Tony Blair (18)


A limp-wristed-Qweer-Charmer-Is-My-Hero cunting please, for the former Prime Minister and Britain’s favourite ballerina, A. Blair, who like that other demented old has-been David Beckham, just can’t leave the stage.

This time the effete elder statesman is giving Boris his ‘advice’ on Covid 19 – that testing is the “only way out” of the lockdown:

Of course, you can see why the prancing old queen has come mincing out of the woodwork. His little crush, Starmer, is likely to assume the leadership of his tottering party this week, and if Blair can vouchsafe advice to the current Prime minister, he will have no qualms doing it for this Blairite mini-me.

If Blair wants to give out advice, his best bet would be to become an agony aunt for a poofters magazine, giving advice on anything from medical problems like arse grapes to relationship advice (survivor of an abusive marriage to wee Gordon) and his specialist subject – makeup advice for elderly queens.

The biggest cunt in Britain stopped being PM 13 years ago. Now he just needs to shut the fuck up.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

76 thoughts on “Tony Blair (18)

  1. Tony Blair? The “Man” grease would slide off. I used to watch the triumvirate of evil – Bliar, Malicious Mandy and plastic tough guy Campbell and think “this is the coca cola of politics” – slick, well packaged, well marketed, but under it all just bubbles, froth and indigestion – with the rather irksome feeling that what was sold was not quite what was promised and somewhat disappointing. (No, if you look in the sssssmall print you can see clearly on the bottom of page 76 written in Sanskrit “no refunds”.)
    And like the aforementioned sugar laden shit, Blair has no concept that everything has a “sell by date”.
    You are decades past yours Tony – shut up and f*ckoff, nobody gives a shit what you say, you simple little ego machine – and a massive thanks for abandoning and then f*cking over the working class.
    RIP John Smith – what could have been?

  2. Proper 24 gold plated cunt is B-Liar, the cunt couldn’t lie straight in bed so why the fuck does he think anyone gives a fuck what he thinks anymore. Just get to fuck you smug holier than thou war criminal cunt!

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