Tessa Wong

I would like a Lemon Curd coloured cunting for Tessa Wong, a journo who ‘contributes’ to the Leftie News Propagandists, specifically for this piece:


Despite them having released a virus that has fucked the entire world over both medically & economically, told dangerous fucking lies about it (“not human-to-human transmissable”) & then created vast smoke screens to hide behind, we are now not allowed to be nasty to our moon-faced custard coloured cousins.
It is racist apparently to ‘joke’ that the Chinese will eat anything. Well, as I said to ‘er-indoors last night as we tucked into roasted civet cat & deep-fried locust, with bat-wing ice cream for dessert, “you just can’t beat a good chinky.” No, that didn’t happen, obviously, we had pasta – which has not yet mutated to give me the raging chinese syphilitic bat shitting disease or anything approaching it.

So listen up Tessa, the initial outbreak of SARS in 03/04 was proved to come from catching weird shit & eating it, so it isn’t waycist to accuse the fuckers of doing it, or joke about it.

The questions over how this virus jumped species are yet to be answered, mainly because Fu Manchu is sitting on the evidence, due in my opinion to the fact that if it did break out due to an accident in the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control, as some are claiming, then Comrade Xi & his merry band of commie cunts will be looking at a large fucking bill with ‘Rest Of The World’ as the payee, or down the wrong end of Orange Don’s metaphorical AR16 if they don’t comply.

If this pandemic spirals &, as some of the stuff I’m reading is saying, our food supplies start dwindling, there is going to be blood on the fucking streets in short order. So a few ‘No.23 & No.47 with egg fried rice’ jokes aint gonna count for fuck-all.

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  1. Most of the flu type viruses originate in China most of them originally affected animals, like wise our new playmate lurgy also originated in China. The pandemic Spanish flu in 1918 had fuck all to do with Spain except for its name. The yellow peril working overtime. Troubling is the fact that a civilisation like China that has achieved so much and been around so long and survived the Great Leap Forward and the cultural revolution which cost over 60 million lives between them plus all the horror of the Jap invasion should find pleasure in eating fucking bats, dogs that have been beaten before death cos the adrenaline improves the meats flavour and a cornucopia of other weird shit. For fucks sake grow up you stupid cunts you represent one of the oldest and best organised collection of people that ever lived you invented paper money, you had compasses whilst the rest of the world was walking round in circles. Could go on and on but that would be boring plus I need a drink or twenty. Stay self and well.

  2. Lying, sneaky little yellow fuckers and their discusting habits have infected the world for fuck sake, there is no justifying what these cunts have unleashed and i strongly suspect they are never going to hear the end of it , in my opinion they are now worse than pikeys and what some lefty do gooding snowflake cockwarmer says isnt going to make a blind bit of difference , give it up you cannot excuse this latest kung flu virus, so fuck off Tessa Wong…..

    • Have to disagree with the worse than Pikies bit, as bad as maybe. Rest of world should tell them we won’t buy their child slave labour shitty plastic goods until they stop eating bats, tiger cock, monkeys, etcetera etcetera, and especially dogs and cats. They have no empathy because they’re a nation of psychopaths, born without normal feelings and emotions. Not entirely sure they’re human, certainly don’t have souls.

  3. When that Chinese lassie was on MasterChef I asked Mrs Pillar if she had Bat Soup on the menu. She said it’s racist to assume that she’d make that. She then said, “That girl was in tears because at school they used to make fun of what she had in her lunch box”. Laugh? I nearly paid my license fee.

    I wish she had won MasterChef because her chops were top notch.

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