Starting a sentence with ‘So’

Answering every question starting with ‘So’….

It’s taken a while, but fuck a rubber duck, this trend, if you can call it that, is really getting on my tits now.

There was a time when beginning a sentence with the word ‘so’ was appropriate, such as asking certain questions e.g. “So what’s all this about then?” and “So when are we going to go?”, but now everyone from little runt school kids to university professor’s are using ‘so’ as the default start to most replies. Sooo irritating, and if it’s irritating then it’s cuntish, just like this shitty spelling checker that changes cunt to count, the useless cunt (sorry going off piste a bit there, ISACers)

After a little research on the net, it seems that this misuse of the little conjunction was the favourite of geek programmers and techies, then it went viral when Mr Million dollars-an-hour and master life manipulator “Cuntbook” CEO Mark Fuckerberg was starting every reply with ‘So’ in interviews. The guy makes me sick. He has so much fucking clout, the expressionless faced cunt. Looks like a character from Star Trek; I just wish someone would beam him up.

Now I don’t pretend to be word perfect, but the feeling I get when everyone and his wife now uses this sentence initial when being questioned is that they are trying to avoid answering properly, because they either don’t know how to, or can’t be bothered, the lazy fucktards. ‘So’ is the new ‘basically’, as far as I’m concerned and if it doesn’t bother anybody else fine, or should I say cool.

Fuck me, I’m turning into a trendy slang cunt.

Nominated by Dai O’Rhea

117 thoughts on “Starting a sentence with ‘So’

    • I was born and bred in Clapham, never heard of this phrase before and I lived there for 30 years

  1. Mark Fuckerberg is a Yank ‘So’ can be forgiven, they are all twats and don’t know any better. using ‘like’ constantly and incorrectly but there is no excuse for the English/British.


    • No need for guy/guys either. That gets on my tits. You’re not a Yank so you’re making a cunt of yourself.

      • Totally agree – especially when itis a poofy male on TV calling a gaggle of wimmin *guys”

        *So* is used throughout Wireless 4’s You and Yours every day from some fuckwit “influencer” right up to CEOs and MDs on mullti-national companies. Irritating whoever does it.

      • Drives me nuts on R4 because, being a spoken medium, you pay greater attention to what is being said. The latest generation of presenters are allowed to speak this childish version of English.

      • Correct. Starting sentences with ‘So’ or ‘Basically’ and ending them with ‘Right?’ should be punishable by exile under pain of death.

    • We teach the impertinent American colonials a proper language and they f*cking ruin it – “my diapers hit the fender and it bent because it’s only made of aluminum, then the trunk was too small for my twinkies”.. 🤮
      Darned foreigners, need to speak proper English like what I done, innit!

  2. Excellent cunting. People use it as a kind of pause like ‘..errr…’ while they think of a response. Fine. Except they often put a spin of patient condescension on it, like they’re speaking to a child who’s so stupid they need every simple thing spelled out to them by a grown-up, when the fact the speaker needs to take that pause while thinking makes them the stupid ones if anything.

  3. I find those who start a sentence with ‘look’ or ‘look here’, even more irritating.
    ‘Look’ Is the standard opening of Australian cricketers. Fuck off, I’m listening, I don’t have to look as well.

  4. What is also very annoying is the millennial move towards finishing every sentence by raising the pitch, making it sound like a question. Apparently, it started in California (from where a huge amount of complete shit has emanated) but it is now worldwide. There’s also a Glaswegian version where the second last word goes down in pitch, then the last word is one octave higher. It sounds really weird and thick. I can’t complain too much, though, as I’m prone to starting sentences with a collective noun and finishing with a plural noun. Bunch of cunts.

    • So, like ‘basically’ that thing at the end of an ‘actual’ sentence, is like ‘literally’ called like a raised inference like…Innit…
      Canadians seems to be worse than anyone at this.

      I despair, Eddie I really do!

    • Yep, that up-speak thing where it sounds like the person is constantly asking a question but isn’t is indeed quite annoying I find. It started in the late 80’s I think. The Australian soap Neighbours definately helped it along, being so popular among the young. I remember Stephen Fry quoting it as ‘Australian Question Intonation’ but is commonly known as up-speak. I’ve heard that it could damage a job applicants chances of success as it is often regarded by non up-speakers as questioning or undermining authority. Bloody well serves them right if they give the wrong impression, I just hope that employers let them know why, and preferably at the end of the interview.

    • Rising inflection? Are they speaking or asking a question? Under my Cromwell type regime the Queens will be spoken properly, and every Sunday before dinner (not f*cking lunch!) a cannon will be fired and the Union Flag raised thereafter – good form!

    • If you’ve ever seen Family Guy, there’s a YouTube clip of Stewie Griffin taking the micky out of this. Upward Inflection is the official term (upward cunt more like)

  5. Great cunting! This gets on my tits like you would not believe. If I’m watching, for example, a quiz show, and the host asks one of the contestants “what do you do for a living?” and the contestant answers with “So, I work in…”, I immediately think to myself “I hope you leave today with FUCK ALL”. Yes, that’s how much I hate this stupid “So,…” business.
    Fucking wankers.

  6. It’s what you expect from the world when you can go from Coronation St actress to MP with no discernible talent in either field.

    “Oops good job ma tits is old and saggy cos my inappropriate dress just malfunctioned”

    How long is the race to the bottom?

  7. This goes hand in hand with people making all sentences sound like questions . As if they’re Australian and appearing in Neighbours. Gets right on my tits.
    Stewie in Family Guy does a good piss take on this.

  8. Oh YES! My 100% greatest Hate at the moment. Why people can’t speak English these days is beyond me. A cunting for ANYBODY who starts a sentence with an adverb needs their tongue cutting out.

  9. Using the word ‘so’ with any degree of regularity doesn’t bother me half as much as the cunts that use ‘the words ‘guys’, ‘absolutely’ and ‘yeah’ with any degree of regularity. There’s nothing more debilitating and frustrating than having to endure the glib and superficial mutterings of some jumped-up pseudo-intellectual called Giles or Sebastian. Said cunts can usually be seen either on bikes, at the sandwich sections at Marks and Spencers, at universities as mature students, or at demonstration rallies. Fuck off!

    • Good evening Funboy. Since your appearance on the site recently, I have been intrigued by the username you have chosen!
      So much so, I felt I had to look up its definition on Urban Dictionary. So, don’t answer this question if you don’t want to but do you fit the description I found below? I quite understand if you don’t want to answer. I’m just interested!

      Funboy def. – A male with latent homosexual tendencies who enjoys the company of other males and listens to German techno music while wearing a button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, the collar popped, and sandals.

      • Bertie, ol’ beanbaggage, absolutely not. As straight as straight man in straight town on straight fargin’ day. Krav may be the only gay in the village. I do have a propensity for giving the female of the species a ‘back door delivery’, so I could potentially be bisexual. Look out, Bertram! 😀😘

      • Including Krav, we have at least five gays posting here. Three off the top of my head: Mince Pie Guy, Jason and iamnot.

        and me!

      • Where is foulmouth pugilistic Jason anyway?
        I liked him he made me laugh.

        He massively over stepped the mark, accused some one of something and is in permanent moderation but not banned, people with real e-mail addresses can complain and argue their case.
        His comments do get through though, shame I fancied him as Kyle.

      • Evening Admin, hope your well,
        Permanent moderation?
        Didnt know you did that,
        What sort of thing gets a cunter sent there?
        And how does one redeem themselves back to being able to contribute?

        It is quite simple, Some of his comments are valid, He fell off the pony once, actually twice with his false persona, but he has valid points, so he is let through, consider it detention.
        He has a contactable e-mail address, You do not. the complainant had a contactable e-mail address, they lodged a complaint with us, we looked at it considered it valid and acted appropriately.
        That’s how it works.
        If you are a total troll, we will just put your ISP and e-mail up in plain sight,fuck us around further and we will publish your personal details including home address, we have done it before we can do it again, note the .com we are off shore.
        Next question….. no you cant appeal as you are un contactable, therefore a troll in your own right, it is how it goes, one step wrong and you are on the shit list.

      • Jesus! Didnt know any of that!
        Seem to remember some bloke kicking off, a irish picture framer and he got the bums rush!
        Good job, im a good boy isnt it?!😁
        Cheers Admin!👍👍🇬🇧

      • Jason’s fucked off. I think he was attempting to troll but was too stupid to manage it.

      • It’s no shame if you have these thoughts FB. We are a broad church as RTC points out. I apologise if I’ve caused offence but what made you choose your username?

      • Absolutely no offence taken, Bertie. I am a fairly gregarious and good-natured guy. Besides, being in my early 40s now, I’d like to think I’ve seen — and been through — it all.

        Glad to be amongst some good posters here at ISAC! 👍

      • Oh, Bertie, I forgot you also asked earlier about why I choose my username — I just thought it sounded snappy, witty and memorable, and very much congruous with the jocularity and acerbic wit that pervades this site.

        What do you make of my username, BBTC? Candour and forthrightness appreciated.

      • The name’s OK Funboy. You’ll have to work on choosing an avatar to go with it now. 👍🏻

  10. “So” means I don’t know what I’m talking about but I’m not going to listen to facts or reason and already have my own made up ” science” lies and bullshit. Milennial for I’m a cunt.

    • It’s a handy way to find out early in a conversation when to start ignoring people. Cunt bags.

    • No, but you can have a slice of rhubarb tart !
      V nice washed down with navy strength gin and bitters…

  11. The worst offenders IMO are university lecturers hauled into news and pop science programmes to explain difficult stuff. ” So, the symmetry properties of the Riemann curvature tensor…(continues, with equations)” They all do it, especially the girly ones.

    There’s nothing “so” about that, you monomaniac rumpled cunt, unless anyone in your audience has the faintest idea what a tensor is, which they don’t, even in your regular classes, because that was last week and they’ve forgotten.

    I can almost forgive the common herd infecting each other with the latest smartypants American – or Australian – or ghetto – ism. Upspeaking and lisping, the glo’al stop, ‘cool’,’guys’, ‘dude’…if you haven’t anything better to offer as you attempt to articulate your trivial and simplistic thoughts, fair enough, although it is almost entirely your own fault. But for allegedly educated people
    to catch the virus is to brand themselves as eternal cunts without shame or the possibility of reprieve.

    Thank you for raising the matter.

  12. The Flabbot often uses a long, drawn-out ‘So’ to begin a sentence as, quite simply, her pie hole is disconnected from her pea brain.

    That cunt Blair begins sentences with a dismissive ‘Look’, whilst steepling his filthy fingers. Normally when attempting to justify an unjustifiable political decision or action. The cunt.

    • I think in Flabbotts case its like her brain is warming up like switching on a computer, if you look and listen carefully you can see her eyes flicker blue while she emits a low hum. If she was a computer she would have been sent to landfill in India long ago.

      • Evening LL. The hum she emits from her brain is nowhere as strong as the hum she emits from her arse!

      • Evening Blunty, less of a hum and more an airhorn, especially after Nando’s hot wings.

    • So – good cunting D’OR, equally infuriating is the creeping Americanisation of…..having a pause…..between…..words!
      “The…EU”, for one example – so, I think we should “reach out”, “from the get – go” and slap it out of these f*ckers!
      Vote Fox!

      • Indeed so, Vernon. Popular with weather forecasters for many a long year (and others with fuck all to say, but a time slot allocated needing filling) the “Robert Peston Pause” has now spread rather more widely than the tossers from the Met Office.

        It is now useful as an indication that the speaker is – as well as padding out sparse detail to fill time slots, and therefore less likely to have anything of interest or importance to say – a total twat with a nugatory rationale for any continued existence. The off switch is usually the next port of call.

        In that grand scheme of irksome irritants of the orotund, “so” is fairly low in my personal pecking order. I was on a bus in Oxford Road in Manchester recently, and noticed that everyone on the bus (they were chiefly undergraduate students) was (ab)using “like” approximately ten times per minute. A quick calculation revealed that a full number 42 double decker from East Didsbury to Manchester Picadilly Gardens could potentially bear witness to 60 000 instances of the word “like” being uttered.


      • Off piste, but on from that “like” comment…

        Interestingly, ALDI’s devilishly clever marketing chaps realised this some years ago, and hijacked the word “like”, reserving it unto themselves.

        So far their strategy is working well, and the a German grocer goes from strength to strength. If course they are in fact no longer particularly cheap, indeed many of their wares are significantly dearer than Asda, Morrisons or Tesco. The great British public have not yet cottoned on to this fact, but continue to be taken in by cheap potatoes and washing up liquid, while paying slightly more for rump steak and ready meals (on which the raw spend is of course far greater).

        Meanwhile the cunts at ALDI continue paying peanuts, employing monkies, rushing customers through checkouts with alarming alacrity, and neglecting any semblance of customer service of any kind. Clever.

        Eventually, the penny may drop, but by then Sainsbury and Co will have folded, and they’ll have won that game. This is not any real criticism, in fact I take my hat off to their sophistication and ingenuity.

        They’ll soon be inverting their old strap line “spend a little live a lot” to my own motto: “live a little, spend a lot”.

    • Abbott V Blair in a fight to the death – Tony the blade against “The sweaty crusher”!
      I would pay money to see that!
      Not my money of course..

      • “And Tonys grinning manically now hers pulled Dianes Beatles wig off!
        Is this the end for Diane?
        Shes blinking repeatedly like a tortoise while gathering herself on the ropes,
        Luckily the rep was in her maths group at school, and shes up by the count of 23!

      • Six mojitos and she’s ready to go again!
        She slaps big T down with a hard blow, shouting “white privilege”
        Blair bounces back – as f*cking always, by shouting “All Women shortlists”, knowing full well this excludes “the flying Abbott” as she has been proven to be not only not female but only 11% Human! (& that’s only the Chinese hair in her wig!)
        Abbott then plays a blinder by tagging with “Harvey Abbott”, her copper crunching Son, BUT…
        Blair plays a Lazarus type blinder by tagging with “Mandy the mangler” – who fists “Harvey Abbott” in the ring, gives him a good licking and leaves him with his eyes watering..
        Now that beats Saturday morning wrestling with Kent Walton!

  13. The meaning and use of words change over time. Wicked, cool etc.

    I plan to bring back the word quim.

    *spying an attractive person*
    “Cor! Well quim!”

    *feeling tired*
    “Oh I’m well quim”.

    *feeling angry*
    ” Quim off, ya c*nt!”

    • Quim? Bit rude for you that Spoons isnt it?
      Might be a regional thing, but here it was used in “i licked her quim’.
      Not heard it for years.

      • Quim as used by Magragret Beckett when James Purnell was her toyboy. As Maggie herself wrote:

        I was very glad when my boyfriend Jim,
        Decided to tell me about my quim,
        So, pulling down my drawers to demonstrate natures laws,
        I felt my legs open wide, and Jim, naughty boy stuck his tool inside.

        Cool – a word much beloved by BBC antiques experts in their sixties and every Wireless 4 *comedian*

      • Evening WC, i dont know who Margaret Beckett is if im honest, sounds a right little saucy mare!
        Given me a semi, got anymore of her filthy monolgue?!!

      • Dont mean misshapen mp dame Margaret Beckett do you WC?!!
        Instantly flaccid.

      • Margaret Beckett? Probably a distant relative of Thomas A’ Beckett – and every bit as f*cking sanctimonious!

      • She was a right little goer in her day, MNC – Nye Bevan, once said “sit on my knee and I’ll give you a rise”. Winston Churchill famously said to her “get off my foot, you silly old tart”

      • Evening, MNC. How do? 🙂

        P.s where does the hairstyle word quiff come from? A teddy boy quiff.

      • Evening Spoons!
        Not sure, know some of the old Teddyboys referred to the haircut as a ‘DA’-ducks arse , dont see em anymore do you?
        As a kid there was a teddyboy who used to work the door in the chinky chippy,heehee, bouncers on a chipshop door!
        Went the chippy an got battered!😁😁

      • Evening Lord Benny, wasnt my leg it was the lad who works for me, hes had a stent put in and seems to be fine?!
        Given him a new lease of life,
        He’ll be riverdancing if he doesnt calm down😁
        As it happens I have had a fair bit, my grandad had horses, and the father inlaw deals in horses, when a young bloke did some labouring for pikeys,
        Ripping up drives, bleeding hard work!!
        Paid me ok but reckon the work they did was way below par.
        Check out the news, theyve just settled a massive site down south somewhere , posh place, and the residents are quite rightly goin bananas!

      • Lord Benny, my leg is better now. Thankyou. Out of the plaster cast and plastic boot. 🙂

  14. So I’m certain we’ve covered this on Isac before but I’ll reiterate my two pennorth…

    “So” normally belongs in the middle of a sentence. It is interchangeable with “therefore” yet no cunt begins a sentence with “therefore”.

    Therefore, I am a cunt.

  15. Equally annoying are the cunts who say ‘yeah yeah yeah’ whilst you’re speaking to them, as if they don’t give a toss what you’re saying and can’t be bothered to listen.

  16. Cunts who start a sentence with “Listen…..” I am listening you cunt but as you’ve just said “Listen” I instantly stop listening. The cunts.

      • If it was a 6 foot 2 Parachute Regiment Sergeant built like a brick shithouse, I definitely would listen up.

      • I think you have no concept of load marshals.
        Each person has a body weight, each parachute has a load weight.
        Fat big guys carry less kit! MR 6ft 4 para has jumped and ran with less kit than MR 5ft para who has been running round with the platoon mortar base plate stuck to his back.
        woe is he who evokes the anger of an angry midget!

  17. Maybe I am odd but the word “So” sounds like the beginning of a bollocking.
    “so trooper X you thought it would be a good idea to do ”
    “yes sir”
    “And at no point did you think that no one else had done this?”
    “No Sir”
    “So at this point trooper x I have to point out the error in your ways”
    “Yes Sir”
    ” The towing gear on a tank is left unpainted for crack testing and not as a target on your arse, Wrap its in hessian!”
    “so I am sentencing you to 15 days suc in the guard room, do you accept my sentence?”
    “Yes Sir”
    ” Provost Sargent take this man from my sight, Oh and dont let it happen again”

  18. I can just about get my head round the “So” bollox, but what really makes me want to put an axe (that’s “axe” and not friggin’ “ax”), is when some gormless cunts says “Can I get a coffee?”

    Doesn’t make any fucking sense to me because the cunt saying that isn’t actually “getting” anything; its the cunt behind the counter who will be doing that ffs!

    Whatever happened to “Could I please have?”

    So tell me!

    • Techno, I remember the teacher telling me off when I asked, “Please, miss, can I go to the toilet?”

      She said something like, “I don’t know. Can you? Do you lack the ability to walk to the toilet and use the facilities yourself?”
      “If you able to walk to the toilet yourself, the question you should ask is ‘please may I?'”

      “Can I? Is questioning one’s ability. May I? Is asking permission.”

    • Nancy Pelosi is a septic cunt who looks as if she’s pissed herself.

      Evening, Krav.

  19. My Chinese neighbour told me that he’d bought a crows shop.

    I said, “It’s clothes shop, not crows shop you fucking idiot.”

    He said, “No, is crows shop, come and take a rook.”….

  20. Who had Kirk Douglas in the pool? Looks like the old fart actually popped it for real this time.

  21. I posted on her intstagram “, whats the plan? reversing evolution to the state of being a primate?…..another trend to encourage women into being unattractive along with the donut gob jobs,tattoos and encouraging flab….two out comes 1 will blokes turn ‘stoke on Trent’ or 2 a life time of doing George Formby impersonations watching online bongo clips….

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