The Perpetually Offended

The perpetually offended. And there are many groups of them though as a % of the population they are insignificant. Which seems to be frustrating for them.
Apparently there was some wankfest on the telly- Children in Need perhaps? Not sure but there was some Little Britain stuff on it. You know – I’m a Ladeee, the Wheelchair bit.
Cue the perpetually offended.
Sexist, racist, disablist (is that even a word) and of course, trannie phobic.
Fuck me. Get a life. Have a laugh if it floats your boat. But for fuck’s sake can the media and business ignore the pathetic, whining victim status cunts.
Perhaps then they will crawl back under their rock. And fucking stay there. Who knows? Comedy may return.

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63 thoughts on “The Perpetually Offended

  1. I am offended every day, the BBC offend me but I have a choice, turn it off!!
    All these cunts who claim to be offended have a choice, don’t look or listen to whatever may offend them, stupid cunts!

    While writing this I am watching the news, hoping to be offended but on the contrary I am completely gobsmacked……
    Can the Donald be right, universities in Brighton are trialing anti malaria drugs as a prevention against the Chinese infection. The Donald is doing his own trial, been taking Chloroquine for almost 2 weeks and he hasn’t caught Covid 19 or Malaria!

    • For the past 3 months I’ve been trialling Batchelors Cream of Mushroom Cup-a-Soup and am pleased to confirm that it does in fact make you immune to coronavirus.

      Top tip: Remove croutons before injecting.

      • You loon, RTC. Bugger that was funny. Nearly spilled my coffee.
        Good morning.

      • I’ve been taking chloroquine, mushroom cup-a-soup and smoking a pack of tabs per day. Thats three cures and thus I have not expired from wuflu three times true!

  2. I’m offended by the way the Chinks are refusing to co-operate with the proposed investigation into the outbreak of the coronavirus, which buys them time to organize the biggest damage limitation exercise in human history.
    Make ’em pay.

    • You called it, Alan.

      If they genuinely have nothing to hide, why all the push back? It’s a classic response to being caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Go on the offensive. Showing contrition will only invite a truck load more aggravation and other countries piling in to claim their pound of flesh.

      This will go badly for the Chinese. They know it. We all know it. Showing ‘strength’ and defiance is all they have. I think the world will eventually fall into 2 camps. Those who oppose China and those who align with China.

      • DO ‘EM! Apologies – I have had too much coffee and I am in capricious mood! 😁
        China MUST pay, and things must be put in place to stop the “march of the far yellow” and their evil plans for World domination.
        And love or hate Donny Tango he is the only World leader standing up to the locusts – go Donald! 👍👍👍👍
        Offended? Try half an hour of debate with me!
        On other news, the gal in the nom photo looks like she has seen my penis! 😄

      • They haven’t even closed the vile wet markets. Do they really believe there is no price to pay for all of this? I am thinking of sending an invoice to The Chinese Ambassador for what this has cost me.

  3. The offended cunts are never incapable of expressing themselves by
    typing into a keyboard.
    It’s just a 21st century hobby for wet blankets and The Dykes.
    Personally I have to wonder if putting them in a pit and building a shopping centre over them might not be better.
    Laughable human tripe.
    Fuck off.

    • Tell you what you cunt I’m offended by overuse of the term ‘offensive’ or the verb ‘to be offended’! This one is a great nom as I see it definite piss boiler. They are ignorant of the importance of freedom of speech even if your David ‘box of frogs’ Icke, they are invariably monumental hypocrites (as well as cunts) and I for one want no part in their bland, vegan, virtuous, love thy planet secretly hate thy neighbour tbh I’d like to show the good looking females some dark necessities by shoving my cock in to mute and relax a bit

  4. Well said CC. I’m perpetually offended by cunts who are perpetually offended, esp. those whiners constantly demanding apologies for every perceived slight. The only apology they’d ever get from me is ‘go fuck yerself’.

  5. It seems these poor little wet blankets require the whole country to run to their agenda. Grow up cunts. If something pisses me off I avoid it.
    I don’t give to foreign charity. It offends me.
    I don’t support ghay marching. It offends me.
    For fuck sake just ignore the shit you don’t agree with and get on with your cunting lives. A minority ruling the masses through fucking twatter.

    • I do not give to charity full stop – I pay (involuntarily) to “charity” through my taxes, and will not fund bullets for foreign dictators and fundamentalists while our own go to the wall.

      • Neither do we. Having seen first hand the annual charity dinners, attended by the great and the good. Makes your piss boil.
        Lords and Ladies (The head Patrons) all dressed in their tops and tails devouring the best of the best all for free.
        Whilst some old wet bag works in the back of a shop sorting through shit stained “donations” for no fucking thanks.
        Half of these cunting Patrons also take a wage out of the charity. Grade A cunts.

      • Ill accept charity, but dont give it.
        None more worthy cause than myself, and I have to fetch water from 10mile away.
        Admittedly in a van.
        And more ale than water.

      • And having to line up to buy that special “water” in these times is worthy of a charity itself.
        How many of us poor creatures can stand for hours in this blazing sun just to get our fix?
        I’m going to register “AleAid” with the charity commision right fucking now.

      • Four years on and nothing’s changed, if anything it’s got worse. What the fuck is it going to be like four years from now?

      • “What the fuck is it going to be like four years from now?”

        The ‘New normal’ ?Now get back under your beds.

        People can feel free to be offended as much as they like, the more the merrier .

    • Excellent! And nice of the BBC to allow a token whitey male through their hallowed doors.
      Bet it won’t happen twice though.

  6. A lot of us remember the early 70’s when the worst old Alf Garnett, the central character in the sitcom ‘Til death us do part’ had to contend with was that frumpy old bag Mary Whiter than Whitehouse. I think Alf used too many ‘bloodys’ in an episode once and caused a shitstorm. Unbelievable now when you think if it. The creator Johnny Speight got rich off the back of that comedy which today would have him in dock before the script left his typewriter.

    Just on the subject of comedy alone, I can’t think of many sitcoms, sketch based shows or stand up comics that I used to watch and roar with laughter at 30-40 years ago that wouldn’t unleash a hoard of offended snowflakes and rights campaigners waving banners and gnashing their teeth. Result; sterile observation humour from university graduates that don’t look funny that simply keep reminding their audiences of the everyday things that annoy them.

    Thin skinned cunts have turned our world into a chastened humourless field day for lawyers and solicitors to get rich off the errors perpetuated by those that still think we have free speech. Cunts.

  7. Isn’t this cunting a bit like the pot calling the kettle black*? I mean, are we on ISAC not a prime example of the perpetually offended?

    * Didn’t mean to be racist, apologies if I offended anyone.

    • Yes but we enjoy a God like status here RTC. All the other cunts can fall in line. ISAC immunity.🙂

    • You have a point there RTC. However the difference is that we don’t cause twatter storms, demand apologies or ruin careers. Much as we may like to for certain epic cunts.
      I find your point of view offensive though.

    • Boo hoo, despicable rotter! 😁 – I’m all offended now! A valid point RTC, but contributors on ISAC tend to be offended by offensive things, not just for the sake of it.
      And we do not demand people with a differing viewpoint be silenced , demonised and intimidated.
      And if I offend (which I try not to do) it is with legitimate good reason and I always invite debate from the perpetually offended – which they will not engage in because their paper thin reasoning is exposed for what it is – hateful nonsense, and they do not like being presented with those annoying little things – facts and evidence.
      Much easier to continually scream “racist, f*scist” etc.

      • “That is the most offensive comment I have read on ISAC for a very long time.”

        (Mary Whitehouse, Mrs. Deceased)

        Afternoon Vern. 😂👍

      • Afternoon RTC – just arranging our collective safe space!
        Rotter I am! 😀

    • I wouldnt used ‘offended.’
      Perhaps the perpetually disgusted, or the perpetually provoked.
      Those who cannot suffer fools and their bullshit, and the bullshit of modern society.

  8. it seems to me that the ‘offended’ of this world can easily be put into the following categories:

    eu lovers
    anti-human beings
    the labour party except Kate Hoey
    selfie lovers
    lonely, self hating and men hating wimmin’

    they can all fuck off, cunts

  9. I awoke this morning at 5am, opened a window and climbed in to get dressed when I noticed a little dew on the grass at which point I yelled “oh! Fuck off back to Israel!”…my neighbour was offended. CUNT!

  10. I think the most offended i’ve been in recent years is when I voted to leave the cunting EU. Every day for three and half years I was told I was an idiot, I didn’t know what I was voting for, I didn’t understand the issues, i’d been brainwashed by the Russians etc etc. But, the people who know best said I could have another go at it but I better get it fucking right this time.
    Where’s my fucking compo for all that abuse then? When are all these rich cunts going to be punished for their hate crimes against me? I won’t hold my breath.

  11. Wimminz? Back to the kitchen! Off now – I’ve gone too far! 😄🏃‍♂️

  12. It’s pure objectivity , with scant disregard or ignorance of the subjective view – where you can stand outside yourself and ask “Whom does this affect?”.

    What a glaring omission in education , and also a frightening contradiction. We are asked perpetually to embrace the non-binary , in the terms of personal identity.
    Yet when it comes to thinking , the teachers and professors have taken an easy road and only selected the binary choice of objectivity.
    In life , we strike our own balance between objectivity and subjectivity , in order to develop some empathy between other examples of our species. This is necessary in order to survive , and to gain instincts that guide us through our time here.
    Without subjectivity , one can only react – and this is the problem with the current ‘victimhood’ of offence and claimed oppression.

    One could say that the government of the day purposely dumbed-down education 15 years back , or much more – to preserve a dynamic of workers who make boring parts in a factory , in order to make money , so they could buy stuff made by others in similar factories.
    Quite simply though , before that , education was succeeding , and kids were becoming brighter. There was hope for the world. Good exam results were rising , as apprenticeships were declining – the new internet aiding the ambitious young , and teen entrepreneurs to reach a business maturity beyond their years

    So the ‘objective’ government reacted by stemming this flow , and in so doing – removed any chance of the future generation being able to integrate with not only their elders , but also each other.

    I will go a stage further and say that young children are now being robbed of their innocence , by an education program which I personally find disturbing.
    This is a ‘perverse’ situation , in a normal society – a situation that is really frightening in it’s obvious deprivation of the time needed for young minds to develop and grow personal experience and esteem – before they are bombarded with adult themes and agenda.

    To say I am offended by this , would not be at all accurate.
    Instead , I feel that the politicians , teachers , governing-bodies , think-tanks , sub-committees , etc – be given an abject lesson in true balance , and be forced to study the good examples of many sane minds still operating under that subjectivity/objectivity umbrella.
    They can perform that study by the light from the barred-window in their prison cells – as they endure maximum sentencing for crimes against humanity.

    • And give those feckless felons Izal toilet paper – horrific cruel and unusual punishment!
      On other news, my watch servicing equipment has arrived – time to get some work done! 👍

      • Watch servicing. You must have the patience of a saint. I finally regulated a 1950’s Tudor after two weeks of adjustment, never again. I was a fucking wreck afterwards.

  13. I have found a brilliant solution (or life hack, for the hard of thinking) to being perpetually offended.

    Its called ‘scroll the fuck past it’.

    If you don’t like it, just scroll the fuck past it and get on with life.

    Believe me, it works.

  14. We need an education system that teaches children how to THINK – Not what to think.

  15. I had someone apologise to me a while a go (fucking long time ago, been stuck here for how long).
    Any way they popped over and said sorry I said x to you (Probably something like you wont have a leg to stand on soon) and you know what, I did not give a fuck, not offended in the slightest, which is strange because when he was bragging about the amount of sex he had at home and I pointed out that it was only because he had two daughters, well he was really offended.

  16. I’m offended by Nicolai Krankie and the Scot gov lies
    I’m offended by the SNP ESP THST BLACKFORD CUNT
    I’m offended that English , Welsh and ulster folk think that as Scots we support these Cunts – I certainly Dont
    But MOST of all I’m offended by the highjacking of my Flag as an SNP propaganda TOOL !
    BUT their time is drawing to a close my friends
    Fuck thum

  17. There’s a website for these people isn’t there?
    Tw. Twi.. twat-something?

  18. Loved it when Trump got elected – loads of offended wimmin, film stars, CNN, Democrats etc. Laughed the other day when Nancy Pelosi called Trump morbidly obese and he called her ‘mental… lots of mental issues.. very sick’.

    That’s the key word ‘mental’. Those permanently offended are mentals or not quite the full penny,

  19. Seriously, much of this outrage is false.
    It’s all power games the far left use to make people jump through linguistic hoops in order to control how people think.
    Sadly this has happebed in most of our public institutions and if you dont play the game the most vindictive of these narcissistic leftists – the trans lobby- will send the police after you.

    It’s an old tactic, but seems to be working on our brain-dead society better than the multi culti marxists couldve hoped.

  20. These cunts need to smoke a strong spliff, crack open a beer and sit down to bit of Only Fools and Horses, the very early ones of course, that will learn them.

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