Dawn Butler (4)

Another cunting please for this ugly, expenses-swindling, hypocritical old whore, right hand person to Steptoe and a brainless cunt to boot who thinks that “there is something wrong with you” if you wish to leave the corrupt EU:-


Any, or all of these attributes is worthy a cunting buty just look at that fucking first picture – the ugliest trout pout I have ever seen, and it gives the lie to the fact that Liebour would really allow us proles to express our desire to leave – the Dark Keys, The Parking Stanleys and above all the Labour poofters are all against it, so we can all just fuck off.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

84 thoughts on “Dawn Butler (4)

  1. The lovely Dawn!!
    “Hello gorgeous!’
    Shes got it all, brains and looks!
    Come on Dawn dont be shy, tell us what your opinion on jews is?
    Fought racism all yer life?
    Good on yer luv!!
    Yeah need the smart ones like yerself to stand up to racism, and not let nazis like me the vote to leave the EU,
    I bet it was my fault really,
    Cant see you and Jeremy hating jews,
    No be ‘the far right’ setting you up!

  2. I think I’m right saying that Butler is the nodding dog that sits next to Worzel in the Commons? And also the silly cow who accused Jamie Oliver of ‘cultural appropriation’ over his spicy sauce?
    Another fucking Londonistan loudmouth, with the sex appeal of an overweight pig.
    Good nom, WC. She can fuck right off.

    • And since when did dark keys have any claim on spicy cooking? The only thing they have on their cane rats and bush meat is Lassa fever, Ebola virus and tsetse flies.

    • Indeed a loudmouth with a smug grin,thanks to expenses that are rightly hers.
      What a set of rats.

  3. I bet she didn’t see the irony of attending a ‘Love Socialism’ event sat next to ex barrister, Islington dwelling fat cunt Lady Nugee. Keeping it real sista, innit?

  4. Fucking evil cunt. Just like the rest of the National Steptoe Wankers Party.

    Fuck off.

    • …but only offset by the width of her fucking great filthy muckspreader.

      I can’t make up my mind if the worse of the two experiences would be Butler or Flabboot squirming their fat, sweaty arsecheeks and gash over one’s face.

      Enjoy your dinner, folks!

      • I won’t, now that I’ve seen thal pic, heard Laydee Nugee’s name mentioned, and the worst possible…some sort of bizarre face-sitting torture.
        I might just about manage some tomato soup with Lea & Perrin’s. Maybe a wholemeal roll and butter.
        Nothing fishy or sweetcorny tonight…
        Evening, Paul !

      • Whos that cross eyed version of her?
        Marsha summat?
        Seen her ?
        Fuck me, dizzy just looking at her.
        Cross eyed as fuck, both peepers focused on her nose, hehe!
        Bet her mum n dad burnt her school photos.

  5. Oh yes, Lardbutt…..whirlpool aficionado (at the taxpayers expense) , race warrior who despises the “cultural appropriation “ of her heritage. Er…….until some “right wing extremist” dug up some photos of her wearing a sari trying to garner votes from her Asian constituents. A real piece of hypocritical shit this one, can’t get her tongue far enough up Catweazle’s arse but will be slagging the cunt off on December 13th.
    The last time I looked William Hill had her at 50-1 to be next Labour leader. Got to be worth a tenner of any cunt’s money.

      • I am baffled – Geoffrey never showed the slightest aggression whatsoever in 20 Years of “being at the Crease”

    • The Swinson Bitch said ‘you can’t trust anything that comes out of BJ’s mouth’

      Looks like she can trust anything that comes out of her mouth


      • Politicians who insist on stating the bleeding obvious need to be fist-fucked ragged from arsehole to breakfast time.

  6. Was she the one that Helena Bonham-Carter played in the documentary, Planet of the Apes?

    • No, Helena’s character was quite fuckable, Dawn Butler was off playing with the gay giraffes!

      • I think there’s some docu coming up with HBC, talking about her grandparents war efforts. I believe she’s part Spanish/French/Portuguese, so could be quite interesting, and decent scenery.
        I’d go on my knees for her, so long as she isn’t grungeing…

  7. Lardbutt is yet another numerically challenged Labour fuckwit a la Flabbott…. she thinks (or lies) that there are 3,000 cunts sleeping rough in her constituency… in fact the figure is 248.


    Obese black slug sounds like she’s on elephant tranquilliser.

  8. Just one of the many talented and upstanding MP’S in the Labour stable.
    How could anyone not vote for her ?
    50/1 ‘ey ? That’s the best Black Friday deal going.
    In other news …… Hungary has withdrawn from the Eurovision Song Contest, as it is ‘ too gay ‘. Let’s hope the idea catches on.
    Good afternoon.

    • The cunts, Cliff Richard was the epitome of 1960’s British machoism singing ‘Congratulations’.

  9. Hasn’t this fucker been caught with her hand in the cookie jar yet? It’s just a question of time.

    • Evening Cap, I think it was central heating and a bathroom suite claimed on expenses and something to do with second home fiddling (oops, isn’t Catweazel declaring war on second home owners?). Anyway, its not some posh Tory cunt claiming for a duck house or to clean out their moat so its been quietly forgotten.

      • Evening chaps

        Dawn “Posh Paws” Butler looks the sort to have her money invested in Nando’s with signs on the door saying, “No Irish, No dogs, No Flabbots.”

  10. A pre xmas cunting dear Mods for ??? Well the news has just come in that David Duckandweave was found, quite rightly not guilty. What am I cunting ? The fallout that’s coming. False scouse grief, Andy Burnham spouting shite, over weight scousers in argos jewellery demanding justice (£££££’s).
    Fasten ya seatbelts ya tyres have been scoused

    • One woman in court wanted to know who was responsible for her father’s death. She should look at all the scousers who piled on through the gate and crushed him to death. There’s your answer darling.

      • Did the police have all the resources that they needed on the day? Of course not but some poor bugger has to hang.

      • No, he doesn’t. It was the fault of all those scousers turning up late and forcing their way in. Not the fault of Duckenfield or any other police officer.

      • Of course we have to hang the poor bloody infantry out to dry; otherwise it is the good eggs at the top who wrote the rules and decided the budgets who are responsible.

      • If we don’t roger the poor bloody infantry ,who do we blame? We can’t hold those good eggs at the top who wrote the rules and decided the budgets responsible can we?

      • My Cousin was at Hillsborough in the forest end, the Leppings Lane gates were opened by the Police who panicked when thousands of Liverpool supporters began trying to smash them down, as the catastrophe unfolded the real culprit Norman Bettison locked himself in a portakabin and was instructing Police Officers to hand over their notebooks for “correction” as people were dying – unpalatable truth.

    • You forgot to mention tracksuits. And the mass murder at Heysel, but that doesn’t fit the Scouser victim narrative. I was outside Wembley for the Liverpool Wimbledon cup final, there were thousands of ticketless scallies walking round the stadium looking for a weak spot to storm the ground, or failing that, things to steal. Cops did a good job controlling them, Hillsborough police weren’t properly prepared, and allowed them to massacre their own fans. At least there was some compo going.

    • The families of the 96 demand justice and need to find those responsible.
      By far and away the biggest factor were the sheer number of people in the vicinity without tickets. Perhaps one or two were hoping to gain free entry.
      Dealing with the facts;
      The club did not oversell tickets.
      The Sun got it completely wrong.
      The police didn’t trample on any one.
      if those without tickets had stayed away, nobody would have died.
      Unfortunately the people of Liverpool can accept facts with which they don’t agree.
      I’m sure many of the ticketless fans may have felt shame and guilt over the years, but perfectly happy to see the rozzers take the blame.

  11. If anyone does see that Umbongos and Peacefuls are a waste of fucking space, there must be something wrong with them.

    They are all cunts!

    • I feel the same way about them as she feels about supporters of Brexit:

      If you support Labour there’s something wrong with you.

      • It’s not just London though. I live just a few miles from Brighton, the fuckwits down there voted in that idiot green Caroline Lucas.

      • In a constituency full of hîjabs, you could stick a toy orang-utan in a floral dress, slap a red rosette on it and it’d be elected.

  12. She is what the Labour party stands for.
    London, identity politics, cultural bollocks and anti Semitism. Any fucker living outside London who votes for them is deluded.

  13. At this point all they have is divide and rule. There were no slaves in this country. The working class wouldn’t have had it. Everyone had shit lives. Louis XIV of France was Europe’s most powerful monarch. Every day he had only 14 dishes from which to choose from. Today everyone has at least 40 via an app

  14. This is the stupid bint who’s been prompting Corbyn about colonialism being preached in schools if Communist Labour get into power. Corbyns nodding dog is obsessed with colonialism and how the Dark Keys were hard done by Horrible Whitey in this Country seems we has a lot to answer for according to Ms Butler .Compensation is the key word here according to Dawn Whitey will have to pay and of course apologise for how We treated Dark Keys 300 years ago
    Communist Labour For The Many But Not The Jew

  15. I’ll give her this though: she has twice the intellect of that great Labour stalwart Flabbott and so making herself a halfwit, which in todays labour party is a brain of almost Einstein propertions.

    • Not much of compliment as compliments go Helmet!
      My fuckin goldfish can run rings round flabbott!
      An my dog does Dawns homework for her!

  16. I have not read any of this but I object to the following cultural appropriation of both name and attire.
    as DF says
    go forthe and multiply.

  17. This sack of offal if it was presented to a starving dog would be rejected and then pissed upon proving dogs are more intelligent than the voters of her constituency who put her in parliament. Just beyond reasonable understanding that a bigoted, truth denying, talent-less waste of space piece of shit could become an MP

  18. Question time is it’s usual balanced self tonight. I’m fucking sick of hearing about the NHS. Last election, it was ‘24 hours to save the NHS’, this time around its ‘a once in a generation chance to save the NHS’. I’ve just heard the ‘everyone is living longer’ bullshit, yet fuck all about a burgeoning population. Fuck them all.

    • No other country in the world has a free health service. When the NHS started in 1948 it was in debt within 18months.

      Fuck right off

    • I can’t stand how politicians of all parties almost cry when they say OUR NHS – it is THE NHS and I doubt many of them use it anyway. Anyway, Butler and co would need the PDSA not the NHS. I wonder if we could get the PDSA to “do” her, racist old cunt.

  19. Wasn’t that Butler thing one half of Milli Vanilli? What an ugly bastard, she could pick that nose with a fucking dessert spoon.

    • And I know it’s difficult to tell these things from a photo, but by God she really looks like she fucking stinks. Not that anyone could tell over the stench of Corbyn and Flabbott.

      • She probably creams her knickers whenever she is sat next to Steptoe and she only has one pair.

  20. She must be one of those ‘genuises’ of the Labour benches who Douglas Murray referred to recently..

  21. Some great PR for steptoe and co recently. The intervieew with neal, the faked ‘secret’ documents about selling ‘our NHS’, Barry Gardiner’s recent interview, Thornberry dodging her LBC interview and now this specimen mouthing off about most of her voters.

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