As widely predicted (and why did they fuck about for more than three months?) Dame Kweer Starmer has been enthroned as the new queen of Labour:

So we have the hypocrisy for the next 5 years at least of having a millionaire lawyer lecturing us about politics. Starmer is a cunt, it goes without saying, but what makes him a ueber cunt is that he is said by the Guardian “newspaper” (arsewipe for lavatory roll free snowflakes) is that he is considering making racist, obese, daft as arseholes thick David Lammy a Shadow minister. So except Starmer to be “inclusive”.

IN other news poor Lisa, she of the fulsome knockers came third – and a very poor third behind the Wrong Dailey,

The one bit of good news is that as always Labour have elected a comedy Deputy leader – this time bucket mouth unmarried mother Angela Rayner. I am sure she will fill the spitton formerly used by Hattersley and Watson.

One more push comrades!

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

141 thoughts on “KWEER LABOUR (15)

  1. I’m not saying he is, but he is unfortunate to have the perennial sweaty top lip of a pantomime sex offender.
    The BBC must be frotting itself to multiple climax now they are free of Corbyn, and have a lightweight moderate ponce back in charge that they can rally around. Labour have always been their horse, they were never fussed by the last jockey.

    if only spitting image was still around

  2. Reckons he will rid Labour of Jew hating cunts. I wish him well but feel this is simply impossible. The party is totally riddled and Kier will be powerless to get to grip with the cancer in his party.
    The party of my great grandparents turned against my tribe. My late grandfather was a labour mayor.

    Fuck labour.
    Fuck the Socialist Jew hating scum.

    Good evening.
    No chinky bat flu at Bumholia towers….

    • Keir knows he has to root out the Anti Semites within Labour and I’m sure he’ll try and rightly so.
      He want UK be PM and knows he has to get Momentum and all the other loonies aaaaht.
      Being a Lawyer or whatever he is a clever cunt and will no doubt be getting tips from Blair and Campbellend.
      If Boris messes up Brexit’ and the Coronavirus my money is on Keir.

      • You have spent too much time in fucking London B&W. The fucker is doomed. Doomed I tell you.

    • Labour are a footnote in history EK. I detest what the communists and anti – semites have done to a once great and principled party.
      The working classes have no party, no say and no voice – and much as it genuinely saddens me to say this I think that working class white Men are also a footnote in history now.

  3. He uses moisturiser so can sort of polish a turd?

    Ducky darling, faints in butchershops, makeup!
    Hello sailor, oh you are awful, my kookachoo,starmer.
    All oiled up waiting for vladimir to put his judas priest gear on.
    Im not a fan.

    • Lady Miss Keir is a desperate shoe – in to try and convince some very cynical (with good reason) people Labour are worth a vote – good luck with that one ducky!
      We need a new political party – we are voiceless, marginalised and cut adrift whilst the self serving rich f*ck our Country.
      I bet he would make a topping pantomime dame though!
      “He’s behind you”!
      “Oooh – hello Mandy – fancy you c*mming up my end”!..

    • Evening Cuntflap,
      You & yours well in these dark times?
      Im watching a great film,
      Its got the lot, camera angles, dialogue, cinematography,
      Smokey an the Bandits a fine film.😉

  4. Brockwell Park in South East London was apparently heaving today with 3000 people. the Police have ordered it to be closed tomorrow. haven’t seen any photos so i couldnt possibly comment on who the perpetrators were but those fuckin morons will have us all totally locked down. cunts is the perfect word.

  5. I know Brockwell Park very well and I can imagine the overwhelming majority were aspiring architects, communidee workers, rap artists and promising footballers.
    Nothing Old Bill can do about it…….raaaaay-sism.
    I suspect the gates will be locked tomorrow. This shit is happening all over the country. What the fuck is wrong with people?

    • It just needs the first one to get a f*cking good hiding from an angry mob Freddie!
      Over to Jon Slow at Channel 4 “News” – “I have never seen so many dark faces in one place at the same time”..

    • The gates should have been locked with all the desirables inside and some large dogs of the toothsome persuasion let loose among the crowd.
      That could rustle up some NHS donations from a pay per view point.
      Perhaps a letter to the met commissioner, whoever that masonic cunt happens to be right now, is it still that shagnasty dyke Cressida Penis?

  6. I think everyone is safe from a fucking good hiding under the present circumstances. Who wants some cunt’s blood and snot all over them? Not me, that’s for sure.

  7. I was hoping it would be “Chicken Little” lookalike Speccy Wrong-Daily to really decimate Labour for the rest of time. Alas that would have been too good to be true…

    Dame Keir’s appointment is nothing if predictable. Certainly more Blair than Corbyn but a bit “magnolia” in the personality stakes.

    Also he has several disadvantages in modern Britain:

    1) He’s straight (well, he has a wife and two kids, but hey…).

    2) He identifies as male (but luckily is pressing for LGBTQIA…P rights – yes make that your cross to die on, you CUNT)!

    3) Most importantly – he’s an evil white man.

    Given point (3) above, then Dame Keir will no doubt have to get his fill of “enrichment” into his shadow cabinet, and so here’s to David Mammy taking over the Diane Abbott “BAME idiot of the week” slot. It’ll be great seeing that cunt on the front benches getting grilled by Brillo at regular intervals. Fucking ingrate, white-hating, cunt!

    Unfortunately – just like Blair – Dame Keir is of the “legal” ilk! The cunt is a barrister and therefore immediately untrustworthy and will say anything to win – just like his Cunt of the Millennium predecessor!


    • Interesting that, to the last, Labour is the party of two extremes: Dame Kweer with his “let’s get back to 1994” schtick and Wrong-Dailey with her “suddenly it’s 1976” outlook.

      Overlooking her wonderful jugs, Lisa Nandy was more centerist than either of that pair of freaks but she did far worse than them coming a very poor third.

      That anyone could even consider Corbyn in drag is as questionable as those wanting the Blair mini-me.

      As I speak I can see mincing David Miliband writing a letter of resignation in New York to his “charity” work, to return home to prepare for a safe seat….

  8. Breaking news – two people stabbed to death in Paris by a Sudanese islamic terrorist, good to see our peaceful friends aren’t letting covid19 interrupt their savagery.
    In the present circumstances I can see lynch mobs if (sorry, I am a daft c*nt – when) it happens here, and I would not blame them.

  9. I stand corrected, not Paris but near Grenoble – but it makes f*ck all difference as yet again straight into moderation.
    Not posting any more tonight, rather pissed off.

  10. Just who is the new Labour Leader?

    Earlier this evening I was able to get a peek at Number Two’s files:

    Appointed as Director of Public Prosecutions in Gordon ‘bigoted woman’ Brown’s hopeless fag-end New Labour Government back in 2008, Sir Keir’s job was to find ways of not charging corrupt politicians caught defrauding the taxpayer by fiddling their expenses.

    Furthermore, in 2009 he approved a decision not to prosecute the keystone cops over the illegal fatal shooting of Charles de Menezes on the London underground four years earlier. He then went on to excuse plod Simon Harwood for the blatant manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson in 2010.

    For these achievements amongst others he was appointed in 2014 ‘Knight Commander of the Order of Bath’ (KCB) for “services to law and criminal justice”.

    You could not make it up.

    He also worked sporadically (to the tune of a small fortune) for law firm Mishcon de Reya, notorious as one of three firms that brought arch Remoaner-mong Gina Miller’s High Court legal challenge, chucking spanners in the Brexit works and costing the taxpayer £millions in order to delay Appeaser May invoking Article 50.

    In short I was able to glean he’s a cunt.

    • The same man under whose leadership allowed Jimmy Shitvile to get off the hook and then waffled about looking into the matter?
      People have such short memories.

    • agree entirely, one could say he is foul – I think he’s a cunt – but then the labour party is dead, it’s an irrelevance – so what does this make starmer??

  11. To call Starmer’s personality wooden is an insult to trees…

    Should be enough to keep Boris in power for the next two terms so not a bad result.

  12. I’m glad. If we ever have elections again that cunt’ll ensure the central london party remains irrelevant. It would be nice to have an opposition though, I suppose.

  13. At least the cunt is talking about an exit from this nonsense instead of dithering around and listening to messages from the fucking queen.

    This country is due one almighty wake up call once the government gets some balls and realises what a mess the UK is going to be in after this mass, dozy hand wringing fit is over.

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