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Apparently, the higher ups at Sheffield Unuversity are advertising for twenty students (and later, more) to become snitches against fellow students who dare to utter anything that isn’t on the approved list. Officially though, they will be known as ‘Race and Equality Champions’, and they’ll be paid £9 per hour to look out for ‘hate speech’ and ‘microaggressions’. Nice little earner, if you’re a nasty little prick who likes to earwig on other people’s conversations and report them for not being politically correct.

This concept is not new. Forms of it were used in such beacons of freedom as China, the Soviet Union, East Germany and Nazi Germany. Once Boris is finally done with Brexit, I suggest he turns his attention to the small, but very vocal group of irrational, genetic accidents known alternatively as snowflakes and SJW’s. They’ve long since gotten out of control. What, if any, grip they had on reality has long since been released and it’s way past time that they were snapped back. Especially the ones who infest the police, the NHS, the civil service and our educational institutions. These cretins are the dictionary definition of the word ‘insane’ and they will only get worse if not brought into line.

If someone has committed a serious crime, then fair enough, by all means dob them in, but reporting someone because they’ve said something that offends you, in a country that allegedly has free speech, that’s a sign you’re an out and out cunt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Ultra offended spies!
    I imagine they wouldn’t want a last cigarette…
    Chock full of cunts.

    £9 per hour for looking at hate speech, we don’t get paid that much.

    • Stretching the idea there CMC but I see the “Royal Couple” are threatening legal action against paps gathering outside their Canadian mansion. Apparently some cheeky cunt took a picture of Meghan the Mighty walking her dog in the park. (that’s a real dog not Hewitt on a lead) It’s a public park bitch! You don’t own it…….well not yet anyway. She’ll soon be posing for pictures when some cunt is paying for it. Fucking whore.

      • Thank f*ck the paps were concentrating on Pwincess Wokle – they completely missed me indecently exposing myself in the background!
        HEY – Meghan, what part of “it’s a public park and anyone is allowed to take photographs IN A PUBLIC PARK”! are you having trouble understanding?
        Did the filthy oiks get in the way of your “relaxing in the park just like someone mortal and ordinary” photoshoot with Hello/Goodbye/Diamondfroth magazine?

        Haven’t these cunts fucked off to Canada yet?

      • We get chinky Coronavirus, the Canadians get Me-again x Hewitt, a particularly unpleasant strain of fulminating mental diarrhoea.

        It’ll all blow over…

  2. Best dealt with courtesy of a sock full of snooker balls to the head, a la Carlin in the film Scum.

    “I said back, grass”.


    • Ah, Ray W when he was a promising actor before; he turned into the fat cartoon character advertising seedy gambling dens

  3. Sheffield “university”?. Thought the place was chock full of Roma piekey and Albanian criminals.

  4. Sheffield University said its not about controlling someone’s speech but opening up conversation. Are these not the same institutions that routinely no platform speakers on issues deemed as ‘hate speech’? Students and lecturers alike will however still be free to bang on about their favourite topics of ‘white privilege’, ‘unconscious racial bias’ and ‘toxic masculinity and the patriarchy’ with no comeback.

  5. Fucking hell! Our very own Gestapo paying for little weasel cunts to grass people up for “wrong speak.” So when they catch someone saying the wrong thing what happens? Do they cart them off for “re-education”? Do they stick a sign on their door “Ist in Dachau”?
    Who the fuck is the Minister of Education? Do they know about this shit? Big Brother for real…….In fucking Sheffield!

  6. The irony is that the nasty little pricks think they are liberal thinkers. No chance for a conversation or debate with them….

    • Is a grass worse than a racist?
      Seems nothing is worse, dunno who sets the rules i must not be getting the emails?
      Inform on your family an friends, report them to the authorities!
      Heard that somewhere before I think?

      • Playing the innocent there I think you’re always grassing up Blunty to RT. Trying to ingratiate yourself with a ‘higher up’. I’ve got you’re number Miserable, I certainly have.

      • MNC: Mr & Mrs Parson’s daughter in George Orwell’s 1984 comes to mind. (She informed on Mr Parsons so he ended up in Room 101 with Winston Smith in the Ministry of Truth building)

      • Welcome to the South Yorkshire Gestapo, S*eg H*il!
        This is happening in my time, and brings back some very worrying feelings.
        I recall many Years ago as a very small child we went to the cinema in Leeds to watch the very first (and best) Star Wars, in the opening scene Darth Vader’s ship is attacking the rebel ship and as it approached the surround sound was ground shakingly loud, I looked around to see my Mother trying to crawl under the seat and looking absolutely terrified.
        I considered it funny until I asked her about it many Years later and she said the sound was the same as when the German bombers were unloading on Nottingham in the War and however hard she tried she could never forget the sound and the burnt dead children being taken away afterwards, even then she was shaking and trying not to go to bits as she was telling me.
        Something popped in my head – t*rrorise my old dear and someone is on a one way street to medieval carnage and eternal sleep.
        This cultivated a burning festering hatred in me which has stayed with me all my life – hatred of N*ZIS!
        And now we employ the same thing in Sheffield as Ad*lf and his little gang did? All we need now are some brown shirts and a little Wagner being played.
        I believe the doctors at the university are taking a special interest in twins, and have outfits with fetching little yellow stars for some of the students.
        This is happening in my time.

      • Vernon@
        My dad told me about as kids in the 50s him, my uncle another kid playing out, was a bloke locally, bit ‘funny’
        Local eccentric type, they were giggling at him, my grandad shouted them to come inside, he didnt bollock yhem but told them calmly this bloke had been a prisoner of war of the Japanese during WW2 and that’s why he was the way he was, furthermore if he seen them laughing at him again theyd get the belt(they were not strangers to it)
        Including their mate.
        Sometimes people have been through terrible things and look, act, function normal but are scarred inside.
        Sorry about your mum pal.

  7. Be interesting to see how many people are put off going to Stazi Uni. My lad is fairly centrist but is as politically correct as Bernard Manning after a night on the piss.

    • Be interesting to see how many people get their heads kicked in once they’re sussed as corporate snitches. They ought to have gallows in the Students’ Union bar.

      • I honestly don’t think any Mog, all the brainwashed little cunts seem to be on the same page.

      • On the plus side if there ARE a few normal thinking lads (and lasses – let’s not be sexy) among them they’ll have a fucking field day, knocking teeth out all over the shop

  8. Students need a return to the Good Old Days…

    6 AM….4 mile cross-country run
    7 AM….Porridge and Full English Cooked Breakfast
    8 AM…. Prayers
    9 AM….Lessons on The British Empire
    10.30….Lessons on the Perfidious Nature of Foreigners.
    12.00…Light lunch of Liver/Devilled Kidneys (Vegan option not necessary because the Cunts are barred)
    1.00…Rugby Training
    3.00…Horse Riding and Army Cadet Training
    5.00…Roast Beef Dinner
    7.00…Compulsory Film Watching….Zulu,The Four Feathers,The Dambusters etc.
    9.00…Out on the Piss…goosing local wenches,burning 50 pound notes in front of beggars,smashing up restaurants.
    11.30…Chuck any weedy/swotty/unsporting students down a well.

    You may note that I have made little provision for Lady Students. This is because all women should be studying Home Economics in preparation for becoming a Housewife.If they’re Munters they can learn typing.

    Fuck Off.

    • PS….The Gays will only be allowed to go to University if they are Upper-Class Gays who own Brideshead and eat Quail’s Eggs.

      • Fiddler University sounds like the place I should do my Ph.D. Probably have a better time than when I was an undergraduate.

      • I missed out on “Uni”,Mike…missed out on O Levels,come to that…but have decided that now is my time. I shall be joining Sheffield University immediately…won’t need worry about the Hounds in my absence,I’ll probably be back home by Tea-time.

        Enjoyed your latest piece on MikesPlace.

      • I thought I would write my thesis on the wartime exploits of Wing Commander The Hon. Kiddie Fiddler DFC. I assume that as I am a personal friend of the Chancellor of the University my Ph.D is guaranteed. I shan’t bother doing any research but simply cut-and-paste large sections of Mein Kampf and change a few names and dates. I will still get my pointless doctorate and can spend three years drinking booze, horsewhipping hunt sabs and annoying the landlady of ‘the other pub’ in the village.

        As Dr CMC I will take my place in the rarified ranks of ISAC’s intellectual elite currently occupied by Rufftuff (Doctor of Psychotropic Enlightenment) and Dr Shagga.

    • I actually went to a school like that, Proper boarding school every Sunday we had church parades in blues and trews, then off to chapel where the head boy would read out the names of the fallen from a fucking massive book (they still add to the book, I broke from tradition and elected not to get killed).
      Missed out, sadistic teachers (men only) and that student must stand each time an adult walks into the room.

    • Dear Dr de P Foxchaser-Fiddler,
      I have pleasure in enclosing my CV in support of my application for the post of Head of Science and Peasant Control as advertised recently in the Times Educational Supplement. I would hope to work closely with the other members of your team in providing the finest education Britain has to offer, and would also be happy to assist with military drill instruction and supervision of the rifle range, should Sergeant-Major Cunt require this.
      Yours sincerely,

    • I declare Sir Dick Fiddler elected to the position of Dean of every good British University with immediate effect, and order a statue of said in full hunting regalia standing benevolently on the grateful throat of a Johnny Foreigner be erected immediately to replace the fourth plinth!

      Then we begin..

      • Fourth plinth’s taken. Fiddler upon his magnificent black Thoroughbred stallion, rearing over the prone form of an anoraked and bobble-capped hunt saboteur, which Fiddler is horsewhipping (as I outlined a week or two ago).

        More suited to his academic aspirations, and closer to Fiddler Towers, would be the precincts of Castle College, Durham, where it would be appreciated by the hoorays while also serving as a permanent reprimand to Durham’s many offences against free expression on campus.

        It could, I suggest, form the centrepiece to an annual Fiddler Night, devoted to anarchy, arson, pillage and rape, with a snowflake to be ceremonially ‘melted’ on a pyre before the colossal bronze effigy.

      • As a former student of University College Durham (colloquially known as Castle) I would be prepared to second any move by the saintly Dick to become Master of the college.

      • Ex-Cuth’s, me. But I forgive you. :-} I remember Maurice Tucker without pleasure, and the photo of Blair’s father on the Cuth’s staircase was nearly equally creepy. Trust that establishes my bona fides.

      • Sadly, I was at Leeds in the early 80s, during miners’ strike.

        “Support the miners, please” the old bags used to wail, shaking their buckets.
        “Are there no pit props; are there no trusses?” I wondered, absent-mindedly walking past, pointedly refusing to make a donation.

  9. Great cunting; this is actually frightening for the future.
    In happier news I have an update for Cuntan’s Bostongrad news watch; I’m proud to report that I was correct in my assumption the other day that our gimmegrant friends had committed our first murder (I’m sure of many) in the town of the year –

    I feel so enriched; it’s a pleasure to see these people carrying on their charming customs from their delightul homelands. And as a bonus I’ve got a feeling we’re in for a bumper year of enrichment – there have been another two bodies found recently, fingers crossed for more enrichment….. 😀

    • The point here I think is these chosen snitches will carry in after they leave uni, they will snitch on workmates, they will snitch on acquaintances and neighbours.

      All anonymously and without any evidence. In all seriousness this is frightening.

      • Too fucking right six. It’s now become passe to make the inevitable 1984 comparison as it’s too easy; it’s actually happening, almost word for word

      • Chilling indeed. I’m not usually given to hyperbole, but this ominous shit is reminiscent of the junior Gestapo agents functioning as internal political police, ferreting out disloyalty and denouncing anyone who criticized Hitler or Nazism, sometimes including their own parents.

        One case involved a teenager named Walter Hess who turned in his father for calling Hitler a crazed maniac. His father was then hauled off to Dachau.

        For setting such an example, Hess was promoted to a higher rank within the HJ. Streifendienst (Patrol Force).

      • The woke are the new Nazis. In any society that allows this kind of thought policing tyranny is the next step.

      • 1984? 1944.

        Sheffield University sign currently being replaced with ARBEIT MACHT FREI.

        Some students “invited” to wear fetching little solidarity badges which coincidentally look just like little yellow stars.

        And for no reason whatsoever all twins have to report to the Doctors.

    • We’re lucky to have them CTC
      So many coming over to make a contribution to the UK
      In the last 6 months we’ve had some particularly great contributions in East Sussex , firstly a gang of hard working Eastern European’s were targeting paddle shift steering wheels , in one nights hard graft they stole 20 from in and around Brighton and hove , quickly followed by another highly motivated group who stripped tens of thousands of pounds of lead from buildings over the Xmas period ….
      What would we do without such contributions to the UKs economy?
      Many such contributions used to appear on crime watch where the poor indigenous people didn’t get much of a look in …..
      Enrichment indeed ……..

      • I’m expecting a tap on the shoulder any moment……
        on a serious note as QDMG said in headline post the government needs to look at this kind of divisive insidious shite!! It’s completely unacceptable and if left unchecked will only gain momentum…….

      • Beautiful. It actually brings a tear to my eye, to know that these wonderful customs carry on in our welcoming, enriched utopia. Thank heavens they made the effort to reach our shores and didn’t stop upon reaching a lesser country, perhaps less free with its benefits and not so in need of enrichment.

  10. There have always been snitches and little creeps but these people are now in positions of power in every institution.
    I think the only way to deal with these types is to take a deep breath and just don’t play their game. Just ignore.
    And if/when you bump into them 10 or 20 years later, give them a smack they won’t forget.

  11. The sort of little fuckwits who will sign up to the Sheffield scheme, will be recruited from those lonely liyttle fuckers you see in the newspapers each week, who act as narks for local government Trading officers – the buck-toothed girl or acne ridden boy of 15/16 who persuade usually small independent businesses to sell them Evostick, bleach, knives or booze, so the local authority can haul the business through the courts and probably end up breaking them.

    Blame the parents, who were probably those cunts *inspired* by Anthony Blair and the Blair babe/whores who forever parrotted that they “want to make a difference”.

    I can see Sheffield A & E Departments getting a lot of superficial injuries when they are rumbled for the grovelling little informers they are.

  12. What a bunch of slimy, backstabbing bellends. Not really the sort of people that will fit well into the real world when they finally have to get a job! I hope I don’t encounter a cunt like this in my work anytime soon because I would gladly get fired for the privilege of twatting one!

    Had to giggle at these snowflake wankers! Not in UK but probably coming to a university near you very soon!

    • It’s a disturbing thought Captain, that these Cunts could breed.
      Although on reflection, by the time the participants had gone through the pre coital equality and diversity check list, they’d probably nod off before the act was carried out.
      March them to the front at dawn.
      Good morning.

    • wow! I would like them to meet some of their woke comrades in eastern Europe, (different kind of woke though) it would be so funny.

      • The military have a very effective way of dealing with grassing little rat traitors, I am reliably informed!

    • If I hadn’t actually seen this, I would never have believed it. How the hell do these people even survive, never mind live?

  13. You need a fervent imagination to make this shit up.
    According to Sheffield University:

    Mistaking a plantain for a banana is micro-racism.
    Likewise asking a Japanese student about sushi.
    Micro-aggression also has many forms and leads to mental health problems (Naturally)

    Sheffield used to be a good university.

    • Just a thought.
      Would asking a Sheffield person what Hendersons Relish was be micro-racist?

      • Yes. Personally, I don’t see the point of what is, to me, a fairly tasteless Worcestershire Sauce Light.

      • I had to google Hendersons Relish.

        Apparently, unlike Worcester Sauce, it contains no anchovies.

        So it’s veganist!

      • I had to google it as well but, once I saw the description, I remember having had it before.

      • Hendersons relish is rank – like Worcester Sauce but filled with vinegar.

        Am I guilty of micro-racism against Worcester?

        Anonymous answers on a postcard to
        DR J Mengeles
        C/O Sheffield University..

      • Cuntstable Cuntbubble has probably been reported to the “Fought Police”! (Keep an eye out for shifty hipsters!).
        They are like the “Thought Police” but I hit the cunts Harder!
        Is asking a white Englishman how many of his relatives died setting Europe free micro-racist?
        Is asking a white Man in Leeds (as fucking if!) if he supports Leeds United micro-racism?
        Is asking a peaceful how to inflate a dinghy micro-racism? 😄 – no, because whitey would be ordered to do it for them, and any dissent would be, obviously, micro-racism – something for the vaping hipster Nazis from Sheffield University to report there!

  14. Some examples of what they will be looking out for.

    It gives examples of what it means by microaggression – such as:

    “Stop making everything a race issue”
    “Why are you searching for things to be offended about?”
    “Where are you really from?”
    “I don’t want to hear about your holiday to South Africa. It’s nowhere near where I’m from”
    “Being compared to black celebrities that I look nothing like”

    Oh get a fucking grip, micro aggressions, the cunts will be those offended by white clouds in the sky.

    • Have you got big rubbery lips like two old inner tubes stuck together? Curly velcro pube-like hair? Pink palms? Nostrils like the Dartford tunnel? If so then sorry, you do look like all the dark key “celebrities”

  15. The whole education system is awash with commy leftists. Schools infiltrated with so called teachers whose main aim is to brainwash young kids into thinking that LGBT cunts and gender neutral crap is normal and that anyone who disagrees with their political viewpoint is a racist. And when they then move on to university they are offered Nazi style opportunities to snitch on fellow students. Hopefully those who do put themselves up for this and whose morals are lower than snakes belly will be duly found out and have the shit kicked out of them.

  16. Strangely enough, Sheffield doesn’t encourage a policy of grassing up its many drug users. In fact, a couple of years ago it published a guide for students on the art of cooking and shooting up scag (do it with a friend. Really.) and not overdoing the MDMA. Wouldn’t want to get in the way of organised crime, would we?

    But suppressing free speech is neither new nor unique to Sheffield. Depressing report from 2017:

    This cited something called ‘Free Speech University Rankings’ , but the page linked, on ‘Spiked’, has been pulled. Worth noting, though, that FSUR coordinator Tom Slater… said that “Universities are systematically stifling free speech on campus, while students’ unions take all the flak. We’ve always maintained that campus censorship is about more than the so-called ‘snowflake generation’ throwing its weight around, and this year’s findings reflect that.

    “Students’ unions have been pilloried for censoring ‘transphobic’ speech, and enforcing transgender pronouns. But our research shows that the vast majority of policies in this area stem from universities themselves.

    “While students’ unions are significantly more censorious – and deserve all the criticism they get – universities often share and affirm their illiberal, patronising outlook.”

    In 2016, City University of London banned the Sun, Mail and Express from its campus: City is a leading school of journalism. Anyone do irony?

  17. I saw a report on look north a few days ago, fucking cunts, if all they have to worry about is micro racism (whatever that is) they need to leave university a get a fucking job.
    What pisses me off is the BBC seem to frame it as something positive instead of saying ‘stop being a bunch of soft cunts’

    I wrote to look north to give them my unbiased opinion 😂



    are you untrustworthy?

    Like telling tales?

    Do you experience a shadenfreude rush from snitching?

    We are looking to recruit friendless snowflake grasses to act as informants for the Sheffield university of diversity…..

    Great remuneration package for the right RAT …..

  19. Mmmmmmmm Snitching 👎
    Never Rat on Your Friends And Always Keep Your Mouth Shut 👍
    Wise Words 👍👍

  20. Fucking unbelieveable Quick Draw.
    £9+ an hour to earwig on fellow students to ‘encourage a conversation’ ?!
    Great training if you want to become a corporate snitch in later life.
    And you thought the Stazi was dead…

  21. Sort of on topic it looks as though the wolves are circling round Laurence Fox now – even piers Morgan has jumped on board. Some of his recent statements are starting to have the whiff of apology to the PC fruitcakes as well

    • Hmmm. If I cunt luvvies for shouting about their woke opinions, I don’t think I can not-cunt a luvvie for shouting about his unwoke opinions. Luvvies should stick to acting, and not claim more attention than anyone else gets, outside their trade. They’re not hired to be clever (just as well – almost none are) but to look good and speak lines written by someone else. Fuck them all equally. He should have laid off the Sikhs though. There’s nothing wrong with Sikhs.

      OTOH, and on a positive note, keeping the notion that anti-WASP racism exists on the front burner can’t be bad.

      • Agree K. Whilst I don’t expect luvvies to be Trappist monks, neither do I think they should be invited onto supposedly serious current affairs programmes to spout their usually ill informed socio-political opinions.

    • I saw that CtC! Frankly, I thought the Fox should have just stood up and smacked Piers in the chops! I predict the poor bastard’s career is probably now in the shitter and wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the stocks any day being pelted with rotten tomatoes. A fitting punishment for daring to say what 95% of “normal” folk actually think!

      Fuck GMB from now on! Seems to have turned into a daily freak show where utter cunts are given endless air time to spout their liberal, woke bullshit!

  22. Being are Sheffielder, I’m proud to say we have been designated as the city of sanctuary. Fucking council wankers. Snitches, coppers narks and grasses, what a great way to live and work.

    • Bob, love Sheffield an its people,
      Work there fair bit, Sheffield steel is world renowned an Sheffield knives the best bar none!
      Youve just been infected like the rest of the country by this Sjw woke bollocks, once theyre in penal servitude an we take our country back the North will flourish!
      Best wishes MNC🇬🇧

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