The Green Eco Covid Agenda

A nom please for the green/eco agenda and COVID-19.

Not a day goes by these day, where I don’t see at least three articles in the media (I know, I’m a cunt for looking) showing me before-and-after pictures of the Thames Estuary or some other shithole that normally looks like Willy Wonka’s river of liquid chocolate, with the occasional shit-soiled nappy or jizz-filled condom floating past.

Obviously the “before” always looks the underside of Fred West’s patio if it had been located in downtown Beirut; whereas the “afters” always show glowing, azure blue tropical waters and golden sands akin to St Maarten.

Now call me cynical, but I think these photos have more to do with the efficiency of Photoshop than the drop in emissions and pollution – and that the eco loons are jumping on the bandwagon of the Chink flu to suggest we should go back to the pre-industrial era. The only trade-off we need to make is the total end of our pre-virus way of life, the collapse of every global economy, no travel or holidays for anyone except the super-rich, and the open-ended curtailment of our hard-won liberties? Sorry, but my V8 is coming out of the garage the minute this shit’s over with.

Nomimated by Cuntan the Cuntarian

51 thoughts on “The Green Eco Covid Agenda

  1. What we need is powers stations with Auschwitz type ovens connected to boilers and turbines. An eco loon powered world. A new begining.

    • Hopefully the supply of such fuel is NOT sustainable. Eg once it’s used up we never have to hear so much fuckwittery ever again.

  2. Yeah, great cunting. I love the one that’s doing the rounds showing the now crystal clear waters of Venice. It has fuck all to do with lack of pollution and everything to do with lack of fucking propellers and Gondolier oars stirring the bottom up fucking daft cunts!

    As a total aside, just watching GMB which alone makes me a cunt but I would so hate fuck Susanna Reid’s shit pipe.

    • I reckon you’re too late in that Piers Morgan has already inserted his greasy, fat little chode up there.

      • I can’t stand watching GMB any more but Susanna Reid just seemed to go from a pouting prop to a loudmouth pouting prop to be more like that 3 chinned prick Morgan ‘holding the government to account’.
        Fuck knows how many kids/ old people they’ve frightened witless with their scare mongering.

      • 80% of the population
        no wonder they think they can shout “stay away you will kill me” – almost government orders
        police reckon they’ve had 214000 calls from people telling on neighbours apparently having fun erm i mean ‘breaking the lockdown’
        majority of british people are cunts

  3. I’m starting to agree with the Hippies. I went to Hawick the other day and just thought how lovely it was on the roads…no screaming dawdling old Farts,no tin-tents,no pushbikers….just the odd timber-wagon and myself….the way it should be.
    My compromise suggestion (I am a reasonable man) would be that Townies (basically anyone who doesn’t own at least 250 acres) should be banned from owning motor vehicles (and fucking pushbikes). Some trade vehicles would still be allowed…I need my Amazon and diesel deliveries. Wagons would still be allowed to operate as long as they were delivering/collecting useful stuff…picking up timber/livestock etc, OK…. dropping off Rambling/camping supplies etc, strictly forbidden.

    I couldn’t give a fuck about planes but wouldn’t be sorry to see those plane loads of chavvy Cunts who go to Benidorm and the like permanently grounded….and would actively cheer if Dame Emma Thompson’s plane crashed right on top of Prince Harry’s mansion while her and celebrity friends were flying out to lecture the “little people” on how to save the Earth.

    Fuck Off.

    • PS….Pubs must be allowed to reopen….it quite spoiled my day when I couldn’t stop and get a couple of beers on the way home…of course,they should keep the ban where Cunts with children,Cunts wearing hiking/cycling/motorbiking gear etc,or Cunts wanting to order “scrummy” food are concerned.

      • ….or the most dreaded words that you can hear in a Pub….” My children Ollie and Jacinta are,of course, like us…..strict Vegans.I hope that you provide an alternative menu.”

        Morning Daz.
        Morning All.

      • Morning. That’s right and Jacinta has allergic reaction to peanuts if you could remove them all from the bar and Ollie has allergic reactions to hops….if you could turn off the real ales…

      • “Excuse me, waiter. Is there a vegetarian alternative?”

        “Indeed there is, Sir. Its called malnutrition”

      • ‘Life in the fast lane’
        Now we’re in the slow lane.
        We lived ‘at a hundred miles an hour’
        Now we amble along.

        We have entered a brave new world and it’s the old world.
        The ‘new normal’ is a return to the traditional old normal.

        I welcome it.

      • How Greta must be crowing at all this.

        She couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams all planes grounded, factory production decimated, governments racing to create ‘green cities’ as soon as possible.

        How she must be crowing at all this.

        The Triumph of The Mong.

      • Don’t forget the lowering of living standards for the masses.
        Not the important people of course, they need rewarding for their superiority… 😆

      • Greta and her followers don’t just want to lower the living standards of the masses BB, they want to return us to the Middle Ages, where life was nasty, brutal and short and us peasants knew their place.

        Miles will be alright Jack because as a Catholic priest he’ll be able to get his rocks off burning people at the stake for not believing the sun revolves around the earth or that wine turns to blood when he prays over it.

        He may however miss the Health Service and the benefits of modern dentistry when he gets a little older and wiser.

      • Indeed. Wonder if Greta and her acolytes would sing the same tune if they sustained a compound fracture of some kind.
        Laying there in agony, screaming for an ambulance or medical chopper.
        “Sorry there aren’t any”

        Year Zero enthusiasts are utter UTTER cunts of the first order…

      • We all stopped driving, flying and working and the fucking temperature has soared. Hotter now, for a longer period than ever I can remember….I want some fucking rain!!!!!

      • I think you mention teeth RT subliminally because you’re grinding yours at her triumph.

  4. Someone called bullshit on one of these before and after photos of somwhere like Eastbourne.

    Before photo showing the sea the colour of a chocolate milkshake and after, the clear azure blue.

    As was pointed out, this has nothing to do with lockdown. The before photo was taken on a dull, choppy day and the after was taken on a still, sunny day.

  5. I like this idea of utopia. Does this still involve my getting up for work each day to pay taxes for the feckless and immos? Thought so.

    When one of these eco cunts admits that nuclear power is a required part of this brave new world, I’ll take notice.

    Battery powered cars are not the answer because you have to dig up Argentina to get the lithium. But Argentina isn’t in Islington so doesn’t matter to eco cunts.

  6. Our economy is on its knees, Greta and the rest of the loons want to keep it that way. If they want to return to cave dwelling, crack on and leave the rest of us alone. A couple of weeks into winter and they would all be begging for the central heating they had in their past lives.

    • The caves are for us plebs. They will still have all of the modern comforts, with a suitably applied coat of green paint and a light smear af loathsome hypocrisy…

  7. It’s a shame we can’t link this cleaner air to killing a disproportionate number of BAME’s

  8. Fuck them, if they think I’m walking into their dystopian green world order without a fight they are far wrong.

    I’m not a communist

    • Pol Pot send his people back to medievel times.
      They toiled in the fields while he got chauffered about in a Mercedes Grosser.
      These cunts never change…

  9. Our beaches in the Noth East didn’t look too Eco friendly yesterday when all the fucking chav scum had pissed off
    Shitty nappies, plastic crap everywhere.
    Emailed MP asking why if people can congregate on beaches, why can’t we all congregate back at work?
    These selfish cunts are treating this as a paid holiday, yet the tears will be streaming when they’ve no job to return to.
    Quick question with all amenities closed. Where are these day trippers taking a piss or a shite? Can’t all have hip bags fitted.

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking. The councils are telling us that the bogs are closed in the interests of safety. So it appears to be much safer to have people shitting and pissing pretty much anywhere they can get a chance rather than perhaps nearly touching somebody in/near a bog.

      • Thing which hit me straight away. Beaches covered in pop and Stella bottles. Couple of pints and I’m pissing like a racehorse, roughly every 30mins after the 4 pint mark. Where were these taking a covid filled slash? Dirty cunts.

  10. Excellent Nom, Cuntan, only get that V8 out of the garage now – Petrol’s not been this cheap for years – Oil companies running out of storage space (despite the dwindling supply of the eroneously-titled “fossil fuel”).

    The planet’s not fucked – it’s the taxpayer

    • Coogan’s a bit fucking late isn’t he…we will all be back at work in a fortnight…

    • Typical fucking libtard sleb ………cries about poor people (as long as they’re foreign) but in reality only interested in filling their own greedy pockets. Lectures trash like us about climate change while driving around in gas guzzlers and flying to their various homes all over the world. I’m glad Coogan has got that big mansion ……..plenty of room for all the “refugees” he’s always weeping over. Perhaps while they’re there they could do a bit of gardening and housekeeping for the two faced, hypocritical remoaner shit cunt.

      • Don’t encourage him Freddie, he’ll have them furloughed too before you can say….

      • Coogan is a Ferrari owner.
        But I need to give up my old Volvo and Honda bike.
        Come on Steve you wanker. Come and take them off me if you can… 💀

      • What a fucking goshite Coogan has shown himself to be.
        Yet more great cunting; they just roll on to help keep us sane.

      • Don’t forget that he was porking Courtney Love at one point.

        She called him an immature man child.

        And that coming from a skaghead skank with a spotty arse.

        (I know, I’ve seen it)

  11. I get the feeling the powers that be can’t believe how easy it has been to make us all compliant.
    So we’re to just shut up and wait for our instructions on virtually every facet of life.

  12. Little Greta and her hippy-crite chums will have to pry my motorbike from my Charlton Heston-approved cold dead hands.
    Fuck her and her shit flavoured celebrity sympathisers, and all of Extinction Rebellion too.
    Worthless let-them-eat-cake, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do cunts.
    Time to get the toys out for these fuckers…😠

  13. Excellent nomination, Cuntan.

    Dear Dog, please open the pubs sometime soon. My lips have been waiting to get on the rim of a cool glass of liquid refreshment.

  14. I want the lockdown to continue.

    For the sole reason of weather observation. If it does continue I predict we’ll have one of the best summers in terms of sun/cloud cover we’ve had since whenever the dorks at the met office started taking note.

    If so, that is a solid reason enough for me to support Greta Cheese and her bunch of hippy douches. Fuck it. If the summer weather here were glorious every year then who the fuck needs to jet off to some foreign shitpile? It would make life in this country almoat worth tolerating again!

    • We could shut down the economy every summer and restart it in the winter. Part time environmentalism 😂

      • We work too much anyway. From April to September, if elected, I pledge to reduce the working week to 20 hours and provide one free beer token to all happy chaps.

  15. Quality bit of photoshopping from extortion rebellion and their now multi Millionaire leader and part time cabbage patch doll Grabber Sc*mberg.
    And apologies for furloughing myself but I just need that new Bentley soooo much!
    Deliveries from Bushmills, Fray Bentos, Fortnum and Mason and Moss Bros to be immediately reinstated – anything less is bad form and Sir Fiddler must not suffer from this crisis!
    Good nom – calling out lies and fake news is one of my hobbies.
    On other news, I had occasion to shout at a shifty vaping hipster riding the wrong way on the path outside Sainsburys and very nearly ploughing into the crowd of queuing sheeple – the young ruffian looked shocked but did not want to play tough guy! (I think the sheer volume blew him backwards). And a spontaneous round of applause from the crowd – clap for the Fox calling out cycling pricks! 😁👍

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