Kathleen Kennedy

A nomination for woke twat Kathleen Kennedy, who took over from George ‘Jabba Neck’ Lucas after selling Lucasfilm to Disney. Since then she has managed the feat of unravelling the most valuable intellectual property in cinema history by not having a coherent idea of where to take the series, hiring and firing directors, assembling a group of SJW in a ‘story group’ who have little vision, idea of dramatic tension, character arc or what made the earlier films so popular.

In Abrams they found a hack who will simply remake the earlier films without any charm or flair, while introducing his own pointless in-jokes and gimmicks.

Kennedy has flailed around from one disappoint to the next while sales of toys, books and games plummet, as a new generation looks to stuff like Marvel and Pokemon, and the much-hyped theme park, ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ threatens to go bust.

Kathleen Kennedy is a twat, a cunt, a gormless cretin and an SJW surrounding herself with sycophants and soyboys, like Rian Johnson, who killed a golden goose.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

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  1. All things considered (and given I’ve had 5 cans of San Miguel), I might just take her up the arse!

  2. I’m sure she will manage to keeping curling out more of these snowflake PC shitfest logs.
    Chewbacca should shoot her with his crossbow then take her up the dirtpipe.
    Fuck right off.
    Great cunting.

    • Cha Cha Cha Cha chamber. You fucking geek denying, story swapping, white SLAG. I hope the coloureds fucking rape you, slit you, then fucking rape you till you bleed out like a Lubbock.

  3. Not knowing what the fuck this is about I took time to look up SJW (new one on me)
    One of my darling neighbours was moved by the council yesterday.
    1, absent father of two children
    2, unemployed/employable
    3, more than likely responsible for local drug problem
    4, has been seen in the company of “vulnerable” female adults in the early hours of the morning.
    5, has administered drugs to another adult without their consent
    6, regularly gets visits from plod.

    so tell me this, why did social services pay a removal company to move him and why are the council redecorating the flat that he has drawn all over and are not charging him (its not fair wear and tear).
    now that’s cuntish,

    • Knew before got to bottom of nom youd wrote this CP.
      Dont know much about her personally but if her works anything to go by shes struggling to come up with ideas.
      Shes got the warmth of Hoth and would fit in ok in the cantina in star wars.
      ‘He said he doesn’t like you!
      I dont like you!”😛

  4. Jar jar Binks: “Mesa think Kathleen-sa is biiiiig gungun poopy-sa!”

    The emperor: “Good…good, Kathleen. Fork up Star Wars, it is your destiny!”

    Admiral Akbar: “It’s a trap!”

    Lord Vader: “Kathleen, you are a
    death star sized can of can’t!”
    Kathleen: “No! That’s not true! It’s impossible!”
    Lord Vader: “Look deep within yourself. You know it to be true!”

  5. Don’t know about star wars. This is cunt wars and this cunt has won by a country parsec!

    To take what was probably the greatest money making machine in cinema history and fuck it up. Corbyn’s balls, I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming as surely that could not be possible in the real world.

    A true cuntanova!

  6. Are they still (re-) making that Star Wars tat? I heard they’d flogged the copyright to Disney who were going to milk every penny out of the “concept” – spinoffs, prequels, re-interpretations, anything for a dollar. We can expect gáylord characters (Han Homô, ChewKnackers), muzlîm heroes (Lando CarpetRisen, R2-under9), trannîes (Luke ShyWanker, C3NoPenis-0), plus strong females, weak males, and a darkîe as the good guy. Yawn.

    Shit, almost forgot the white, male, British, evil baddie. May The Cunt Be With You.

    • Evening cap, yes they bought a money generator, guaranteed to generate millions in merchandise gave it to some dozy cunt(step forward kathleen) and fucked it up!
      Give it to some geeky uberfan, he’ll have ideas be protective of the franchise not some lefty downs twat like kaffy kennedy.
      May the farce be with you.

    • Disney – now that would make a good nom!

      I would do one myself but I can’ t be arsed! For some reason I have Priti Patel about to sit on my face!

      Can anyone cunt Disney?

      • It could be nostalgia for me, some Disney films from years ago, I have fond memories of.

      • Me too spoons ‘songs of the south’
        Dont show it anymore, for some reason,
        And ‘junglebook’ first film i saw as a little kid at the pictures.

      • Wasn’t old Walt a weird, hyper-religious cunt who had his workers followed and banned beards? What a bunch of bednobs-and-broomsticks cuntery.

      • Know he was famously antisemitic, and meant to of been cryogenically frozen (dunno if true?)
        Banned beards? The cheeky cunt!
        Think uncle Walt was a bit ‘difficult’.

      • Go on Techno, give the cryogenically-preserved old duffer a nomination.

        🎵 “A spoonful of cunting helps the medicine go down…”

      • Old Walt was a craftsman but, cryogenic storage of his head not withstanding, he’s long dead and the empire that bears his name is now a giant evil shit machine that sanitizes everything it can lay its talons on to conform to the bland PC agenda that it pushes, backed by the prospect of massive Chinese money (allegedly).
        They have fucked Star Wars and Marvel, they are producing the next Kingsman film so those are probably fucked too and Barbara Broccoli is busily softening up the Bond films for them.
        I used to love the Cinema and freely admit to being something of a film buff, but it’s pretty much a wasteland now, like television…

      • Wonder if theyll ever thaw out Walts head?
        Could use it as a promo,
        “Chill out with uncle walt”…

      • Be a good guest on jonathon Ross show, sat leaking ice water and glaring at everyone!

  7. No fucking idea what this is about. Each to his/her/they/ own. Am willing to take ‘cunt’ as read.

  8. Not so sure about this cunting, whoever the slapper is. The marketing and branding cunts have just about mined out the present audience potential (I imagine, mostly male, mostly straightish, good percentage white) and are looking for new cash horizons: (female, LGBTQXYZ, ethnic), so rejigging the concept for these makes perfect sense. It’s all about the money, I’d say. So long, Star Wars, and thanks for all the testosterone – hello Social Justice Negotiations. There’s always porn.

  9. I don’t watch any of the latest bastardized ‘Star Wars’ prequel/sequel, etc, etc, films.

    The first is, of course, a classic. The two following films were also good…….but the films after that are pure, cash-in bollocks. I can’t be doing with them, quite frankly. From what I have seen in the ‘meeja’, they appear to have PC’d it up, thrown in a few more ethnics and ‘strong female protagonists’…….fucking PUKE. Don’t we get enough of this shite thrown in our faces in daily life, now we can’t even escape it at the fucking cinema.

    Plus, once I saw a clip on YouTube of Han Solo snuffing it, that was the nail in the coffin for me.

    • They don’t seem to make proper films anymore NC, its a moralising lecture on social injustice, white guilt, feminism and toxic masculinity with a bit of acting and CGI bollocks thrown in. You could travel all these light years away into another galaxy and there would still be some po-faced whinging blue haired weirdo going on about #MeToo.

      • Every Netflix series with vampires, werewolves, demons or other supernatural bollocks in.
        All the same interchangeable shitshows of CGI gore, wussy pouting emasculated male leads being bossed about by aggressively fascist “strong whammen”, endless screaming, repetetive fights every 5 minutes, buckets of fake blood and all in tiresome soap opera format.
        “Grimm” being a prime example and Baroness Bastard and Stepdaughter love that shite.
        I fucking despise Netflix. Finger wagging libbos on a par with the BBC, with the addition of grating Yank accents.
        CUNTS!!! 😠😠😠 Fuck Netflix to Hell…

  10. As you all know im deeply opposed to all forms of racism but in one of those star wars films a storm trooper removed his helmet and he was black!
    Obviously hed stolen the uniform,
    But just goes to show even in a galaxy far far away…theyre nicking stuff.

    • You’re right- he then went on to steal a TIE fighter, and some other cunt’s jacket.
      Thieving turd.

      • See? As i said the scourge of the galaxy!
        Might have rythm but leave the keys in the millennium falcon?…bye!💨

    • Brave of you admitting you’ve watched a Star Wars film Miserable.

      Don’t forget your coat.

      • Watched all of them Rtc!!
        Only like the first one though.
        A mate of mine pirates films, good quality copies, and knows mrs miserable loves films, so we get loads of all sorts of shite.
        Like the first one because my dad took me to see it when it came out in 70s,
        I was a little miserable then,
        My dad was bored to fuckin tears, but sat there through it, haha

      • Miserable was Chewbacca in the new films, “Eh up our kid, in a bit o mither ere yer daft apeth , lets fuck off out ere before space dibble come”.

      • Funnily enough LL i do bear a uncanny resemblance to Chewbacca and can do a pretty good imitation (for the kids when little)
        Hes the only character i like!

      • Three times I’ve tried to watch Star Wars (the first film). Never managed to get further than the first 20 minutes… And what a slog that was!

        Had to google Chewbacca. Looks a lot like Bungle. Do you think they might be related?

      • Bungles chewbaccas simple cousin,
        Dont really keep in touch, chewbaccas busy on the red carpet, film premieres etc
        Bungle may seem docile Rtc, but when riled could easily disembowel a man!
        Remember Rod Jane &Freddy?
        Well just jan &freddy now,
        Rods partially eaten remains found near Bungles house! Mm
        ITV covered it up naturally…

      • Darth Vader might be a Nigerîan as he didn’t just abandon one child, but two of the little Tattoine fuckers.

        “I feel a presence I haven’t felt since…I became an absent father.”

    • Darth: “hey black stormtrooper, you lost a boot”
      black stormtrooper: “no boss, ise found one!”

  11. Is she one of the Kennedy clan? To re-hash an old joke, she’s still alive as she never let Ted drive her anywhere.

    • As I recall, there were some marvellous porn pastiches as well. Chewbacca doing Leia up the chocolate circuit while Ben Kenobi is súcked off in the Cantina Bar.

      ” 🎶 Doop-doo, Doop-doo, doo-do dooo, doop de doop de doo doo soooo.”

      • Check out The Critical Drinker’s film reviews on YouTube.
        Pissed Scottish bloke and really funny but also very clued up on what’s wrong with the film industry …

  12. You cannot critcise Kathleen, because She is a strong woman, and that makes you sexist, or a mysoginist. Same as anyone voted for Brexit must be a racist. Anyone who disagrees with the left is a facist. Anybody who disagrees with same sex weddings is a homophobe. Can’t wait for the aliens to invade, then I will be called an alienist, or alienphobe or something, Bring on climate extinction 🙂

    • Like you cant wait for those little green bastards to waddle off the mothership, bored of hating the same old people,
      I want to expand my xenophobia so collecting bricks at moment to pelt the martians with,
      “Fuck off back to yer own planet 3eyes!”

    • Bloody hell. I knew when I graduated that I would have letters after my name but I expected them to be BSc, not sexistracistfascisthomophobe. I’d best add them to my CV.

  13. We have all been bleesed to already have been acquainted with the next Star of Star Wars…Kravdarth.
    Apparently the new title is:
    Darth Vaders other son, Kravdarth vs Jabba the Bumholia.

  14. Too much protesting about having never seen Star Wars amongst a few of you.

    I’ve seen you, feeding your slave leia action figures to a glove puppet of Jabba with slippery tongue.

  15. All this fuss about some inbred Dooshka Dooshkas doing Nazi salutes…
    First of all, it’s Bulgaria for fucks sake… It’s to be expected from beetroot eating cousin fuckers like them lot… Also, it’s not exactly a new thing, is it? Have these SJW bellends ever been to Leeds, Chelsea, Millwall or West Aiiiim? Finally, the over the top reaction to it is sickening… The BBC have given it more coverage than the recent Arndale stabbings… We now live in a country where ‘racism’ hundreds of miles away is worse than attempted murder on British citizens… As for Southgate and his fairy mob? ‘We arrived as a team, but we came home as a family’? Pass the fucking sick bag, Alice…. They are all as thick as fuck anyway… Not one of these media cunts or football tosspots have even mentioned fascism…. Because that’s what a Nazi salute represents… Still, as long as they can whine on about ‘racism’ they are happy… Utter fucking cunts….

    • too right an incessant non stop parade of umbongo experts and victims on the radio (BBC of course) today, it was just like listening to the same program all day long, think it’s called brainwashing

      • These current England knob jockeys should talk to Paul Cannoville… Viciously abused and spat at by his own fans when he played for Chelsea… Also, funny I didn’t see any SJW outcry when that piece of Palace dog shit, Matthew Simmons spewed a load of gobshite crap at King Cantona… Racism is trendy these days, it is virtue signaling currency: a tool to look good and spread a brand of liberal anti white hate… And the leftist liberal cunts do not want it to die…

    • I didnt join in with the slavic gyppo monkey chanting (there’s racism there somewhere) but the media did insist on drawing attention to it at every opportunity. I just wanted to watch a game of people on 100k a week vs farmers and people who carry others over rivers on their back (Carl Sagan’s grandpa, fact fans).

      • Why they all crying over a nazi salute?
        Theyre making it more effective!
        Remember when comedians did it?
        Freddie starr did it a lot, disarmed it made it laughable.
        By getting hysterical about it makes it effective, and a weapon to wind up sjw types, knowing now its effect loads will do it!
        Be a craze like rubics cube, hula hoops etc

      • Did the B.B. cunting C mention that Bulgaria is a member of the EU…..that workers paradise where there is no racism and nobody goes around giving the Nazi salute?
        They didn’t did they? That only happens in the fascist, racist U.K. police state that every foreign freeloader in the world wants to get to.

      • It was acceptable on the BBC’S ‘Allo Allo’, the hypocritical bastards.

      • That Jordan Henderson is a massive piece of ripe cunt cheese… Didn’t this cunt wear a Suárez t-shirt in the game after he had been found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra? It’s weird how they want to brush that under the carpet now and never acknowledge that what they did was wrong…. Fucking hypocritical cunt…

  16. I’m delighted to announce that I have never seen any Star Wars films.

    Or any Lord Of The Ring Pieces films.

    • Ive seen your disquisitions about the Battle of Yavin on Reddit, and your balance sheets for imperial accounts.

    • Never has the Amen break (The Winstons – Amen Brother) seemed so appropriate! Top video, B&WC.

  17. The only Disney output I enjoyed as a kid was Bedknobs and Broomsticks simply because a load of Germans got their arses kicked at the end, plus the animated football match is quite funny.
    The Black Hole would have been much better if they’d left the stupid cute robots out. Some great visuals and atmosphere with a weird finale in which the villain appears to end up in Hell a la Event Horizon, plus a John Barry soundtrack.
    Mickey Mouse however is a cunt…

  18. ‘Ive only seen the first one’… yeah mate, i bet there’s volumes of dense prose on Qui-Gon Jinn under your username back in 2003 that makes Tolstoy and Hugo look like contributors to Buzzfeed.

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