spill the beans if anyone’s interested.

    • Count me in IY, I find your Englishman abroad posts very interesting.
      PS: I heartily agree about having an armed population as a measure of control over dictatorial governments. There’s loonies in every generation, many of whom attain positions of power.
      What was it that stopped the recent knife attacks by our peaceful brothers again?

    • Happy to oblige, Cuntle.

      Buying Ammo:
      My gun range has a store which sells all manner of firearms, ammo and gear. With the whole Flu Manchu thing, there’s been a massive run on guns and an even greater run on ammo. Retail outlets have been sold out of all the popular calibers for ages. When new stock comes in, it’s all gone within hours. No joke! So people do what I did – hard target search on the internet for online ammo stores. There’s a ton of them. I found one which had a good selection of 38 Special ammo, so I ordered a ton of it. 1500 rounds to be precise. No ID, no adult signature required, no checks or anything. It’s a simple as picking a couple of CDs and a book on Amazon, paying for it and it just shows up at your house a few days later. But it’s not some CDs and a book – it’s AMMUNITION!!!! It just seems wrong to me that it’s THAT easy.

      Texas License To Carry (LTC) Course:
      Mrs Yank and I do (did) not intend to stroll around town packing heat. We took this course because we wanted the education, so we’d be better informed and more responsible gun owners. Is that what we got? Only sort of.

      The course is in 3 parts. There’s a shooting component, a mandated 4 to 6 hours of classroom instruction, then a written test. We did the shooting part first. Indoor range with a certain number of rounds fired at paper targets at 3 yds, 7 yds and 15 yds. I of course shredded the bullseye because I’m that goooood (no really I did!). I looked at other people’s targets and some of them looked like they’d used a shotgun! Holes all over and everywhere. Everyone passed! WTF??????? So the shooting proficiency is basically can you load a gun, can you point it down range, pull the trigger and roughly hit something you’re pointing at – all without doing anything dangerous or stupid. That’s it! I didn’t expect it to be sniper level, but almost anyone could have passed the shooting component. Disappointed.

      The classroom portion was terrifying. It consisted mainly of stories, anecdotes and CCTV video clips, some of which were funny/stupid, some were hard to watch. Seeing someone shot dead for real on video is not pleasant. I can’t un-see that and I wish I could. Whether it was the instructor’s intention or not, the course made me paranoid. I now think there’s an armed villain stalking me 24 hours a day! It’s all about what’s called “situational awareness” and how we’re not really tuned in to what’s going on around us. Look up OODA Loop if you’re interested. We learned about the signage which dictates where you can/cannot carry a concealed firearm, how to avoid situations where a firearm might be needed to save your life, being prepared, carrying supplemental equipment (knife, tactical flashlight, etc.), what to say and what not to say to cops if you’re involved in a shooting incident. That kind of thing. One thing that was hard to grasp was, if you’ve shot someone (it’s about stopping the threat, not necessarily killing the threat) you may be completely justified and not face criminal proceedings. However, that’s not the end of it necessarily. The family of the person you shot may come after you with a civil lawsuit. Bad guy is about to kill you, you shoot them first and live, then their family sues you and you lose everything you own. Lovely. We now have insurance to cover that eventuality!

      The written test was the major let down. I expected a multiple choice test under exam conditions. Nope. Our instructor put each of the 25 questions up on a PowerPoint slide and invited the class (about 15 people) to call out the letter corresponding to the correct answer. Everyone then wrote that down and we moved onto the next question. Seriously. THAT was how our intake and understanding of the presented material was tested. What a joke! You could have been asleep the entire time, woke up for the test and got 100%. That’s not right.

      Obviously Mrs Yank and I passed, but we don’t feel we earned it. We’ll be taking more advanced home defense/self defense training in the coming months. Not sure yet if I’ll actually carry. I still feel a bit paranoid.

      • The ease of ‘passing’ a test is mirrored in the enrichers back here who are given carte blanche (spit, froggy word alert) to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Not as effective as a firearms spray and pray option but disturbing nonetheless as well as lethal in the wrong hands.
        However, equality is a great leveler and maybe that’s what adds a little spice to the recipe.
        As an earlier poster mentioned, a shotgun loaded with SSG is far more effective at disabling liberals, more so if the barrel is shortened I believe.
        It was only the thought of violent death that kept our ancestors on their toes and at pains not to go stirring shit up with the neighbours. Finger wagging on social media just doesn’t quite make the point so succinctly.
        Keep the flag flying over there, our precious ‘reserve’ has allowed fuck all more than a global piss take.
        40mm cannon on the white cliffs now.

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