Katie Price (4)

A fish in a barrel cunting for the loosest of women.

The worn out, has been come dumpster is trying to overturn her lengthy driving ban. This latest ban, one of many that has been awarded to this fucking slag, was for drink driving. Police found the semi conscious slapper steaming drunk in her just crashed Range Rover, where she informed them that she wasn’t driving, but an unnamed friend of the stupid young chav thats fucking her. Yes, that old chestnut, wheeled out by every thick cunt caught pissed up in a car, bang to rights.

The cock hungry surgery addict didn’t even bother turning up to court, as she was abroad, trawling the low rent holiday hot spots in a desperate attempt to find a brickie under the age of sixty that hadn’t fucked her. Now, she’s moaning that the two year ban is unfair, and wants a retrial to reduce it. Fuck off you slag. I would say the roads are safer for the duration, but she has form for driving, as these laws don’t count for special people like her. She’s been to court more times than the great train robbers combined, mostly for driving offences, it’s about time they took her license away for good.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

74 thoughts on “Katie Price (4)

  1. This foul fucker is my banker in the deadpool and suicide squad!
    Come on Katie!
    (Cüm on katie?)
    Just declared bankrupt near christmas,
    Might get the ball rolling!
    Hoping Harvey does it really, anger at not being able to tie his shoelaces or fit on a swing like the other kids,
    Wrings katies neck like a pidgeon.😉

    • Id go for him battering her in a fit with his ‘Where’s Wally’ picture book or she accidently sets fire to herself and bits of her start melting.

      • He’s probably stuck up mum’s cavernous batcave. If you look closely on one of her many home videos I’m sure you can see the odd strand of red and white yarn hanging out

  2. Some fair criticism but I would fuck her tits and spunk all over her face, Just thought I would get that one in first.
    Obviously I would leave her holes for B&W cunt, Mr Fiddler and other assorted riff raff.

    • I think she should be used as capital punishment for the worst fuckers in parliament.

      To picture Katie’s worn out arse, leaking loose stools on the faces of the likes of Dame Keir, Granny Grieve and co – to think the old poofters would either die of the shock or the stench, would be an ideal punishment for them. Gaylord Adonis expired with a grin of horror on his face and a turd on his eyeballs.

      Katie could be our secret weapon

  3. Apparently this daft bint was worth £40m. With a bit of care, this nest egg would have been more than enough to set her up for life. Clearly she couldn’t offload it quick enough.

    Who on earth can burn through £40m? Nevermind, she will be reduced to sucking cock for £30 a go so she can afford unlimited beans on toast for Harvey. I genuinely feel sorry for the boy.

      • The ISAC Christmas budget this year is going towards a charity single rerelease of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ for MP’s who lost their seats and are out of work.

      • My Universal Credit has landed so count me in. I’m gonna leave £60 aside for the ISAC Xmas bash, but I’m not being greedy. £30 for my go at old loose knickers, and £30 for an ISAC member less fortunate than myself. First come, first served lads.

      • £30? You could buy half of Yorkshire with that! (only the half I live in unfortunately). I need crowdfunding for the annual Christmas “drink so much her punches feel like a massage” event, but first need a snowflake handle to keep those tear stained tenners rolling in..
        Got it the “Free poor Katy from bankruptcy, innit” – 90% going to my good self, ten per cent to her pinkness, minus a ten per cent admin charge, winner!
        I will get my meths and lucozade cocktails this festive season, and am taking the balaclava and tie wraps in case I get any romantic inclinations!

    • My Charlotte’s only got 8M in the bank, allegedly, but I get far more aroused around her than around KP, who is defo several tons of nutty slack.
      As LL said, hope she sets fire to herself, although it would take the fire brigade weeks to extinguish, she’d burn like an old tyre dump.
      Time for my early morning CC wank…

  4. This old gripper has had more cock in her than a pair of Moss Bros hire trousers. And so dense light literally rerfacts off her.

  5. I’ve often wondered how to afford a Range Rover. Buy it on credit then declare yourself bankrupt.

  6. There might still be a future for Katie. The gayness is spreading like wildfire so old slappers like her may become increasingly relevant to old fashioned cunts like us. Personally, i’d prefer Carol Vordeman but i’ve always been a cut above you arseholes.

    • Yeah your a regular little Bertie Wooster, get in there nows your chance! Single,skint, at a low ebb,
      Getting into her knickers isnt exactly fort knox!
      Harvey calling you Dad at the park?

      • Do they still have parks up North, Miserable? I thought they had turned them all into goat farms for our peaceful friends. Another trend which is fucking things up for poor old Katie.

      • The whole of Northern England Will be one big park if corbyns sat in number 10!
        Billions of trees planted!
        10 new national parks!
        But building millions of new homes!
        What they treehouses?

      • Ten free money trees with every one of the hundreds of thousands of flats and “affordable” houses they are going to build on Corbyn Towers Housing Estate

      • Yes Rocking around the Christmas Tree up north I think Corbyn is in for a shock up here come 13th Dec 🇬🇧

  7. I remember watching a pirate VHS copy of a cheap-as-fuck horror film called “Night Of The Bloody Apes” when I was about 7, scared the shite out of me; bugger me though if the monster isn’t a dead ringer for old Harve.

    She is truly a dreadful old skank, to be honest I doubt if she’s even much of a shag given the half-hearted performances she puts in on those home movies of hers.

    • £40million!
      How do you fuck up having 40million!
      Only a complete mitmot could go wrong!
      Could retire happily knowing your family are set forever, this daft cunts blown it on surgery, clothes, daft shite!
      Harveys not her financial adviser is he?

  8. I must admit that I was intrigued when she took up horse riding. I’d imagine that her leathery old pissflaps hung down rather like a pair of cowboy’s saddlebags.Still,probably one of the few times that the horse had encountered a fanny larger than it’s own…unless it was a stallion of course,in which case instead of Katy riding it,it probably rode her.

    I’d like to stick my head up her box and see if Shergar is being hidden up there….then I’d fuck her.

    • Reckon Camillaaah’s hiding Shergar, and I don’t think either of us are horny or desperate enough to go there…
      Morning, M’Lord.

      • Morning,HBH.

        I see that Charlotte church is opening a music school in her home. Perhaps you could demonstrate your organ’s versatility?

      • Well it makes a change from her opening her legs!

        How ironic: two wretched old tarts in Price and Church trying desperately to become relevant again.

  9. Katies Gangbang Audition Vol.8 will be out soon enough.
    Can’t wait!
    But also quite good if plastic surgery goes wrong or she melts.

    • She looks a bit more like Jocelyn Wildenstein every time she shows up in the papers

  10. I feel sorry for the fucking horse having to carry that slag bag around!

    No wonder she’s followed by lot of seagulls due to the pungent aroma of rotting fish after a heavy party a few nights before.

    Even her gynecologist needs to wear a bio-suit along with a complete kit of potholing gear!

    • Fake news.

      A quick scour of the internet revealed that this was filmed in a shopping mall in Cairo. Apparently it is a tradition called tree plundering, in which the kiddies climb the tree to retrieve sweets and gift boxes that have been left there for them to find (as they can clearly be seen doing – this was clearly not a hostile crowd).

      I am no lover of our peaceful friends, but I don’t believe in slagging off people for something they haven’t done.

      You are correct but please don’t head it “Fake news” you sound like Donald Trump

      • Fair do. That’ll teach me to check things more thoroughly.

        Its fine, nipped in the bud and swept under the carpet, Carry on cunting.

  11. She’s a cunt and a irrevocably hopeless slag.

    An even bigger cunt is reality tv star Nathan Thursfield who has blown £87,000 In repeated rhinoplasty operations in order to look like……Katie Price!!! Now his nose is collapsing. But all is not lost as the demented Thursfield has decided he would now like to look like Kylie Jenner instead. Unfortunately all he looks like is a cunt.

    Read about it here –


    • The word ‘cunt’ could have been created especially for this idiot.

      Although, I must say, he does look exactly like Katie Price. I mean, she also has two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

      • Indeed. He also lacks a fully functioning brain, which increases his resemblance to Price. However, he needs to consider getting rid of the beard and wedding vegetables ( assuming he has any) to increase the resemblance. An injection of VD, gonorrhoea and lice will also enhance the likeness.

      • Katie Price – smells of mice, full of vice, pants always off in a trice, no protection, rolls the dice, drags him back and does him twice, lights come on, he is gone and she’s left with her lardy mong!

  12. KT Price. Gone, er, Bust. Again.

    Meanwhile I’m watching that vicious cunt the twinkly eyed ‘Reasonable Uncle John’ MacDonell show his true colours on the Naga Rugmunchetty show this morning. The veneer is slipping and Corbynistas can see this Election floating away.

    Typical of Ch4 News to pull a cheap stunt like that last night. Boris is quite rightly fed up with having to inflict yet another Leaders Debate on us. Roll on December 13th

  13. Katie is apparently on the verge of being put in a council house, she will be like many of the other tarty selfie obsessed single mums that have idolised her. Maybe I should feel sorry for her but it’s difficult to feel sympathy for a woman who has invested a while new level of underclass followers al by herself.

    • She just needs to reinvent herself as Madonna – who lives on an estate, wears tracksuits and has 3 children by different Fathers, perfect, innit!

  14. Katie should have married that gullible fuckwit Harry Hewitt. She would have all the money she needs and Harvey could have run around the various Royal estates tearing up trees and ripping the heads off defenceless animals.
    Imagine him meeting his new great grandmother…….”hello you cunt.”

  15. Gentlemen, start your violins…
    ‘oh what a pity’ that dog rough old slapper Katie Price, has filed for Bankruptcy. 🤣
    ‘Jordan’ (is that because she historically welcomes anyone willing to paddle up her ‘river’ ?) has been declared bankrupt in a hearing at the High Court, when she had failed to make repayments of her £800,000 debts.
    Price, who lives in £2million ‘mansion’? was once said to be worth more than £40m. She had a string of ‘Autobiographies’ published, which it turned out were written by a ghost writer.
    She was a frequent face on the front of ‘lads’ mags & appeared in TV shows Footballers’ Wives, and the 2004 series of I’m A Cunt… Get Me Out of Here, despite having all the class of a tramps whippet & as much charisma as smoked kippers.🙃
    The loud mouthed 3 times divorced mother of 5 (jesus!), is now shagging another gullible sap (who must be blind, deaf or stupid). She allegedly held a swanky party last weekend, despite creditors knocking at the door, whilst her pink Range Rover was on sale at a used car dealers with “REPO” on the windscreen. 🤣
    She was in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, and convicted of driving while twice the legal limit (colour me ‘surprised’). This summer, she admitted screaming a “tirade of abuse” at her ex-husband’s new partner in a school playground (FFS 😲) and was fined.
    It’s about time this self-important hag was brought down a peg or two, but she’ll probably play the courts system, putting her house in her boyfriends name, and will be knocking back the gin by the bucket load.
    Expect a ‘Katie, my bankruptcy hell’ feature on the front of ‘Hello’ magazine, & smug Phil Schofield fawning all over her on morning tv…..
    … I think I’m gonna puke … 🤮

  16. You can bet this licentious whore with a cunt like Wookey hole is using poor Harv as an excuse to get the ban overturned. e.g. If I’m banned from driving how’s Harvey going to get to anvil throwing practice.

  17. Come dumpster gutseye? I think you mean cum dumpster, unless you mean the dumpster of fried chicken that is delivered to flabbot the hutt she says every time she demands chicken from her staff

  18. Katie Price is slowly turning into Bruce Jenner or should I say caitlyn jenner. How long you cunts figure before caitlyn kills herself or something equally dramatic

    Those trannies have a self suicide by expiration date as soon as they start the shenanigans of their cock gobbling adventures as a phony woman

  19. Shit! I thought it was Bruce Jenner there for a minute!

    So there you go ladies, treat yourself to plastic surgery and end up looking like a tranny!

    Money well spent.

    Mind you I don’t suppose Harvey minds what she looks like when he’s knocking her back doors out!

  20. As the festive season approaches it is surely a time for us to think of the less fortunate especially the homeless,my advice to KP if she wishes to present a more sympathetic face would be to offer refuge to a group of the homeless inside her massive cunt for the duration of festivities, as to whether they would survive to see in the new year, I decline to speculate

  21. When drunk I have disgraced myself and committed unspeakable acts on more occasions than I care to remember. I have shagged, and even worse been turned down by, some horrific pigs in human form. My last shred of dignity is that I would never, under any circumstances, fuck Jordan. With the possible exception being if I found her dead in a ditch coming home from the pub. And only then if she was still warm and there were no witnesses.

  22. Yes Katie Price is surely one of the roughest and most used up bitches in Western Europe. A man’s entire hand may slip up her loose fanny as easily as stuffing a gigantic turkey on 24th December. Unless she has had her twot sewn up with binding twine – highly likely.

    I saw her once upon a time in baggage reclaim in Heathrow. The Gareth Gates story always makes me laugh and laugh.
    It has been a quiet year, I’d take Katie into a darkened room and fuck her from behind doggy style. I’d do her arse because it’d be marginally tighter than her wizened cunt. And all the while verbally abusing her and telling her about the line of 10-20 men outside all waiting for a turn. Typical Essex style “celebatty”

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