Anne Sacoolas

Stupid Americunt that can’t fucking drive kills a Brit riding home minding his own business and then scurries home claiming diplomatic immunity when her husband isn’t even a fucking diplomat.

How the fuck is every cunt on duty at that fucking yanky base given immunity for them and their families? Some crazy bitch with an M-16 could go on a mass-murdering rampage and we can’t even legally keep her in the country because her hubby works as a mechanic at a fat-shit base!? Aren’t those cunts embarrassed as fuck that their base is now surrounded by signs telling the stupid fucks to drive on the fucking LEFT?

In their shoes I’d want the retarded splitarse to come back to face trial to restore some dignity and wouldn’t give a shit if she does time she fucking deserves it.

Nominated by ShaggawotZ

50 thoughts on “Anne Sacoolas

  1. Well Cunted.
    When some spazmo wanders on to the Pentagon website looking for little green men, the fuckers create a storm and want the fucker extradited.

    • That is exactly what I thought. One kiddy topped himself because he was worried about being extradited to the US for hacking.

    • yes – funny how we are happy to extradite some little spaz who looked at a military website, but we can’t get this piece of shit back. In any case, the UK rozzers would be perfectly entitled to go to the US an interview her. But they won’t – cunts.

      • Bit unfair on the police there. They, and by default, we, already know what happened. Interviewing her won’t produce anything of any use, as even if they put a case to the CPS, and the CPS recommended prosecution, nothing would come of it as she is protected by mega-cunt Trump.

        Going to America would only have acheived two things: a nice little jolly for a couple of detectives, and a huge bill to the tax payer to pay for it.

        You are right about the other thing though – Anne Sacoolas is a piece of shit, and an utterly heartless and cowardly one at that.

      • We do have an ace up our sleeve, the ubercunt Julian Assange. Much as I would love to see the turd get 20 to life in a max security prison it might be worth seeing the yanks extradition attempt fail just to hear their whining about people cheating justice.

      • Fucking good point. Can’t believe I forgot about that weaselly cunt.

        We should organise a swap, Assange for Sacoolas.
        That way we get hold of the bitch and we never have to hear about Assange again.

  2. An absolutely justified cunting right here. Why don’t we all go out and kill an innocent teenager in the us by driving on the right side (leftside) of the road. As trump said accidents happen. I wonder what the cunts would say if the shoe was on the other foot. Fucking yankee cunts.

  3. The special relationship right there…
    Accidents do happen but being a thick yank cunt and taking the responsibility to drive in a foreign country and then killing some innocent lad due to your own lack of skill and understanding is no accident.
    She then runs off and hides behind diplomatic immunity.
    What a whopper of a cunt, no doubt the yanks will offer a wedge of cash to make the row go away.
    Fuck the yanks…I don’t like them, black, white, latino, they are all cunts apart from a few I approve of.
    Fat, no culture, trouble making, fat, chip on their shoulder, Twisted, fat, no style, no class, fat, can’t talk properly, cunts.

    • Good Morning B&WC

      You are right accidents do happen, I have driven on the wrong side of the road after coming home from driving in Europe and sometimes in Europe or the U.S. but been bloody lucky and not had any accidents. If you do have an accident then you have to put your hands up and take responsibility. This silly bitch has damaged the Anglo/US relationship and WTF is she doing to have diplomatic immunity?

      • There is no “special relationship”. And the cunt was given diplomatic immunity by the government.

      • Any ‘special relationship’ ended decades ago. There was mutual respect between Thatcher and Regan but John ‘Grey Man’ Major, Brown , Bush’s pet poodle Blair were useless and Obama was openly anti-British especially with bumbling public school toff Cameron at the helm.

        Look at the way the government of the day sells out our troops from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to vulture human rights lawyers for supposed ‘war crimes’ while the yanks tell them to get fucked. Tragic beyond words as it is, its no surprise this cunt will not face justice.

      • I agree Wanksock, I think Donald has stepped in to show he’s protecting American’s. The whole thing is a proper pile of cunt. Good day to you.

      • Get the family over and we’ll have Anne in the next room. Like a surprise see.
        Then we could have a photo op on the White House lawn with them reconciled. Me between them of course.
        The American people love anything like that. It’s a vote-winner.
        If they don’t go for it give them a cheque.

  4. Fucking right. Hits home especially hard when you’re a motorcyclist like wot I am (I hate “biker”, always puts me in mind of the Blue Oyster bar bandits in Police Academy). Dangerous enough as it is without some cunt on the wrong side of the road coming at you

    • dead right sir. I’m also a “biker” (you’re dead right about the pooftah connotation). Bad enough with the cunts on the right side of the road, without them being on the other side as well. I’m going to think of a funny cunting for road morons some time. Have to say though, a lot of bikers are cunts – see Aaron Notts on youtube – fucking wanker.

      • Oh absolutely; I’d go so far as to say most bikers are utter cunts of the highest order, when I’m in the car and some prick comes wobbling between lines of cars clipping mirrors just to gain three spaces it winds me right up, no wonder people tar us all with same brush. Same cunts who pull wheelies in 30 zones and buy pre-scratched knee sliders off ebay

    • Permit me to register on the motorcyclist subcunting. I’m one too.
      Many many years ago I encountered a VW with German plates on the wrong side of a Highland road. Fortunately he braked too, or I would not be here – the Triumph Tiger Cub was not well provided with stop facilities.

      PS Though I may be a cunt in all other respects I never filter if there’s not comfortably enough space.

      • Filtering on M25 is a must most days. To be honest, it scares the shit out of me sometimes. Cunts seem to squeeze up so you can’t get through. As for the left-hooker trucks…….

      • Yep, then there’s the odd cunt (usually in an SUV thing) that decides to pull across deliberately to try and block you getting through

      • That one’s blatant incitement to road rage, but I have to set it against the uncunts (often white vans) who spot you in the mirror and give you a bit more room. Thanks, appreciated, if you’re reading this, lads.

  5. Good luck wheedling that bitch out if her bolt hole.
    Great cunting of a cunt.
    And American beer is weak as Prince Harrys piss as well.
    Fuck off.

  6. Just think how the cunts would howl if a Brit had this in the US then fled back here. As the old saying goes, with friends like the Yanks, you don’t need enemies.

  7. I detest everything American, Trump, McFucking-Donalds, Kenfucky, the lot. They are absolute shitbags in business. I’m deffo a brexiteer but I cannot stand the thought of a ”trade deal” with those cunts. We’d be stitched up like a kipper. The extradition treaty with the septics works one way only which tells you all you need to know. America, just fuck off and take your hideous businesses with you.

  8. Trump meeting the parents was a vile spectacle and contrived to achieve what exactly? To show the poor parents of a dead young man how ‘seriously’ they are taking this situation?? The motherfucker apparently had some minion lined up to write them a big cheque. What planet does he live on? He thinks he can just buy off grieving parents like some business transaction. What kind of world leader refuses to compel an absconded criminal to return to a country where she has effectively murdered someone?

    Fucking fat, orange cunt.

    I actually find this whole story vile. That woman is a mother herself and her child was actually in the car when this crash happened. How would she feel if it was vice versa, HER child was killed and the culprit fucked off out of the country, refusing to face the consequences of their actions?

    I hope the cunt sleeps well at night.

    • I hope she doesn’t. She’s a murderer and a coward. She doesn’t deserve a good night’s sleep.

    • He’s the ‘deal-maker in chief’ as he keeps telling us. It wouldn’t surprise when the grand reconciliation failed he leant over to the mother ‘can we cut a deal?’

  9. As the thin white duke once wailed I’m afraid of Americans ! Yeah me too when I’m cycling near a us army base. Diplomatic immunity is such a fucking stain on international law anyway get out of jail free cards for some of the biggest cunts on earth.

  10. It annoys me not because of nationality, race, skin colour etc etc, but they’re getting away with a crime. OK it was a accident but the excuses for not being punished cheeses me off.

    • Point well Made. The cunt would not have gone to jail anyway the way the laws are, so the right thing to have done was take it as you dealt it, with the consequence and move on. I bet if the victim was a peaceful it would be a much different story.

  11. Not to contradict earlier cunters, but there is a special relationship; intelligence sharing between the US and UK outbids practically any other consideration. RAF Croughton (it is still MoD property) is a major listening station for US military and intelligence operations – more on that here:
    Additionally, it’s a safe place for drone pilots, allegedly.

    Details are predictably sparse on what Mr Sacoolas does there, but his background is in electronic engineering, so he probably has some information the US would rather not risk revealing via interrogation of his wife (who might also be employed at Croughton, although this has never been stated).

    Also note that Trump’s USP is America First (no criticism of that) and that he will shit on any so-called ally to preserve that public image, cf. the Kurds. I don’t think Mrs Sacoolas will be revisiting the UK in the near future.

  12. Interesting video, thanks for posting. It does, however, clearly show lots of local women, all wearing hijabs, much like now. The women who aren’t wearing hijabs would appear to be tourists.

    Saddam really was a cunt. If he had just been honest and let the weapons inspectors do their jobs he might very well still be alive today.

    • I didn’t say burkas, I said hijabs. From about 8min 16 sec, street and market scenes, lots of local women, most in hijabs, some, actually, in burkas.

      I wasn’t blaming the UN weapons inspectors for anything. He had already used chemical weapons, so the UN wanted to make sure he didn’t have anything else, which is surely the right thing to do?

      Saddam Hussein deliberately prevented them from doing their job. This made the international community believe he really did have something to hide, and so they bombed Iraq and it ultimately led to his death, along with thousands of others.

      All historical facts.

      • Saddam said nasty things about Dubbya’s daddy so he had no choice but to invade.

        And Saddam was responsible for 9/11. At least that’s what God told Bush, so it must have been true.

    • I didn’t say going to war was the right thing to do, I said sending UN weapons inspectors in was the right thing to do.

      Seeing as he had already used chemical weapons against his own people, it was reasonable to assume he would use them against his enemies too.

      As he refused to comply, he brought about his own downfall.

      My recollection of the events is the same as yours. However, we now know that he deliberately gave the UN the runaround because he wanted Iran to believe he had WMDs. This, ultimately, led to everybody believing he had WMDs. Silly fucker brought it on himself.

      • You really need to read what you are posting. He didn’t know the source was full of shit, he believed what he was told by people he could reasonably have expected to be able to trust, therefore he didn’t lie. He told what he believed to be the truth.

        And if what followed you don’t believe was a war then you need to go and read the dictionary and look up the definition of the word.
        Nobody would expect anybody to just bow to the will of the United States. However, Iraq had recently invaded a neighbouring country, and then launched chemical weapons attacks against their own people. The belief that hey had WMDs was high, enforced bu Hussein’s deceitful actions.

        You might have a pathological hatred of the United States, but stop trying to rewrite history to suit your own narrative.

  13. If you look at Iran before the revolution, hair covering was normally done by uneducated pheasants, Ditto Libya, My parents lived in Benghazi and dad worked for the king fixing his planes until captain fuckwit bolloxed it all up, nothing to do with the west.
    Iraq was a cluster fuck (I was there) in the build up we “Hinted” to the Iraqis we were going to topple sadam, day 2 Kuwait we were ordered (Yes Ordered) not to fire on the revolutionary guard command and let them retreat into Iraq, where they set about systematically liquidating rebelling Iraqis, is there no surprise when we went back in we were not welcome, our allies were in mass graves and there were a lot of bitter people.
    Watch the documentary thunder road it is very precise as to why it all went to shit.

  14. When I was in hospital a while ago a bloke was there all plastered up, broken limbs with more surgery to come – he had been knocked down by two french military police on the wrong side of the road near Hereford. Nothing happened. What were french police doing in Hereford – and why wasn’t more made of this?? Cunts

  15. Nobody’s mentioned the elephant in the room; the blonde mother looks a right fucking shag bag slag. I fucking would, the gobby fucking mare – right up her dirtbox and no mistake.

  16. It’s a travesty of justice that this dumb yank cunt isn’t being extradited to the UK to face criminal proceedings. Apparently, this is the first time in its history that they have turned extradition down under the 2003 extradition treaty, while they claim Britain has refused extradition on ten separate occasions.

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