The Labour Party (13)

Labour needs a nomination.

In the wake of the attack on London Bridge, Labour were quick to point the finger at the Tories over the early of the terrorist shit bag who carried it out. They shut up pretty quickly though, when the Tories pointed that the law under which the terrorist shit bag was released, was brought in by Labour. The Tories have promised better laws to stop murdering scum from being released from prison without serving their full sentences. So now Labour has switched to a new tactic, slamming the Tories for making political capital out of a tragedy.

I have two words for you Labour clowns: Grenfell Tower. Before the fire was even out, Magic Grandpa, along with several other clowns from the Labour circus, were on scene, bleating on about the evil Tories, their cuts and lack of action. Even Lammy was out, with his usual, ridiculous, shout of “RAAACCCCIIIIIISSSSTTTT”. The Tories were responsible for all the deaths. Unfortunately for the Tories, Theresa the Appeaser was PM at the time and, as usual, she did nothing to counter Labour’s claims. She had a golden opportunity to deliver a blow to Corbyn’s head, by pointing out that, years earlier, Magic Grandpa had voted against legislation that would have made it law for buildings like Grenfell to have up to date, properly working fire suppression systems in them.

The point is, Labours moral outrage on the issue of the London Bridge terror attack, is both hypocritical and a badly disguised attempt at making political capital out of a tragedy. Labour really are pathetic. Having failed to skewer Boris over his colourful love life and burqa clad women, they’ve now started, willingly aided by the mainstream media, attacking him using comments he made on single mothers TWENTY FIVE years ago. That is fucking desperate in the extreme. He wasn’t even in politics then, just an ordinary citizen. And let’s face it, that’s around the time that Magic Grandpa was still openly supporting the IRA.

For the first time in the run up to a General election, I’m actually nervous over how it’s going to go. I’m still sure that Boris will edge it, but I’m not convinced he’ll have a big enough majority to get anything done. I fear we’re heading for more of the same.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. The only thing I hate more than Labour are their vocal online supporters. The ones who scream about the Tories being snobs and then sneer at the uneducated lower classes for having different opinions to them. The thought of their tearful indignation next Friday keeps me happy.

    • I’ve never had crabs but I think I would maybe hate that more than I hate all lefty cunts…hard to decide

  2. Oh how I wish an Israeli defence blew magic grandpa & his stinking allotment to tiny bits!

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