Remainer MPs

Remainer MPs are the biggest clutch of frustrating, self-serving, hypocritical, undemocratic cunts I’ve ever seen.

Deal after deal, vote after vote, amendment after amendment, year after year and this shower of shite are still at it. The worst of it is, we’re NO further forward, we’re all frustrated and for some unknown reason, we’re all taking it straight up the arse from this army of lefty cunts!

It was only not so long ago that Jeremy Corbyn revealed what the Labour policy was on Brexit – no surprise really considering he seems to sit on the fence with pretty much everything until they see any opportunity to make himself and his rancid excuse of a party seem remotely electable. He’s done nothing to enhance our chances of getting the best deal for our country and the people in it, and in my book that makes him a massive cunt in the First Degree.

Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Un-Democrats might be even worse. She and her chancer party have said they’ll ignore 52% of voters in the referendum and revoke article 50 , basically cancel Brexit! Another cunt of the First Degree. Then there’s Nicola Sturgeon. I’d laugh myself sick if there was no deal with the EU and no to a second independence referendum, just to see her and her army of ignorant, blinkered, bigoted, narrow minded clowns get to fuck – cunts! They’d all do well to remember who they serve and why they serve as an MP, but never mind, when election time comes around they’ll find out how long peoples memories actually are.


74 thoughts on “Remainer MPs

  1. The last time we were in a similar place was in the early Thatcher years. And the clueless bastards wandered straight into another fifteen Tory years. The dozy bastards haven’t twigged that nothing can get better for Labour – except that the Magic Grandpa might slip off his perch. From now until the GE it is downhill all the way. Every day that goes by is another nail in the coffin and another couple of seats on the Tory majority.

  2. An IsAC political party would sort this country out once and for all. Trouble is, im not sure any of the contributers as it stands are as parasitic, self serving or as bent as our current crop in the House of Treason. Oh wait, thats just the type of cunt we need to expel isn’t it. Every one of these cunts needs lining up and disposing of, and if it takes each one of them 3 years to meet their demise, so much the better. It matches the 3 years of sh*t we’ve all had to put up with from them.

    • You expect an autocratic, control freak cunt like myself to share any power?

      If i’m in the IsAC party i wouldnt mind being Chancellor/Minister of Thrift. Ive been told i know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

      First off, taxation and optimising/redistributing of the money saved from cuts of current massive public overspending. The Tories are inveterate socialists, it’s just that they spend it on vanity projects and corporate welfare.

      That would be an immediate prority. An expensive overhaul of the welfare system in the short term but guaranteed savings long term. Cut off corporate subsidies for shitcunt companies like G4S and Capita. Immediate review of public spending budgets and expenditures.

      I think there’s quite a few public sector admins and civil servants on 50k plus who would be in tears but too fucking bad. Go and work in the private sector or live in a tin shed, your job no longer exists.

      As for the beeb, I’d have Andrew Niel over for a few glasses of (cheap) Scotch and get him to draft a list of recommendations, implement them and have them read out on the six o’clock news.

      • Also, being mildly sociopathic would help when the Office for Thrift was bombarded with threats and pelted with eggs by indignant public sector troughers and the professionally unemployed.

        I’d pop head over the sandbags and yell ‘go back to your shanty towns, awful rabble!’

  3. I went to watch ‘ Joker ‘ at the weekend. I’m not one for comic book films, but after reading some reviews decided to give it a go. I am quite fond of dark, disturbing films, plus, the ticket was free.
    Enjoyed it, and after seeing the scenes of Gotham being trashed by an angry populace, had some rather delicious daydreams of Londonastabbistan being trashed and burned, whilst MP’s and Peers are dragged into the street and set upon by the howling mob, who are wearing clown masks.
    Meanwhile, hit squads, on search and destroy missions, seize the likes of Gina Miller, Blair, Branson etc. and deliver summary justice.
    Won’t get fooled again.
    Kill them all.
    This is a fantasy.
    Get To Fuck.

      • Good afternoon Norman.
        Mary Whitehouse …. those were the days.
        Robin was definitely a poove.

      • Wasn’t that one called The Killing Joke?
        The Grauniad has been having a go at the Joker film too, saying it misrepresents mental illness or something.
        Might pre book the DVD just on their review, the cunts…

    • What a shame germany didnt win that is exactly what the SS would do! Every fucking politician dead no fucking about

    • I keep thinking about the ‘Day of the dead’ re-make. When they’re on the roof of the mall picking of the ‘well known’ zombies with a sniper rifle….. “there’s Jay Leno” … KAPOW!

      Image that scene at Westminster…… “here’s Wanker Grieve”… KAPOW!
      “sourface Soubry”… KAPOW!
      “Cuntry bumkin Swinson”… KAPOW!
      “Ian ‘fat scots cunt’ Blackford”… KAPOW!

      you get the jyst……

    • Forgive me but it sounds a lot like the last Batman film when Tom Hardy and chums did exactly the same thing.

  4. “here today, gone tomorrow” politician cunts. I’d like to see a “silence of the lambs “buffalo Bill suit made out of Gina miller’s cunt, Bercows bollocks and a mish mash of other remoaner body part. I think it would look very pretty.

    • First, let me beat the Christ out of these human stretchmarks, then you can tailor their corpses however you like.

      • A nice sofa made from remoaner bones, Texas Chainsaw Massacre style.
        Mrs Bercow’s fadge might make a great pair of bar room swing doors, or a novelty motorcycle cover (Honda Goldwing size naturally)

  5. EVILSCOTSMAN for First Minister of Scotland!
    With more of his type the Union would be in safe hands.

  6. Who will ever fall for anything that they say ever again with their outrageous contortions.
    And i really can’t believe that people of the calibre Corbyn Flabbott Rayner and virtually all the rest, could get within touching disrance of power.
    Completely thick cunts.

  7. Arse wipes the lot of them, wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.
    It breaks my oath of gayness to say that It would make my day to have an hour or so with Jimmy kranky down our cellar .

    • She’s already holed up in the Bumholian Embassy. Something about evading crimes to democracy.

    • Got gerbil? Or ferret? Or Gila monster?…pineapple…hand grenade…? Don’t think you’d be breaking any oaths in any important way.

  8. All is well in the People’s Republic of Islington. The fifth columnists from all parties are amassing their forces……the Commons, the Lords, the Speaker, the media, the slebs, all in their dirty little pockets.
    I don’t think these cunts have a fucking clue what is going on outside their cosy little bubble.
    One way or another these bastards are going to pay for their treachery. 🤬

    • Why would they? The only time these cunts leave London is for another country, by way of a business class seat, when they go on holiday. They don’t believe that people exist outside London.

  9. The Establishment will never accept leaving. And while London, the honours system, academia and big business hold sway we can forget ever leaving. The opinions of cunts in the ‘provinces’ don’t matter a jot.
    Democracy is upheld as long as it chimes with the Establishment.

    The Establishment players invite scrutiny.
    Honours – Buggins turn with sops thrown to the odd cunt outside London. Institutional snobbery.
    Academia – Cant even manage democracy on campus where identity and trannyism overrides everything.
    Big business- Corrupt, overpaid, needing cheap labour rather than investment.
    Whitehall – unspeakable incompetent time servers.
    The Commons – corrupt gravy train riders.
    The Lords – corrupt, superannuated gravy train riders.

    Fuck the lot of them.

  10. I fucking hope these cunts are destroyed in the next GE. The sheeple need to wake up and send these cunts a strong message. Of course a proportion of the population want remain at any cost.

    Cunt gunge lickers

    • The proportion of the population I have anything to do with (all classes and conditions) just want it to fucking stop. They no longer give a flying one about how, those that ever did.

      I don’t rule out lynchings, if this goes on.

  11. Bercow has won plaudits and you can guess from where:

    The EU wouldn’t dream of interfering in national politics eh?. What a load of lying fuckbuckets.

    The truth is a lot of substandard backbenchers and never-were frontbenchers (Dame Keir and Granny Grieve come to mind) have used the past couple of years to showboat, to up their profile and enjoy their dying seconds of the 15 minutes of fame.

    Little shitstains like Mary-Anne Hilary Benn just enjoy being pompous and regard themselves as “important”. Letwin should fuck off back to his rentboys.

    I really hope there is an election and the Labour and LibDemwits are thrashed and become unelectable for a decade.

    • Verhofstadt is nothing more than a pig ugly cunt in a puissant parliament. If my dog had a face like that, I’d shave its arse and make it walk backwards. He should rent himself out as a monster on Halloween; at least that would be one day of useful employment in the arsehole’s life.

    • I can see all these cunts trying to hold off the GE until it has to be held, in 2022, just to keep themselves at the top or, more accurately, the bottom of the trough.

      • Thanks, Pigfucker and Cleg (sic -bloodsucking cunt), for the fixed-term Parliament Act. Thanks, Bliar, for the Supreme Court…thank you very, very much. The chattering classes have their knickers in a twist about the rise of populism, but what the fuck to they expect when they shut down even the pretence of consensus politics?

        Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

      • A GE is what scares them utterly shitless, as deep down (which isn’t very far for most of them) they know bloody well they will be fucked off.

  12. Yet another great bit of cunting for this bunch from the House of Shite. In my dreams of being Supreme Dictator, these cunts are all up against the wall, no fucking blindfold and no last fag. Fucking shithouses one and all.

  13. Don’t worry fellow cunters what goes around comes around.
    Come the General Election and it will come sooner or later, a lot of these traitors will be looking for another job
    He who laughs last laughs the longest.
    Leave Means Leave no second Referendum.

  14. I also want a go as Supreme Dictator.
    I’d put every man-jack of those degenerate swine in a rendering machine.
    Not that I’m unhappy with their conduct or owt you understand.
    Vast cunts.
    Fuck off.

  15. Newsflash (from the BBC Website at 1654). Poor old Granny Grieve feels he is being bullied, fragile little cunt:

    Dominic Grieve, one of the 21 MPs who were expelled from the Conservative Party for rebelling over Brexit, says he will vote against the bill and the programme motion.

    “It is really treating the House in an insulting way,” he says. “And it says something about this government which worries me.

    “I am a Conservative. Even if I’ve lost the whip I remain a Conservative.

    “And to see a government with a constitutional measure playing really bully boy tactics with this House, it can only be counter productive to the very aims the government itself would like to achieve.”

    • I am sure a suitably heavy whip could be acquired, to replace the one that Grievous Cuntitude has lost.

      It should then be applied most assiduously to every square inch of his slug-like body, until he is flayed alive.

  16. John Redwood, Owen Patterson and Kate Hoey are not happy with Boris’s BRINO abomination. Partly due to the £39 billion golden goodbye for fuck all (+ £18 billion for every year the transition period is inevitably extended) which has not been linked to the UK obtaining a satisfactory trade deal as Boris had previously promised, and the continuing power of the ECJ over any trade disputes arising. And Northern Ireland obviously.

    Once this Treaty is ratified and the EU has our £39 billion+ under its belt, we will have no further cards to play in negotiating a trade deal that does not overwhelmingly favour the 4th Reich. But never mind, it should see the Tory Party through to the next election and save us from a Corbyn Government, so not all bad.

    • What is it with B.liar? He’s still obsessed with weapons of mass destruction. Today, he said “The trouble with Brexit is that at a certain level it is rocket science.” This fucker thinks that the issue has become too complicated. If it has, its only because he and his minions have made it so.

      • Evening Blunty.

        Thankfully I was unaware of Bliar’s inane prattling. I’ve been glued to the Parliament channel all day. Currently listening to Sir Nigel on his LBC show. Naturally he’s crossing his fingers, hoping the bill will fail.

      • Evening RTC. Your blood pressure must be well under control to watch that live. I’m afraid if I tried, I’d probably be rushed to hospital in DCI Cunt’s wagon with a stroke!

      • Evening chaps, Willie Stroker will need to snap out of his Brexit depression and be on hand with a damp towel to sooth your splitting headache and a chaser of something strong, Creampuff.

      • Blood pressure relatively under control thanks.

        Speaking of which, a Remoaner cunt on Politics Live yesterday was quoting a Project Fear medical report stating Brexit would result in unnecessary deaths, fuck knows how.

        These cunts never talk about all the unnecessary deaths that will occur if Brexit doesn’t happen, do they? All those Leavers who will have heart failure or kill themselves.

        @ LL – Willie Stroker has gone all Zen. He still brings me tea though. I am not at liberty to say more…

      • BBR I think Anthony Blair is more obsessed with the weapons of ASS destruction that he admired so much in Mangledbum (and in his cottaging days when he was known as Charles Lynton)

      • Didn’t know that WCB but it all makes sense now I think about it! Must do a bit more reading around it.

      • Blair doesn’t do complicated. Or detail. Or anything but talk incessantly, to anyone cunt enough to stand still and listen. Rocket science isn’t so complicated I couldn’t design and build a rocket which would take him out of circulation…a well-aimed large firework rocket would do the trick.

  17. The Ancient Greeks had a saying – Freedom or Death.

    I really think it has now come to “Democracy or Death.”

    What is the most effective way of disposing of large numbers of weasels ?

  18. Tony Blair has just said “brexit is more complicated than rocket science for the normal people with normal jobs”
    How’s about a big fuck off Tony, you slimy lying cuntflap.
    I think he’s starting to get a bit worried this crap deal might pull off

  19. The biggest cunts of all are those that insist that 17.4 million is not a majority of the country. Any politician that claims this should be instantly sacked for not even knowing how they got their job in the first place. Added to the simple and most pure two faced cuntery that if we apply the same rule to the vote to join then 17.5 million was not a majority of the 56 million 1975 population, thus making that vote null and void, meaning we were never a part of the EU in the fucking first place. please excuse me now as I have to go and administer my antihistamine supositorys again, my shit has started itching again.

  20. Whenever the election is, I guess more than 85% of the current crop of MP’s will be returned as there is not a great rate of churn barring a large scale re-selection cull by local party members. So the prospect of the same cunts being returned is stomach churning, just reinforcing their desire for self affirmation that they were right all along

  21. How is it that one cunt after another on the remain side ( e.g Hillary Bender, Oliver Letthemin my arse, can get amendments/laws passed almost immediately?
    Why can’t decent,honest Brexteers come up with a similar “legally-binding wheeze?
    Am I naive or thick?
    Why haven’t these faecal smears been dealt with by an elite untraceable hit squad? Why are the 17.4 Million just taking this shit lying down?
    Why hasn’t Berk Cow been gang raped by a Northern rugby league team?
    Why has this been modda rayted?

    • Cos we all weally weally want to remain.. like a candle to the wind.

      Rest easy fella..right Bods will take control if/when required

  22. The only people who are really honourable in this whole shit storm of a parliament are those parties who are actually saying NO to Brexit. (Apart from of course the Brexit Party) Yes I know they are ignoring us but at least we know that but they are the consciencous objectors willing to be vilified for their principles no matter how misguided.
    Labour want to remain but pretend otherwise, same with the Tories, the SNP et Al.
    So there’s only one thing to do and that’s at the next election vote Nigel vote Brexit Party.
    Also if you want to redecorate your house or break up some concrete but haven’t got the energy heres a site to make the boiler steam up to full pressure really quickly. look up your local or your favourite MP and marvel at the greed of them some truly eye-watering sums they have trousered.
    But take it easy your pressure blow off valve may not react fast enough.

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