Shelby Judge

Shelby Judge….a student of the bullshit subject of “Feminist Issues”.

She and her husband (yep, she actually has one) took a tour of Stirling castle. Whilst in the gift shop, she found something that offended her immensely. A “Mr Man” book, in which Mr Clever committed the cardinal sin of ‘mansplaining’ the reason that the River Forth was so named to one of the “Little Misses”. Holy fucking shit on a burning stick. She was so outraged, she ran straight to The Sun newspaper to complain.

There was no mention in the article as to whether Stirling castle bent the knee to this whingeing cow, but I’m really hoping they told her to fuck off and grow up. How is it that a man can no longer innocently explain something to a woman? Even if we’re asked to explain something, we automatically become guilty of that heinous patriarchal crime of mansplaining. It’s about time we started standing up to these douchebags, because THEY are now the sexists. For decades, feminists were all out for equality. Well, now they have it. But that’s not enough for the twisted misandrists who call themselves feminists today. They want superiority. We cannot let them have it.

It must be so nice to live a life that your only real problem is the allegedly sexist content of a fucking children’s book.

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