Trump Derangement Syndrome and Chloroquinine

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and Chloroquinine

First of all, let me caveat this nomination by saying that I’m not a huge fan of Trumpy. I find him to be insecure, arrogant and rude. However, he’s a much better choice than Hilary fucking Clinton or Bernie ‘Wolfie Smith’ Sanders. And the fact that he winds up the snowflakes can raise a chuckle now and again.

This nomination is more about libtards, fueled by the MSM, and their eagerness to dispute claims as to the effectiveness of using Chloroquinine, an old antimalarial drug from years gone by, in treating the coronavirus.

This is because scientists, correctly, have said that there is no proof that the drug, championed by Trumpy in a press briefing, is effective in treating the virus.

This does not mean that it doesn’t work though! Small scale tests by a French professor on human subjects showed that the drug did help. Quite substantially. It has also killed the virus in lab tests.

Trumpy, via scientists by the way, has only said that the drug should be used until a vaccine is produced. Because it’s the best hope you’ve got for now.

However, the BBC and libtards, in their eagerness to discredit Trumpy, want us to take paracetamol instead. Paracetamol may reduce your fever, but it will not help with the virus. Perhaps, when large scale tests are done and analysed, we’ll see that the drug doesn’t help. Who knows? But the test data we have, however limited, is promising.

I know that if I started with coronavirus symptoms, I’d want the drug over paracetamol, without a doubt. It has nasty side effects for some (which is why it isn’t really used nowadays for malaria), but if it works, who cares?

Sadly, you probably won’t get it, as many within the media and even, sadly, the medical profession itself, want to discredit the drug’s use out of a pig-headed desire to not make Trump look like he was right on something.

In essence, they’d rather kill themselves and all human life than to give the orange chap some credit. I’ve noticed the smug attitudes coming from libtards over the ‘news’ that a scientist or two has said that there is no proof the drug works.

We know that, dickheads! They’re just saying more tests are needed. As are the scientists advising Trump. But they do know that limited data (on human subjects) shows that it works in reducing the length of time you have the virus. Fact.

It will not be the answer, nobody, not even Trumpy, is suggesting that. That will be the vaccine or the virus mutating into something less deadly. Or immunity after a lot of death. It’s just the best thing we’ve got until then alongside the care given in hospital.

Put it this way, if you’re feeling like you’ve lost your sense of smell and are running a fever and start coughing…would you want to be given paracetamol or, ‘This drug that has killed the virus in a Petri dish and got rid of the virus in human subjects much quicker than those that didn’t take it, but hey…we need a larger cohort than 20 something to prove it really works’)? Take your pick.

By the way, don’t take it yourself. It can be deadly in the wrong dosage. We need doctors to administer it (you need to take more than for malaria) unless you really know what you’re doing. A few numpties overdosing on the drug by self administering has added fuel to the libtards’ fires. If that’s the case, let’s ban all drugs!

Paracetamol or Chloroquinine?

I know which one I’d take my chances on.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for some… because ‘orange man bad’.

Cheers BBC and pig headed libtards. It seems that your Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) might kill us all!

Nominated by Cuntybollocks

64 thoughts on “Trump Derangement Syndrome and Chloroquinine

  1. ‘You know they’re doing an incredible job right now moving those body bags (we have the best body bags in the whole world) they’re doing a terrific job getting them into their caskets really amazing they’re doing a terrific job the forklift drivers getting them into those beautiful refrigerated trucks and I would like to thank all those they’ve done a wonderful job creating that beautiful mass grave north of the Bronx and we’ll be open for business by the end if the month,…amazing.’

  2. Anything Tango does hes villified by the left.
    He is a ‘character’ sure enough, but if I was a yank Id vote for him hes a ‘doer’ he gets things done rather than just talk about it, shame hes constantly got to wade through legal challenges and red tape as he could make some good thimgs happen.
    Quinine has been used for malaria for ages if it helps with coronovirus best crack on with it surely?

    • ‘Not a lot of people know this’
      Michael Caine was treated with quinine when he got malaria whilst serving in the army.

      • Wait till you see the whites of their eyes lads.
        They would have won if they kept their eyes closed.
        Not a lot of people know that

        Signed Eddie Hitler

    • Sometimes you can’t help it & chuckle at Trump , he comes out with most ludicrous & bizarre bullshit, but what really keeps sobering me up & remindind me what a 1st class cunt he is, that his EGO is insane.
      He’s always telling everyone how wonderful he is and he’s just dome a fantastic deal with X, Y, Z. The press have been laying into him a bit over the huge death rate in the US, & while he is a cunt, I don’t think the deaths are down to his policies; But, the cunt has got the head US medical guy to give a long press conference telling everyone how Trump has followed the advice given, blah, blah.
      He’s also put together a video of state governors clapping and saying what a fantastic leader he is ! The guy is so far up his own arse, his tonsils are where his eyebrows should be.

  3. If Tangoman said it was April the libtards would be rushing out for last minute Christmas shopping.
    That’s if they weren’t already boycotting Christmas for being racist and transphobic.

  4. I am pretty sure I took this quite a few times over the years of working in the tropics. Prescribed by company doctors as a prophylactic to prevent Malaria. Fortunately I never got Malaria in all those years and guess what, I never got the flu either. Coincidence? I don’t know.

  5. If I was in government I’d throw everything I had at the virus in this crises. 16 million jobs lost in the US and 6 million predicted over here. The virus is going to leave many life’s shattered for a long time.

  6. Hmm… not entirely sold here… think I’ll stick with hoodoo and homeopathy.

    • I’m using Stella, pizza and kebabs. I don’t even need an apple a day since there’s no way you’d get a doctor round.

  7. Maybe if I had a 10k work from home grant like MP’s I could afford to research this more. Apparently some of them don’t have laptops?


  8. It’s hilarious the way lefties start behaving like Herbert Lom in the Peter Sellars films Pink Panther when coming into contact with Inspector Clouseau start to twitch, shake and want to kill him irrationally.
    Trump really is great wind up value of libtards.

  9. The establishment don’t like Trump because he has shaken up politics in the USA and speaks his mind.Whether you like him or not at least he’s trying to put USA first as opposed to Hilary (bent Foundation ) Clinton who just thinks about herself.

  10. He promoted Chloroquinine because he has shares in a company that produces it.
    The orange man child is a fucking disaster not waiting to happen but actually going thru the gears to full on capitulation.
    Watch his 2 hour daily ” listen to me muthafuckers” press briefings. He has a script to go off, full of facts but then he just improvised and ends up contradicting what he just said.

    • The facts are that it has produced some promising, albeit limited, results, Despite whether he has shares in this company or that company. I couldn’t give a fuck if he’s nobbing the boss of the company if it fucking works.

      My point is, that people look to instantly discredit anything he says because they hate him. I’m not a huge fan of him myself, but it’s a few boffins that have said this stuff may help. Trump has just taken their advice. Look at how other countries (India for example) have been jealously trying to keep their stocks to themselves (understandably in my opinion). It’s not a coincidence.

      This drug, as I said, will not be the answer. It might ‘help’ a little for now, let’s just put it that way.

      And I would like the choice in being given if I get the virus. More data will be coming out soon on larger trials so we might know more then. It doesn’t seem to help those in advance stages of the disease (those on their last legs) but it seems to drastically reduce the time you have the infection if taken when symptoms begin.
      It has also killed the virus in a petri dish. Other drugs may do this too, but not many (and I accept that killing the drug in a dish doesn’t mean it will work in humans…but it is where scientists begin when looking for cures.) That makes it worth a punt for me until we find something better. If large scale testing shows that it does nothing to help and that the data we currently have is ‘a fluke’, then great. Let’s ignore it and laugh at anyone trying to promote it, including Trump if he still is at that stage.

      Unit then though, it might be the only choice for some. If you want to ignore the chance of taking it, then that’s perfectly fine. Where I get angry is when libtards try to stop others from having that choice because ‘orange man bad’ and the terrifying prospect of Trumpy being right on something (which he isn’t sometimes..but at times can be.) Political preferences should be kept out of research. It’s fucking dangerous. Those with TDS would rather we all die than accept anything Trumpy says. They are fucking lunatics.

      And cunts.

      • I hate libtards as well Cb. The hostility to Franklin Graham setting up desperately needed field hospitals because he’s Christian an example. Shows you how far they will go.
        Trump though. He’s a bit too alt-right for me. Which means on the periphery of conspiracy theories. Remember his first response to the crisis- ‘it’s a hoax’. That was time lost. Same the slowness of introducing social distancing measures like here in Blighty.
        How will we measure success when all this is over? I’m sorry but for me it’s just the numbers of deaths. And at the moment it’s looking like the UK and America will be topping the polls. And that means I’m afraid that both The Donald and Boris will have failed in their approaches.

      • The UK and the USA (and most of the west) took the advice of the WHO and said masks aren’t needed.

        That was a fucking suicidal mistake, right there. South Korea’s climate is similar to ours (even colder during their winter which is when their outbreak began). They wear masks. It reduces the distance droplets from your breath, sneezes and coughs travel. Which, if everyone wears one (and they do in SK), reduces the spread. Research in Iceland revealed 40% of coronavirus carriers were asymptomatic. Therefore, everyone should wear one outside to redice the spread. Seeing supermarket staff, forced to work (they can’t claim any money if they quit) without any PPE is, in my opinion, a fucking disgrace. If I was such a person, I would be looking to sue my employer and the government for not protecting me (and forcing me to work or starve).

        Yes, not wearing masks is the reason (I believe) the west is getting severely fisted right now and Asian countries are seeing lower infection and death rates.

        Trump has played this outbreak poorly. Really poorly, in fact. He misread it and didn’t take it seriously enough early on. However, I still think China are the ones to blame. Their culinary habits, mixed with their leader’s desire not to lose face were the cause of this pandemic. Once he decided to shut down the scientists warning people of this virus it was almost over. Once China, the WHO and yes, western leaders allowed the Chinese to travel internationally during the Chinese New Year, it was all over. The spread of the pandemic was a done deal at that point.

        Despite all this, it does not take away the fact that Trumpy might be right on this one. Please remember, this is not his idea anyway. It’s the result of research from people with 170+ IQs.

        I wouldn’t discard such research simply because I dislike Trump. Put it this way, if Jeremy Corbyn came out and said that he’d discovered research which pointed at the success of a certain drug, I wouldn’t automatically discard his words, despite me not liking him or his politics.

      • Also, there have been reports in the UK and the US of shop managers not letting staff their staff wear face masks that they’d bought for themselves. I do know that in many Asian countries right now, the staff in the supermarkets wear protective gloves, masks and even the plastic face shields on top.

        Our lot are forced to work and told not to even wear a small face mask they bought for themselves!


    • George W Bush, Colin Powell, DIck Chaney, Paul Wolfowitz and Condoleezza Rice all had shares – bought soon before Gulf conflict 2 – in Companies supplying the US Military, and all made an absolute fortune from causing a war which was waged for oil and profit.
      Trump is a rank amateur compared to these evil b*stards.
      I would, terrible as it sounds, rather have Trump in the White House than any of the opposition – best of a very bad lot springs to mind. (Does that phrase sound familiar Boris?)

    • I’m not convinced Trump is using this crisis for financial gain.
      What’s Bill Gates offering that isn’t of fiscal benefit to him and his damn foundation?

  11. I dont understand whats not to like?
    From his Robert Redford blonde hair and tan to his putting his country’s economic interests above others, the calling out of China, the wanting to build the wall, all vote winning for me!
    I like him he makes me laugh, and love how he makes snowflakes swallow their tongues.

    • Not Donald Trump but Donald Duck comes to my mind Miserable.

      For isn’t this is just a quack remedy?

      Donald Duck had a quack

      Donald Trump is

      • Not sure it is a quack remedy Miles, still trialing it arent they?
        It certainly works on malaria!
        An malaria kills way more people each year than coronavirus could hope to acheive!
        My grandad had malaria in ww2 either in India or Burma, mosquitoes carry it I think.
        Mosquitoes carry malaria
        Chinks carry coronavirus.
        Donald Duck? Hes quackers!
        Donald is the full deal,
        Film star looks, ‘can do ‘ attitude, and he grabs em by the pussy!!
        Build that wall!
        Build that wall!

      • Here you go Miles, million people a year malaria does for.
        Coronovirus is slacking a bit .
        Its derived from the the Chinchona tree and is in tonic water, it mainly kills african kids, like little m’tembe who treks 5miles to fetch water because his dads a indolent lazy feckless cunt.

      • As I was saying to Cuntybollocks above Msb he’s just a bit ‘out there’ for me. A fast remedy he wants (to get the economy open again)
        The Quack doctor.has a long history in American culture
        Like the snake oil salesman. Oh that’s James O’Brien.

      • Well if the scientific community, the qualified medical practitioners and specialists say Chloroquinine sorts Coronavirus then I’m all for us going full steam ahead!

        Oh… wait minute… they haven’t.

        I wonder if that’s how Boris beat it? I think we should be told….

      • @RTC (sorry could only reply here)

        Yes, there is no solid proof it works. That sort of proof would take at least a year. We don’t have that sort of time.

        I’ll give you a scenario:

        A loved one is in hospital with the virus. The doc tells you that there is a drug that may work, but there is no ‘solid proof’ it works yet. But that it has worked for the 20 or so it was tested on and that it did kill the virus in a petri dish. And that it’s also safe to take, although there are a few unpleasant side effects for some. He asks you if your loved one would be interested.

        Would you want them to be given this drug or not? Would you want them to be denied that choice, if it was safe for them to take alongside the normal care they would receive?

        The current situation is different to any we have faced in our lifetimes. It means, in my opinion, you should be ready to take the odd risk until a vaccine is made (if it ever is!)

        What is there to lose, really? I’d take my chances. And it should be up to the individual if they want to take that chance right now. Taking it in hospital isn’t going to kill you, but it may just save your arse.

      • If the medical professionals said it worked for the 20 or so patients it was tested on who would otherwise have died, and that it kills the virus in a petri dish, then I probably would take my chances. But I’m not aware that that is what they are saying. Anyway, you’ve done the research, I haven’t. I know nothing, as Manuel would say.

      • @RTC

        Just to let you know, my research is limited too, I am a bit of a cunt, after all.

        It also hasn’t been proven that the 27 (I think it was) it was used on would’ve died. What I did find out is that if you use it early (when symptoms start) it seems to work (they only had the virus for a few days before it fucked off, in contrast to those not given the drug, who had the virus for about an extra 4 or 5 days on average). But if you’re on a ventilator or at a more serious stage, that it appears to do sweet Fanny Adams. The test data is limited though.

        My (average at best!) educated guess is that it will prove to be helpful for many in the early stages of the disease, but not an outright cure though. And that it will be as useful as a chocolate fireguard for those very ill with the disease. Which is why I doubt Boris was given it, but it would be interesting to know. But proving it had an effect would be difficult if he did take it. Fucking minefield, innit?

        Who knows? I know nothing too really, when all is said and done. Let’s see what the eggheads come up with. But I’ll take my chances with this stuff if possible, if I’m unlucky enough to catch the China flu.

      • Ah, your post was directed at RTC not me.

        Just call me a thick cunt instead.

        You two can arrange a fight or whatever, I’m keeping out of it (now I’m being a shit stirring cunt).

      • @ Grumpy Old Cunt.

        I stated that the medical experts have not endorsed Chloroquinine as a cure for Coronavirus. What’s your beef with that?

      • Rtc@
        Want me to hold your coat?
        Its a good job Bertie Blunts not on site, or his parrot would have your eyes out!

        Were all ISAC meant to stick together in a world of cuntishness, no need to have a go at each other, meant to play nicely together!👍

      • Cheers Miserable. No sooner do I get rid of one troll then up pops another.

      • Chin up old bean, have a mcvities chocolate digestive an carry on cunting!☺👍

  12. Trump is a cunt’s cunt. He is a cunt who winds up cunts which is fine by this cunt.
    The cunt.

  13. The Donald is obviously a weapons grade throbber, but, he * does * fierce the ‘right’ people up, so he gets a pass from me.

  14. The Donald broke lockdown last night to play the cello at my cocktail party – restrictions only apply to the poor – ask anyone! (Who is rich!)
    Quinine has been used around the World to treat malaria – and some tonic water contains it.
    Need Tango Man to start calling out the state sponsored spy network Huawei – we need to dump these f*ckers ASAP and not let the evil sneaky locusts anywhere near our infrastructure, telecommunications and security – anything else after this is madness.

    • Why does the UK need China to build its nuclear plants?

      A deal with the UK could work well for China, explains Thomas, because the country wants to export its nuclear technology to the West. A mostly Chinese-owned plant in Bradwell would be a juicy incentive.

      “If their design is good enough for Britain, and passes the British regulators’ requirements, that would be a huge marketing coup for them,” he says.

      Chinese investment in UK nuclear power stations would also bring expertise with it. China has a track record of delivering power plants on budget and on time.

      • My Nephew works in the nuclear industry, reports are the Chinks are aggressive, secretive, dishonest, wholly untrustworthy, constantly snooping deliberately where they are not supposed to be and constantly “accidentally” leaving data gathering media around where it should not be.
        They CANNOT have any access whatsoever to our vital services, they are wholly untrustworthy and devious and we need to be more independent going forward, stop relying on imported s*it and begin to make things of our own – China gained an enormous production industry by buying up Western companies which were in financial difficulty, rebranding it and selling the subsequent sh*te to western Nations more bothered about a cheap price than the fact they were destroying UK Business and supporting a communist dictatorship.
        We fucked ourselves.

  15. Donald is tremendous.
    He makes everyone very uncomfortable.
    Not giving a fuck resonates very well with the non libtards it would appear.
    Fuck them.

  16. I hope that The Don gets re-elected, for no other reason than he makes libtards and SJWs absolutely apoplectic. They’d rather top themselves than give him the slightest bit of credit for anything.
    TDS; now a clinically defined psychological condition. Nice one, Orange Man!

  17. We’re in hock to the Chong nation far more than we’ll ever be told.
    May we live in interesting times? That’s putting it mildly.
    Total lockdown in Castle Britannia Fuckoff domicile, have at it.

    • UK currently in debt to locust land to the tune of around 2.3 Trillion, which will go up by another Trillion after this. Starve them out by not doing business with them.

      • Just send the cunts the bill for their deceit.
        Little yellow bastards. There, I said it.

      • Boris should be saying, “Right you fucking cunts. That debt is written off. And if you fuckers want any future trade with us, then you can also pay another 2.3 trillion in compo on top, which we’ll share out to our population. Don’t like it? Want to threaten us? We’ve got nukes remember, bat munchers? Now here’s the account number you need to send the money…”

  18. Quercetin, of red onion etc fame, which can break down the cell wall, and zinc, which can then barge in and knack the virus within in, have pretty good bets.

    However, with the likes of Monsanto and big pharma issuing patents and gobbling up contracts as quick as they can, combined with despotic mayors banning people from trying to grow their own food, US citizens will be increasingly at the mercy of whatever Frankenstein food there is on the shelves, rather than anything with any naturally occurring nutrients in. By then however they’ll have Bill’s vaccine to keep them afloat.

    • Zinc will probably help as it’s known to help your immune system in fighting the common cold and other coronaviruses (the non deadly ones).

      Harmless to take, so take it if you feel like you have symptoms related to Chinese bat flu.

      Got two bottles of zinc tablets myself.

  19. I take a multivitamin pill every day. Have done for quite a few years.
    I do take medicine pills as well.

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