Lisa Nandy (4)

Watching Sophie Ridge interviewing “Litha” and it struck me that she’s not devious, just slow.

She comes across as someone with genuinely held convictions, but who has had serious head trauma. She said trans rapists should be held in women’s prisons(!) She also says that anyone with anti-trans opinion should be kicked out of the Labour Party; so that’s all the Pakis and Africans booted out, and the feminists, etc.

Suicide by policy is great. Strength to strength.

It’s been bugging me who Litha reminds me off. It’s Warner Brothers’ finest, Sylvester the cat.

Lisa, you’re despicable.

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt

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  1. 17 doctors and nurses turned up in a shipping container in Hull today. Obviously they’ve come here to help out with Corbyn19. So despite our racism and blatant hate crimes they still come here to help us out!
    I, for one, am truly grateful.

  2. Thandy is perhaps ‘team supervisor’ material, perhaps a small team of 5 might suit.

    As for letting criminals choose their gender and have a soft time in the fem nick whilst eyeing up prey, this has got to stop. If you commit a serious crime then your gender change plans will just have to go on hold for the duration of your sentence.

    Anyway, Lispy Thandy won’t win the leadership.

    • Evening Cuntologist,
      That was really what the nom was about, the fact that the left wings hands are that tied that she’d send a rapist into a womens prison and put a vulnerable woman at risk simply to be seen to be towing the line with tranny rights and be damned with common sense!
      Worlds gone mad….

      • I’m convinced it’s all deliberate MNC. Trans gender people have a higher suicide rate than average and as gender reassignment becomes more common the amount of post op trans people who want to reverse the op rises.

        If it’s not helping trans people who’s benefit is it for? Maybe people who want to destroy the natural order and trans people are just useful for now?

      • A good but chilling point sixdog.
        And maybe your on to something.

      • Fucking hilarious that. So fucking adherent, they will disapear up their own arseholes……

      • I like to watch that “My 600lb life”,it’s about fat Americans. I saw one where this fat lad wanted to lose the weight but also wanted to become a woman. He already had a magnificent set of tits on him, no visible cock and certainly knew how to cook so I couldn’t really see what more he could do on his “journey” to Womanhood..he was already there.

      • Indeed MnC, indeed an excellent nom.

        Let male rapists into female prisons, give pre-pubescent children anti-puberty drugs, fill children’s heads with nonsense that boys have periods, let men into women’s toilets and gym changing rooms and let men compete in sports so they can beat women up. Leftard politicians can’t define what a woman is or they say its anyone who wants to be one. Fucking insane. Just give me that Corvid-19 right now, I’ve had enough. I’m off to lick some surfaces or see if they will let me INTO Northern Italy.

  3. I bet you could spot her at the local swimming baths… Hair sprouting out the sides of her 50’s style one piece. As you walk by you get the faint whiff of Fanny or it could be unwashed arse. Either way it would make any red blooded male shudder and fall wanking to his knees.

  4. I like my women a little older and it’s this fact that started the ridiculous rumour that the only reason that I’m fucking a woman who is considerably older than me, is for her money.
    That’s utter nonsense.
    I know for a fact that my nan hasn’t got any money….

      • “Stara Kokos Dobra Juha”, try this one on him “Picka nije kao sapun nece istrosi” this means “Fanny is not like soap it wont run out”
        and make sure he is a Croat the others fucking hate me Bounce “Za Dom Spremni” off him se what side he was on.

  5. I think when current her career ends she could host a television show called Nandy’s Norks. Where she travels around the world interviewing women with exotic boobies.

  6. She just strikes me as, like a lot of lefties, of being a bit dim. In trying to be all things to all men they just end up with an irreconcilable set of opinions. Peacfuls and gays can’t both be right, you can’t protect women’s rights and let Trevor in his dress into their changing rooms wafting his cock all over the place.

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