Dog Thieves

I would like to nominate dog thieves for a Cunting. In particular the fucking utter twats that stole a twelve-year old, autistic girl’s therapy/assistance dog, in December.

The dog required a special diet because of a liver condition and it has now been found dead. Obviously, the girl and her family are distraught.

Well done, you fucking thieving, bastard cunts. I hope something extremely fucking nasty happens to you. Hopefully, you’ll get caught trying to steal another dog, and get stabbed to fuck in the process.

Get To Fuck.

Nominated by Jack The Cunter

57 thoughts on “Dog Thieves

    • If I can’t get any eggs soon, inside-head-goo may well become a staple in out household.

    • There’s always a conspiracy related to the Simpsons.
      Nothing to do with them making millions of episodes with every idea they can think of.

  1. I think that a lot of it comes down to the fact that people are prepared to pay ridiculous money for pedigree dogs…thousands of Pounds for a puppy,ffc.

    I’d urge people to look at rescue dogs,such as our own Lord B.’s Greyhounds, before buying from some puppy-breeder or the ads. on Gumtree. Thieves are less likely to steal (although sadly not unknown) some cross-breed that is (financially) worthless than they are to pinch some puppy that they can sell for hundreds of Pounds.

    Quite agree with the Nom.,though…anyone who steals a dog is a Cunt and would bitterly regret their actions if I had anything to do with it.

    • PS…Personally I wouldn’t go anywhere near the RSPCA if looking to help an animal….their leadership are politically-motivated money-grabbing Cunts who are prepared to con people out of money to pay their own huge salaries and pursue their own agenda. This does not apply to the majority of the real RSPCA on-the-ground workers for whom I have every respect.

      • Morning Dick, bet having dogs, horses and livestock you spend a few quid in vet fees eh?

      • I’ve spent a Pound or two over the years,MNC, but I must admit that I don’t fart on. If I think that an animal has had enough, I get them put down. Even Mick,my main hound,who I was fond of was put down when the glint went from his eye. He was tired and had had enough.. a stroke the vet reckoned…blind in one eye and back legs had gone. It’s everyone to their own but I like to think that I’ve seen enough animals over the years to know when time in up.

        Terrible as it may sound,I think that it’s a shame that we can’t do the same for some people who are past the stage of having any quality of life…I’d hope that someone would do the same for me as I did for Mick if I’d reached that stage. This isn’t to say that I think that anyone who has had a stroke should be put down,I’m sure that many are still happy and have a fine quality of life but Mick wasn’t happy and the kindest thing was to get him put down.

      • Yeah, its a duty an responsibility.
        Not nice but necessary.
        You mean Bertie dont you?
        You brute.

      • Morning Jack,
        Good nom this, one we all can get aboard on,
        We love our hounds dont we?
        Mad dogs & Englishmen!

      • We do indeed MNC. Always wary of anyone who doesn’t like dogs, and anyone a dog doesn’t take to.
        Dogs are good judges.

      • Good morning Dick. You’ve echoed my sentiments exactly there.
        We had our dog put down just before Christmas. Her back legs were going and she had another condition, which although controlled, was starting to have an impact. You’re right about knowing when the time has come, we always said that we wouldn’t let her suffer, and she didn’t. After a lifetime of faithful companionship, you owe it to them.
        As for people, after watching both parents and other loved ones, suffer horribly before dying, I couldn’t agree more.
        I for one, look forward to the day when assisted suicide becomes legal. I, for one , will be adding a codicil to my will.
        Got any milk ?

      • The God botherers won’t allow assisted dying. Apparently it’s God’s will that we suffer to the bitter end. Cunts.

      • Right Ruff.
        Dont believe in a higher power?
        The next 2 noms will solve the dogknapping mystery.
        Moses parted his red hair,
        Jesus made fishfinger butties for 5000, I solve this!

      • As has been alluded to previously on this site, the upper echelons of many charities are over paid cunts imported from the world of finance and selling. I have no idea how once honourable organisations allowed themselves to get to this position.

      • “Dogs are good judges.” Agree entirely.

        Laydee Hale should be put down (she would seem to fit all the criteria that Dick listed), and replaced by something considerably more intelligent. I’d suggest a Bouvier Bernois, quite hairy, so no need for the silly wig and robes.

  2. Utter cunts man. I keep my doors locked at all times and rarely let my dog out in the yard.

    Besides, my dog is a noisy cunt at times, especially if a stranger comes in the house, so chances are I’d know if someone was trying to take her, anyway the little fucker doesn’t even like me picking her up so I can just imagine how she’d react if somebody she didn’t know tried to do it.

    Fingers would be severed, methinks…

    • Good nom Jack👍
      Think dogs are stole to order,
      Seems certain dogs are suddenly in fashion at the moment, french bulldogs& sausage dogs,
      Pugs and those little handbag dogs.
      My Akita is possibly my favourite family member, no joking you come looking to steal my dog im put a axe in your head.
      Get your dogs chipped.
      Ii bought a 30ft professional extendie lead while not cheap (£60) ive peace of mind shes not going after a rabbit getting lost and into unscrupulous hands.

      • Morning all. I own an Old English Sheepdog, we rescued her (it’s our second OES) and she is right fanny magnet. Due to Mrs K’s job I walk her Mon- Fri and sometimes she comes to work in the truck with me. At the weekend Mrs K walks her if I’m working and often gets asked if I’m ok, as all the lovely ladies I meet on a weekday morning wonder where I am. Mrs K isn’t the jealous type and tells me who has been asking after me whilst laughing her head off. Just a word of warning with the extendable leads. They are a great idea but a good friend had one for her greyhound. One day she wasn’t concentrating but her dog had spotted a squirrel, before she knew it the lead was fully extended and the greyhound was doing 30mph. The result was a dislocated shoulder and a few months of therapy. I love dogs more than most humans, anyone who steals a dog should be shot.

      • Morning Rob, Morning all!
        Agree the fanny magnet part, my dogs known round here to everyone , people know her name but not necessarily mine.
        Our local pet shop at Christmas had a Christmas tree with baubles that had Freya (my dog) picture on them.
        Faced the fact my dog is by far more popular than me.☺

      • With you MNC, my dog has been my best mate for the last eight years, anyone touches him and I’d fuck them up to the best of my capabilities.

      • Dick Fiddler and his hounds are well-known in the local Northumbrian rambling community for entirely different reasons.

      • My missus nephew has an Akita MNC but the cunt don’t look after it properly , one because he is lazy but two because hes a fucking loser.
        No one has seen the dog for ages as he never takes it out and id be surprised if he ever feeds it he’s a total cunt and would be better off he was dead.
        I have to lab’s and both are laid at my feet as i type this message and the male even whines if i go upstairs , hes not well though , got cancer but hes a fighter and once over the field you wouldn’t even think they was anything wrong with him.
        Does anyone know what happened to the guys dog on here (forgive me for forgetting his name) who had his dog stole a few months ago , did he get it back ?.

      • It was Lord Benny if my memory serves me well. Not sure of the outcome hope whoever did it suffers a painful death.

  3. Stealing dogs, man thats ruff! What a sad tail. Someone should have gave them some better pointers, and now they need a punch in their schnauzers! I wonder if they’re pug ugly, or perhaps stupid bitches. That shit must have terrierised that poor girl, bunch of pinchers!

  4. Anyone have Kenny Rogers in deadpool?

    He’s sailed off to that island in the stream.

    • I think I may have shagged one of those tarts. Can’t quite remember, I was smashed, but it’s nowt to brag about. Half of the male population of the UK of a certain age had at least one of them at some point.

  5. Stealing a dog sounds cuntish at the best of times, but to steal an assistance dog?
    These dogs are trained to be companions or to help people live their lives and are invaluable to those individuals.

    How fucking low can these theiving cunts get?
    Yes, I realise that is quite probably a rhetorical question, but the noms on here never cease to amaze me.

  6. Strange world, too many cunts, like the cunt who shot my cat with an air gun, luckily it was only a flesh wound but he had to anaesthetised to have it removed.

    I wish I could have found out who it was, the air gun would have been shoved where the sun don’t shine.

    Love animals, hate fucking people!!

  7. Off topic, but on need to know basis: Sadiq Khan (his dad was a bus driver apparently) was, in 2018, awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Royal Institute of British Architects! Only in the stabbing capital of the world. I propose that, in 2020, he should be awarded an ISAC Honorary Fellowship in CUNTITUDE.

  8. The World Health Organisation has stated that animals can’t get Corona virus and that all dogs in quarantine should be released.

    WHO let the dogs out!

  9. Round here dogs are taken not for their designer-dog value but to train up fighting dogs, apparently. Chuck someone’s beloved pet in the ring with a vicious cunt of a thing and bet on how long it lasts…

    Some “people” are utterly sick cunts

    • The thing with a lot of dogs is, they like people too much and will happily trot off with just about anybody. If someone tried to carry off my cat, it would be a life-changing decision on their part. She objects when I pick her up.

    • Why does that make me think of pikeys ?? Or is it just general chavscum.
      My ex and I kept rabbits, and given some of the atrocious things I’ve read about bastards dousing them in petrol and setting them on fire, taking a scalpel to them &c., I’m glad we kept them as house-rabbits. She was at work, I was house-husband, and buns always seemed happy – running round the place, they took to using a litter tray at first wee. They aren’t daft.

      • Filthy vermin – there are no other words. As all my fellow ISACER’S know I am a Man of peace and tolerance (when asleep) but these people need a good old style working over.
        My late mother had a ridgeback, money meant nothing to her but he was a sixth generation pedigree and worth thousands, one night he wanted to be out, she heard someone screaming, some growling and went out to find the dog covered in blood, a lump of what appeared to be human thigh on the floor and blood spray painted all over the garden – said dog “elephant head” looking very pleased with himself and a trail of blood leading out the garden into the field.
        A quick call to a mate’s partner who worked at the local hospital – one admittance of a filthy gypsy with puncture wounds, pieces missing out of him and significant blood loss. Good dog! And no more visits from the gypsies, which is good because one dark night they could have met my good self, a less forgiving creature.

  10. My dogs would literally eviscerate anyone on my property without legitimate reason – good lads!
    My partner has a springer spaniel imported from Ireland (A f*cking grand? for that I’ll dress up as one!) and he is an incredible bird dog, he is huge but moves like a cat – I have seen him bounce by me and have a pigeon in his mouth before I have reacted, but he is very nervous around new people, predominantly because his original owner was a gamekeeper and a bully who would starve him and kick f*ck out of him (I have been ordered not to exact retribution as she knows I tend to go OTT, bah!). It took me ages before he would come near me and only would when I saved him from drowning – ruining a perfectly good pair of socks into the process I may add! – and now we are fine, but he loves the good lady to death, goes with her to work and follows her around like a shadow, he is definitely her dog and has a serious dislike of male humans – they would not get near him and if they did I would hammer a World flat to find him and the criminals involved would not be able to do it again, or be able to operate without a wheelchair or carer.
    No tolerance on this one – dog thieves need a fucking good hiding, or 22 seconds in an enclosed space with Romulus and Remus, my cuddly friendly ridgebacks – that will teach the buggers!
    I hate (strong word) and I mean HATE people who are cruel to animals.

    • Well said Foxy.
      Second that.
      Prefer animals to people,
      Loyalty is something i value highly, dogs never fails the test, people?
      Lucky if they pass.

      • Miserable – I’ve never had a dog in my life. Well, apart from that one when I visited S. Korea in 1973. I don’t mind dogs really. It’s the fuckin’ owners that get me! So I suppose I’m supporting what you say!

      • They truly are mans best friend!
        Just look how many lads on here are devoted to their dogs.
        Loyalty is prized above everything in my book,
        Loyal to the missus, to my mates etc,
        And know you are too!
        Seen you defend Rtc,
        It shows a admirable quality in you Bertie.
        See dont just tease you!

      • I remember when we had to have my Mothers dog put down, he was in pain and I could not watch him suffer anymore.
        (I knew he was done for for when the vet went to put the muzzle on him and he did not try to tear the vets face off, it was most out of character!)
        Only time in my adult life I have cried, and to my extreme embarrassment my Mother caught me doing it!

      • No shame in crying over the death of a loved one mate.
        Ive been stabbed, sparked out, done the same to others,had mates die, etc
        Ill sob like a 4yr old girl when my dog goes.

  11. Destroy the cunts liver with paracetamol and then shove bonio down their throats.

  12. I hope these cunts get malled by the next dog the fuck monkeys try to steal, i hope they die of ghonaria or cock cancer even thats to good for the cunts, there will be no consoling the little girl.
    There is some real shit kickers in the world today, how low have you got to be to steal someones pet, probably pikeys or rinky dinks low life scum….

  13. don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this but what about that strange case of the dog walker a few weeks ago. she took out 7 dogs and came back with none! only explanation she offered was that they all ran off never to return . bizarre! the owners are now sueing her.

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