Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide the building society need a massive cunting not for their dodgy financial practices but for their fucking retarded poetry ads, usually read by some halfwit grinning lesbian,vegan,pregnant, ginger,remoaner,labour voting ,poet, cunt at least they dropped those two ugly singing talentless mingers after they got death threats, Nationwide surely must get negative results for these ads, i wouldnt use them out of principal after all the bollocks versions of this ad, Nationwide advertising department are total cunts…

Nominated by Fuglyucker

Nationwide seem to think that we’re all agog watching one of their fucking adverts with cunts looking all sincere and homely, while uttering some fucking words which no doubt THEY find very fulfilling. Well, we fucking don’t! You are trying to be Milton, when actually you’re wilting. (See what we did there?) – which is every bit as good as these wankers. No doubt they’ve been given a shed-load of money by NW, and there is a pandemic going on, but that does not excuse these cunts showering us with crap prose and even crapper faces!
Nationwide Cunts!

Nominated by The Mogs

73 thoughts on “Nationwide Building Society

  1. Wanky adverts, yes. But are they any worse than a few years ago when The Halifax had members of staff pretending to run a radio station. I always thought they made a better job of that than trying to run a fucking building society….

  2. Is that fat southern bird with a massive bow on her head Nationwide?
    “Hows mum? We’re really missing her, hows your head?”
    Hate that cunt.
    Makes me wish I had coronovirus just to spite her.

    • Come down to see us after the lockdown MNC Mansfield is full of fat ugly fuckers like her mainly off the council estates I actually thought she was from up our end a proper fucking Chav

  3. The advert about butcher, baker, candlestick maker, who cares about them, Mr cooper (?) does.

    I liked that one. Patriotic. The rest of them can fuck off though.

  4. As my previous post on UK banks said.
    Pay me interest on my Nationwide savings. Stop with the bullshit woke ads. That I’m paying for as a fucking “member”.
    Started looking at the little provincial building society’s. At least their adverts are straight to the point, how much money you’ll get back for them holding your money.
    Fuck Nationwide and the agenda shite.
    You think M’tebe will be saving much in your vault? Like fuck.

      • That sounds like the beginning of a counciling seshion……im Funglyucker and i like coke!!!!

  5. didn’t they once have that twat Howard? I remember reading a story about an interviewer stating the Rolling Stones had less security that that egotistical cunt.

    • Hamlet advert if I remember rightly.
      Might be wrong.
      Either way, as valid a point as it ever was.

      • BVC, Hamlet was Gregor Fisher doing The Baldy Man, Russ Abbot advertised Castella cigars. Both had excellent ads.

      • Rab was never the same when he dried out. Give me Jamesy every time. The cunt.

      • Apologies. I’ll row back to the shore and give my hamlets to a tramp.
        My maggots to a peaceful for a protein filled curry.
        Fucking memory.
        Des is still a cunt though.

  6. Nationwide have the most annoying ads of recent times, up there with Crazy Frog, Lloyds Bank By Your Side and Are You Gonna Bingo. The latest ad has a pregnant in it, sitting on the floor, wanging on for an eternity about when this is all over remember some bollox or something. Utterly infuriating drivel.

    If Vicky Pollard were real then she would bank with Nationwide, depositing a whole £1 per week from her benefits. I guess this is the calibre of person that the ads appeal to.

    Detest with a passion any kind of emotional advertising yet the marketeers insist that resonating with consumers on an emotional level works. Doesn’t work on me. Fuck off.

    • Nothing to add to that…..
      But a whole pound? I suppose they have had compo from Brighthouse though. Takes the pressure off the cunts I suppose.

    • Works on me Cuntologist.
      That Lloyds advert with the little foal running with his mum?
      Melted my venomous black little heart.
      If missus Miserable hadnt hid the banking details id of transferred our personal & business accounts and the mortgage.

      • I know a foal that isn’t very well, can I have £50 off you?

        MNC you big softie 🙂

    • Vicky Pollard depositing £1 per week from her benefits…?

      In your dreams Cuntologist. That would take personal discipline, not to mention a commitment to the concept of deferred gratification. 😂

  7. ‘Vogon poetry is a variety of poetry, often considered to be one of the worst. It is sometimes used by the Vogons as a torture method, as it causes physical pain to the hearer. A notable example of this was when they tortured Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent after the Dentrassis let them hitchhike onto the ship.
    According to the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Vogon poetry is the third worst in the Universe. The second worst is that of the Azgoths of Kria, and the worst is by Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Sussex, who perished along with her poetry during the destruction of Earth, ironically caused by the Vogons themselves. Vogon poetry is seen as mild by comparison.’

  8. The advertising industry have always been cunts. Shoving woke bollox down people’s throats might work in Islington but the rest of the country, not so much. Any industry dominated by “university” educated cunts is bound to be shit. Wanker cunts.

  9. A fine cunting Fuglyucker,
    I have hated these cunts and their adverts for years, they like Halifax think getting the ‘normal’ people in their adverts makes them good.
    The latest offering is some pregnant bird talking abaaaaht how how she ‘got through this’ in a message to herself in six months time…fuck off.
    How do they know it’ll all be ‘ok’ in 6 months? It could be worse and as MNC mentioned that fat cow talking abaaaaht ‘How are you’? How abaaaht you lose some weight you fat cunt and give yourself a better chance against Corona?
    To be honest I am sick of Coronavirus, Supermarkets/Banks trying to tell us all we are in this together and how they are trying their best to help us…(yeah by taking away most offers and not lending people the money the Government has personally guaranteed respectively), and finally sick of the sheer amount of people in this country.
    I got used to not seeing many of the plebs whilst important people like me were aaaaht and abaaaaht and commuting between 2nd homes and now? A bit of sunshine and the cunts are everywhere.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Hiya Bwc, like moths to a flame, few rays of sunshine, people everywhere!
      Like you ive had enough of this corona bollocks,
      Im following goverment advice, what they tell me to do I ignore and do what the fuck I like.
      Like they do.

      • Evening MNC, exactly that.
        They seem to think they can tell us what to do yet some cunts sat on a busy plane waltz straight through Heathrow or wherever with no checks, then there are the migrant cunbt carrying god knows what staying somewhere we dont know abaaaaht and finally that Scottish government advisor, the Scientist ‘mistress shagging’ advisor and now that Dominic weird looking cunt Boris’ top advisor all getting caught doing the opposite of what they expect us to do. This Government is like a Carry on cast in a Virus horror shite film.
        This Government can go fuck itself.

  10. I’d have more respect for these grasping bastards if they simply had some Bob Geldof-type cunt on screen shouting ‘give us your money!’ whilst standing outside a building with ‘Bank’ written on it. That way they could save money by all chipping in for the one advert and increase their profits even more.

    • I genuinely think that any PR bod who thinks that taking money from people at 0.01% and lending it back to them at 20% makes a company somehow heroic is clearly demented. They obviously think we are.

    • I have to admit on the second ad, I’d have used your trademark move and tounged her arse. Job, or no job. Apologies if I’ve stepped on any pattent arse licking intellectual property.

      • No apologies needed BVC,
        Tonguing a ladies arsehole is all the rage amongst cunters on here. I have helped put the flame back in some cunters/readers relationships and even saved the odd cunters/readers marriage.
        Its all part of the service.

      • A gent and a scholar by all accounts.
        Many forever in your debt. For serices to application of the tongue and marriage cunt-celling I hope.

  11. I’m still trying to find out what the benefits of ‘mutual societies’ actually are. What happens to all that cash that they tell us that they don’t have to pay out to shareholders? I don’t see the Nationwide offering better interest rates to their ‘members’.
    I once asked some cunt in the Skipton BS to explain what the difference was. The answer I got? ‘Umm, er, well, we provide a good service to you’. As I pointed out, a good service is what ANY organisation should be expected to provide… BS, as in ‘bullshit’.
    Oh yeah, Fug; their adverts ARE fucking annoying!

    • Good service is emailing you each year about the interest you’ve earned (taxable).
      Or a letter through the door to tell you they’ve shit out, and your interest is lower than a snakes belly.
      All banks are cunts. As a fellow said previously “banks will only lend you a brolly when the suns shinning”.
      Never a truer word spoken.

  12. All commercial businesses are now trying to convince us that instead of the Michael Ryans, Alan Sugars, Phillip Greens and Willie Walshes – the real double hard bastards of the boardroom, they have found their softer side during “the crisis” (c) BBC 2020, and have become Florence Nightingale and poofter Labour MPs, showing their “caring” side.

    Our local Lidl is looking for staff their leaflet says “It is not shelf-filling, it is feeding the nation’s families”

    Pass the sickbag, Alice.

    • the way the commercials are all concentrating on keeping us at home, showing individuals in ads as if that’s they way it will be in future is deeply sinister – no doubt all part of the planned lockdown and planned take over (coup) of this country

    • The CUNT who composed the music for the Tena Lady advert deserves a knighthood! The continual deluge of “music” whilst ,the protagonist admires her adult nappy, perfectly encapsulates the mood. If she was leaking at that rate, she would need to be hauling a once empty bowser behind her, the drippy CUNT.

      • That one where they randomly seem to be plucking piano strings?. It makes a fucking bad advert even worse.

  13. I heard some fucking advert the other day wittering on about the “Stay-at-Home- Heroes”……FFS. is this what we have come to? Whatever your views on self-isolating,surely even the most deluded among the”I’m not coming out until it’s safe” wouldn’t consider themselves “Heroes”?……Nothing very heroic about so many relatively low-risk types sitting on their arses watching tv while collecting furlough money…especially when a great many others have had no choice bar to keep working….not that I consider them “Heroes” either…they are,after all.just doing the job that they are paid to do.

    Nationwide should get Frank Bough back.

    Fuck Off.

    • Afternoon Fiddler, yes the word ‘Hero’ has been bastardized beyond all reason in the last few months. B&W above has been saving cunters relationships in recent weeks, an IsAC love guru through the medium of tonging some birds sweaty arsehole.

      • In a civilised Society B+WC would be declared a Sexual Reprobate and exiled to The Colonies…


      • In this ‘New Normal’ society I am one of the Heroes Mr Fiddler.
        There will soon be the clap B and W cunt saturdays in appreciation of my liberation of the sexually repressed.
        I’ll be cruising through the streets in the Beemer at 5mph as the ordinary folk clap and express their love and appreciation.

      • More likely “B+WC gave me the clap” Saturdays where vast crowds of women take to the streets to demand that your tongue be classified in the “offensive weapon” category.

    • Yeah the tinkly piano last night for those that died with Covid -‘Theres a person behind the statistic’…’he was at Dunkirk…the family are devasted…he was 102’. ‘he was a bishop…78’ or something… I mean they were both of a GREAT AGE.

      Someone was saying last night that what the government is asking of the population is becoming ‘unfeasible’.

      Mind you I’ve just watched a report of hospitals overwhelmed in New York that was shocking.

      That’s the thing about this Pandemic you go from thinking its overblown to being panicked. In a single day.

      I wish it would just go away, vanish like the Spanish flu did.

    • Correct. I’ve been emailing work, every two or three days “can we come back yet”.
      “No stay on furlough”.
      They either think I’m a cunt. (Quite possible) or all the orders have been rescinded and we’re fucked.
      Either way we ain’t heroes.

    • Too fucking right, Dick. The word ‘Hero’ is well overused nowadays. I don’t consider myself one despite all the ‘NHS and paramedic hero’ stuff. I have a job that I love and can still work. What’s heroic about that? (The Johnnies love the title, though😉).

  14. the way the commercials are all concentrating on keeping us at home, showing individuals in ads as if that’s they way it will be in future is deeply sinister – no doubt all part of the planned lockup and planned take over of this country

    • Lana Del Cunt, How are you?
      Iv’e noticed a few of your posts have what some may say is a paranoid/conspiracy theorist slant to them.
      I agree with some who say this is part of a bigger plan, there are too many things that benefit the authorities and controlling cunts in Government that have come out of this Coronavirus response. I will not be having a vaccine or sharing my movements via their cunt track and trace App.
      This Government cant track all the illegals in London, the useless cunts.

      • spot on B&WC -I’m fine thank you and will not let the twats get away with this murder – and do have my moments of doubt whether we will ever get out of gaol – which is totally inhuman if you ask me – where’s boris – gone again? – what the fuck is going on in this country?

        why is this country doing as it’s told by fuckwitbabyfacetwat handycock when usually we don’t give a damn about the govermint?

  15. Just out of interest – does anybody start to write a nom and then halfway through, think naah fuck it, and end up deleting the whole thing?

    • Evening HS,
      I have many a time,
      If the cunters knew the sheer amount of great cuntings they have missed out on there would be uproar.
      Writing a cunting is like being creative, sometimes it flows…sometimes it takes time and ends up ok and other times its shite from the beginning and I write it off.

      • Evening BW,

        Sometimes I do a search and find another IsAC member has already written one that’s better than my offering.

      • Evening Harold,
        Yes I have occasionally,
        A moment of self doubt,
        Is it a bit ‘too far’?
        Will the others lynch me?
        Will Admin bollock me?
        Sometimes worth scanning in case it can be misinterpreted.
        But generally just post any old shite!☺

      • Sometimes i think, thats a bit strong, had better delete it before i get kicked off isac ,or lynched or more than likely arrested for being a total cunt..

    • I’ve started a couple with a clear idea of where I was going with it then, after having had a break for whatever reason, I’ve completely lost the thread. Really irritating.

  16. I’ve been with Nationwank for about 20 years. Fuck knows why because its no different to the other multitude of money-grabbing finance houses, all too keen to rip you off with shite interest rates for giving them your savings, but quick enough to fuck you over again with high interest rates for effectively loaning your money back again.

    As for the ads – I never watch them, primarily because I no longer bother with watching terrestrial TV. The TV Tax has not been renewed, and Crapita can go fuck themselves should they come a calling.

    Dress up these ads anyway you want, the bottom line is they just want your fucking money; or your house if you fuck up your mortgage payments.

    bunch of bastards

  17. I took my money out of Santander when they started using Cant and Dreck in their advertising.

    I’ve had a savings account with them since I was 19.
    They can’t pay me 4% interest on a savings account, but can find money to pi$$ up the wall on those two wankshafts. Meanwhile, Ant and his fivehead has probably pi$$ed his share of the money paid up a wall on a binge drinking sesh.

    The tw@ts

    • Agree with you there, Harold. Santander sent me a letter announcing a reduced interest rate on my 123 account. Time to move but where?

      • NS&I (premium bonds) give approximately 1% interest and you have a chance to win lots more. I’ve just closed my Santander account due to the reduced interest rate of 0.6%, down from 3% six months ago. As the account costs £5 a month, you would have to have £10,000 in your account to break even. Bunch of cunts.

  18. Oh lordy – yes, those fucking adverts with pooftahs, darkeys and spaccas.

  19. Even worse are car finance “offers”. They borrow wholesale at close to 0% and lend to us plebs at 6.9% to buy cars which are over-priced anyway. Fucking robbers.

  20. spot on B&WC -I’m fine thank you and will not let the twats get away with this murder – and do have my moments of doubt whether we will ever get out of gaol – which is totally inhuman if you ask me – where’s boris – gone again? – what the fuck is going on in this country?

    why is this country doing as it’s told by fuckwitbabyfacetwat handycock when usually we don’t give a damn about the govermint?

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