The Chinese (2)

Yes, sorry to say snowflakes, but it doesn’t look like everyone’s favourite villain Trump is going to end the world, but we might have an apocalypse on our hands, thanks to to Chinese, and their filthy, backward diet.

The world is holding its breath as attempts are made to stop the coronavirus becoming a pandemic. The outbreak originates from the Chinese city of Wuhan, and was probably started by the locals eating bats from an illegal meat market. Is there a creature on earth that these cunts won’t eat, or use as some stupid potion or aphrodisiac? Add to that the fact that they think everything tastes better if it has had a horrifying painful death, these cunts are truly the sworn enemy of nature.

Inevitably, nature has decided to fight back, like it tried with bird flu, and has weighed in with a deadly virus in the hopes of thinning the fuckers out. The only problem is, the Chinese are pretty much like a virus themselves, as they have colonised the world on the quiet, with a fucking Chinatown everywhere. As they tend not to integrate, the chances of catching it down the pub are nil, but if you’re on a train or a plane, then one of these coughing all over you doesn’t look too good. Cunts.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

What is it in what brainless these cunts have that makes them think they can eat Bats, Cats, Rats, Rhino Horns, Bear and Tiger Penis, Monkeys Jellyfish and snakes as standard Cuisine and for them not to be struck down with a disease.

I don’t give a personal fuck how many of these cunts are taken out from this in Chinksville, but I do for the ones that travel overseas and take the infection with them. If a household dog or cat cant enter a country without doing time in quarantine, given they are 90 percent cleaner than chinese – how is it they can just keep walking through airport doors with authorities thinking a fucking scanner will detect them?

They dont know they have it for a few days after they land? Even more the reason to stop them at the door.

Nominated by King Cunt

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  1. If you had the mandatory choice by gunpoint who’s pussy would you eat out diane abbot’s or some chinese woman infected with the corona virus? Choose truthfully

  2. You need to watch nothing to declare, its about Aussie customs and 90 percent of what they stop is rinky dinks trying to smuggle in dodgy food, when i say dodgy i mean chicken feet, bottles of fuck knows what with dead lizards and sea horsed in it, bottles of bird spittle and birds nests and i dont mean a few of the cunts its all the time and big amounts,but the Aussies have got it sorted, they check em all now with the attitude of if they talk they lie and the angrier they get the better, followed by a massive fine or being put back on the plane and sent home.
    Fucking excellent i wish we had some more of that here, chuck them out and all the free loading parasites that are already hear….fuck em all…

    • Ive seen a couple of episodes and yes, the east asian types are always trying to smughle in their dried termites and cuttlefish.

  3. What about Chinks road crossing abilities or lack of. Fucking gormless wankers when crossing a road. Always thought a lot of them look three sheets to the wind.

  4. Reddle cycle suicides in Silver St Cambridge…..fucking hilarious. And they all smile as they die !!!!

  5. Fucking vile chink cunts.

    I can’t stand these savages. They disgust me with their live dogs and every other creature on the planet (bar elephants, but give them time) in cages, on the streets at their markets. What kind of human being sees fit to treat animals this way and then fucking kill and eat them?

    They are sick beyond belief.

    Then they infect the rest of the planet with the repercussions of their monstrous eating habits by spreading it via some rancid seafood stall. I couldn’t care less if it wiped out China’s entire population. It would be no loss to the world whatsoever, but the bastards have benevolently aired and shared it.


  6. I don’t give a shit about global pandemics. Apocalyptic scenarios are quite exciting.

    Looking forward to seeing the genetically engineered people from the eugenics programs they’re undoubtedly running. Should be a blast, possibly literally. A true arms race.

  7. I love China, the people, and chinese food. In China they just call it food.

    If China disappears, where would we get our cheap things from? Looking at the things in my home, I notice a lot of plastic and electronic things are made in China. Some made in Macau.

  8. I was in China last November for work

    Fish brains they had me eat. Fish brains.

    No sweat for one her majesty’s former Royals but fuck me food hygiene standards out there are fucking atrocious

  9. So, it seems a possible pandemic could be on its way due to China’s backward eating habits (well, maybe not as serious as that, but this is all still quite unsettling). I wasn’t actually aware until recently that eating animals live was commonplace in China, and apparently ‘wet markets’ are rife in the country. Is there anything that they won’t eat?!!! Both them and Koreans (North and South) seem to have an anything goes attitude towards what can be consumed as food. Absolutely disgusting! 🤮

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