The Pope (5)

Yes, king of the p***os is back on form.

His New Year’s message was his usual tripe, about all the poor migrants foiled in their attempts to get to safety and prosperity by those dreaded borders. So Popey doesn’t believe in borders? Bet he was glad of the the little border that kept an over enthusiastic fan from grabbing the papal plonker, and had to settle for his bony old arm. Christ’s top man on earth said ‘fuck’, turning the other cheek, and gave the mentalist a slap, feeble though it was. The plain-clothed, meathead security behind him looked ready to whack the whacko, but as Popey was off on a huff, he had to trot to catch up.

Later, he apologised for his violent outburst, then went on to lecture about violence against women being really bad, mentioning rape and murder, as if to put his little altercation into some earthly perspective. Ah bless….

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

37 thoughts on “The Pope (5)

  1. Ah yes, the good old Pope!

    No doubt counting the billions in his many off-shore bank accounts, while still spouting the need for more money in order to give to the poor and disenfranchised (probably 5p in every £1).

    At the same time doing his utmost to protect kiddy-fiddler bishops and cardinals from prison!


  2. I love the Pope Gutstick. I reckon he’s a real man of the people. Next thing you know, he’ll be throwing open his private apartments in the Vatican to a couple of hundred of those migrants to give them food and shelter and medical aid, all paid for with a fraction of the Church’s incalculable wealth. It sets a good Christian example to the rest of us.

    • Perhaps they could pop down to cash for gold and flog off a bit of the chintzy tat that’s covered in it, then give it all to the poor, like Jesus would have, or so they keep telling us. Lying thieving cunts.

  3. What happened when the Pope went to Mount Olive?

    Popeye nearly killed him.

    I’m glad I never sent my Xmas joke book back to Amazon!

  4. Another privileged elite telling common people how they must behave and organise themselves and their countries. Fuck off and let people exercise their democratic freedoms and control borders if they please you cunt.

  5. Bet the pope would not have pushed away a young boy though, bet he would had a jingle jangle now then, now them moment in the Vatican

  6. The Popes isnt in the Vatican. This communist cunt who actively supports the destruction of the west is as much a pope as I am. Fuck this cunt. Tar, feather and send packing back to the Argentine.

  7. All religions have about as much credibility as the moon being made of cheese and the Klangers living there.To think in the 21st century people still need to cling to this tripe is laughable if it wasn’t for the sinister things that’s carried out by these lie peddlers.

    • Actually it’s been proven the moon is made out of cheese. Proved by science. 96 per cent of all scientist agree.

    • I struggle with the moon cheese thing, mostly because of the soup Dragon. Does the Soup Dragon live in an insulated part of the moon were he can’t accidentally melt it or does he actually make Gazpacho?

  8. Ah yes the man behind walls and guarded by the Swiss guard says we should have the animals here, how ironic. He only want the kids here so the paedo bastards can diddle them

    • Which one is the Pope again? Is it still the one who compered ITV’s Bullseye or is it the one who was in the Hitler Youth? I reckon the next Pope should be either a woman, black, or Keir Starmer.

      • SIR Keir Starmer, if you don’t mind.

        He’s a “man of the people” doncha know?

      • If he were Pope Keir Starmer he could really be of the people although Pope Pigberry has a better ring to it. She was dragged up, was she not. Brother a builder…erm…Dad the ubiquitous bus driver…struggled to get where she is today….

  9. All happy clappy so long as the toilet is gold and the excellent dark keys are behind a big fence at least 100 miles away.
    Spot on.

      • I’ve been of the opinion for some while now, that the Catholic church has been the best place to hide and make friends if you’re `light-on-your-feet’ for centuries. Hidden in plain sight and surrounded by like minds, the fact that it also drew in Paedophiles is awkward but I guess not unexpected.

  10. I’m not sure that some of these immigrants are suited to our way of life.
    Last week an Ethiopian lad took over the local window cleaning round.
    Took the cunt six hours to get a bucket of water….

  11. I’m not religious at all but I’m prepared to fight to the death for my right to shoot the cunts.

  12. This actually disgusted me when I saw the footage online. What a steaming great hypocrite this cunt is.

    Two things: firstly, the woman he bitch slapped has a history of mental health problems. Apparently, she has done this ‘getting a bit too close for comfort’ thing before, where security had to hold her back. Secondly, what kind of fucking role model is the Papal cunt when he can’t control his anger and has zero patience when faced with an unstable person? He preaches stuff like compassion, tolerance and consideration for others, blah, blah, blah. Then as soon as a devotee gets in his face and a little too handsy, he goes off on one like the fucking Hulk.

    It was absolutely sickening to see and proof positive that he ain’t any more holy or saintly than the man on the street, just because he wears a fucking giant McDonalds fries container on his head and a dress.

    It also goes to show just how poisonous and hypocritical the Catholic church really is, as if we didn’t know that already with their closing ranks and ‘sweep it under the carpet’ attitude to the sexual abuse rife amongst their lot.

    Fuck the nasty old bitch cunt.

    • The Pope incident shows that you just can’t trust a Christian. They’ll turn on you in an instant.
      One moment they’re Happy Clappy, the next Happy Slappy.

      • I tell you Bertie, I have met a fair few so-called ‘Christians’ in my time and I can honesty say that, hand on heart, they have been some of the meanest, nastiest, rudest fuckers that I have ever met in my life. I worked with one of them on a ward and every other nurse disliked her as she was so incredibly rude to everyone – doctors, nurses, patients and especially students whose life she made hell. We even had agency staff who refused to come back to the ward again because she was such a cunt to work with.

        As soon as anyone says they are religious/Christian to me, I always think, “Yeah, right. We’ll see”.

      • That’s a good point Nurse Cunty. Most of the Christian-like people I know are not Christians but
        non believers!

    • I’m told his shit stinks. You can even imagine how bad it smells just by looking at the picture. Open a window somebody!

      • Not ‘alf, Allan.

        I am sure that his devotees think that he shits out gold, frankincense and myrrh rather than cack like the rest of us.

        Daft cunts.

  13. Just because he wears a dress, gold around his neck, red slippers, a phenomenally daft hat, clutches a pitchfork, feeds old biscuits to fools as the body of Christ, loves famine and diseases, protects peedohs by changing their parish, burns pungent incense everywhere then rubs ash on idiots’ foreheads every February and thinks it’s the fifteenth century doesn’t mean he’s a weirdo or a cunt.

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