Celebrity Cunts for Grenfell

Celebrity cunts for Grenfell…just a short virgin cunting.

If the victims of the Grenfell fire had been all WHITE native British people would Lily the cunt Allen have wasted £5 on Boots eye drops to fake tears? If the dead were all old white, cockney pensioners would Smeg the cunt Markle have swanned in fawning over the victims’ relatives? No, of course they wouldn’t.

Whilst Grenfell was a horrific accident, the fact remains that sometimes shit happens, but the constant tide of celebs and nothing-burgers still clammering to be seen hugging distant relatives of the deceased is just sickening. It’s nothing but attention seeking, a public opportunity to promote some more pointless mouth breathers like Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter and that wannabe, arse-shagged Brooklyn Beckham. These vile cunts appear to look in their diaries and suddenly realise “SHIT! It’s been a year and we haven’t done the Grenfell tour yet”, then quickly phone their agents to arrange a well publicised visit to hug some immigrant off the street.

The latest puke fest of Smeg and Ginger pubes secret (my arse) visit to hug a fucking headscarf, really got my goat. That fucking Smeg flew from Canada, wasting jet fuel again, to promote itself as a black solidarity sister for yet another organised press “diversity” stunt, then fucked off again wasting more jet fuel when it realised it had done a Cameron and forgot its kid. Note also that Smeg made her planned “I’m leaving because you don’t ask how I’m doing” announcement to steal the press coverage away from Kate’s birthday party, just as she deliberately announced she was up the duff on Eugenie’s wedding day, like the well planned little cunt she is.

Didn’t see those two cunts at Aberfan with the Queen remembering the 116 white children and 28 white teachers that died there. OH NO, no mileage in grieving for white British kids when you want to promote yourself as the Queen of black hearts.

Well Smeg can fuck right off the planet and take a BOAC plane load of “celebs for Grenfell” with her. Let’s be honest, if old Ginger pubes worked in Tesco, he’d still be a trolley boy and still be a virgin so he’s no loss to Britain.

Cunting waste of organs all of them.

Nominated by Tinkers Cunt

71 thoughts on “Celebrity Cunts for Grenfell

  1. ‘MESSAGE::I CARE’ flashed up on George Bush’s senior autocue while he was speaking to camera one time. It came from his campaign manager to encourage him to sound more caring, compassionate.
    But instead George just read the words out ‘MESSAGE: I CARE” as part of his speech. A total non sequitur in context.
    That might as well be the title of all these junket visits to Grenfell, community groups by Celebs. They should just have emblazoned on their t-shirts ‘MESSAGE :I CARE’.
    And have done with all the pretend compassionate talk.

    • Thanks for the heads up unkle Terry, I was about to open up on the Grenfell residents 👿👿👿 but I shall curtail my rant. If we had zero immigration none of the free loading cunts would have been here would they?

      • Nah fuck em mate , it would never have burned down in the first place if it wasn’t so full of stupid idiotic i can’t speak English cretins. I’ve worked in London for a few years and i can almost guarantee that grenfell towers was full of fucking rubbish inside , it’s easier to blame on cladding rather than empty boxes of chicken wings and used nappies. The things i saw in London with the ethnics was shocking to the max and it showed how much they disrespect this country and what they think of it. To them it’s just one big rubbish bin to put there garbage in. If grenfell got rid of a few ethnics that have absolutely nothing to offer this country apart from filth etc , yeah i’m all for it .

  2. Yeah, the only reason these sleb cunts would go anywhere near Grenfell is to score virtue signalling points with the long term aim of filling their pockets with cash. Much like the “survivors” and the relatives of people who nobody knows existed in the first place. Grenfell sums up this country in a nutshell…….a government owned residential building and no cunt knows who the fuck was living there! Fuck me!
    By the way, I don’t know how old this Tinkers Cunt bloke is but BOAC ceased to exist in 1974. Excellent well written nom though.

    • Yeah and what makes matters worse is the survivors have all got plush flats etc , this country is a fucking joke . We work all our fucking lives and pay our taxes and national insurance etc and these cunts come over don’t fucking work and milk our NHS . the saddest and most annoying thing is the survivors are living in flats etc that we can only ever dream of owning and these parasites who have paid and done nothing for this country apart from make it a shit hole are living in fucking luxury and there STILL fucking moaning. CUNTS

  3. I imagine Ms. Markell has always been advised by those tosspots in America behind Opera Winfrey and other wimmin of colour – they have to look and feel important – they still resent that in the 30s and 40s de sisters played maids. If I were Harry to have my own back I’d make her wear a black and white maids uniform and make her address me “yass-sirr”

    • Lets be honest it was the only time you could get them to do some fucking proper work.

  4. Little Miss Sparkle and Ginger bollocks ‘secretely’ returned to the ‘inspirational’ Grenfell Kitchen on 20th January.

    This got me wondering just what concoctions are produced in this kitchen. Good old fish and chips? A mouth-watering roast dinner with succulent beef and lashings of gravy?

    I suspect not. How about a chilled glass of Lily Allen tears to quench the palette? A nice breakfast slice of Ginger Sparkle tart? Some crumbly burnt offerings, rounded off with a couple of Tramadol to numb the relentless fucking tiresome celeb-gush associated with what some have clearly forgotten was a genuine tragedy. That is not some vehicle for pious, attention seeking cunts like Sparkle, Adelephant and Allen to use for exposure capital.


    • perhaps they served up dem red beans and rice. I always feel that slumming is such a fake reaction. Simiarily, another would-be queen Qu eer Charmer, decided to tell the Standard yesterday about his “concerns” for the people of Somers Town (a poor run-down area near Kings Cross where even the mice wear protective boots and overalls) where life expectancy is 10 years shorter than in Chelsea and Kensington – as if he gave a fuck. I dare say the old cunt had to seek instructions on how to get there. Harry Hewitt, Megan Markle and Dame Keir are about to remake Love On The Dole 🙂

      • First up. Sensational virgin cunting. Second – not sure what the fuck would be served at the Greenfell kitchen but I’m pretty sure chicken and frying oil would be a scarce commodity at the local lidl

    • The fact that Choc Ice and the Half Breed turned up ‘secretly’ and yet everyone knows abaaaaht it sums up this nom rather nicely.

    • Well there was plenty of charred grill in the towers so i’m assuming they fed then that , what would it be your royal cuntness Asian or African food or maybe we can have a rummage around and find you some east european.

  5. Great cunting. Mind you was it horrific though? Don’t think we lost any quantum physicists or Nobel prize winners that day! Think I speak for the majority of cunters in saying perhaps the biggest tragedy was that the body count was disappointingly low……

    • Morning Cuntan, uncharacteristically harsh for you that! I cried when it happened, couldnt sleep thinking about it!
      Sorry bloody phone not cried, wanked.

    • Cunt after my own heart lol , iv’e always said that was the most disappointing thing about grenfell the low body count. Saddest thing is though as i stated earlier is that the survivors are now living in luxury , wont be long before they turn it all into one big fucking slum though. I’m a Yorkshire man and iv’e always said if it was a tower block full of whites in Yorkshire that burnt down they would be no single released by simon fucking cowell and famous cock stars etc . There would be no stage rant from one of Britain’s biggest cunts Stormzy , there certainly wouldn’t be any visits from meghan markle for sure , saying that in Yorkshire she would be about as welcome as Peter Sutcliffe in a whore house with a claw hammer. Yet this country has paid millions etc with constant press coverage of a group of cunts who shouldn’t even be here , were in England and yet it doesn’t pay to be a white English person living in England , sorry mate your white can you get to the back of the queue please.

  6. Typical isnt it? One rule for sleb types another for ordinary people!
    Its ok for them to hug a headscarf but when we do it we get 10month for hate crime!
    It wasnt a headlock i had her in!

    • Hugging is Human kindness – some Years ago I hugged an impertinent fellow I was removing from a nightclub and hugged him so hard he ended up with broken ribs, but luckily he didn’t cut his little self on the blade he was waving about! All heart me.

      So, an Abbott type maths quiz – how do you get 5000 people in one tower block again? Did nobody spot them in the dark because they weren’t smiling? Were they too busy prowling ch*ldrens homes in their Mercs? (Current fraud bill for Gr*nfell in the millions, nearly 20 already convicted with many more under investigation), and how much financial aid has been offered to the Honky Northerner residents of Fishlake? Typical fucking whitey, picking themselves up and sorting the situation themselves, much easier to black up and bob in a fr*udulent claim or two, if you don’t get it claim waaycism!

      And as the founder member of the “I’m white, what the fuck of it”? club I say – vote Fox!

      I sense a fetching line of T-shirts, need some ideas for messages to put on them!

      • I only live a couple of miles from fishlake that’s if your on about the one in Doncaster that is , yes your totally right no fucking visits there or songs released on there behalf etc . I’ts a fucking joke mate a total fucking disgrace how these parasite cretin cunts get all this fucking sympathy and for what ? being filthy thieving scruffy me speaka no English lazy dirty scrounging useless ethnic immigrant bunch of professional CUNTS. They call us racist? well they made us this way.

      • I’ve have an idea for your T shirts , how about a picture of the
        grenfell tower burning with the words from that song … burn baby burn disco inferno .

  7. I notice from the latest pictures of the boy Hewitt he is developing quite a tasty bald patch on the top of his bonce. Could he be a Windsor after all?
    Well, as Major Hewitt, one of many shaggers of the late and much loved Princess of Wales, hasn’t been spotted in public for some time it is difficult to reach a conclusion.
    I understand the boy Hewitt is back in Canada with his slag wife and little brat. Good…..they can all stay there and don’t fucking come back.


    • The bald patch is the result of being patted on the head by Miss Sparkle when he’s adequately fulfilled his SJW commitments to her.

  8. Grenfell….At least in the Good Old Days a burning cross on the lawn was enough to convince the Cunts to move on.

    “Celebs”…I’m still waiting for one/any “celeb” to actually take in a “poor refugee” and not just have their photo taken,mouth a few platitudes and say that the taxpayer should foot the bill.

    Fuck Celebs and Fuck Grenfell and it’s illegal occupants.

    • Phew, thanks Dick – was starting to worry I’d overstepped the mark; never mind, carry on!

      • Have a look at some of the previous Grenfell Cuntings,Cuntan…there was a top poster called Basement Bob who made anything we could say sound tame….

    • PS….My attempt at bringing some harmony and succour to the survivors at Grenfell wasn’t really appreciated. There I was with my “Whole Roast Hog” barbeque..”Extra crackling on yours,Mustapha?” and not a bit of gratitude..in fact Lily Allen threatened to show me her minge if I didn’t Fuck Off…even I couldn’t stand up to threats like that.

      Fucking Ingrates.

      • Once again Dick you prove what a great humanitarian you are. Surprised you didn’t release the hounds.

      • I would fancy Dick feeds his hounds on better meat than that? Prime rib at the least I should think, not that low-grade rat carcass

      • I blame MNC, he temporarily guilted me into sharing his peace-and-love, flowers and kittens, hippie view of the world; as long as it works for him. Fuck Grenfell and its worthless – if crispy – inhabitants says I! And all the sleb hangers on cunts too

      • Im trying to listen to the Grateful dead and weave myself some sandals and all i can hear is you and your HATE speech!
        That wasnt you toasting marshmallows at the edge of the fire at Grenfell was it?
        Terrible man…

      • FFS don’t no-platform me MNC!! I’d miss our little chats. Now get back to your drum circle

      • Fucking ungrateful cunts. I suspect David Mammy (a little known secret and he’s being to keep it under his hat but he had a friend who was fried to a crisp in the fire) forewarned them of you being a ‘White Saviour’. By the way, didn’t the stench of rotten vegetables and decaying crabs put you off seeing the Mong’s growler?

    • Grenfell was a Tower of Babel rat’s-nest of illegality and corruption.

      God moves in mysterious ways.

      • Lest we forget all the bruthas who were very quick to forget they share the same stock, when a chance to profit from the still-smouldering corpses arose;


        Not many English names on there?

        Not bad on my reckoning that is the theft of £710,522.27

      • Whirlpool move in mysterious electrical ways, allegedly!

        There is speculation an overheating hair dryer may be in the frame at Gr*nfell, fucking hard work drying the ink on 500 fr*udulent benefit applications! 😁

  9. The media obsession with a no-mark soap actress and her thick-as-pigshit husband is completely out of proportion.

    Working on a post where I think I can prove that anyone who thinks Markle is the victim of racism is a member of the NSDAP. Will post a link tomorrow if I get it finished.

  10. The only reason so many died in Grenfell is because the exit signs were written in English

  11. Bloody criminal what happened at Grenfall, construction companies using unsuitable cladding, government failing to manage immigration, local authority turning a blind eye to illegal occupancy partly driven by fear of human rights campaigners and legislation.

    As for Harry and Megan I’ve heard say they are teaming up with the obamas to make a billion.

    Grenfall should never of happened the inquiry will only cover the immediate issues, not the reasons why we use inadequate housing or why so many of the victims should never have been inside that death trap.

    A managed population with the ability predict the amount of housing required may well of prevented the need to house people in badly designed tower block hell holes to begin with.

    • Sadly, there are still many other towers clad in flammable materials around the UK, which have not been rectified. I suppose it couldn’t be because most of the residents are legally there and have white skin? No, surely not, thinking that would be reverse-waycist.

      • The establishment doesn’t give a fuck what colour you are, most of us boil down to a NI number. The dregs of society as they see people will never be visible as people.

        The fact Grenfall contained large numbers of immigrants was an angle for the likes of Lammy to jump on the race angle.

        Imagine if Aberfan happened today, the usual SJW army would use it to virtue signal in exactly the same manner.

        Grenfall like any disaster attracts all the players, the conmen who exploit these disasters to make money are the same as the slebs that use disasters for bonus SJW points.

        Even the hillsborough people showed up to show solidarity. Like Hillsborough the contribution to the disaster by some of those impacted will be air brushed from history.

        The stadium did have issues, the police did mismanage the crowd but the people in that crowd who pushed forward causing the crush also have responsibility, if the people have no responsibility we really are sheep.

        There were people in that tower block that had no right to be there, if they abided by the rules they would be alive now.

        If it sounds that I’m not sympathetic to the victims of both disasters then I’ve expressed myself badly. People must however take responsibility for their part in their own downfall.

        If we as people leave all responsibility for our own welfare to faceless bureaucrats we should not expect much.

  12. Poor Harry. He has been roped into being a non smoking, non drinking non having a laugh, vegan, speaking about correct lefty causes like Grenfell.
    And all for what? She’ll dump him within 5 years when being ‘royal’ becomes soooo yesterday.

    • Hewitt being dumped is so predictable. What does an aspiring Hollywood celebricunt have in common with an English public school twat who knows fuck all about fuck all? She’ll get tired of ordering him about and filling his empty head with her libtard bullshit.
      As the great philosopher, Stormzy, would say……”bitch needs a slap.”

      • I would set up a voting ‘sweepstake’ on how long it will take Sparkle to ditch the ginger drip. Not sure how you do this on here?

      • It’s early days yet but we can see how the happy couple will make their income – perpetual lawsuits against the media and paparazzi for harassment.
        It’s already started in Canada. And they thought they
        We’re heading for a quieter life!
        Wait until the French separatists start up.

      • The thing is that Canada isn’t some Social Justice Utopia.
        It has it’s own problems when it comes to race relations, I experienced this when I went there. Not me personally, but I witnessed it towards some indigenous people/Native Americans and I was shocked by it.

        It also has it’s fair share of drugs and homelessness problems. I went through a part of Vancouver called East Hastings years ago and it is like something out of the film Hobo with a Shotgun. Needless to say we carried on driving and couldn’t get the fuck out of there quick enough.

        Don’t get me wrong Canada’s a beautiful place, but as with every other country, it has its fair share of problems.

  13. The Jewish Bacon Theatre Company is pleased to announce a new wax cylinder album in honour of Grenfell charity month,
    Some of the great toe tappers include – Oh dem golden slippers, Two lovely black eyes, Cum dis way, And of course the old family favourite – Yes sir masser, bonus track included of Swing low sweet chariot by the number one chart toppers in Lambeth,
    Ladysmith black
    So rush now as stocks are limited to only 7 and a half billion copies and Grenfell Charity month has only 12 months left till next year.
    The Jewish Bacon Theatre Company always a sign of quality.

  14. The only ‘good’ thing about Grenfell was the inquiry into building materials and I guess the fact that it was in London it got so much attention along with the demographic of the inhabitants.
    As it turns out there are buildings all over the country both private and council/housing association owned with this type of cladding and a devastating fire could have happened anywhere.
    Although no blame has been assigned to the flat owner where the fire started the fridge or freezer was and so maybe fire extinguishers should be compulsory in all apartments in high rise blocks.
    The fucking celebs who are milking this are the biggest cunts on earth, the reporting is all about survivors not being treated fairly, this may be true or not but I suspect there are some who are trying to screw the system.

  15. Hey Miserable he’s gone again. A chance to share something that is worrying me. You know in a Rom Com when the male and female lead they’re in conflict with each other and they find themselves in a physical struggle then suddenly realise that it is not hatred they feel but a deep physical attraction and they embrace and you know the rest. Well that’s what’s happening to Mr Fiddler up on those Northumbrian hills (could be happening right now). See there’s a recalcitrant sheep who he cannot capture but then he suddenly runs up and gathers it into his arms and that moment of struggle ensues but then they catch each others eyes and it turns into a passionate embrace and before long (hoof in hand) he’s leading the poor thing into the back of the Hilux. But he’s reading it all wrong Miserable the sheep doesn’t have the same feelings as Mr Fiddler does. He’s got it all wrong. I do worry for him. .Should I advise him on this do you think? Or should I leave it to you?

    • Morning Miles, we should both tell him, he wouldnt beleive just me, thinks im a mickey taker, but if your there to validate it, he’ll have except its true and his wooly love has found someone much younger, better looking, more eyecatching.
      Its going to hurt when he finds out its that gate opening cyclist hes always rambling on about!😀

      • Yes that’s the reason for the animosity between them, ‘Missy’ the ewe. They’re fighting over her up there. My money’s on the gate opener though. As he keeps telling us he LOVES animals. Little did we know how much.

  16. Grenfell?
    I’m no longer interested in what happens in a foreign land.
    And Londonistan is a foreign land.

    • London the only region of England and Wales to vote Remain. It was the focus of all the Remoaners and is now Rejoiner central. The Lords continues to defy the majority. The City has no bearing on the rest of UK. The royal parasites continue in their leeching. Stabbing and dealing the main option of the yoot, apparently. And to cap it, London has more per head spent than any other English region.
      A foreign land? Fucking alien.

  17. Been two whole months since my last beer hard to believe I know, hopefully it makes this one taste extra good

    Last time I got pissed on new years eve day I drank too much and blacked out, better pace myself this time around. I’ll start with the ale, maybe a bit of candy cane eggnog and I got a Irish coffee made with dark roast java, bailey’s, whisky just in case I get drowsy Cheers cunters and good morning to ya

      • Thank you miserable northern cunt but I don’t drive and I never plan too

        Why should I drive when I could just get my butler to drive around town for me?!

  18. Can’t wait for Hewett and Markel to fuck off. And who gives a shit about Clarkson’s daughter or any Beckham spawn. Cunts

  19. I’ve coincidentally just ordered a new fridge freezer. The old one packed in quite a while ago, and the “freezer” part was still useful as a “fridge” for storing milk, butter etc… but I’ve scraped together the sufficient wonga to bite the bullet and purchase a new one.
    Why am I mentioning this?
    Well, if my memory is correct, Grenfell was originally blamed on a fridge either catching fire or blowing up. What could make that happen? Surely not flammable liquids that could be used for making bombs?? In a tower block full of Peacefuls and Um Bongo drinkers??
    I guess we’ll never know.

  20. I felt sorry for Reece Moggy who stated the bleedin’ obvious. If it’s on fire it’s common sense to get out. Not sit there till your socks start sizzling.

  21. Grenfell was crammed with illegal bogo bogos and if the cunts weren’t there illegally then they were sub letting and up to no fucking good… If Grenfell hadn’t been filled with these leeching mills and boons and wasn’t such a points clincher on the virtue signal-ometer, there is no way Slagbag Markle Fucking Ono would give a flying fuck…. As for Aberfan? The self centered slag has probably never even heard of it… More to the point, she won’t fucking care…

    Laurence Fox is God!

  22. The only reason the celebs are still hanging around the steaming turd that is Grendfall towers and all the flies buzzing around that are all the money grabbing immigrants that we were paying for still banging their drums and trying to screw even more compo and benefits out of the senario like the parasites that they are, and keeping the press on high alert.
    So celebrity attention seekers are guaranteed to get some exposure and their mugs in the news or in the papers and lets not kid are selves, they give a flying fuck about Grendfall the same as we dont, its all for the publicity.
    Classic case in point was Lilly the mong, she couldnt believe her luck and hardly had time to get her knickers on before running down there so she could pretend to be a good samaritan infront of the cameras, Adele the same and countless others, a total cunt fest.

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