Cat Williams

Cat Williams

A cunting please for Cat Williams. Why, do you ask? Well, she is an NHS worker. This means that she has been elevated amongst all the other workers of that institution to a Pantheon of Gods, greater even than Zeus and his Mount Olympus fellows, by the British public amidst a cacophony of clapping and pot banging to the tune of an old giffer moaning over ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

This has all gone to her head somewhat, after some cunts have driven into her car and not left a note (may their skulls be broken in a nasty accident) She has been left with moderate damage to her car, shit for her and normally I’d feel sorry for her and that would be that and instead I’d be cunting that self obsessed “comedian” Joel Dommett and his boring lockdown documentation (please can someone cunt him for me). However, she then goes to Piers Morgan, ITV News, BBC News and the Twatteratti to sort this out:

Now, let me have a guess why she did this… Ooh, the news will doubtless talk about this, or perhaps that loudmouth Morgan, and car companies will be begging to give me a better and better car until I get a Ferrari, or there will be some fucking Just Giving appeal to get her a new car. The marketing departments will be queuing up to lavish her with one. Already people are offering this ‘Hero’ their own cars (liberally using the word hero these days also needs a cunting). Well, here is my suggestion: keep using you battered car and call your fucking insurance company, that is what it is there for.
Trust me, you will have the time as all the shops are letting NHS workers queue jump in their attempt to outdo one another with their shitty, hand wringing marketing ploys. (I overheard the security bloke at my local Tesco say they don’t need to be on duty, just if they have ID). Maybe if she spent less time sharing Guardian articles on her Twatter about how the virus is waycist she could also call her insurance company. Fuck me, if the economic stagnation doesn’t kill companies their gifting to NHS workers will. It is shit, but that is the job you signed up for, the same way soldiers in the army didn’t have to worry too much until that Uber cunt Blair decided to wage war in the Middle East, but I don’t see the same amount of fawning being given to them, and that has been 19 years of shit.

Nominated by Fortress Cuntimus

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  1. She does look reasonably bummable.
    But only if she dresses up like a Carry On Doctor nurse.
    She can get the fucking bus to work as well.

    • She looks a bit fucking crazy to me. I think you’d have to make sure that you had a snooker ball filled sock close to hand, before taking a trip up Cadbury Alley. She may very well need subduing.
      Care in the community.

      • The crazy ones are better in bed in my experience………. Pity I lost the job at that mental asylum :/

      • Agreed JTC
        Bunny boiler
        Got a crazy tyre slashing you never called after fucking me in the car park of the berni inn look about her …..
        The cunt that rammed her car was probably an ex who got fed up with her persistent late night calls demanding “ play misty for me” ….
        fucking mentalist…….

      • Ask Grant Schnapps for a BMX – I hear the Gov’t is now ‘giving’ bicycles away to get plebs off public transport….. and make St Greta’s wish come true.

        Ok sorry someone prang’d your car & didn’t leave a note, but they probably had no Insurance, MoT, road tax or license – or all of these! … shit happens, but you don’t go bleating on about it ‘poor me, boo hoo’

        Sign of the times I suppose – wet blanket pathetic cunt !

  2. Give it 12 months and let’s see who’s still clapping. Maybe in some situations you’re just like everyone else. Who ever damaged your car Didn’t know you are a nurse and won’t care anymore if they now know.

    There are many cunts in the world and cunts generally don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

  3. I recently read a similar story about a carer who had been given a parking ticket for leaving her car overnight parked on double yellow lines….she was naturally outraged on Twitter at the sheer cheek of it….presumably she had forgotten to put her “I’m a carer,I can do whatever I like” note in the window to warn the ignorant meter-maid that she was exempt from such trivialities…FFS…SHE”S A CARER !!
    Of course the local Council cancelled the grossly unfair penalty….I wonder if she,as a CARER FOR GODS SAKE….would have been so blase about someone else’s car blocking the street if an ambulance/fire engine/police couldn’t get through in an emergency ( Obviously it would only be an emergency if the victim was a CARER)

  4. I have to confess it was me who bashed her car, I was talking to her on Twatter and I explained that as a half black cunt I was in more danger from the Coronavirus than she was.
    All I asked for was the opportunity to tongue her bumhole and shoot my load over her tits…I explained that it would ease my anxiety etc.
    She told me to fuck off so I trashed her car…the ungrateful cunt.

      • At the time of the alleged incident I recall you were at the gardeners World roadshow with me B&WC! 😀👍
        And I once went through a car windscreen and got treated at hospital, which almost makes me an NHS employee I’m sure – where’s me free f*ckin Range Rover?
        (The good lady does not often allow me in hers as she alleges I get over excited and jump around more than the dog – it’s not excitement, it’s f*cking terror at the way she drives!)

      • Of course my memory is restored VF, It was a great show, picked up some bargains for me mate Dave’s ‘Indoor Farm’.
        I try not to get in cars with female drivers, should have their own allocated hours to drive.

      • Evening Miles, I was hoping to buy a Tractor off of Dick Fiddler to smash my way through the riff raff getting in my way.
        I wont be riding abaaaaht on one of them…I prefer four wheels.
        I have to keep up appearances.

      • Those crappy electric scooters have been around for years.
        Most are cheaply made in Kung Flu land, with motors that burn out and substandard batteries.
        Disposable crap to “save the planet”
        (my arse)

  5. Never heard of her and when i google the name it came up with an Afro American stand up comedian, actor and rapper….who looks like Snoop Dawg another Afro-American actor, rapper and drug enthusiast…..could there be two people with the same name?

    • Shes called cat because she lounges about all day and has fishy breathe.
      Fuckin hitchhike to work.

      • MNC – have you ever driven by a doctors or a hospital? Have you applied for your free van?
        Think that’s how it works!
        On other news I have bought a new mountain bike after obliterating the front of the other one into a tree.

      • Foxy@
        I nodded off!
        Had my roast beef dinner sat watching Simpsons and innocently cunting on ISAC, fell asleep like a bleedin pensioner!!😭

  6. A tad off post possibly, I have just finished Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown’s autobiography. For the couple of you who have not heard of this bloke, he holds the record for deck landings on an aircraft carrier- 2500, flew more than 500 different types of aircraft including 52 captured German ones (no instructions supplied) and was a decent bloke. In 1970 he was (after 30 years service) he was told that he was to serve his final years in the Royal Navy as Air Attaché in Washington with a promotion to rear admiral. His appointment was vetoed by the Labour minister . He was retired as a captain. He mentions this in about half a page without any rancour.
    This man deserved much better but chose to focus on the positive in his life. If only a few more people read his book and took on board his outlook.

    • I know of him Guzzi.
      The book is called Wings on my Sleeve, if I’m not mistaken.
      I bought it for my father after watching Eric on some documentaries.
      I look forward to reading this hero’s memoirs myself.

    • I think the US navy designated a pilot to beat his tally of deck landings, and not only did he fail, it gave him a nervous breakdown. Don’t fuck with the Winkle.

  7. As my mrs works with retards (no I don’t mean myself) she has been given all manner of regalia by her company, including a car sticker with “proud to be a key worker” on it, which of course is now right on full view on the rear window. I cringe on my daily trips out in the car for “exercise” or “shopping” or whatever shit I can be bothered to make up on the day, knowing full well everyone’s first thought on reading that is “YOU CUNT”

      • Funnily enough I regularly see a car in our local Asda car park with a sticker that says “autistic child on board” – what do they want, a fucking medal? Well done, the little cunt never heard the word “no” or got a slap from you until they were 12 and now we’re supposed to applaud??

      • If I had an autistic kid I wouldn’t advertise the fact considering every one of his birthdays would be spent down the casino – it might give the game away somewhat.

    • You only get the car if she swears that you are the best shag she’s ever had.

    • Who hasn´t? In my younger days I used to sub-let rooms in a flat I rented and always chose nurses and physiotherapists. Those were the days my friend I wished they would never end.

    • I almost fucked a nurse once, so I think that means I should get a car on the never-ever and never, ever pay for the fucker.

  8. She looks like she could be a bit of a handful after half a bottle of Prosecco on a night off down the boozer, yelling at the punters and, when the bouncer calmly asks her to leave, screeching at him, “I’m a fackin’ Nurse you piece of shit!”

    • She does look like your archetypal Karen to be sure……. “I DEMAND TO SEE THE LANDLORD!!!”.

    • Haha good one Komodo, although I’ve needed a key cut for my Balcony door two weeks ago and the local Timpsons are closed.
      Took it it to The Range and they have some key scanning machine which did’nt like my key…it is broke in half though.

  9. There were a pair of dooshkas queue jumping at a store near me the other day. Let me through – I’m an NHS key worker. Probably a fucking cleaner or something.

    PS – what the fuck has happened to the sun?

    • This is why I think the whole idea is bollocks. Some senior management cunt on £500k a year, who has nothing to do with patients, treatment, medication or procurement but has an NHS lanyard gets to enter Waitrose ahead of a queue.

      • I have a squirrel service/cyril/sybil service lanyard, and NO WAY would I wear it outside the office – which, as I’ve only recently started, has been “virtual”…
        Getting some spark’s mate work can’t come soon enough. CivServ will Fri e me insane. More than I am already…

    • Some fat fucking Eastern European bint queue-jumped in front of me and some lass outside Tesco the other day so she could enter with her 2 ropey-looking dooshka-dooshka mates and pretty much shouler-bumped the lass she overtook.

      She didn’t overtake because she was a key worker though, it’s because she was a rude, ignorant, iron curtain cunt.

  10. My microwave went tits up up the other day, rang the company who I bought it from (Appliances Direct) and because it’s 3 months old, I have to go through Samsung to get it repaired.

    Fair enough I thought, rang the number I’d been given for Samsung Aftermarket repairs who after taking details said that I would be getting a call from a local engineer.

    Sure enough at 1:00PM today somebody rang me to give me a time and day on when they can come and do the job…

    I couldn’t fucking believe it when the cunt I was speaking to said the next available date was the 3rd June… and the reason I have to wait almost a month is because NHS workers come first for repairs.

    I had to summon all my reserves of patience to not scream the word ‘CUNT’ down the phone.

    Fuck Samsung (who make shitty Microwaves) and fuck me for boiling an egg in a steamer in the Microwave and forgetting to pierce the egg…

    • Just lie…I do it all the time if I want something off those kind of people. I have in the past claimed to be 87 years old/disabled/retired Policeman//illiterate/journalist/extremely litigious/ Home Office official/recently bereaved etc.
      Just pick whichever and how ever many you need to fit the occasion…they’re hardly likely to check up.

      • Not everyone is a psychopath Dick. Some people find it hard to lie convincing. 😀

      • Fuck them then,they deserve all that they (don’t) get.

        🙂 .

      • Brilliant… that made me laugh RTC

        Dick, I have lied in the past, but didn’t get a chance this time as the question ‘Are you an NHS Keyworker ?’ was aksed before telling me that the repair would take weeks. Couldn’t very well backtrack and say I was one…

    • Our washing machine drain pump failed last weekend. I didn’t even bother ringing for a repair but looked online for a part, £13 including delivery, which I am now waiting for. I’ve never repaired this part before but there’s YouTube, incredibly helpful for stuff like this. I figure if I break it I’m not exactly worse off. I also don’t have £75 just to get some cunt to come round, tell me what I already know and have me wait a fortnight for the same part which will no doubt cost me £50, plus another £50 to fucking fit.

      • Not much to a washing machine Moggie – as long as the control unit hasn’t gone you are generally on a winner (repairing washing washing machines is another one of my helpful money making schemes). 👍😀

      • I couldn’t get the whole drain pump fitting, which was nearly £40 + delivery and out of stock, then it occurred to me I only need to replace the impeller and found it on a different site. I’m generally pretty good with this sort of stuff and have repaired tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners, replaced the drum/door seal on this same washer so it doesn’t scare me, although it’s 12 years old so I could conceivably fuck it but good. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

      • Yep,I find youtube videos helpful for things like that. Had some successes but one or two notable failures too.

    • Our microwave is still going strong after 35 years. It was made by Sharp. Not that it makes any difference to ya.

      • Ive fixed our hoover (dyson) using youtube.
        But the washing machine is a Meile and hasnt failed us once.
        But think the missus took out some sort of maintenance thing in case it ever did.

      • People who take out extended warranties are mugs. 😊

        And racists for buying white goods in the first place.

      • I’ve got a one year old Sharp, now I have hope for it living longer than me.

    • Small Claims court Appliances Direct..the purchase contract is between you and them….nowt to do with Samsung.
      Many cheeky cunts try this bollocks but it’s not on.
      Whoever sold it has to refund.

      • That’s true, but some counting shops are so intransigent, they just refuse. I had a massive row in a posh shoe shop where my wife had bought a pair of shoes that fell apart after one use. The cheeky cunt of a shop assistant even said it was my wife’s fault as she “wore them”. They weren’t having it. I got the money back from the credit card company.

      • Lord C, id make a scene in shop, top volume, draw other customers into it, if it looks like other customers are being put off theyll refund just to get rid of you.
        Shout at the top of your voice “SHE WORKS FOR THE NHS!!”
        Youll get a pair free.

      • Take solace in the fact that the credit card company will go after the retailer for it. They’ll still have to refund it, to the card company, but in the meantime they have lost your goodwill and custom.

  11. It says ‘NHS worker’, so, what is she? I Googled her, too and got fuck-all. I only go to the front of the queue, if allowed, when working and in uniform and that’s only because it’s a fucking drag to get to the front of the queue and have the radio fire up with a CAT 1. Some are fucking loving it, though. Mostly the ‘back room’ staff. A lot of us frontline find it embarassing.

    • You ought to drive up to the entrance with lights and sirens, run in with a stretcher and fuck off with all the pasta and toilet rolls. Doubt you’d need your ID.

    • Found her on a twatter feed: she’s an anaesthetist. Seems the Met declined to acknowledge the incident and that stuffed her insurance claim. Personally, in her shoes I’d be pretty pissed off too.

      • Yeah but if someone prangs your car without leaving a note, you don’t rant about it on twitter for sympathy and tell Piers Morgan about it………… you go on ISAC and cunt the cunt.

      • The police can’t do anything about it if they don’t know who did it. Claim and if you’ve only got 3rd party or other shit insurance then tough titty. She gets a good wage, spend some of it on adequate cover.
        Mentalist parasitic cunt.

  12. As a nurse of 21 years I find all this hero shit a bit embarrassing. I queue with everyone else, I do the job I’ve been trained for, keep my head down and don’t expect special treatment. Its my job. Had a prang in the car last month and my insurance sorted it. I suspect some nurses will milk this until they end up on I’m A Celebrity, or something. Most of my colleagues have been standing around twiddling their thumbs in the hospital because there are no fucking patients. Unless Cat Williams works in ITU, she can fuck off.

  13. I must admit all this adulation for the NHS is beginning to wear a bit fucking thin now, especially when you get cunts like this cunt exploiting the situation by giving it the old “Don’t you know what I am?” trope, and expect priority treatment over the most tenuous of connections to their job!

    It also pisses me off how the supermarkets are giving “key workers” priority home deliveries over everyone else; or how you get some takeaways or chippies giving away 100 takeaways to “key fucking workers!” for just doing their job!

    Of course the “lesser” key workers – utilities workers, broadband workers, binmen, food distribution plebs, supermarket and corner shop staff etc – barely get a look in because they have to make way for the NHS!!

    NHS attitudes might change if there was no broadband, no water, no electric, no gas on tap. But no doubt they’ll whinge about that on Twatter “I have no broadband! I demand priority treatment because my key worker status outranks those so-called key workers that supply the broadband!”

    Cat can go fuck herself, the self-entitled cunt-stick

    • The Government forgave all of the NHS “debt” ……….. which will now be repaid by the remaining tax-paying workers of the UK.

      It might be difficult to fund the fucking NHS though is there are is no private sector economy left to fund the fucking thing through taxes mind you.

      Fuck the NHS and fuck the Government. Public Sector-troughers the lot of them. Cunts.

  14. The lady in the picture, has the expression of, “I’m not going to hurt you, just cut you quite a bit”.

    Also, the look of, “Don’t leave me or I’ll kill myself!”

    • Too right Spoons…. definitely a bit of the “Fatal Attraction” in those eyes

    • Cruelly but accurately observed, I have no doubt, Spoons. BTW I think she’s photoshopped her eyes to look bigger – like the multiple pics of cute kittens she inflicts on social media. Hence, to answer an earlier question, “Cat”?

      • Moggie63 is a cat. I hope this Cat doesn’t find him.
        “Moggie, make kittens with me or I’ll cut myself!”

      • Max Headroom R.T.C. Excellent. He could sort this mess out in a jiffy. As no doubt would Richard Hearne. In these times a straw needs be clutched.

  15. That Nationwide adverts getting on my tits.
    Some fat southern bird with a big fuck off bow on her head,
    “Hows mum? We’re really missing her, hows your family? Hows the kids?
    Hows YOUR head?
    Ggggrrrrr…sets my piss aflame.
    Why dont you mind your own fuckin business you slug?
    And take that fuckin bow off your head, you look like a easter egg.
    Nosey cunt.

  16. I said the same thing to my wife weeks ago and it’s why we don’t do the seal impressions on a Thursday. Our only contact with the NHS at the moment is prescriptions but binmen, lorry drivers, staff at Asda – they’re our current visible heroes but I also recognise the hidden key workers.

    • This should have been a reply to Techno above, fuck knows why they sometimes go to the end of a thread.

  17. She has that certain look that says she simply can’t get enough long, thick hard cock.

    Probably as mad as a gibbon on LSD but likely a seriously memorable and very wet fuck.

    • Fux ache Paul. Mad as a gibbon on l.s.d. Too funny in the brain. Just spraffed my malbec on the screen at that.

      • At 6 quid from the local scotmid and 13%vol its a waste not to abuse it C.C

      • Drinking Malbec is a cunting offence. Way too strong for a fanny like me. Much prefer Merlot.

    • Yes Paul, I was thinking along similar lines. Load up on vitamins and minerals first, then book a couple of days off work, so you have time to rub some soothing balm into your seriously battered cock, every hour, on the hour.
      She’s feral, that one.

    • What you can’t see on the camera below is that she’s in the process of breaking a bloke’s cock off whilst saying “don’t you ever think of leaving me”.

  18. Shameless bint is taking the piss here. As for that picture, her eyes! She looks deranged.

  19. Bobbit job in them distiurbed eyes. Carfeful with that cock Euguine.

  20. These NHS workers are taking the piss now , i mean all they are doing is getting paid to the job THEY chose to do . There not off work and only getting 80% of there wages etc , they should be grateful they have plenty of work to do . We have the blacks and Asians whinging that the virus is killing more of them than white people , another back door to moan about racism , fuck em let em die. Then there is the clapping every fucking week with cunts out on there door steps banging pots and fucking pans , cunts the lot of them. I hope they are have to queue up at the doctors with sore fucking hands and lets see how much clapping they do the next time the NHS goes on strike over pay because you can guarantee after this virus shit is over that’s exactly what they will do and this virus is the perfect excuse. Cunts cunts cunts cunts.

  21. All this key worker stuff is complete bollocks. I am a locksmith and tried to get in the supermarket this morning. I even had my uniform on which clearly proved I was a locky. In a nutshell I was told I would not be let in. On the way back to the car I saw a bloke in a Timpsons Uniform, I bet he faired no better.

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