James Brown

James Brown is a cunt.

No, not Mr Sex Machine himself, but James Brown, the partially sighted Paralympic cyclist. This is the Cunt who managed to climb on top of a plane bound for Amsterdam in the city of London airport. This myopic mick, who got kicked out of the last raspberry olympics for being a drug cheat, managed to clamber on top of a flight he had booked a seat on, and superglued his hand to the fuselage, thus preventing it from taking off. The airport had been under siege by those protesting pricks, so you think they might have been a bit more alert, but were outfoxed by this fucking bellend. As usual, the cops go in with a softly softly approach, making sure he’s ok, and giving him a blanket to keep him nice and toasty, while the cunt live streamed his protest. It’s the last bit which gets me.

These fucking cunts are more about the notoriety and likes they will get than any effect their pathetic protest has. He should have been shoved of the top by smashing him repeatedly with rifle butts, then his semi conscious carcass should have been dragged through the terminal, and dumped on those smelly vegan cunts doing the sit in.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

56 thoughts on “James Brown

  1. Airport fire service should have shoved the monitor of one of their fire engines up his arse and given the cunt a 24 bar colonic irrigation.

    • No no no! B&W Cunt cant resist getting his tongue into a ‘natural’ exhaust pipe as it is. Can you imagine the excitement of a pressure washed one? It could trigger the airborne ‘gayness virus’ and affect him too.

      • Not interested in a blokes arsehole… Should have sent Kravdarth and Mince pie guy up there boners in hand…he would have moved sharpish then.

      • Lmfao!if he was the real james brown /you wouldnt able to keep the cunt still lol!plus a church full of gospel singers on the runway &orchestra !!! Now that d be fucking sight esp with him off his head

  2. Justified cunting and the cunt only needs referring to as a 5 & 4 letter word in capitals. TOTAL CUNT. I think its time to cunt the authorities now though. As you say its all ‘softly softly’ when what they really need is a fuckin’ good slap and told to piss off or face a Magistrate. As a kid I was always aware of ‘authority’ but this lot are devoid of sanity and are protected to the hilt. Fuck them.

  3. Fucking attention seeking cunt. While everyone applauded that cunt being dragged off that train and given a slap they forget there was another libtard tramp up there. Some angry commuter got up on the roof and the cunt shat himself and ran away.
    If this cunt got up there some coppers could have done the same. If he fell off the plane, broke his cunting neck and died of it, tough shit. People die from acting the cunt every day of the week. Fuck all these soft as shit heroes and the cunts who indulge their attention seeking behaviour.

  4. I recon he’s lying about being disabled, I’m able bodied and I couldn’t climb on top of a plane and glue myself to it…. (and if I was stupid and upper-middle class enough of course, which I’m not)
    I wonder if he’s on any kind of benefits for his “disability”.
    Bring back the SPG I say….

    • Contract Policing out to the Chinese perhaps? Along with the EU they own or run just about everything else in this once fine land. Might as well let them come down hard in their manner on these annoying thoughtless pipsqueaks and weasels.

      • Fantastic idea EGC, have been of the same opinion myself. Our government could purchase worn out bulk carrier ships convert them to prisons fill them with cunts and sail them to China; pay the Chinese to guard/look after them. This approach would sort out all the complaints re conditions in British nicks and cost a lot less than keeping the cunts here.
        This simple measure will also create lots of room to lock up all the unwoke, hate thinkers, transbenderphobes, facist normal people and their families plus anyone else not totally libtard. Of course these people will be no trouble cos they obey all the important conventions of our society it’s just they have not yet cottoned on to the rainbow/woke benefits of life therefore criminals thought criminals

    • Blind cunts are always climbing shit,
      Guy on this morning a paraclimber,
      Blind an climbing stuff like the old man of hoy, sheer rock pinnacle!
      While i remain impressed, its the guide dogs I feel sorry for, Labradors are shit at mountaineering!
      Next up everest? Stevie Wonder.

      • What about that puzzled fucker of recent (whos blind)and into mountaineering he said he wanted a better guide dog to go up with him /a fucking.husky of all things /i just wonder if the fucking had to be blind en all oh they could both have a helmet on with cunt written on it in case one or both fell off the mountain

  5. James Brown is undoubtedly a cunt but the police are even bigger cunts for having a totally inadequate response to these situations. I am not blaming the ordinary copper but the cunts at the top who are keener to cover their butts, get promoted and safeguard their pensions. Step forward Cressida Dick.
    An afterthought, could someone who has suffered financial loss due to antics of ER sue Plod for dereliction of duty? It would make an interesting court case listening to the Big Dick try to justify the way they handle such situations.

  6. Anyone who glues themself to anything as a form of protest should be left to soil themselves and when they are considered to be completely famished and fatigued, left there until they beg the emergency services to release them after agreeing to sign a declaration that they are a CUNT and will never behave like that again, otherwise they will be glued, face down, to a prison bunk in prison bent Atilla the Bastard’s cell on E wing.

  7. 1. Do not give these people “comfort” such as blankets .They put themselves there, let them live with the consequences.
    2. Do not allow them the oxygen of publicity. If they are arrested, remove any means of communication and broadcast.
    3. If successfully prosecuted, apply for full costs and compensation from the individual.
    4. Many appear to need a wash…..break out the cold water in copious quantities, especially as winter is almost upon us.
    5. Allow Canning Town’s finest to have their fun.

    These cunts would soon give up….

  8. A pity he didn’t glue himself to a Boeing 737 max as for the next few months they are still grounded and he could have starved to death. Other than that grease the top of the fuselage then when he eventually slips over the side tape the sound of the skin ripping from his hand and play it over and over whilst he’s in A&E with a broken neck.

  9. Aren’t we supposed to be on high terrorism alert etc etc. I bet if that was a snackbar up there they’d have shot the cunt and peppers sprayed him after.
    Imagine this cunt tried this in China or Russia… He would have been lucky to escape with a skinless hand. He would more likely be dragged off, beaten and put in jail for 20 years.
    The police have the wrong attitude here, because they know they are all smelly tramp/anarchist types they play the long game.
    If myself or a white cunt got up the Big Ben scaffolding shouting ‘Alan o’ snackbar’ the gun squad would have shot me down before I could say ‘I’m only pissing abaaaaht’. They need to treat all threats the same and if that means some wankers loses a bit of skin on his hand he decided to glue then tough.
    What a pile of cunt.

  10. If only that poor Kenyan kunt who ruined Tarquin’s afternoon by landing in his garden used some superglue he would have been alright. It’s all abaaaaht the preparation. Go fuck yourself.

  11. Personally I would have been very happy if nobody had actually noticed the cunt and the plane had just taken off. That would have learned the cunt.

      • Yes, it would have been fitting if the person who does the checks had been partially-sighted and had missed him completely.

    • If I had been the only person to spot him as the plane started moving, I would’ve shouted, “Have a nice flight, gimpy!”

  12. They should have just ignores him and started taxiing. The screaming would have been hilarious.

  13. A Jew boards a plane and gets an aisle seat next to two Arabs.
    He sits down, gets comfortable and kicks off his shoes.
    After take off he walks to the rear of the plane to ask the stewardess for a drink.
    While he’s gone the Arabs spit in his shoes.

    When he returns he notices what the Arabs have done.

    A while later one Arab says to the other “I’m going to find the stewardess to get a coke.”

    “Don’t bother getting up” says the Jew, “I’ll get that for you.”

    He gets the Arab a coke, returns to his seat and the Arab drinks it.

    “See” says the Jew, “Our people’s can get along despite our differences. When will it all end? The hatred, the animosity, the wars, the spitting in shoes and pissing in Cokes”….

  14. How the fuck was old blindy allowed to get on top of the plane in the first place? He couldn’t have done it quickly so where the fuck was security? Are there no CCTV cameras? He could have planted a fucking bomb for fucks sake. And what the fuck where they doing handing him a blanket? Jesus H Corbett, you couldn’t make it up, no wonder we’re the laughing stock of the world. Anyway, I agree with others, they should have let the plane take off.

  15. The plane should have taken off. When they landed they would have found this cunt’s hand still superglued to the fuselage. No body, just a hand. Would have served the cunt right.

  16. I would have laughed my bollox off as a frozen solid cunt had dropped from the sky right on cunt Bercows cunting head.

    • I imagine standing in the back garden, talking on his phone,
      “Hello? Yes, I’d to place an ORRRRRR-DERRRRR!!! for some shoes that increase my height, and some…
      *body lands of bercow*
      ” Aaarrrghh!”

      Operator: “Sorry sir, did you mean an A-ha record? Alan Partridge DVD? Sir? Sir…?”

  17. Would it be improper to suggest that they should of moved him into the landing gear bay and let the plane take off?

    • Yes it would. They would have had to blacken him up to add verisimilitude and that’s frowned upon nowadays.

  18. Hand out rotten fruit’n’veg and have him pelted as in the days of the village stocks. Better still, give the fruit’n’veg to other paraolympians to practise throwing skills. Better still, warn the shit he’s got five minutes to move before they lightly spray him with acid.

  19. I wonder if gimpy-boy was born spasticated or if it’s just because he regularly got his f….ing head kicked?

    Should’ve taken off with him stuck to the roof. Enjoy your ‘likes’ at 38,000 feet and minus -120C gimpy!

  20. This cheeses me right off.
    It boils my water hotter than a kettle.

    For fork sake. Why are the police so soft?
    Are they worried he’d sue them for whatever reason?

    The fella is being a can of can’t. Sort the forker out!

    Police: “What are doing besides embarrassing yourself, disappointing your family?”

    “Get off the plane now we’ll talk about it. If you don’t we’ll arrest you, keep you in a cell. You’ll get a record. You’ll be recorded in history, not for doing good but for disrupting holiday makers, you’ll be frowned upon, not cheered.”

    “You have 20 seconds to get off or we unceremoniously remove you.”

  21. He paid for the ticket so what’s the problem. He’ll be safe as long as it’s decent super glue.
    When they get to there destination, leave him on the fuselage.

  22. Stay on the scene. Like a cunt machine!

    I would have taken the plane back to the hangar and left the cunt glued to it. Then sent the cunt the bill for the delays in getting a replacement.

    The only thing that should have prevented take off is the possibility of cunt strike on an engine.

      • Well I have to say this sort of protest is self evidently futile.

        Every fucking train in India seems to have hundreds of cunts glued to it.

        Every fucking dole office has hundreds of wogs glued to it as well. Makes fuck all difference as far as I can see.

      • They asked him where he was expecting the plane to go with him glued to the top of it. He just said “Take it to the bridge”.

  23. Anyone found on the wrong side of the departure gate should be charged with a mandatory terrorism offence, bet the cunt was on some kind of disability benefit so there are questions to be asked there, most would struggle to manage getting on top of a plane, do you think DWP will follow that up no chance

  24. When I see this cunt glueing himself to a coal mine in China I might listen to his grievances but no the drug cheat chooses the uk and a flight, knowing he would get a comfy blanket and a cup of warm tea.

    The cunt deserves nothing more than a cup of cold piss thrown over him.

    Also if this cunt is claiming any kind of disability benefit or Paralympic funding then I suggest his live stream of him climbing on top of plane (cos that ain’t easy) is used to deny the cunt a single penny as well as taking away any funding this twat ill deserves.

  25. The reason these cunts at XR never complain about China is because XR are communists (modern commies are elitists who want to enslave everyone so they can live like kings – XR trust funders fit that bill perfectly ).

    But I would pay good money to see one of these cunts try this shit in China. They’d just either shoot him as soon as he started to climb onto the roof, or get up there, beat him with sticks and just rip him off the roof taking half his skin with him. He’d either end up dead or even more spasticated.

    There would be no risk assessments and no blankets and cups of fucking tea, that’s for certain. And definitely no delays to take off.

    If I were the pilot, the only thing I would’ve said is, ‘Cabin crew, positions for take off, please.’

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