Jeremy Corbyn (23)

Jeremy Corbyn remains a cunt.

Magic fucking grandpa is still clueless at why he is so unpopular, both in his awful party, and the people at large. Today at the dispatch box, he accused the government of blatant racism, for the deportation of the Jamaican born criminals. He reckons that if they were white and had been born in America, they would be fine – a dig at Boris and his possible cocaine use at uni. There’s plenty of white cunts in prison, from home and away, yet he, nor that dreadful Chackribatti woman give a fuck about them. Thank fuck this old cunt will return to being a tick on the turd that is the back benches, where he will murmur his discontent and anti-British, anti-western diatribe to an uninterested world.

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78 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn (23)

  1. He is what he always has been, a stupid loser looking for acceptance from those who will use him as a useful idiot. There is nothing people like him cannot see through their weird anti-white European lens – even the deportation of murderers and rapists. His fanaticism is on par with any religious cult of the past or present.

    • Agree….and the saddest thing many people have voted for this peice of shit from the arse of a donkey!

    • Magic grandpa … the gift that keeps on giving.
      What a font of left wing snowflake shite he is. An Ultra-Cunt if ever I saw one.
      I’ve got an idea for you Steptoe – instead of deporting these theiving, rapist, muderous cunts, let’s invite them all to stay in your house.

      Wanker !

  2. This cunt still does not get it.
    We’re all tired of their lefty superior mindset.
    He still hasn’t worked out that we don’t give a fuck about scoring points through virtue signalling and playing the race card is tired old hat. It doesn’t work you waffling old cunt now fuck off and stop being a pest.

  3. Living in the past, when The Flabbott was young and slim and her exotic black pussy was always available to him. Poor old cunt……he’s like some crotchety old grandad, he means well but hasn’t got a fucking clue. They should put him in the House of Lords with all the other old fossils. He can wind those cunts up all day long.
    Just fuck off Jezza, and stay fucked off.

  4. The man err woman ” who the fuck knows !” Is a complete prick. It is hard to believe that the labour party would elect a more useless cunt than Michael Foot. It hates the country, and always has time for ” freedom fighters” terrorists to you and me. The cunt is a waste of space. Him or it and it’s ilk will never be happy unless everyone else is miserable the fucking CUNT.

  5. I think Abbopotanus sat on his face and blocked off oxygen when they were travelling through east Germany all those years ago.

    • Imagine the lovely Diane on the back of a motorcycle today. It would have to be one of those three wheeler jobs with reinforced suspension. She’d have to take the foam out of the crash helmet to get it on her massive head. 😁

  6. A plane load of Jamaicans has made more news than Coronavirus aka Clovid-19 , and that just about sums up the looney left.
    They cry Windrush at every opportunity although this has nothing to do with these criminals and they seem to forget that when the law suits there agenda they are happy to give it full backing but when it’s not the law they like all hell breaks lose.

    Corbyn is a cunt, he backs every shit stain cause, the only thing we can thankful for is the silly old sod didn’t get into No.10

    • Windrush was proposed as a monument to our Ni. sorry..betters when they came over here from chocolateville. It was proposed that it went on the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Sq, The cunt of a ship ( of shame ) should have been fucking torpedoed en route here to disgorge its plantation people on our doorstep.

  7. What a fall for old Jeremy Cuntbyn…I remember a few years ago he was so popular wid da yoot that he put on some festival…don’t think tickets sales were that good though and they reduced the price.
    Now he’s so desperate to hang on to the party he’s ruined he insisted on a period of reflection after the thrashing he got at the last election.
    No need for reflection Jeremy, the voters told you to go fuck yourself, and then go fuck yourself.
    So go fuck yourself.

    • He’s Belgian, of course he’s a cunt. He’s even more of a cunt because I had no clue who he is and had to look him up. To save time for those like me, he’s a footballer for Villa, so a triple-cunt.

      • “I’m a Villa supporter of 60+ yrs standing,”

        I can see where you’ve been going wrong Ron! For God’s sake, try sitting down!

      • I like Villa, too. Have a wee soft spot for ‘em and was delighted when they got promoted to the EPL last year. Jack Grealish & John McGinn are class acts, imo, and the former has great pins and derrière. If I ever had to get intimate with a fella, it would be him!

      • Sorry, Funboy. Despite your protestations about your username, I’m beginning to think you swing both ways! Nothing wrong with that! It’s your opportunity to come out and say it.

      • Lmao, BBTC! It’s merely a bit of banter and a bit of levity. Don’t look too much into some of my cyber comments, ol’ son. It’s sort of understandable that you think I could be a sublimated homosexual, though. 😀😘😉

      • Laughing my ass off? Sorry, heteros always say “laughing my head off”

        be nice

      • Lol! I knew that you were going to say something about the A word. 😀😀😉 Rest assured, B, that I am not afflicted with ‘teh gayness’.

    • Oh Jeremy Corbyn,oh Jeremy corbyn…
      Fuckin travesty this man isnt guiding the rudder and steering the UK into the future, missed our chance there!
      History will show this man had all the answers,
      Had the chance to work all day for a tranny foreman in the fields to come home to gorge on a bowl of rice,
      A bicycle for every man woman and child,
      To live cheek by jowl with limpopo from Congo and depak from Bangladesh and live as brothers.
      Ought to hang your heads in shame.
      Racists in this country!!

  8. Oh dear, your plans to flood the country with more of the underclass gone awry Jeremy? Unable to import more Somali rapists and murderers to further impoverish local communities and steal more from the real working class?

    To be fair Jeremy, if we’d been given the opportunity for trading you for a Jamaican criminal, we would of welcomed the new citizens with open arms. Fuck it, if any yardie gangsta wants to remain in the UK ask Jeremy if he’s willing to swap places with you.

    The yardie may ruin a few lives, Jeremy would ruin millions.

    • Exactly.
      At this rate we’ll have a shortage of rapists!
      And if he keeps deporting people a shortage of knifers!
      What are we meant to do Boris?
      Stab ourselves?
      Oh youd love that wouldnt you?!!!

    • Excuse me, I thought the purpose of the labour party was to improve the welfare of the worker, not chip off the income of those that work.
      Lets face it I am a bottom feeder in the food chain, living in a council flat and I feel I am subsidizing my neighbors.

  9. The cunt has conveniently forgotten that Boris and co are legally bound, under a law introduced by a Liebour govt in 2007, to deport these ruffians back to their country of origin once they have served time for committing serious criminal offences. A shame that Steptoe doesn’t black up, sneak onto the plane and fuck off out of Britain as well.

  10. The scruffy cunt might not look it but this is a very dangerous man. We literally dodged a bullet when this fool didn’t get into Number 10. Would have got rid of our nuclear deterrent. Imported millions more unknowns into our isles. A terrorist sympathiser. Billions more borrowed from Labours magical money tree to be wasted on immos and other assorted homegrown dross. Boris Johnson isn’t perfect but my god it’s whole lot better than this idiot.

  11. Now I recall this exchange as if I was there, Jeremy came out with a load of half facts (along the lines of “Black lives matter” ) And compared the situation to the Windrush fiasco.
    Boris came back all Greta with “How dare you compare them to the people who came to help us”
    Now I am inclined to agree, I do not hate people by Faith or Colour, but I am highly allergic to Cunts and break out in a bad case of “Say it how it is” which is so non PC these days.
    Admin posted the home office statistics on deportation on a lammy nomination (I think) and it showed that 1/3 were non EU citizens so why does their piss not boil when white people are deported?

    • He’s a nice man who just happens to be misunderstood by the electorate. He’s totally selfless and puts others before himself, as you would expect from a leader of the Labour party. He proved it by shagging Diane Abbott so that no-one else would have to. Talk about sacrificing yourself for your fellow man. What a guy.

      He has an interest in manhole covers!, does that not strike you as odd?

  12. Why is this old cunt still a thing, didn’t he get his ass handed him in the last election?

    Is he really still in charge of the opposition? why?

  13. Feel sorry for jeremy, born in poverty,
    Lived in lowly Yewtree Manor house,
    He fought his way up,
    Hes estimated to only be worth 3million which for a champagne socialist is peanuts.
    And while hes dated some of the worlds most glamorous women like Di Abbott, hes always kept the common touch.
    The sort who can walk into any pub order a chablis and hummus vegan salad and sit and talk to dockers, builders, working men.

  14. The British electorate could see Corbyn was being bloody crafty by trying to play both sides of the Brexit argument, that’s why he’s in the shitter. Leading means you have to establish your position and stick to it. You can’t be all things to all men, and all this farting about and seeing how the land lies by getting feedback from focus groups etc before you make your position clear is not going to inspire confidence in anyone. This is what happens when you suddenly get dragged from the back benches into a leadership role without having any front bench ministerial experience. Disaster for him but not for us.

    Labour got cocky because of the surge in youth support during the 2017 election and thought they could build on that support easily, trouble was they stuffed themselves, or rather he did by posturing, the stupid cunt.

    As a middle aged man I see Jeremy Corbyn as the patronising geography teacher so typical of the 1960’s and 70’s that called the kids by their surname with his musty jacket that smelt of fag smoke from his tea break in the staff room. I am sure that I am not alone amongst that age group. He needed the youth vote and lost it big time. Serves the scruffbag right.

    He looks and acts like a loser. That doesn’t get you into number 10 in 2020, we’ve moved on.

    Your comment was moved into moderation. please elaborate “Middle age man”

    • To save any confusion, when I say as a middle aged man, I speak as a person 50-60 years old that remember ‘old school’ teachers resembling his appearance and attitude and naturally dislike him.

      Good or I would have had to have my posy roll up at your place and “Do something to you” with an array of mobility aids!

  15. How great would it have been to be at that meeting the day after the election. CorBlimey asking what went wrong and everyone shuffling their feet and avoiding eye contact. They still can’t get it into their swedes that nobody knew where they stood, why they dithered, what they would do and how theyd achieve it.

    Hoo-ee, what a cunt.

      • I really enjoyed that RTC. I’ve got a lovely warm glow, which I am going to supplement with a nice cup of tea and a couple of digestives.
        Good evening.

      • Evening Jack.

        Good vid innit?

        I had toast and marmalade and coffee and ice cream for m’ bodily eats this evening.

        Currently watching a film called Mother! It’s a bit on the weird side….

      • All the sad faces were a joy to behold.
        And the thick cunts still don’t get it !!!
        Political Darwinism in action !!!!
        It was pizza, chips and salad for me, followed by apple pie and custard.

      • Evening RTC. I watched that film Mother, found it depressing and frustrating.
        But Paul Joseph Watson’s YouTube channel is great. Black Pigeon is also very good 👍

      • Evening Fenton. Yep, you summed up Mother perfectly, but I couldn’t look away.

        Probably have nightmares tonight. Not much change there.

      • Let’s not forget that the thick twat has 2 grade E A-Levels and dropped out of the shittest polytechnic in the UK after a year. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t understand?

  16. There’s a story going about that he could be shadow Foreign Secretary if Speccy Wrong-Daily gets elected leader. Bring it on.

  17. Those that cry ‘racist’ are the true racists.

    They see colour in everything and yet, ironically, they just don’t see it.

    20 or so Jamaicans are deported because they are foreign born criminals who’ve spent more than a year in chokey.

    The rules are clear, if you tick the above box then you get deported, I don’t give a fuck what nationality you are or indeed what colour your skin is, if you break the rules then I don’t want to pay to keep you at HMPleasure. Simple.

    So what we have here is ‘cultural
    Marxism’ an obsession with race, gender, identity et al.

    Funny though, isn’t it, that the number of White Europeans removed from U.K. has doubled from 2013 to 2017 yet those removed from outside the EU has decreased by a third over the same period.

    But you don’t get to hear about that.

    • Do you not think that perhaps those ‘Europeans’ might be the kind of turds that float up on our beaches, having passed through every safe European country en route from Africa and the middle east?

  18. Down on the allotment somethings stirring.
    Peter rabbit & friends were hungry,
    And mr corbyn had netted up his carrots and leek trench, they were lovely organic locally sourced vegan fresh veg, the rabbits wanted in.
    Mr corbyn hated the rabbits, they were english & common, lived in poverty, he preferred guinea pigs or alpacas, more ethnically diverse.
    They had to be careful.
    While Corbyn wouldnt shoot and eat them like some Northumbrian farmer,
    He once nearly caught Peter nibbling his lettuce tops, nearly hitting peter with a spade hollering “fuckin jew!!
    Fuckin theiving jew!”
    Peter only just escaped.
    The plan to liberate the veg and feed the rabbits began to hatch.

    Continues tomorrow.
    Miserables stories for bedtime.

    Listen with mother was removed from Radio 4 because they discovered that the listener’s were long haul truck driver’s. I wonder about the longevity of your program.

    • Dont fret it.
      Itll run for years, stop for ten then due to demand return with book deals,
      Animation, merchandise etc
      You want in?

    • That’s funny as fuck iv’e read it out to the missus , i’m pissing myself where he is shouting “fucking jew” , “fucking thieving jew” lol.
      You gotta do a part 2 , maybe include fat Abbott in it.

      • No mention of Jemima Puddleduck, no mention of Mrs Tiggywinkle, no mention of Mrs Tittlemouse. This casual Sexism is an absolute disgrace.

      • Miles@
        Literature jealousy is a ugly thing.
        If you want to join one of my writing workshops ill do you discount!

  19. Anyone with an ounce of self respect would have sloped off into obscurity after his shameful attempt at politics, face it cunt fuck you are shit at it.! I can see Dementia setting in soon on this sorry wanker and I for one will enjoy seeing him walking around his local supermarket with his underpants over his trousers shouting Dog Shit at the top of his voice.!

    • Do you think he wanted power deep down? Jeremy always makes me think he prefers agitating over real power. He would rather disrupt his own party than have to run the country. He is incapable of making decisions, especially when he has to place his principles in front of the mirror of political realities. Jeremy really believes in unicorns, he was the thin end of the Marxist wedge used by McDonnell and the really nasty leftists who were and remain the real danger within Labour.

      • I’ve wondered this. The man is an agitator, a professional protester. I think ‘ the struggle ‘ is what actually floats his boat. If he ‘ won ‘ and Utopia was reached, he’d probably be most aggrieved as he’d be immediately redundant.
        He made a speech not so long back, after the election, in which he stated ‘ we must be in the forefront of the fightback against this vicious tory government ‘ (not a direct quote, but very close ).
        This typifies the man, the ‘ Heroic Struggle ‘ is everything, nothing else matters.
        It’s the same attitude that killed millions in the USSR.
        I bet he used to get The Flabbott to subject him to extreme face sitting. You can just imagine him flailing to no effect, but doing it heroically !
        Pity she didn’t give him another ten minutes, and finish the little terrorist loving Cunt off.
        Get To Fuck.

      • Evening Jack.
        Your right, i do.
        Also a bit envious though, i want a allotment, somewhere i can duck off an Potter for few hours.
        Be nice that, grow a bit of food.
        Yeah i hate him.
        The flash cunt.

      • We used to have a couple of allotments, years ago. On any day of the year we could pick something, be it flowers, fruit or veg.
        My favourite time was Christmas Eve. I’d take the kids down and we’d pick the veg for our Christmas dinner, sprouts, kale, leeks and what not, the kids loved it.
        We used to make our own jam, pickled onions, fruit pies and herbal concoctions and poultices, it was really enjoyable.
        The only trouble is the amount of time that you have to spend working on them, they don’t really fit in with a full time job, so we reluctantly gave them up.
        If you really fancy it, I’d say give it a go, preferably with a small plot of land as close to home as possible.
        After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
        There’s something very satisfying about eating stuff that’s been produced by your own sweat and toil.

      • Think im going too Jack, some not far, might put my name down,
        Stop Jeremy flaunting his in my face.
        Make my own chutneys an jams from foraged stuff on dog walks,
        Plums, medlars etc
        Grow apples and strawberries an redcurrants in the garden.
        See you at the village fete Jeremy!
        Wipe the fuckin floor with you!
        Rosette for biggest marrow…miserable of the North

      • Finding as i get older im liking things like ‘easy listening’ slippers, pottering,
        Early nights etc Rtc.
        Be honest with me, its not just a phase is it?
        My chances of being the next Jim Morrison are shrinking arent they?

  20. Having just finished 10 minutes of extreme gagging after the Flabbott face sitting story i feel i should point out we may have missed a trick by not voting in Jeremy.
    As you know he’s always been a patriot and would have shown this by getting us out of NATO and into a glorious new military alignment with our friends such as Iran, North Korea and other friendly forces such as Hamas Hezbollar etc.
    But no, we voters were just too damn stupid to know when we were onto a good thing.
    I mean free everything. Forever. What the hell is up with people?

    • Didn’t she look all smug when she sat down ?
      Enoch ….. whip hand ………. too bloody right.

  21. This stupid cunt just doesn’t get it . Got fucking destroyed in the election only two months ago and still churning out the same old shit . He is a fucking embarrassment , hanging on for grim death , couldn’t even do the decent thing and resign . Total fucking cunt

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