Barack Hussein Obama


Uncle Sam requests the pleasure of your company for a have-a-nice-day cunting, under the Stars & Stripes, for America’s answer to Anthony Blair.

Old Obama seems to have learned a few lessons from the loony left here in the UK, and is playing the race card in the Covid-19 debate, which at the best of times provides more heat than light:

Just as in the gay world of Kweer Charmer, everything is Boris’s fault, little Barack lays the blame at the Trump door.

Why I despise this motormouth ex President as much as Blair is because they are so similar. They cannot understand that their 15 minutes of fame is over, so both will take any and every opportunity to put their makeup on, to pose like an elderly if effeminate matinee idol. Both look as if they should audition for Strictly Come Mincing. Both have nothing to say, except to castigate their successors. Both even in their pomp were a couple of attitudenizing fuckwits, who gushed hot air, and relied on their arselickers in the media to promote their windy rhetoric. Neither were as clever or as well loved as they liked to imagine they were.

But for fuck’s sake, let us stop this pretence that nasty right wingers are somehow causing BAMEs to kick the bucket. More men than women die of the virus, but I don’t hear most normal and level headed men blaming their respective government for that.

I have little doubt that Obama’s latest whinge will bring Blair out of the shithole he is hiding in to have another chat with his BBC toadies.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

114 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama

  1. This twat has come out to play because he knows its election time over in the States in the next few months. So he’s out to fuck Trump and the Republicans and break the hearts and minds of the independents and the waywards to vote for the Dumocrats.

    Moreover, he’s got fuck all else to do, so why not get back onto our screens and play the trendy race card like everyone else is doing. Gets a bit of attention at the same time.


  2. The president that talked a lot 👎
    But didn’t deliver a lot 👎
    A total cunt 👍

  3. An utterly ineffective woke windbag.
    The Founding Fathers must have been rolling in their graves when that pack of grinning monkeys emerged onto the White House lawn.
    Fuck off.

    • “Insane in the membrane
      Hussein in the brain”..
      Yesterdays man, had a turn at the trough, wants more.
      I hate this elderley Will Smith, hate his fat , more gum than teeth missus more!
      ‘Right turn Clyde’..

  4. Barry Obama was the first cunt ever to be cunted on ISAC.

    And HBelindaHubbard is our longest running cunter.

    Not a lot of people know that.

    • Interesting RTCP, I wonder where I am on the list of longest running cunter’s? I know Dio, Norman, Titslapper And HBH were her before me but can’t think of anyone else.
      Perhaps the cunters who have deserted us need a cunting.

      • I think Cuntstable Cuntbubble is the next longest, then Norman. Thought Dio would have made an early appearance, maybe he was posting under a different name at the beginning.

        There appear to be hundreds of cunters who have deserted us since July 2009 when I believe ISAC started.

        If I find out where you first make an appearance I’ll let you know…

      • January 2014 was my maiden mom. I stumbled across ISaC typing “Lorde is a cunt” into Google, which helpfully linked me to here!

        I definitely know Norman, HBelinda, Titslapper, Dio were already here.

      • You’re a degenerate, and no mistake, Bertie!

        I’m right first time…..she’s a fucking munter, crap songs and up her own fucking arse arrogant. Good luck if you want to give it a nudge.

      • I jumped into that too quickly Kiwi! I thought you’d meant to put ‘maiden nom!” 😀😙

      • Oh fuck! Just spotted my typo, so deepest apologies Bertie for calling you a degenerate (probably true though 😜) . Definitely meant nom, not mom. Fucking auto correct and its Americanisms.

      • I think QDM was here before me. And Dio definitely was.
        Birdman was a good old boy and a top cunter.
        And the great Sir Limply Stoke, of course.

      • Birdman. I forgot about him….didn’t he live on Gibraltar or somewhere like that?

        I fly under the radar somewhat as I go fair periods without posting, so I don’t stand out like a Miserable, for example. Mostly because the majority of you guys are UK based, and ranting about UK issues. Fair enough, as you do seem to have a seemingly endless supply of cunts; your politicians, Brexit, television etc.

        Good for a read but I can’t add to the noms so I keep out of it

      • Ps….I remember you Normam as you’d frequently drag Manchester United or the Manchester music scene into the conversation. Interesting as it read like you had personal experience of the subject as opposed to just heresay.

    • I’m defo not the longest-running!!
      I miss Limpers, guess he must’ve gone to a better place.

      • Limpley popped up just a week or two ago.HBH….old Cunt must have nodded off again.

      • Well it’s certainly good to hear the Chinky flu hasn’t claimed him Dick.

      • Do you personally know anyone who has died of it,General?….I’m genuinely interested to know how many Posters (Front-Line staff apart obviously) who actually knew someone (not just the “friend of my neighbour’s cousin” type)who has actually experienced a loss.

      • Honestly Dick, no I don’t. And that’s despite a good deal of my extended family living in one of the so-called ‘hotspots’ in Sheffield.

      • I know of only one person who thinks they’ve had it.

        None of my multiple relatives, unless they’re not telling me. Never been shy in the past.

      • Out of curiosity how long have you been on the site HBH?
        Long enough and still gets pissed and tries to start posts with just an H

      • Currently cunting I think RTCP is saying HBH,
        I miss Sir Limply Stoke being aboit the place, same with Jane-arse…cunt baaaaaah.

      • RTC has got a big fat file on everyone who’s ever posted on the site. He’s got enough shit on everyone in order to condemn them to a Chinese labour camp.

      • I think he popped up somewhere else for one comment; can’t be arsed to go through Number Two’s files to find out where though.

      • I do recall her saying that her mother is in the high risk category. It’s possible that she’s simply looking after her at the moment. At least, I certainly hope that’s the case and that she hasn’t deserted the site permanently.

      • With you there, General. Hopefully both Nurse C and her mum are fit and healthy.
        It is our loss if, for whatever reason(s), she has chosen to end her wonderful contributions to the site.
        I wish her well for the future.

      • Sure but just for me, try a bit of cunting in at least a mildly amusing manner.

    • July 2009 that cunting was right? A truly great honour indeed.

      • How long has this site being going and who created it? It´s OK admin I am not from the Thought Police.

        We know, you would not be here if you were.

      • I always look on him as the “father of ISaC”.
        According to the gentleman who posted late last night, it’s a bastard of a site. . . . . .

        Integricunt on May 22, 2020 at 10:57 pm said:
        I really enjoy reading most of the postings on ISAC and in general I agree with most of the fundamental issues that are raised. However, I sense that a lot of you regular cunts that post on here are just a bunch of low intelligence, racist and bigoted fuckwits who lack any sort of empathy or basic human decency. Nobody who has ever existed on this planet has ever chosen their parents and hence they have no control where they may come into this world or further still which religion their parents choose to utilise to brain wash them with. Countries and therefore their borders were created by human kind, society in effect. The fact that you are a lucky enough cunt to have been born in a developed country where you aren’t brainwashed from the moment you take your first breath does not give you the right to belittle others and place less value on their existence than animals. I bet you cunts wouldn’t treat a dog with such contempt and hatred. Honestly, you lot, and you know who you are a just group of twisted and bitter ignorant cunt of cunts and i hope one day you eat your words, hopefully your penance will be served and you will repent your could cunting mouths and maybe take some pity on those less fortunate than yourselves. I’m not a religious man, but I’d do ultimately believe that old adage of “what ye sow, ye shall reap”.
        Anyway, fuck you all, you disgusting selfish cunts and may you have an awful cunt of a weekend.

        Yep I know, straight out of Pikey vile Epsom, but you like the chase Bertie, we have to let them in occasionally.

      • Sounds like hes smitten!

        He obviously meant you and LL Bertie.

      • He makes it sound like a bad thing?
        He said he was going to write a Nom. I wait in anticipation.

      • Some major flaws in his argument.

        If you’re born in a well off country to well off parents, you can bet your birth was probably planned in some way and your future mapped out (or part of it) at an early stage. Such parents may have worked hard and been good citizens for the most part. Their elders fought wars to protect us against invasion.

        Are we to just ignore their efforts and watch our country go down the shitter? Is London a better or worse place with ‘super diversity’ (yes, that label now exists and it means majority non white).

        Therefore, this argument of being ‘lucky’ to be born in the UK to a decent family is utter bollocks. No, you don’t choose where you’re born. But your fucking parents do! And those who fought for our futures (not every cunt who tries entering on a fucking dingy) would spin in their graves if they saw what has happened to out country.

        While I agree it’s not good to mock those less fortunate, it’s also perfectly fine to mock certain cultural ways to ensure they don’t fly here.

        Sadly, with the help of the BBC et al, such cultural nonsense is not only afforded a lack of piss taking, but promoted as superior.

        I’m still, despite all this, not against controlled immigration, but just letting in streams of unskilled people who can’t speak a word of English is just fucking stupid. One group in particular have absolutely taken the piss. They’ve spoiled it for everyone else (with regards to grabbing handouts, fraud, grooming gangs and not paying tax). Another group within a group have also made knife crime an everyday occurrence.

        If not wanting such things in my country makes me a racist so be it. In truth, I couldn’t give a fuck what colour somebody is. But it’s normal to react to pattern recognition. Human nature.

      • At Last….a suitable epitaph for my gravestone…” low intelligence, racist and bigoted fuckwit who lacked any sort of empathy or basic human decency”

      • I just thought he posted a bit late to provoke maybe a heated discussion!

      • I’m suitably chastised Miserable, no ice cream for me tonight.

      • I love it when they flirt like that LL!
        I find nothing funnier thsn someone morally outraged an going bananas!😁
        Cant resist a nudge towards the cliff edge hehe, didnt he know most of us are in bed by 10pm?

      • PS, as Miserable has mentioned more than once, I occasionally like the shit stirrers and nutters, like pinching and squabbling over DP picks.

        Try it from our side, we get to see all your conspiracy theories (CS Being the favourite) and we also get to see the shit you do not, we have to let the odd one in just to keep the bowl stirring.

      • Its like the IsAC version of ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ outraged by some posters views.

      • Thats exactly it!
        Thats what I find funny
        “Ive never been so insulted in my life!”☺
        Like that bloke who kicked in his tv screen when the Sex Pistols were on the Bill Grundy show.
        Love it when admin lets in the easily offended.

        Mate, let us not go there, you rarely see the easily offended, I remember one key board warrior fruit looping because we may of accidentally published his work e-mail, he then complained on his own one and guess what….

      • Was that the irish pictureframing bloke?
        I remember that.
        So you screen a lot of nutters/angry lefty types then admin?
        Must see all sorts!

        No way before that a NHS “Communication officer”, total libtard anti brexit cunt called me a “Brexit turd” have another one on the back burner, property agent near London bridge, if he doesn’t fuck off soon I might have another accident.

      • Let him in to play!
        Be sure to get a fair hearing.
        Joking aside admin, must be hard sometimes, dealing with them and sometimes us squabbling amongst ourselves, but we do appreciate all your hard work and goes without saying we all love this site.

      • Hard to disagree with much of what he said. He’d benefit from a few lessons in tact though…

      • He seemed a bit hysterical to me Ruff.
        He had a problem with borders, heard this before so free movement for every living person on earth, all end up here!
        Since man has walked weve always had borders, in the form of tribal territories.
        I took what he said as flattery.☺

      • I don’t think he had a problem with borders per se Miserable. Just arguing that, unlike the majority of the world’s population, we were lucky to have been born in a relatively free and democratic country and ought therefore try to cultivate a little more empathy for the majority born into backward shitholes with all the attendant disadvantages.

        Such empathy I tend to struggle with, being the selfish and somewhat callous sociopath that I am.

      • I think Shaun might have played some sort of role in setting up the sight too.

      • Hehehe! 😁
        1) whats your favourite tea?
        2) can you dance?
        3) if spiderman an Batman had a fight whod win?
        4) whos your favourite cunter on ISAC?
        5) can I borrow some money?

    • I’ve been an active poster since around about March 2017 and a reader of the site since 2016. Not particularly long compared to some of the veterans on here.

      Catch up is available

      • Although even in my relatively brief time here the site has grown an awful lot and its been great to see.

      • I have been posting for but a short time in relative terms, and can report that my comments have been as low brow as they have been disappointing – despicable sort I am! 😁

      • Evening Foxy, you had a relatively easy period on joining, you just seemed to fit straight in, like youd always been on here.
        And No interrogation off Bertie, whos our witchfinder, sniffs out the wrong uns!!☺

        yes Bertie is security and RTC is archive admin………

      • Evening MNC – Bertie has a gangsta parrot (ooh – the racism from that beak!) and RTC’s reach is long and his vengeance total!
        Although B&WC’s jolly greeting to someone new (forget who) was classic – Who the fuck are you then”? Still laugh when I think of that! 😁
        I am glad I had no “baptism of fire”, as it were, it could have triggered me and made me cwy!
        And I think Admin are pretty savvy at checking who is genuine.

      • When I first came on ISAC foxy, Bertie and RTC held my hand and helped me,
        Saw a vunerable innocent adrift in a sea of far right types and sexual predators and protected me, thats why im eternally grateful to them.
        I was bullied quite badly at first, and just wanted to play!

      • Percy is a card Vernon, I think Bertie brought him off Tommy Robinson and the only parrot to be banned from Twitter, the BBC and the Guardian comments page.

      • And yet, Gents, Percy is very well educated. I can’t figure out what went wrong. He went to a Poly-technic and came away with a 2:1 in
        Poly-tics and beakonomics.

  5. Didn’t all the “Ex Presidents” get killed in the film “Point Break”?….be nice if Life would imitate Art occasionally….be even nicer if it involved Ex Prime Ministers Of The United Kingdom.

    Fuck them.

    • Hey just realised!
      In the picture above,
      Hes got the same wallpaper as us!!

      • Just read that your cat got killed,MNC. Genuinely sorry to read that.

      • Cheers Dick, yes, the missus and daughter upset and sounds daft but the dog too, seems a bit down.either picking up the girls are upset or realising the cats not about, not sure which.
        Hey Dick, when you mention ‘the Hounds’
        Take it you do mean fox hounds?
        I was shocked once how at a show they let the kids in the ring to meet the hounds, but they were fine, big dogs arent they?
        Kids and hounds all having a love in!

      • They are big,MNC…..always made me laugh when I was at a neighbour’s and he challenged me to guess the breeding in his latest dog…could see it had some foxhound in it but couldn’t guess the rest….turned out it was from a litter of pups that his ancient old border-terrier had dropped after one of the hounds had lined the poor little bugger after passing through on a Hunt day….how the Fuck the hound hadn’t killed the poor little terrier bitch is a mystery.

      • I like the look of them but someone (might of been you?) Told me they dont make for pets, just working dogs.
        Walking mine tuther day and two lads with a staffie off lead, one quickly grabbed the dog popped a lead on, said to his mate “that dog (mine) has killed two dogs!”
        Hehe, never had a fight in its life!
        Let him believe what he wants☺

  6. I never took Obama seriously after his election. It was his appearance upon the “new” dollar bill playing a banjo that did it. Shoehorned in because the box required that kind of tick was the only qualification this Bristol Type 4 actually had.

    If Obama ever acheived anything in his political career it was the increase in Banana sales following inauguration.

    Cunt? Yes ! He’s a Cunt !

    • Its cunts who think he was some Messiah like politician/president that piss me off, they have a romanticised view of him

      He was a ok president overall but not doing worse then George Bush jr isn’t exactly big shoes to fill. Didn’t perform any miracles or make any dramatic change thats for fuck sure

  7. Fucking horrible commie woke cunt. He nearly finished America off, Killary would have completed the job.

    Claims credit for all the good work done since his disastrous stint in the WH. Blames Trump for all the fuck ups he himself made.

    There is so much dirt on this fucker. I wouldn’t be overly surprised if this cunt is in Gitmo awaiting execution by the end of the Don’s 2nd term. They should make it pay-per-view, I’d fuckin pay a fortune. Mammoth cunt.

    And his wife is a bloke. Fuck off.

  8. Mostly prime ministers and presidents leave the job and there it. Labour and Democrat ex leaders from carter in the states and tiny tony onwards can’t seem to let go, add John major into that mix.

    Obama is a cunt, he is a polished turd.

  9. Before he was elected all he wanged on about was ‘change’, so much so I wanted to chuck coins at the telly whenever I saw him, then he got elected and did fuck all except come out and tell Britain it will be at the back of the line for a deal.

    On a lighter note, I enjoyed Joan Rivers’ poke at Obama claiming he was gay and married to a trans.

    • Same as Anthony Blair: prior to 1997 it was “change” and “it’s not fair” he parritted with that shit-eating grin on his face, and I have this horrible feeling Kweer will do the same, and yet again the public will be taken in. Alcoholic Ali has been doing the rounds today about that cunt Dominic C*mmings and you suspect his raising from the tomb gas Kweer & co motivating it

      • I had my head up my arse back in 1997 but I do remember Blair with his ‘education, education, education’ bollox. What a load of c@ck that turned out to be. ‘Shit eating grin’ – yep that nails him completely. Blair’s antics during Brexit were.. well I don’t have the energy to expel the adjectives, its all been said.

        As for ‘Forensic’ Starmer, he looks like the son of Adam Boulton. Hope the public don’t fall for his brand of garbage.

      • Change! Change! Change! Was what teflon Tony left in our pockets and bank accounts after virtually bankrupting the Country and then haring off with his bags full of cash and leaving Gorgon to fall.
        “Never trust or believe a Politician” should be the compulsory first lesson for every child on their first day at school.

  10. Great speech by Barry. Contrasts the “old ways” and “grown ups don’t know everything “ with “ the young” and “change”. Exactly the sort of phraseology that appeals to dumb millennials. A bit like “yes we can.” Fuck off cunt.
    I will never forget this wanker waving his finger at us and threatening us with “the back of the queue.” That worked well didn’t it Barry? Yeah, I see the comparison with Blair. Two fuck ups from yesterday who think people are still interested in their bullshit today. You’re preaching to the converted you pair of cunts, normal people aren’t listening.

  11. A disgrace to all Black and White cunts, I dont know much abaaaht America and dont want to but apparently this cunt was useless and got fuck all done.
    I remember some cunter calling him O’bummer, and like Tony Blair he wont fade into the background. The cunts.

    • In 2008 I remember watching the news with thousands of African Americans on the streets shouting his “Yes we can” election bollocks. He was no great saviour of blacks or Americans in general, makes a big deal of being from the ‘hood’ but no cunt wants to live in the shitholes they worked hard to escape from. Plus he jet skis with that wanker Branson on his private island and broke lockdown to play golf at his private country club .

      • I’ve just googled’ Barack Obama Richard Branson Jet Ski’. What came back was ‘Obama enjoys water sports with Virgin chief’. I didn’t fancy bringing my tea up so I left that well alone.

    • Oh yeah and don’t forget the dumb cunt went to the Irish republic and claimed he was part Mick? .. what a cunt he is only Kenyan Hawaiian American I have ever known, you don’t get lion’s and surfboards in Dublin , prize cunt , good evening b&w , trust you are well

      • Evening Sid,
        His mother is Paddy apparently. He is a total cunt, wherever he is from the cunt.

      • You were correct in your earlier post B&WC – Obama is a Boris – all talk and nothing done.
        Should be a Politician, oh, just a minute..

      • Foxy your mate Boris is on holiday at the moment, from hospital to paternity leave to holiday.
        Load of unopened ‘congratulations on becoming PM!’ Cards in number 10.
        All the houseplants dead.

  12. The Democrats are all cunts. They are the party of slavery and the Jim crow laws. The German National socialist Workers Party lifted the Jewish race laws directly from the cunts.

  13. Obama, like pretty much all the somewhat ironically named “Democrats” (for “Democrats” in the US see “Labour” for the UK – they are identical) is absolutely enraged that Donny Tango has very successfully tapped into their traditional hunting ground – billionaires telling the angry people with nothing “all your problems are those nasty rich people’s fault, vote for me and I will put it right” – he does it better than they do and they hate the fact.
    He has tapped into a rich vein of Nationalistic introspective anger from the have nots, never hads and left behinds – he is a monster, but an operator, and he will get back in.
    Obama? “Yes we can”!
    “No you didn’t”. “But what about Obamacare”? “What, telling the poorest people in the US who cannot afford treatment that they must pay money they have not got for treatment they will not get – which genius thought that one up then”?
    Jerk, clown, had your time at the trough – just shut up and piss off, because if I ever meet Barry I will be at the front of the queue to bitch slap this slimy windbag round his head.
    On other news Boris the traitor absentee Prime Minister has still not appeared – this “Man” needs a boot so far up his arse it would rattle the top of his skull, and to be removed from his position, and from Politics ASAP – he is a dangerous narcissistic psychopath masquerading as an amiable buffoon and the thought of this utter reptile in power for at least the next four and a half Years worries me.
    I wonder if his new assistant (Sc*mmings is in danger of being pushed out) will be called Vivienne Rook?
    Be gone Boris, for the good of the Country and our future, be gone.
    Nearly forgot – vote Fox! 😀

    • American ‘Democrats’ are nothing like UK Labour; they are still further Right than our wussy ‘Conservatives’. They see a section of the electorate they can appeal to (the poor, minorities, Green wankers) and they go for that vote. They don’t want to piss off the redneck, gun-toting, bible-belt fuckwits, so they have to balance their lies, sorry; manifesto. But when it comes to it, just like all politicians, all they want is to be elected, to have power, to be able to control something.

      Just to say that I binned your Times comment, The membership is varied from bowl scrapers to cream eaters, You are not obligated to comment on every post if you don’t like it, well wait for the next one it may float your boat, apart from that, carry on, but take the hint.

      • Interesting post Razor, US Politics is definitely more visibly visceral than UK politics – but what about that Nancy Pelosi – phwoar – cutest chick in the morgue! 😀

  14. Always thought of Barack Obama as the Emperors New Clothes. Talked the talk but in the end was full of piss and vinegar. Proud to say I love The Donald. Perfect, fuck no, but he gets the nitty gritty of ordinary life, creating good jobs, nationalism, USA first. I know what people will say now “35 million unemployed”. If he gets in again in November I would bet my left gonad he gets the economy back on track. Be the biggest fuck off to the Chinky Bastards that have instigated this shit in the first place to get the wet fart Biden in the White House. Biden would be Obama mark 2.

    • Evening Bob.
      I love Donnie Tango too.
      He tries to get things done, hes not scared to upset people, quite right.
      Hope we get no deal with the EU and a deal with the yanks, Donald would be a good influence on thst shiftless cunt Boris
      Turkish dewhite.

      • Evening Miserable. No Deal would be heaven. Boris ought to take a look at Donald’s work ethic. Don’t get me wrong Boris has been through the wringer in the past few months but he needs to get his arse in gear pretty soon. I do not want to see another Labour government in my lifetime.

    • Hehehe!☺
      ‘Affectionately rubbing a chicken nugget on his cheek”…😁😁😁
      Although I might react the same to my first pint once the pubs open.

      • Didn’t they close down on or just before your birthday Miserable? You going to have a belated celebration?

      • On my birthday LL!
        23rd march. Daft cunts.
        Yeah funnily talking about it earlier.
        My mates was 2 weeks before, other mates the 22nd March!
        Was our joint 50th, been mates since we were 4yrs old.
        Going to make the landlord smile when hes tilling up the night we get to celebrate!😁

      • Fucking sorry Miserable. Think we put the same kind of posts at the same time, I’m not trying to steal your thunder. Northern piss heads think alike?

    • Adam Bin Mohammed? He looks like Kim Jong Un’s bastard love child. Saying that though, my first pint of lager back in the pub in 2027 will get that reaction.

    • Melt the fat little cunt down, there’s a fair amount of tallow there.
      I wonder if she’s wearing the mask because of the virus ? or is it if she doesn’t her husband will give her a good hiding for being too western ?
      Send the bastards back.

    • They won’t eat lovely roast pork but inhale this garbage that no god would endorse WTF.
      It’s morning here and I’d like to wish all cunters throughout the realm a very happy and indulgent Empire day! A full English, extra black pudding and bloody Marys for breakfast, Singapore noodle, Hong Kong duck, G&T’s for lunch and beef Wellington with curry and chips for dinner washed down with Cooper’s sparkling ale.

    • Lol. That’s the first time I’ve heard of somebody ‘affectionately holding a chicken nugget to his cheek’.

      Heart attack before his thirties at that rate. Dumb patents really.

  15. Didn’t Oz stop celebrating Empire Day in the late 50s / early 60s? I thought that these days the only celebrations you were allowed had to be approved by the Abbö elders? For example, Invasion Day when the Empire unsuccessfully tried to bring civilisation to a culture whose sole invention in 60000 years (estimated) of living in the bush appears to be a stick you can’t throw away.
    P.S. No sausage sizzlers or pie floaters on the menu?

    • It stopped being an official holiday when the present Commonwealth was founded in 1958, but I still celebrate it to remind fobs and cuntinentals of the founder of the place that they left a shithole to come to for a better life.

      • Good on ‘ya, cobber. It’s nice to see that well turned out traditionalists still exist down under. As it is no longer an official holiday, I hope you’re upholding that other ocker tradition and are chucking a sickie in order to celebrate. Gôd save your Quëën.

  16. Trumpy may be Trumpy but he seems to avoid war and invasion when compared to Obama. He was practically a warmonger if you look at his time in office.

  17. One reason Obama is visible again is his deep involvement in the Flynn/Schiff/etc. affairs – he’s trying to deflect media attention from his gang’s corruption onto Trump with smears and innuendo – it’s straight out of the Democrat’s undemocratic and criminal playbook.

  18. I’ll never forgive the cunt for turning up before the EU referendum, telling us that it was a vote for the British people to decide, then trying to sway the vote for remain on behalf of his pal ‘call me Dave’.
    Imagine the reaction over there if a British PM turned up and attempted to influence a vote.
    Fucking cunt right out of the Clintons’ playbook.

  19. noballs peace prize winner for starting more american wars all over the planet cunt

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