Sadiq Khan (17)

Sadiq Khan again, this time for awarding £500,000 worth of free advertising on the London Underground to hosiery brand, ‘Nubian Skin’. Free advertising eh, so who’s paying for it?

The brand’s ‘A different kind of nude’ campaign was unveiled by the mayor as the winner of a Transport for London competition to promote diversity in advertising. The adverts, to be displayed in prominent positions across the tube network, feature black men and women in nude-toned underwear. Rank hypocrisy from this cunt since one of his first moves as mayor was to ban Protein World’s, ‘beach body ready’ adverts, which featured a fitness model in a bikini. At the time, Khan said: “As the father of two teenage girls, I’m extremely concerned about this kind of advertising, which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies”. Not quite so concerned though, when it’s advertising ‘Nubian Skin’.

Most of the poor fuckers who have to endure the London underground might wonder why this particular underwear advert is seen as ok, whilst others are banned.

Khan, you are a waste of space. Thankfully, I left Londonistan years ago, whilst Ken Livingscum was Mayor, but still hope to see this cunt deposed in the Mayoral election this year.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Another nomination for that waste of space, Sadiq Khan, this time for going on a trip to Brussels in an attempt to get special separate EU citizenship for Londoners who are ‘heartbroken’ about Brexit.

Glad that there’s so little crime in our once great capital, that this imbecile can ignore his actual job and instead spend taxpayers money on this latest stunt, the cunt.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Violent/knife crimes are sky high here in Londonistan, Transport for London has a shit load of debt, homelessness is as rife as it ever was here, he was given billions over four years in 2018 towards a programme to build new ‘affordable’ (LOL….snigger, snigger) homes in the Capital – over 100,000 by 2022, supposedly – and has only STARTED less than 40,000 so far….and the list goes on and on, so what does this dwarf cunt see fit to do?

Fuck off on a jolly to Brussels to tongue up the arsehole of the likes of Gollum….oops sorry, I meant Verhofstadt and his like, to beg for ‘associate citizenship’ for Britons (but what he means is LONDONERS) who wanted to remain in the EU and are sobbing into their protein shake and avocado on toast. What could possibly be more pressing an issue than this??

The man is a putrid, crawling, cynical, calculated turd of epic proportions. The London Mayoral election occurs in May, so clearly he has an agenda here and wants to please the cunt Londoners who voted in an almost 60% majority to leave. Not only is he sucking up the EU’s poo passage, but also prospective voters to retain his position as Mayor.

What an obsequious little cock he is. His Napoleon complex is out of control.

Nominated by Nurse Cunty

90 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan (17)

  1. Sadly the incompetent old cunt, politics answer to Norman Wisdom, will doubtless be re-elected as London Mayor in May thanks to the many peacefuls, poofs, soy-boys and right-on wimmin in London. God knows why, crime, especially knife crime is through the roof. He is an incompetent motherfucker.

  2. He looks like Mr Bean with a heavy sun tan in that picture above. He’s an even bigger cunt than Mr bean tho.

    • One’s an annoying, weedy, rubber-faced, unfunny cunt whose irritating mumbling is constantly on the BBC, and the other one’s Mr.Bean.

  3. Hopefully if we give him a revolver and a petrol can, the odious little cunt might do the decent thing…

  4. Hold on a minute, wasnt it saddick who stopped underwear adverts on transport?
    But ok for the models if theyre black people?
    Dont understand?
    Seems a bit double standard’s?
    Just what is it about a black guy in skimpy undercrackers that sends him so forgetful?
    His imam should know about this!
    Told them at prayers to be bombers not bummers!!

    • Why doesn’t Sadiq (apparently correctly pronounced Saddik as I learned when an interviewer made clear to viewers when Khan was a guest) think that men will feel body shamed by the hunky black body builders in the Nubian ad the same way women are apparently shamed by curvy women in bikinis? Odd one that.
      If you’ll notice though, the black women in the ad are not exactly alpha females are they? One has a flabby tum as well. The men on the other hand look fit and in good shape. As we know, our peaceful mayor really thinks women should take second place as that is what the Koran preaches, so I do find this ironical with its subliminal message to the London travelling public.

      The elephant in the room here is, the more peaceful representatives that are elected to positions of power and influence, particularly in the house of commons by ever burgeoning peaceful invasion of UK towns and cities, the more the country will be run with their intetests and beliefs at heart. It frightens me to fucking death. This is just the thin edge of the wedge.
      Such cuntishness.

  5. I thought the picture advertising underwear was another grooming scandal or drugs fraud gang, what with all the grinning négros and pákis. I’d drop a magnanimous load into the model underneath but none of the effnick ones above.

    Khan is a cunt who knows exactly what he’s doing – corrupting London and moving society towards his insidious, pædo Death cult. I hope he dies of a massive stroke.

  6. Thank Dog I don’t live in Londonistan!

    That Nubian Skin ad is mega-GROSS!

    On the other hand I’d be on the underground 24/7 if that ‘Beach Body Ready’ poster were reinstated.

  7. What are the odds he’ll be re-elected mayor by the predominantly ethnic londonistan population!?

    A vile little cunt.

  8. In May, for the first time in my life, i’m going to vote for a fucking Tory, a black Tory no less. It’s the only way I can see of getting rid of this obnoxious, useless, scheming little bastard. I don’t hold out much hope however…….he’s got the peaceful block vote and he is careful to cultivate the libtards with his pro EU, anti Trump, save the planet bullshit. Fuck me we’ve had some cunts here in Londonstabistan…..Livingcunt, Boriscunt, but this wanker is in a league of his own.

    • The rest of the English speaking world is laughing at London.
      How sad, a peaceful as mayor.
      London is truly lost. Only 44% of it is white British. How the fuck did this happen?

      • Too fucking right. If I walk to the local shops (about 300 yards each way) it is unusual to see somebody white and British. There isn’t a single whitey working in any of those shops, if I go to the doctors or dentist I am the only white British cunt in the waiting room. I’m not saying it’s a problem on a personal level but it just doesn’t seem right to me.

      • I think what you mean Freddie is that it doesn’t feel like you’re in Britain.
        That’s how I felt when I was in London.
        Manchester felt British to me and Newcastle but London, no fucking chance.

      • Manchester is also losing its grip… We have that odious reptile Andy Burnham in charge… We also have the shameful blind eye turning and peaceful appeasing GMP… Granada TV died years ago and Piccadilly Radio has been replaced by endless crap and adverts on a loop… The Manchester Evening News are an Abu Dhabi mouthpiece (much like the council), the two football clubs are run by the dodgiest cunts possible, and the Arndale Centre now feels like a day out in Bucharest or Islamabad… Not quite as fucked as London, but nearly as fucked… Sadly getting there…

      • London and Birmingham are lost, Manchester soon to follow, all of England in 75 years. The Great White-British migration has begun.

      • I am relieved to hear that Newcastle is ok; reckon Lord Fiddler is doing a good job up there…

        Excellent cunting; I hope when he gets No. 20 he’ll be awarded the key to wherever snuff-khunts go..

    • Feel for you Freddie. I am lucky enough to live on the south coast, predominately Tory, but at least we don’t have Sadiq Khunt in charge.
      In time it may change here, but until that day I will enjoy my life and I truly hope it is snuffed out before it no longer resembles my home.

      • Wha-at? You’re not voting for Rory Cuntjob for London mayor? Gibbon-faced, Middle-East-loving, chillum-clutching, crack-smoking, rudiculously-vain, fanatical Remainiac?


      • If you’re talking to me Rory isn’t a Tory anymore and, the last time I saw the cunt, he wasn’t black. Still, he might take a few thousand remoaner votes off Suckdick so good luck to the show pony wanker.

    • They are useful on occasion FtF – sandbags for flood defence, I f*cking hate seeing our Capital City destroyed from within and this tanned turd is doing everything he can to turn London into the Third World.
      Banning tube adverts with white Women on them, paying snowflake ugaboos half a Million Pounds of OUR money to advertise this f*cking shit.
      As the froth of Khan has two Daughters (regularly I assume – is he talking about his own or some underage white girls trafficked in from Rotherham I wonder) he would be well advised to check the colour of the taxi drivers face – can’t be too careful with p*edo sh*t like your filthy brethren running about can you suckdick?
      I would truly enjoy grinding the sole of my size eleven into this little piece of s*it b*stards face until it was pulp.
      Please me, that would.

  9. Khan must have been terribly disappointed when he found out the attacker at the staged fracas at the mosque yesterday was also a moose limb and not a “right wing extremist.”
    Mental illness apparently. How the fuck we’ve got enough units in this country to hold all these mentally ill peacefuls is beyond me.

    • Hahahaha is that true?
      If so you’ve made my day. Peaceful on peaceful attack.
      Ffs that’s new.

      • He had a 1.5cm ‘wound’ to his neck. WTF are the MSM going to report on next?
        Mudslime nicks himself whilst shaving?

      • “Muslim disappointed by less mild weather than expected – candlelight vigil arranged, along with a safe space for anyone experiencing mental health issues whilst waiting for the benefit office to open and the local school to empty”..
        If I had a heart it would be bleeding – I just sooo feel for the poor darlings!
        Good nom MM/NC 👍

    • Muslim savage – “mentally ill”
      White offender – “far right racist brexiteer m*rderer”
      Khan is a cunt.

      • Evening Ruff one. Apparently, the two were friends! Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!
        How times change – all the fuss over a little nick on the neck.
        Not so long ago, heads were literally rolling and few of these fuckers cared not.

  10. He’d do well in the SNP. They’re useless and waycist too.
    London is fucked.
    It would have been better to let the Krays and the Richardsons continue running it, rather than this fucking fifth columnist.
    Get To Fuck.

    • To see Suckdick Khan get a ‘talking to’ from Ronald and Reginald would be something I’d pay to see…

      • Or one of the Richardson’s mock trials, with the obligatory electrodes on testicles.
        Pass the popcorn.
        Afternoon Norman.

  11. The popular word diversity, I think it would be more diverse to have both posters advertised. The beach body one and the underwear one side by side.

    I see posters of supposed families with both white people and black people.

    What is so important about diversity?

    I like natural diversity and not forced diversity for the sake of it.

    • Diversity? Racism towards white people.
      Inclusivity? – Racism towards white people.
      Quotas? – Racism towards white people.
      Political correctness – Racism towards white people.
      May the reckoning come, may it be quick, and may it be terrible.

    • Diversity indeed Spoons!

      We have a predominately white cat, a predominantly black cat, and a tabby cat.

      Diversity! 😺

      • I’ve never had a dog, but I can confirm that that is precisely what my cat’s expression is saying when I put my back out and my wife isn’t in to feed her.

      • In the interests of diversity I have decided to sit on my a*se and let my brown dogs pay the mortgage etc!
        No, they appear less than keen on this one, they are calling me a far right waycist and demanding a smelly brown Lawyer!
        Treacherous beasts – much more of this and I may send them to DF’s estate for re-education – That will teach the buggers!

      • Can’t wait for China to take over Africa…

        What would Moaning Jones say ?? Would he pink-furry-handcuff himself to the Chinese Embassy railings in protest?

  12. The little bobble-head cunt is a waste of space, diversity is our strength, that will happen when there are no white people left in London and it turns into fucking Idlib

    P Stanley cunt!

  13. Would you all like to know a little known fact about this brilliant leader of our once great capital?
    Well apparently his Dad was a bus driver!
    We’d never have discovered this as i don’t think he’s ever mentioned it.

    • I always assumed the froth of Khan’s Father was a dinghy salesman or an anal sphincter – well what else could produce that amount of shit?
      I really do detest this slimy little weasel c*nt.

    • More than enough, I’d wager. Let me know when they decide to pick a British city to be the capital of the UK.

      • Are there any British cities left? It’s over, Britain as a landmass still exists, Britain as British is fading fast.

      • I think it would have to be a city Moggie, that we can defend. Somewhere high enough so as not to flood. I suggest Newcastle. It doesn’t seem to come in for stick like Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool and we could make Dick Fiddler Mayor.

      • Excellent idea. Start a petition that a city must be predominantly white British to be considered our capital – and when that one falls too it’d be the wake-up call the nation needs as to where we are qucikly headed.

    • That London is packed with cunts, Sixdog.

      I hasten to add that I am one of the few Londoners who actually voted leave, as walking around this dump of a city is like you are living in a fucking foreign country. You hear every other fucking language under the sun except English these days here.

      Cunt of a place!!!!

      • Like Cardiff; the people are cunts, and I do NOT mean the Welsh. I’d love to hear some Welsh spoken, especially by the Charlotte of my dreams..

  14. Sadiq Khunt, he’s utterly useless and I “hate” him. The violent crime throughout London is a scandal and nothing gets done about it, this is Khunt’s responsibility thought.

    I like it when Donald Trump rips into him. I would like every single worldwide right wing global leader to rip into him.

    London is the greatest capitalist city in the world, it is WRONG for it to have a left wing Muslimist mayor. This Khunt must be dramatically Unseated at the next soonest opportunity.

  15. They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps and one of Suckdick’s biggest mates is the great James O’Shithead. He has him on his show once a month and a more nauseating piece of arselicking you won’t find anywhere, not even on the BBC. Listen to it if you dare but have a sick bag at the ready.
    You have been warned!

  16. Are all mayors cunts?
    Can’t think of any good ones?
    This little curry breathed twat,
    That cleft palate twat in Manchester,
    The mayor of Amityville (Jaws)
    All. Cunts to a man.

    • The Mayor of Amityville was an actor mate. Oh…..wait a minute, I see what you mean. Doh!

    • Khan is on my list when I start to reverse the harrying of the North by invading London – first thing you do when going anywhere new is to clear out the vermin.

  17. They don’t get it do they? London thinks it’s special and not subject to UK democracy. Remoaners still churning out the same old bollocks. Khan is incompetent and trying frantically to divert attention.

  18. What can you say about this little prick that hasn’t already been said? 👎. London is open for business👎 👎
    The bloke is an absolute cunt but he will be voted back into office by like minded foreign cunts👎

    • Declare London a separate state, then bomb it!
      Other genocidal options are available! 😃
      And could I make a suggestion to my esteemed IsaC colleagues – substitute the word “diversity” with “deviancy”.
      Like the Poet Laureate I am – just more stupid and less articulate!

  19. A “different kind of nude”. What does that mean? I´m all for diversity of it means good looking black wenches removing their clothing. I´ve seen plenty of delicious scantily clad dark meat in Africa, South America and the US – and on the Internet. Check out Ebony Ayes, Jeannie Pepper, Jada Fire, Kiki Minaj, Carmen Hays, Spantaneous Xstasy and you´ll see what I mean. Don´t check out Oprah Winfrey, the Flabbot or Whoopy Goldberg though.

    • Ebony Ayes? Jeannie Pepper? Quality black fanny but you’re going back a bit Mr P.
      How about Vanessa Blue or Misty Stone? They love white cock. Er……yeah, I need to cut down on the porn. 🤜

      • Halycon days. Ebony is now married to a pastor I believe and Jeannie went into an unconvincing dominatrix period. Still, they were both fantastic in their prime. Thanks for the tip on the new babes on the block Mr F.

  20. Any man who mounts a goat is only doing so as he can’t reach a camels arse! Khan is far too short to reach……

    I fucking hate goons !

  21. We’re at the point whether it’s either genocide or be colonised. The public should make a definite choice which they’d prefer.

      • Yes, us genociding THEM is what I meant. Neither option is palatable but it really is either them or us. I don’t think black and brown people will be trumpeting minority rights and positive discrimination when white people are the minority somehow.

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