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Online casinos are cunts, these vultures are advertising like fuck at the moment trying to temp their weak arsed fuckmonkey prey into getting hooked, bankrupting themselves due to not being able to resist the bright colours, flashing lights and cartoon ads, these money grabbing cunts would target ten year olds if they could get away with it, these fuckers dont care im amazed its not illegal, but i suppose if they can tempt enough mugs they will make millions out of the Corona virus….
Dont be stupid fuckers the house always wins is not a common saying for no reason…..?

Nominated by Fuglyucker

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  1. This can’t be cunted enough, but the cunts know they can exploit people’s boredom and profit from it. People are sitting at home pissed at 2pm spunking cash they may well miss very soon.

    • I have a 6 o’clock rule (PM), I am fucked by 7pm, but I do go to bed at 9 pm so I only have 3 hours to quaff my ration.

  2. Electronic Arts operate in a similar way to online casinos with video games. And yes, unfortunately, they DO target children. Evil, evil company.

    • I agree, General Tso’s Chicken. Also, the only way to win those games are ‘pay to win’ usually.

      • Look up their CEO Andrew Wilson. He even looks like a sketchy cunt. It was actually him who came up with the idea of that Ultimate Team bollocks in Fifa.

  3. I am always surprised at how many different online gambling companies there are.
    They must be making a lot of money, especially now with all the former workers sat abaaaaaht, not going aaaaat and spending money…plenty of mugs willing to hand over their cash.
    I like a bet on the footy now and again but I’d rather my money stays in my pocket in these cunt times.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • “You know im born to lose and gamblings for fools,
      But thats the way I like it baby, i dont wanna live forever”..
      Sang a young man who needed a haircut,
      And hes right.
      Gambling not the way to get rich.
      But adults should of learnt this by now,
      If youve disposable income and like a flutter nobody’s business but yours.
      If you spunk the rent and shopping money because your a degenerate gambler? Serves you fuckin right.
      I dont gamble, no interest, whats in my pocket stays there.
      Same with charity.

      • Fucking right, MNC.
        Weak-willed pricks deserve no sympathy whatsoever. Gamblers, alkies, hardcore druggies, any of those fuckers who don’t deserve decent families who always give them ‘one more chance, they won’t do it again’.
        Until they do.

      • Nice one Thomas👍
        Some tune that!
        Loved that band, and mr kilminster.
        Great with Hawkwind too!

      • First live gig I saw was Hawkwind.
        In a club basement in London.
        Fuck me was it loud.

      • Best musical guests they had on by 50 fucking miles. Although I was always quite partial to the joke;
        “Who’s on this week?”
        “Really? Ah’m a Glaswegian”

      • Easily the best.
        The Damned were good.
        But Motorhead?..♠

      • Fuck me I retract my earlier statement, I forgot about the Damned and “Horror Taxi”!! Not their best song but also one of my fave bands

      • Brilliant Lemmy documentary on Amazon Prime or Netflix or something. Well worth a watch.

      • The Damned on The Young Ones – Was gutted that Paul Gray (their best bass player) had just left, so didn’t appear on that show – Massive influence on my bass playing, he was.

        Nerd fact – Lemmy played bass with the Damned, briefly, and can be heard on their cover of Ballroom Blitz (B-side of I Just Can’t Be Happy Today)

      • Good factoid there Seymour – I did not know Lemmy played on that!

      • Seymour@
        As well as scoring drugs for Jimi Hendrix, Lemmy was a bit of a father figure to the original punks, seen photos of him with the Damned, Sid Vicious etc
        He ironically was a gambler spending hours on the fruit machines.

  4. Outlaw all online gambling and bring back the corner shop bookie.
    And Bingo halls in every town.

  5. Honestly, anyone who bets on ANYTHING expecting to win is a moron. The odds are stacked against the punter and I don’t see how anyone can see this as harmless fun.

    All this ‘know your limits’ and ‘stop when it stops being fun’ and ‘be gamble aware’ stuff is simply the bookies and casinos trying to make their odious trade seem like entertainment instead of what it really is – a brazen attempt to part fools from their money.

    If you win, then you think you are on a winning streak and carry on gambling.

    If you lose, you chase your losses and carry on gambling.

    Gambling ruins lives and as an industry it is akin to legalised theft.

    • Well this moron makes a little bit of money on the horses, not a lot obviously and clearly not at the moment. However, I do agree that there are a considerable amount of stupid cunts who don’t know when to stop.

  6. Ban all online gambling. Ban the use of credit/debit cards for gambling. Ban advertising and sponsorship.
    Fuck the grasping cunts to hell.

  7. Ray Winstone – “Bet in play! Naaaahr”!

    Go fuck herself, you fat, bald, irritating, wannabe hard case, Mockney cunt.

    • I watched “The Departed” again the other day… Christ what was Martin Scorsese thinking putting Jack Nicholson and fatty Winstone in the same room??! Like watching Joey Deacon try and beat Usain Bolt in the 200m

  8. I’ve no problem with gambling online or otherwise, if someone makes money out of it good luck to them.
    The people who gamble relentlessly and lose relentlessly don’t deserve to have money, as it’s quite obvious they’re too stupid to understand it’s value.
    I have always worked for a wage and have always enjoyed a flutter on the horse and football, I don’t place large bets so don’t win big but don’t lose a lot.
    I haven’t had a bet since football was suspended, but look in the back of The Sun. There is a race card for Fonner park.
    I had to look up where it is, Nebraska.
    Silly cunts who feel the need to bet on those races, or the virtual Grand National get no sympathy from me when they lose everything.

    • Problem is that some people have addictive personalities so don’t have the brain capacity to be able to exercise that kind of self control. Autistic people expecially have that issue.

  9. The very worst type of gambling today.

    Thick cunts play thinking they can beat the odds. But only a tiny fraction do, the vast majority lose everything they have, and more.

    Odds very much rigged towards the banker, and I understand that even when the gaming company offers to match your stake two or three fold, even if you do win you can’t just collect your winnings?

    So many adverts every fucking where for online casinos, but always with the “Be Gamble Aware” or equivalent wording in tiny letters. As if that makes any fucking difference at all.

    There is a very pleasant gentlemen who works at the College my son attends his badminton training. He is often playing online, and I always tell him in a nice way that he is a mug and wasting his hard earned. He always says he is slightly ahead. Last time I saw him a couple of months ago he told me he had received his annual statement, his “slightly ahead” equated to over £900 down. Has since put a limit on his daily gamble,

    Can understand to a certain degree those who want to gamble on the horses for example, as there is at least a certain amount of skill involved studying firm and predicting a winner, online casinos are simply a guaranteed way of making lots of money for the companies and a fast way of losing money by thick cunts.

  10. Aaaaw, look – they’re eating mittens the cat – teach them for spending the shopping money on the shiny online gambling things.
    We are being deluged with gambling and fake charity adverts, every two minutes (literally) – if some foreign c*nt is allegedly dying of hunger, persecution, disease etc then my attitude now is couldn’t give a f*ck TBH because we are a captive audience and they can’t miss an opportunity to fleece us, and this never ending bombardment is genuinely hateful torture – donkey sick? Shoot the f*cker and buy a Romanian with big ears.
    Shouldn’t have them on the telly – if we want to gamble or contribute to so called charities we are perfectly capable of doing it ourselves.
    Right, just off to prove that Covid19 is racist – fuck the fact it adversely hits sexually active middle aged white Men the worst – let’s all have a little cwy over the poor third World c*nts who live twenty to a house, have no hygiene and do not engage in social distancing because that’s clearly nothing to do with it, it’s obviously waycism – ask anyone rich and white who lives in London if you don’t believe me. (Or Saint Doreen Lawrence for an unbiased view).
    Once again, cunts – we rot, they profiteer.
    Remembered, some things gonna change when President Fox storms to power!

    • I dont need TV for that, had two neighbours pass away recently (not c19) but the old reaper is doing quite nicely here and no one has suggested that I chip in to keep the other fuckers alive.
      Mind you there is a degree of irony about it, as soon as one goes they all flock round each others house to pass on the news and whatever lurgey they are currently carrying.
      Social distancing amongst deaf people is a little hard.

  11. I hate these cunts, with their intrusive adverts, trying to draw people in for what they try to present as a bit of harmless fun. They’re like vultures picking over a carcass.
    A most worthy nom indeed; these cunts really need to be called out!

  12. I had a mate who could spend an entire afternoon in the bookies and, worst case, would lose a fiver & I worked for a geezer who would pour score after score into a digital roulette game, spunk the entire float in 10 minutes. I come from a family of gamblers but thank God never got the bug, but alas, I have every other vice so can’t really throw stones.

  13. I just read a report that the takings from the Macau casinos are down 97%, if this is indicative of the industry, this might explain the ads. Also Orange Jesus might have to find himself another sponsor, like the American people .. who knows.

  14. Hey cunters – it’s Tony B Liar’s birthday today!

    I expect Komodo will be breaking out the Champagne and proposing a toast or three…

    Highly remiss of our glorious leader not to pay his respects and congratulate the great man during Prime Minister’s Questions today, and the BBC not to play Ode to Joy first thing this morning… 😂

    • Yours Friday isnt it Ruff?
      Extra Marmalade?
      Your hometown was on telly again last night,
      The prisoner fanclub in town, didnt watch it though, watched Family Guy.

      • I’m two days older than our Tone. Thanks to lockdown it was the best birthday I’ve had for decades!

      • I’m two days OLDER General.

        Ergo, it was my birthday on the 4th!

        Never mind, it’s the thought that counts, cheers mate.

      • Thanks Bertie. Just think, last week you were four years older than me, this week it’s only three years. Time is a mysterious thing.

      • Happy belated birthday Ruff!🎈🎂

        Hope you had the best of times.

      • Haha this kind of weather does have a habit of melting my brain RTC 😃.

    • Sorry RTC, I was unaware it’s the birthday of the glorious one.

      I don’t think I’ll get over the shame quickly

    • If I had known I would’ve mailed him my own shit as a birthday present.

      • For a minute General thought you meant Rtc!!
        Truly shocked!
        You meant grinning Tony didnt you?

  15. I think I wrote on a similar nomination. The only winner is the house (the betting shop).
    They should ban gambling advertising the same as they banned smoking adverts on television and print adverts in magazines etc.

    • P.s it’s all rigged because if everyone won, there would be no gambling businesses.

  16. Coronavirus: Heathrow trialling passenger temperature checks

    The UK is catching up to third world nations and their procedures, lagging only a month or so behind.

    History will undoubtedly show what USELESS fucking incompetent Muppet cunts we’ve got running this once great country.


    • Unfortunately all I can do is agree WS – is this really the best we can produce?
      Fuck Johnson, fuck lockdown, fuck lies, incompetence and greed. Fuck them all to hell – which is what their actions are condemning us to.

  17. I thought Paddy Power was the Oirish Electricity Board, until I discovered Jeyes Fluid…

  18. Once saw a bloke lose £28,000 on a roulette table in Copehagen, simply because he was too distracted by another table he was playing simultaneously to pick up his winning off the first table.

    He went mental.

    I nearly pissed myself.

  19. Don’t recall ever having been to a casino website although I tried a few bingo sites when they offered me free money to play with. The only time I paid anything in was to get £63 I’d won with free money and I had to pay a tenner to withdraw it, seemed fair enough to me. This was before they changed the rules so that if you win you have to play through something daft like £500 to be able to withdraw anything. I took the money and never played again.

  20. Agreed good gentlemen….

    I thank the lord my Mum (god bless her soul) had arthritis of the hands and was a complete technophobe when she was on Earth.
    Otherwise she would have been bankrupt so many times with the amount of online casinos and the ease of spending cash.

    The house always wins…
    And the winner will take your house…

    Back in 2008 I joined a gambling site, sure it was 188 or 181 or 118 dot com. (based in Asia)
    I played roulette on a simple £40 deposit, no fucking scam bonus, after 12 hours I had won £890 (playing the double bet on columns A & B and a single bet on red)
    The cunts banned me for irregular ‘playing’, got my money back from my Barclays CC, but still lost out on £850

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