Black, Asian and minority ethnic. Which translates as skin colour.
What an insult to Brits who happen to have a suntan. It is entirely discriminatory and confers a convenient label. You are not British you are BAME.
South Africa was widely condemned for classifying it’s population by skin colour as was the Southern states of the US. But it seems ok in modern UK to use this term. How fucking woke can it be using a discredited form of discrimination in a multi cultural society?
I suggest it suits the liberal left to use identity labels and invoke victimhood at the expense of British society in general. And it serves to marginalise the majority.

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A minority Cunting for having your cake and eating it.

No, it isn’t Brexit it’s BAME!

Looking back over the years linking ethnicity to anything was seen as taboo! the media, the political elite, the left wing wankers and liberal retards all shy away from even hinting at ethnicity when there are bombings, grooming gangs and stabbings.

Now they can’t help themselves, every cunt under the sun is up in arms because BAME are dying disproportionately in relation to their numbers in the community.
Calls are going out to link Covid deaths to ethnicity to find out why.

All sorts of reasons are being muted, socioeconomic, high numbers in the health service, poor general health, in fact anything the collective concerned cunts think of.

Ethnicity seems to be a double edged sword, only use the sharp edge when needed


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120 thoughts on “BAME

  1. I wonder if Diane Abbot’s son is a supporter of BAME.


    • Just goes to show Cap’n…even if you expose one of these primates to an English private education, their natural African tendencies of inherent violence, drug-taking and cannibalism cannot be suppressed forever.

      • He chased the Flabbott around her £1.2m home in Hackney with a pair of scissors, he was obviously starving.

      • With whom does one sympathise being quarantined in Chez Abbot? The Flabbotasaurs Rex prowling tge garden all day yearning for poultry, or wild, crazy knife-wielding offspring, Romper-Chomper. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets murdered.

        Bame is supposed to redress the balance but Son of Flabbotasaurus couldn’t have had a more silvery spoon in his ghashers.

  2. Fucking winging cunts Mek Brooks had the right idea, force feed the cunts Blazing Saddles until they realise this is what most people think but cant say, so get over it you are given a mile of slack as it is, your lucky this country now has to tolerate allsorts, in some ways the 70,s was so muck better….

  3. Let not forget its as a result of, BAME we don’t have top of the pops, or OGWT, the lefty liberals, are also responsible for the garbage music BBC radio, (down with the licence fee), have decided is pc, with its, drug and knife culture, bunch of cunts the lot of them. The biggest pedophile of all time worked and received a pension off the licence fee, for god knows how many years, total cunts.
    If it wasn’t for good old Terry, do miss him going to work each morning.
    To cut a long story short the music of today is shit, not a instrument or a soulful voice, just garbage and the bane culture is responsible. Thank you and good night.

  4. The apartheid in reverse on Doctor Who is just the thin end of the wedge.A sneak preview of programmes to come on BBC…

    The Great British Black Off
    Pot Black
    Coloured Me Pop
    Grenfell Towers
    Blankety Black
    Black Of The Day
    Only C**ns And Horses

    • Why only equal rights, CG? Whites should do what every other colour seems to do and ask for more rights than anyone else. It’s only fair that they do as on a global scale they are the minority.

      • Good point Dick, I agree
        but in the UK today the minorites have all the rights, indigenous Whitey has to suck it up and get on with the shit so having equal rights would be better than the rights we have now

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