Ann Francke (No, not the little Dutch girl with a diary, it’s some other cunt)

‘Listen guys, d’you want to talk about the game? See you in the gent’s at coffee time…’

Would you believe it? Chat about football, cricket and other sports should be ‘actively curtailed’ in the workplace according to dingbat Ann Francke, Director of the Chartered Management Institute. According to Mizzz Francke, sports chat can exclude women, and can be (wait for it) ‘a gateway to more laddish behaviour’, and if unchecked, ‘is a signal of a more laddish culture’, such as boorish sexual banter.

Christ on a bike, where do they find the fuckwits who come up with this nonsense? In a stupid factory somewhere? For a start, these comments are actually sexist. Millions of women up and down the country follow, and indeed participate, in sport of all kinds. To suggest that they are poor little dears who might feel left out and unable to take part in a sport-related conversation is ludicrous. At the same time Francke suggests,rather oddly, that ‘talking about technical aspects of football, such as video assisted refereeing,could disproportionately exclude women’. She seems to be implying that in fact, women are too thick to appreciate such things, which doesn’t strike me as being a very consistent line of argument. Or indeed very sisterly.

What happens then, when the conversation turns to films, or kids, or the weather, or holidays? Is everyone who isn’t interested in these things presumed to be left feeling excluded? Taking Francke’s line of thinking to its logical conclusion, talk about anything other than work-related matters would have to be ‘curtailed’. And as for her assertion that sports chat can lead to a more uninhibited type of conversation, I can only respond by stating that in any of my places of work over the years, women have never been backward in coming forward as far as sexual banter is concerned. There’s a bit of a ‘ladette’ culture about as well, if my experience is anything to go by. No mention of that though by Francke.

I do find it odd then to think that all these strong, empowered women we keep hearing so much about are simultaneously in need of measures to protect against any bruising of their delicate sensibilities. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being a bit paranoid; maybe Francke’s comments are nothing more than another banal bit of SJW-type posturing, making what she thinks are the right noises. Yet these comments do seem to me to be indicative of the kind of thought police mentality we get so much of these days, putting men in the sights of the identity politics warriors again. Moreover they smack of hypocrisy. If some bloke suggested that women should be ‘curtailed’ from talking about make-up, handbags, clothes or whatever, this banshee would no doubt be wailing ‘misogyny!’ and ‘sexism!’, and ranting on about men wanting to control women. I conclude that this self-styled ‘expert on gender balance in the workplace’ only believes in free speech when people like her get to define what it actually is. Methinks that here’s another one who’d like to control the narrative to suit her own agenda.

I’m with Piers Morgan on this, who responded by saying ‘we’ve got to stop these virtue-signalling cretins sucking all the fun out of life’. No doubt many of you out there in IsACland will go further, and demand that this gobshite should get back in the kitchen and put her old man’s tea on.

Management potential, then? I’d say it’s more a case of sacked in the morning, you’re getting sacked in the morning…

Nominated by Ron Knee

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  1. What a stupid fucking bitchcunt. As others have mentioned, is she honestly so thick/self-absorbed that she cannot see how sexist her comments are? According to her ‘logic’, there shouldn’t be any female sports presenters on TV as they don’t know what they are talking about and don’t understand sport. Actually, she has a point there as they should be at home cooking and ironing (these things don’t get done by themselves, you know) but the problem is most of the male sports presenters don’t know what they are talking about either. This is another example of stifling free speech, a bit like the recent no platforming thread. The Leftish viewpoint is such a hypocritical one, anyone who disagrees with them should be gagged – who are the real Fascists?

  2. Talking about the original Anne Frank, someone wrote this summary of her diary:

    Day 1 Hid
    Day 2 Hid
    Day 3 Hid
    Day 4 Hid
    Day 5 Hid
    Day 6 Bugger

    • Fucking hell Allan, I’m halfway through this and now you’ve gone and given away the ending!

    • Joan Rivers, bemoaning her lack of any awards for her many literary works, when fellow juden Anne Frank was given one posthumously:

      She wrote ONE book!! And it doesn’t even have an ending!! “And the Nazis are coming up the -”


  3. “We are proud wimmin. We are strong, independent, and we want to be treated exactly the same as men”
    Bloke:-“Hey Dave, did you see the match last night? What a shit-show that was”.
    Bird:-“Stop!! I am a delicate female and I’m extremely upset and hurt at this conversation which excludes me and therefore denies me from opening my trap and spouting my usual girly nonsensical drivel. I think this conversation is sexist and I need to find my safe space. PS who saw Loose Wimmin yesterday?Ah wasn’t it great? ”
    Fuck off.

  4. I couldn’t give too fucks what anyone talks about at work. Frankly, I just wish they would all stop chatting shit and shut the fuck up, men, women or anything in between.

    So ludicrous to think this could ever be policed anyway.

    Given the choice of listening to blokes talk about sport (which would ordinarily have me sticking pins in my eyeballs) or listening to the utter pile of cunt that I had to put up with when on the wards, I know which I would prefer. Nursing being so female, it was an endless stream of the following:

    Their bloody kids
    School and school runs
    Their latest holiday
    Whining like fuck about their rostered shifts
    “I’m so fucking tired”
    “Cubicle 9’s mother is a pain in the arse”

    and it went on and on……all bollocks and tedious as fuck and making you want to reach for the nearest scalpel, for either your own throat or theirs.

    I never understood it. I barely had time for small talk when I was working as I was running about like a blue arsed fly all fucking day, while these usual suspect cunts were holed up in the store room hiding and talking shit as above.

  5. Wouldn’t have happened in Matron’s day!

    How you doing Nurse? Well as can be expected I hope!

    • Definitely not, Ron! You would have got a slap in the chops with a bedpan (not literally of course, though I wouldn’t put it past ’em)

      I’m ok thanks, Ron. Hope all is well with you too and the ‘Knee Household’! 😀

  6. If there is ever a conversation about babies, i join in an mention that I love them. Especially the ones that are the perfect size for my oven. *dead silence*

    Oh such bliss! 😀

  7. Women are weird..Some examples of subjects i’ve been told to stop talking about by women;

    Stop talking about football

    Stop talking about politics

    Stop talking about Star Wars (even though I was saying how crap one of the new films was)

    Stop talking about history

    Stop talking about cosmology

    Stop talking about intelligent.things

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