Lefty teachers

Teachers and the NASUWT in particular.

Mostly sat at home on full pay while NHS, carers, shop workers, dustmen, drivers, posties, food workers, steel workers and a host of others have all soldiered on.
Aided and abetted by Labour councils they are screaming that it is unsafe to return.

Fine. Stop paying the cunts and look to terminating contracts. Perhaps then they wont be looking forward to the long summer holiday and winging about ‘the marking, the marking’ as one cunt neighbour used to.

Utter parasitical cunts.

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60 thoughts on “Lefty teachers

  1. Morning CC.
    Too right. This has nothing to do with teachers or their pupils safety but government bashing.
    Sack the bloody lot of ’em.

  2. Nothing new 3 of my close family are teachers All of them are Lefty lazy cunts who moan about working hard (do me a favour) 👎Cannot wait for the summer hols and fuck off to France absolutely disgraceful sack them all if they won’t go back to work OR stop their pay till they do go back👍👍

    • Funny how all these wankers love the idea of being French, yet never seem to move there permanently.
      Why is that I wonder?

    • With you on this mr Bamboo!
      In what job can you refuse to work and expect full pay or to even keep that job?
      Kiss of the birch on their nacks will straighten them out!!

      • Teachers are the same Elk as that leftie wanker Steve Coogan MNC
        They think we are all beneath them I pay for everything Coogan claims not any more you tight cunt claiming 80% of your Gardner and House Keepers wages a bloke worth a reputed 11 million hypocrite Corbyn lover

  3. The unions need to be careful what they wish for.

    If the government says it is safe to go back, the furlough money stops.

    If the unions want to keep their members off work and effectively on strike, it will be the unions who have to foot the wages bill.

    A couple of months of trying to hold the government to ransom will empty the union’s coffers.

    Leftards have very short memories and their forward planning is usually laughably shit.

  4. I heard one teacher on the radio saying pupils should be able to practice “self marking” of their exam papers during this uniquely challenging period…

    These cunts really are the enemy within.

    • I’ve just marked your paper Ruff and it’s a fail!
      “Practice” with a ‘c’ is the noun. You need “practise” for the verb.
      Go back to school, do not collect £200 and do not pass go!

      • I wrote “practise” Bertie, but the cunting spellcheck changed it when I wasn’t looking!

      • You a cheeky fellow Bertie!
        I taught RTC to write and hes coming along nicely!
        Hes a good a speller as wot I am!😁

      • You were probably one of my ex pupils Miserable!
        I told you I was a shit teacher! 😀

      • You must have remembered Miserable, Bertie. 6 foot plus from twelve onwards, George Michael stubble and the flashing at morning assemblies.

      • Ah! I remember him well LL. I think he was that laddie who kept taking the lassies behind the bike sheds. Did a roaring trade in illegal jammie dodgers. Always had him down as a budding entrepreneur. 😀

  5. This lockdown fuck up will give all sorts of lazy cunts an excuse not to do anything but stay at home and play with themselves.

    I applied for the self-employed scheme last week, that’s £7,300 already into my bank account for doing nothing…the government is so useless they are giving away free money….I have plenty and I ill have to pay back 20% next year but what the fuck…free money.

    Clueless shit monkeys.

  6. The NASUWT aren’t the “lefty” union, far from it. Children and adolescents are notorious for their lack of hygiene and inability/refusal to follow instructions. Under the current circumstances there aren’t many more dangerous places than a school and any parent who wants to send them back right now must be an idiot, even if they are pissed off with the cunts all day long. As for sacking them……..has nobody noticed the revival of the recruiting campaign ….”every lesson shapes a life” ( or is it “laugh.”) I suspect a lot of experienced teachers have put in for early retirement and the panic has set in. Why do you think governments spend millions on TV and radio advertising to recruit teachers? Yeah send them all back to school…….to be taught by cunts from Poland, Lithuania and fucking Africa.
    The Frog communidee says……not a cunt.

    • Spot on Freddie! In the past I was an NAS/UWT member. They are more to the right than Genghis Kahn. It’s the other fuckin’ wet lot I despise – the National Education Union who are the lefties.
      Everybody before Covid used to think they could teach. Now ask these parents stuck at home how easy it is and that’s trying to educate just one or two kids. Fuck it – I’m not trying to defend teachers – the type of person it attracts has changed and I’ve been long retired. Besides, I’m quite happy on my big fat teachers pension. 😂😂

      • One of my next door neighbours retired from teaching a couple of years ago. He was relieved to get out, not least because his moderate right-of-centre views were deemed unacceptable by his lefty Labour supporting colleagues, to the point that he felt compelled to keep them to himself.

    • It’s all about the politics, the government are constantly bombarded with the lefty/liberal message about ‘disadvantaged children’ being left behind.
      The government respond by starting to open up schools and the lefty liberals cry ‘its too dangerous’
      It’s all bollocks, just bring forward the summer hols to ‘Now’ open the schools fully in mid August for 2 weeks of this year, then one week off before the next school year in September, it’s not that hard

      • And I wonder which group of “disadvantaged” children they are talking about?
        I think probably not the most disadvantaged and discriminated against group – white English boys – they are invisible unless they shoved into a uniform and told to die in some foreign hell hole to keep the oil supply and the Worlds Billionaires profit margins safe.
        Why can kids not be taught at home? One teacher, internet nonsense thingy, job sorted.
        Teachers Unions used to be radical, hardline and passionate about education. (I still remember Blair Peach being “allegedly” beaten to death by the MET Police).
        Now they are just more pigs at the trough, and I am a bit sick of them permanently whining about doing a bit of marking when they have a working day that lasts until 4PM with 16 weeks paid holiday a Year.
        Try doing a day on a farm, grafting your bits off delivery driving or running round a warehouse order picking you shifty vaping hipsters!
        On other news I have been told I am not eligible for a self employment grant as I have not been up and running long enough to qualify – clear discrimination so I am just rubbing a bit of gravy browning on to my handsome features and slapping on a dress – should be a piece of piss getting anything I want after that! 👍😄

      • Don’t be fucking with my six weeks off in the summer! (I’m a teacher by the way 😂).

    • Well said, Freddie. The route’s open to anyone that wants to be a teacher. The Govt. will even give you a grant to train for certain subjects. What’s stopping you? Think of all those holidays.

  7. From glorified day care centres to dangerously toxic woke factories, utter cunts the lot of them. Burn it all down.

  8. Kids getting educated is by the by. All that matters to these warriors is to get Boris and tories in general and when the kids do return turn them into tomorrows glorious world of lefty snowflakes.
    Forget making our kids into fine young citizens that can think for themselves.

    • If they think for themselves, it’s much harder to order them around.
      Pure coincidence of course…

      • Independent thought is dangerous. And to be discouraged – if the proles are allowed independent thought then before long they will be thinking for themselves!
        And that would never do – eat that cabbage soup and worship the leader.

  9. Since I was at school decades ago, I always considered teachers were know-it-all old wimmin of both genders, with a penchant for demeaning sorts of discipline. At least one of ours (the games master, surprise, surprise!) was caught in an “act of gross indeceny” in the station lavatory (years before “Charles Linton”), now they are a bunch of timerous cowards. What’s new?

  10. It is the big difference between those of us (85%) who work in the private sector and those in the public sector. Those in the private sector have a good chance of not having a job to go back too and we need to get back to work as soon as possible. For that to happen the schools need to re-open.

    There are sectors of the public sector who have been magnificent during the Bat Flu crisis including some school teachers who have been going in every day to provide baby sitterfacilities for those working in key sectors. But there are others who are behaving like the cunts they are. I think the NUT and NAS/UWT are in the latter category. The school teachers who have been on lockdown should be told their summer holidays have taken place and now it is time to get back to work.

    • I have worked in the public and private sector and the defining and ever present difference is that in the private sector money invested must show a result and anyone wasting it is sacked.
      The Public Sector is a bottomless pit of unaccountable money and anyone wasting it is not sacked but promoted. Indolence and stupidity is par for the course in Public Sector management and anyone challenging the corrupt and self serving system gets a one way trip to the Job Centre. (As I was threatened with more than once! 👍😁).
      Not a go at Public Sector employees, a statement of fact from personal experience.
      Now, don’t forgot to download the electronic ID card masquerading as a Covid tracing app – free soma for every drone who complies.

      • After a career in manufacturing I was lucky to get a well paid job in the public sector – allocating and managing EU funding (oh the fucking irony)
        It took me some time to adjust to the total lack of urgency, ignorance of the manufacturing workplace and the preponderance of self serving incompetents at all levels. I did very little for a reasonable wedge for 10 years. Only retired because it was such a pointless way of work.

      • My partner recently retired form public sector work at Leeds Council. What a bunch of wasteful cunts they were. Instead of sacking the incompetent, I was told how they got shuffled into the “tallent pool” to await redeployment elsewhere. FFs. Partner took early retirement, the lefty anti-brexit mantra caused too much stress. To be told everyone who voted Tory or Brexit is a twat on a daily basis caused too much stress. All this from the woke and inclusive mob that work there while they cook the books they present to the DFE. Cunts, the lot of them.

  11. I think if there were less children being born there will be less need for more teachers and for more schools being built.
    I dread to think what school is like these days.

  12. Most of our troubles have come from the leftie feminist teachers in the last 25 years, kicked out most of the men unless they have the limp wrist wave. Now their child protegees are in central and local government, just full of them, binary or fucking rainbow oxygen bandits. Couldn’t be better timing for the radical left, Soy (phenol-oestrogens) in almost all the food plus leftie indoctrination from school teachers. The worm will turn, I just hope I am around to see the tears and nashing of teeth when it all turns to shit.

  13. In Repy to lefty teachers being Cunts they are. I know I had to work along side the fuckers for 25 years. Not all teachers are lefty fuckers. I wasn’t and I was a NUT rep that voted for ukip or similar. The cunt’s assumed I was a lefty not because of owt I said just that before I went teaching I was a miner for 14 years and was on strike for over 12 months.. (Scargill top twat, he’s not a cunt a cunt’s useful).

    I digress, It is not safe for kids or staff to go back yet. sorry to buck the trend.. Kids don’t follow rules (just look at story on Guido this morning) small kids are moaning cry baby attention seeking cunts that pick their nose, arse balls or fannies then lick their fucking fingers and older kids are stroppy cunts spitting snotting, snogging, swapping tab ends or drugs bottles list goes on.
    So while most teachers are lazy lefty cunts some of us were right wing hard working cunts. But kids are fucking unhygienic cunts and they will spread any disease like a fucking bush fire ……


    Reply ↓

  14. To an extent I can understand their concerns, Kids at the best are hard to control, running round, coughing, snotting and wiping bogies on you.
    So social distancing is a major problem, and let us not forget the young seem to shrug this shit off.
    So my rational/irrational suggestion would be compulsory zorbing for students.
    They can cough, sneeze and fart in their own little micro climates and the staff should be safe.
    I have seen some schools that have been working with a small amount of students and the scenes are reminiscent of Guantanamo bay with kids sitting in little chalked out squares on the playground, So I think my version is more humane, (Imagine it would stop playground fights too).
    You may think this harsh but at least the little fuckers will never be subjected to izel toilet paper.

    • Izel toilet paper. Remember it well. Was given one piece, ONE PIECE, by the fusty smelling cunt teacher to wipe my arse with after a shit. All it did was smear the cack round your arse so you were itching like fuck the rest of the day. The fucking skid marks I used to get. Used to pray for a clean nip every time I needed a dump at school. I fucking hate all teachers because of this, lefty cunts. And they’re not ready to go back to work after three months off? Taking the fucking piss. Make them use Izel toilet paper for a month the twats.

    • Rough waxy cruelty – school toilet paper! Teach children via the internet, problem solved.
      Shifty vaping teachers!
      “But, but – we all need new tablets”
      “No you don’t – you were on farcebook last week boasting about your new ipad”
      “Sob, sob – you’re triggering me”..
      Now don’t forget to clap for the friends of the relatives of the clappers on Thursday, but not too loud in case you trigger anyone!

  15. A perfect opportunity to purge the left from poisoning young minds. Lefty,dull,useless cunts.

  16. I do wonder what will happen to the current school generation. They’ve been taught by people who are at best woefully incapable.
    And then we went into lockdown.

    • I remember it wasnt till on secondary school I met my first lefty teachers, one a fuckin hippy Art teacher and one a trying to be hip geography teacher,
      Patronising, earnest, and easy to wind up for a teenage cheeky lad😁
      Disliked the hippy as id never met a real hippy before, but loathed the geography bloke.
      He’d try to be your mate,
      What teenage lad wants a lefty teacher as a mate?
      Get fucked Bono.
      Good nom!👍

      • When I was a teenager I didn’t really think of my teachers as lefties as politics didn’t really register with me at the time but some undoubtedly were sopping wet limp dicked commies.

  17. What does left wing ideology lead to in education?

    Drag queen story hour

    Learning to hate your own culture

    Learning to love extremist religion

    Learning to love the EU

    As Tony once said


    Fuck the left

    • TT UT@11:51 – unfortunately Owen Jones has beaten you to it Unkle Terry!
      “Waycist, f*scist, n*zi, Trump, Brexit – is it an Owen Jones speech or Nish Kumars “comedy” routine”?

      • Nish Kumar: ‘they all laughed when I told them I was going to become a comedian…well, they’re not laughing now!’

  18. My mate used to have a dog called Butch. A proper use of the word.
    As for lefty teachers, and retired one lives near us. Mad as a fucking hatter.
    Get To Fuck.

  19. I don’t have an issue with the teachers personally. They aren’t the ones setting the lessons (read agenda).
    I’ve been taking a close look at the online learning my kids are doing at present. Fuck me its all about M’tebe and the relig1on of the peaceful types.
    Stop with the PC crap and teach.
    Some kids only learn to write their names when they fucking sign on at the job centre.

    • Agreed Baron – there are people where I live who cannot read and write – and get sanctioned for refusing to learn then go to the local pub of choice “The Burberry and chlamydia” to whine about their tewwible treatment.
      I am incredulous.

      • Yep a fucking one stop shop.
        Dole hole.
        Post office.
        Wetherspoons, until a blubbering mess.
        In a fortnights time do it all over again.
        Dole scrounging, entitled cunts.
        Never their bloody fault.

  20. the irony is that these teachers think they are being ‘revolutionary’ by not wanting to open the schools – they think that by taking the furlough money they are getting what they deserve and fuck the government. In fact they are shallow, indignant little cunts who are too afraid to get a life, act responsibly and teach our fucking kids – which is what they’re paid to do – they can all fuck off

    those not wanting to work because of all the social distancing measures for 5 year olds have a point though because this is horrific – into is tantamount to child abuse and if i had little uns i wouldn’t want them in school under those conditions – once again the teachers have got it all wrong – open the schools and do so in the normal way – no fucking virus crap

  21. Teaching is a cunt of a job because you are surrounded by plenty of adult cunts, the kids ain’t the problem. Some day soon we will just have to deal with it and get back to school for the sake of everyone, Once they start to realise their pensions will be fucked, they will have to work until they are 70+ (impossible) their pay will be frozen for years and plenty more will be got rid of or not replaced then they may just start to think about going back.. far too many of the teacher cunts I know are lapping this bat flu shit up and treating it like some well deserved jolly. Why the govt doesn’t just say get your school ready for September, whatever it takes, extended days, longer lessons, split weeks etc etc just sort it out for your school and your community. The kids ain’t ever going to socially distance so unless we wait for a vaccine we could be doing this for fucking years or we just man or woman or LGBT+ up and get on with it.

  22. Too many teachers take the piss out of the taxpayer as it is. Taking extended leave with full pay for ‘depression’, and when they return, the girlfriend, a teacher at another school, takes extended leave for ‘depressoon’.
    The schools whinge about cuts but spend well over market price for stationary and IT services. The children arent getting taught anything beyond liberal values rather than knowledge and skills.

    The whole system is fucked. No wonder Gove and Cummings faced such demented braying when they tried to change things;
    Some cunt might have to learn something.

  23. I actually thought this was going to be about filling kids heads with socialist bollocks

  24. I was reading about this today, it really depressed me. I remember teachers who were idealistic and passionate about preparing children to become hard working young adults who aspired to challenging and rewarding careers. Now there’s this shower of contemptible, workshy losers who seem to be focused on playing political games and holding the government to ransom. As for all this nonsense about it not being “safe”, no environment is 100% safe, and you are never going to be able to shield against the virus completely, but unless you are over the age of 70, or are in particularly poor health, its surely not that much of an issue ?

    This does make me angry, but I also feel genuine despair. I think our children deserve better than this collection of conniving scheming, shameless, lazy bastards.

  25. Out of touch wankers, school, sixth form, uni and then back to school to teach. Get a funny haircut, and a pair of Doc Martins and you hit the criteria of the Leftie teacher ready to spend their whole working life inside a giant spunk bubble offering a delusional opinion that is only relevant to the weak minded ready to follow in their comfortable sandal wearing footsteps.!!

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