The Labour Party (14)

They cant fucking help themselves, can they?

They have suspended Trevor Phillips, who has accused them of toxic anti-Semitism, for Islamophobia. And what was this Islamophobia?

Mr Phillips has been suspended pending investigation over remarks, including expressing concerns about Pakistani Muslim men sexually abusing children in northern British towns…..For comments about the failure of some Muslims to wear poppies for Remembrance Sunday and for sympathy shown by some in an opinion poll towards the “motives” of the Charlie Hebdo attackers.

These are reasonable, mainstream views, so once again the woke, right-on Labour party has distanced itself even further from the people who might vote for it. And, in a deft piece of virtuosity it is recognising trannies as some sort of super victims, so that it can alienate the Muslims that this bullshit seeks to ingratiate it with.

Clement Attlee is revolving in his grave.

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42 thoughts on “The Labour Party (14)

  1. Surely this is institutional racism?

    Where are his defenders? Where’s Lammy, Flabbott and Butler et al?

    Don’t “black lives matter” any more?

    hypocritical cunts

  2. Living in East London I always make a point of looking out for muslims wearing a poppy. In the 15 years of doing this I am yet to see a single one. Plenty of burkhas though. Cunts the lot of em. Islamophobia was invented by the Muslim brotherhood to shut everyone up. Fuck the labour party.

    • SC sorry to hear you live in East London. Maybe you should ask Dick if he has a spare room in his Northumberland mansion? At least you’d be surrounded by countryside,nature and lovely white locals not to mention endless cups of tea and fine scones with lashings of strawberry preserve.

      • I always imagined Mr fiddlers abode looks something like the Schloss Adler complete with watchtowers, klaxons, barbed wire and several WW2 BMW R75’s.

        Oh, and hounds obviously.

      • It has a large allotment at the rear, complete with accommodation, modelled on Auschwitz.

  3. Great. Keep it up labour , you’re going to be unelectable for at least a decade.
    Love it.
    The biggest victim of political correctness…..the truth.
    Dozy cunts.
    That is all.

  4. Labour are obsessed with minorities setting the agenda.
    Ordinary working class people the very people who fought to get a Party that represents them have deserted the Labour Party because of this very reason . As long as Momentum are running this shit show of a party they are finished.

  5. I signed a petition at demanding these trumped-up charges are dropped, and the Labour party should apologise to Trevor Phillips and fully reinstate his membership.
    One of the few people in the Labour party that probably adheres to what the party was set up for in the first place – looking after the British worker.

  6. The entertainment value provided by the imploding Labour Party is very welcome in these tricky times.
    So Trevor is seen by the nutters as anti-Muslim, at the same time as the nutters are alienating their core voters, Muslims, with the tranny nonsense.
    Ha ha ha ha ha (repeat 100000 times). What a hilarious bunch of chumps!

    • The Labour party under Corbyn and momentum is like a contortionist. It has it’s legs and feet firmly tucked behind it’s ears and is rolling around the floor singing a medley of Rule Brittania and Ode to Joy. What a bunch of manic confused cunts they all are.

      It’s entertaining to say the least, watching the ‘leadership’ desperately trying to appeal to all the perceived hard done by in society and then risk systematically alienating the fucking lot of them. They really can’t tell their arse from their elbow. What I find so amusing is that they are trying to fight the corner of two groups in society that, with increased empowerment, will eventually be at war with each other. We are talking about transgender/gay rights recognition versus Islamic rights to live and behave as they do in a Muslim country. How would woke Labour under another Corbyn clone such as Speccy Wrong-Daily broker a peace agreement between the Eddy Izzard lookalike that demands to be able to walk down Bethnal Green High Road without getting ripped to shreds?

      Labour is a foolish myopic cunt.

  7. The Labour Party should be regarded as a hostile entity. Socialism has killed far more people than any single virus……cunts

    • Trevor philips while miles apart from me politically is no islamaphobe, as a devout one id know.
      This is a vendetta by that vindictive cunt Jenny Formby amongst other bitter leftie cunts.
      I hate Formby on a personal note, as she tried to leave me to drown (methaphorically speaking) when I was a senior shop steward.
      Shes one devious, nasty, little cunt, and changed my opinions of the trade union movement,
      Should thank her really, she opened my eyes to what hypocrites and money grabbing little cunts they truly are.
      The Labour party is in death throes due to these head the balls & cranks.

      • Trevor Phillips is a victim of his own agenda, he’s been at it for years now he’s the victim of the whole shit show.

        The left eating itself in an effort to be the most woke progressive.

      • Trevor has been on a journey. He hasn’t pushed the left’s racist agenda for at least 20 years.

  8. They have lost control of their minds. It’s fun watching and listening to their supporters attempting to justify this idiocy. Maybe that’s the idea: who can come up with the looniest notion.
    Free omelettes for ginger people.
    Free tampons for goldfish owners.
    Free housing for terrorists.

  9. I’ve heard of Islamophobia. For some reason I’ve never come across Buddhistiphobia, Hinduphobia, Confuciustaphobia, Quetzalcoatlephobia, Zoroastrianphobia or even Witchdoctoryphobia. Unless there’s a reason for this, can I assume they’re all just made up words?

  10. Even arch cunt, but serial winner, Blair warned them to stay away from the identity politics and that they couldn’t win with that approach. The trouble with appealing to minorities is that they all hate each other. They don’t seem to be able to see the bleeding obvious.

    • Spot on Freddie, the Sunny Delight muzzies hate Shitties, who both loathe The Gays who in turn hate the tranbenders who have fallen out with the feminazis who don’t like anyone.

  11. Fucking Momentum, The daft tossers could’nt get to grips with an erection. When is Tony Blair going to snuff it anyhow? We could all do with a giggle.

  12. The problem with Trevor Phillips is he is too ‘white’, the left woke cunts don’t like it, when a black person actually speaks some truth about BAME it conflicts with the way they view the world.
    Any white person who raises concern about mainly Pakistani grooming gangs is immediately labelled racist by the likes of the Jones boy and accused of demonising the Muslim community (how many times has the cunt said that!)
    With Trevor Phillips they have a problem, he is BAME so the only explanation is that he must have been turned by whiteness, therefore he is racist!
    They would be truly fucked if the Stormy cunt said somefink similar init bruv!

    The Labour Party really needs to sort themselves out, the assumption that people outside the Islington elite have the same thought processes as them will fuck them completely!

  13. Yet another great bit of cunting CC.
    The Labour Party at the moment is the political equivalent of coronavirus. Nobody wants either.

  14. I have little time for Trevor Phillips mainly because he is pretty thick yet persists in making pronouncements on issues that he doesn’t have a clue about. A few years ago he said that the decline in the fortunes of Nokia was due to their board of directors all being white males. I am pretty sure that the board of Samsung does not contain females or our dusky brethren.
    Having said that, the media in general is adept at seeing causal relationships where none exists. The views of the informed are disregarded.

  15. I don’t get how Liebour aren’t bothered about shit being thrown at our Old Testament Allies, but shit a brick and run around like headless chickens should anyone have the temerity to state FACTS when it comes to the UK’s unwanted “peaceful” contingent.

    Antisemitism is essentially born of jealousy.

    Islamophobia – far from being an irrational fear – is born of a very real fear of the atrocities those cunts have done time and time again, and continue to do so. But hey, so long as the shopping frenzy only includes bog-roll and not tea-light candles, we’re more than prepared for many more candle-lit vigils. They have such a profound effect on those who would do us harm don’t they. 🤔

    Liebour’s “peaceful” love-in has nothing to do with their voting proclivities does it.

    Look at the Communist strongholds in Londonistab, Birmingdrabad and Bradfordistan – very “peaceful”.

    It’s ok Liebour, keep selling out your own Vs cunts who would gladly see us all blown-up or beheaded, and keep on losing.

    Ethno-nationalism – whether your agree with it or not – is on the rise. Obviously that has nothing to do with being made to feel worthless in our own country compared to those from without. Being told we have no history and have only ever been responsible for anything bad in the world.

    That’s right, just keep pushing the narrative, there’s one hell of a backlash brewing around he corner.

    Once Kung Flu has run its course, and we know the exact death toll of OUR people, it’s going to be pretty fucking hard to argue that unchecked immigration and open borders has been good for our ISLAND nation.

    Diversity may be our greatest catastrophe!

  16. Trevor Phillips gave a middle of the road reasoned mainstream opinion, and was hung out to dry by the lunatics who run Labour and dictate policy.
    Labour need rid of the virus of Momentum and their like minded colleagues, they are much more dangerous than Coronavirus both to Labour and the British people.
    Labour are writing what could be described as “The World’s longest suicide note” and need to shift the Marxists or face potentially decades in irrelevant opposition – this is their ongoing future whilst the fruitcakes are pulling the strings.
    And slightly off topic – went out last night to grab a few things to find Sainsburys and the COOP completely stripped of bread – is there a f*cking war on or summat?
    May I be spared the fools..

    • Haha thought you said they werent panic buying near you Foxy?
      Im craving baked beans forgotten how they taste!

    • I’ve just popped out to go foraging at Sainsbury’s for my daughter who found the shops empty after finishing work yesterday evening. There isn’t much meat left, but what there is appears to be pig-based items. Make of that what you will….

  17. I’m inclined to gas the lot of them.
    I suppose their insane bullshit is mildly entertaining however.
    The cunts.

  18. Sadly Labour will be basking in the *glory* of Qweer Charmers coronation on April 4th. We will have Chemical Ali, the Qweer Peers Mandy and Adonis, the backbench benders, Sugartits Cooper and the lezzies all fighting to be first to crawl under the rimming stool to pay due attention to old Qweers arsehole.

    The press, led by the Mirror, Guardian and Independent will declare that Labour is on it’s way back, and will commission an opinion poll to *prove* how popular they are. BBC journalists will be creaming their knickers to pay homage in interviews.

    Jon Landsmen will committ suiicide, Momentum will be disbanded and Emily Thornberry will sit on Qweers right hand. I hopeI am wrong but I see Starmer as Blair Mark 2, surrounded by all the new Labour fuckers of old.

  19. I am poor, Genuine hand to mouth life, Gave everything I had to the ex and walked out with the clothes on my back.
    My parents were blue collar workers, they voted labour so naturally parents voted labour, I am poor, live in a council flat so there for……………….
    I would rather die than vote labour, I am ex forces, Labour not only embraces terrorists but put in place a system that pardoned the perpetrators of terror and actively persecutes the people that the government put in harms way to do their bidding.
    Next I do not count, despite working all my life, I am of no significance to them as I do not tick the race/sexual orientation boxes that they target, so I feel alienated.
    There policies do not seem to target “The working man” I work, I dont give a fuck about benefits, I have never had ANY of them! (I may get a pension if I am lucky) so to tell me that you want to take the cream from my salary and give it to someone that does not work or has never contributed to our society is not going to get my vote, nor is it looking after the working man.
    I am also fed up with being told that I am privileged and racist!
    The only fucking break that I have had is through having a disabled girlfriend and failing health, that is what got me a council flat and out of private rental.
    Labour, you have lost all connections with the working man and you will never get our vote.

  20. Even in the current circumstances these fuckers are still bickering and criticising what ‘the government’ are doing / have done because they obviously know far far better. Here’s an idea you dopey fuckwits, how about in these difficult times quitting the mudslinging sound bites and get behind what the grown ups are trying to do and present a united front offering some clear direction?
    Thank fuck they lost the election. Cunts.

  21. even if the labour party ate itself it would still throw itself up – long dead should be buried in kier starmer’s backyard – cunts

  22. There is not enough contempt in the world for these cunts. Has anybody noticed that massive pair of racists Flabbott and Lammy have been very quiet of late. I suppose every cloud etc……
    As for Trevor Phillips I can’t say I would agree with much he says but he has never struck me as racist. His mistake was not being a Parking Stanley which is where Labour appear to be going.
    British working man. Fuck off.
    Jew. Fuck off.
    Anybody white. Fuck off.
    Lezzas, trannies, poofs Parking Stanleys. Come on down ! (with apologies to Leslie Crowther).
    They get more cuntish day by day. Unelectable cunts. Good.

  23. Meanwhile, Corbyn not only fails to do anything about the rampant anti-Semitism in his party, he actually denies there is any. The fact is, Labour has long since abandoned it’s support for the working class, which it was founded to do, and is now a full on Islamophile party. They maintain the pretence of supporting the working class, but nobody outside the party actually believes that. They are fully in awe of and subservient to, the followers of the Religion of Death.

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