A nomination for the man of today, otherwise known as a cuck.

This has been on a slow burn for me for a few months but recently I found that a close friend has been experiencing a similar problem with a few people he knows. These people have been friends for years, yet in light of events of recent times, seem to simply stop replying to texts or messages because you don’t share a political opinion (we both voted leave,) or you’ve mocked the Waitrose mums marching against Brexit, or you feel sympathy for old people because they get hit or pushed for wearing a MAGA hat, or you detest the BBC’s open hatred of anyone old, white and straight, the very cunts who pay the majority of the licence fee.

There’s no discussion; you’re simply beyond the pale. Sometimes you get a snide comment about how they’re now embarrassed to introduce you to their circle of trendy cunt mates they’ve started fraternising with, sometimes via a smug wife/ girlfriend with a well-paid public sector job, who wants her friends to be his friends, and his old mates can now get fucked.

No more pubs, it’s the wine bar and dinner parties for him.

Unfortunately, they’re actually the specimens with the bigger bollocks; a lot of these Jessies are simply not willing to even acknowledge your continued existence. It’s happened to me a few times in the past few years, but recently it seems very petty. The visit of Trump seems to have uncovered a lot of unthinking vitriol in people I thought more sensible.

While not defending Trump, I questioned the tactics and attitude of his critics in the establishment and during the protests in London.
Nowadays it seems this is enough to get you ostracised from certain circles of thirty-something know-betters, with that smug, condescending smirk they pull, or even more pathetic, a performed rictus of faux-disbelief, because they saw Afua Hirsch or Jess Philips do it on ‘Have I Got News For Cunts’, or they pretend to be fair-minded ‘liberal’ diplomats when really they’d love to see landowners set on fire. They’re murderously right-on, feral Left Soy Boys. They just cant say this stuff to someone four inches taller and four stone heavier than them. Something that ten years ago would be a point of heated but healthy debate, is now a disastrous moral and social faux-pas.

I wish they’d have the balls to tell me why they disagree and why I’m now worse than Hitler. I’d rather know where I stand with them, as men of my Dad and Grandad’s era used to. I’d rather be called a fascist than wonder what their problem is.

I know these people are posing as something they’re not and living the woke lie to impress some pretty but vapid and emotionally volatile bit of fanny who will end up cheating on them for a richer, older man with his bollocks swinging low, but functionally intact.

I feel sorry for their fucking kids.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

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  1. Seminal cunting. These older soy boys are really pitiful and utterly contemptuous specimens of manhood. In the past they were the sort of men that would say or do nothing whilst being cuckolded and scorned by their wives. Now they are brainwashed by Feminazi’s and Libtards and have happily sacrificed their balls to whatever girly Libtard hallucination happens to be on the menu that day. Utterly pathetic cunts, all expressing the same mock outrage as every other Libtard clone. “ Men” like this need to fuck off and grow a pair – it won’t happen though. Cunts.

  2. The same libtards who used to want to burn the Royal family but now cry about “Johnson lied to Her Maj” and love “Harry and Meghan, everybody’s so unfair to them.” The same cunts who wept buckets about Grenfell but have now forgotten the name. These are people who don’t just see what they want to see but see what they are told. We live in a media saturated world where the majority of people bend with the wind and just want to fit in. It’s like being back at school where the “hard kids” or the “cool kids”, depending on your background, ruled.
    I read the other day that 25% of us have “mental health problems “. Of course we have, because they keep telling us we have. I’m pissed off with all the arselicking cunts around me now becomes your own personal “mental health” problem. It’s not them it’s YOU!
    If these soft cunts have ditched you then fuck ‘em, you don’t need them. But don’t listen to me……i’m fucking mental!

    • The freebie loving cuck turd probably gets taken up the wrong ‘un by his Mrs. Didn’t she herself get ploughed by a reality TV p1key?

      • Dead right, LL. It’s all fun and games until somebody’s called a “traitorous, cuckolded, biased, EU-schmoozing, oompah-loompah, mîdget cunt.”

  3. There’s an easy test to ween out these soft boiled cunts within your friends (there’s a reason I only have 5 friends), ask them “Do you agree with everything your missus says”? The answer should be no, of course I fucking don’t. The ones who are hesitant or say yes, are of the soy ilk.

    Now, this may make me sound sexist, but there’s something very empowering being a bloke, we’re bigger and stronger for a start. We should embrace this fact, not pretend to be offended by it, like the racist sympathisers, who are offended because 300 years ago their great great great great grandad owned slaves. These soft lad fucks need to get a grip and embrace manhood, as opposed to wanting men’s toilets to include jam rags so we can pretend we have periods too.

      • It is, I don’t have any. After moving from my home city I never made new friends and when I came back I never reconnected. I don’t miss them, I’m sure they don’t miss me and all is good. I don’t use social media of any description because I have nobody to prove anything to so I’m not exposed to any of this shit, the only time I know anything about it is when somebody on here posts about it. Much the same applies to the news.

      • Even better than that. Since I have no family either, it saves a fortune on pressies as well. Means I can spend more on my wife instead. :>)

        Morning MNC.

      • My best and only real mate lives in Germany.

        I think that says everything.

        I have acquaintances but in general I find most people just irritate the fuck out of me and or find my opinions pretty repugnant as I’m never afraid to share them so steer clear.

      • I wonder how many real friends u need these days ?i was always off the mind if they dont like to reason fuck em .young or old dont matter if someone is puddled thats theie problem free will free speech .thats for those of us who gave a fuck about life invthe first instance instead of being a boring snotty load of arseholes.its called intellect for a reason .fuck em off braindead waste of space.

    • I don’t have friends, just acquaintances. I like it that way. The only living thing I trust is the hound.
      Excellent Cunting.
      Good morning.

      • Morning Jack!
        Agree a dogs friendship and loyalty is the real deal!
        Much better than people!
        Out in the Derbyshire dales, an took my akita along a public footpath through a field full of sheep, one of cunts struts over and starts pawing the ground ready to charge!
        Cheeky vegan cunt!
        Dog was well up for it!
        But as always dog would be blamed,
        Luckily it didnt charge or id of given it the chance to chew grass minus its fuckin teeth, the little pisstaker!😁

      • I had a good friend who I had known since schooldays, some 36 years ago.

        He married his first real girlfriend, Mrs Snooty, then became a committed ‘yes’ man.

        Their house was always the best and largest as I lived in a rabbit hutch. When I got married moved to a large house with grounds (bigger than theirs) the envy on her face was palpable when she saw the place. After that me and the Mrs became persona non gratis.

        My old chum had become de-bollocked and compliant. So sad.

  4. Maybe it’s Mrs Kiwi and myself that are at fault, but we rarely socialise anymore. Our friends (such as they are) all chant the party line and mantra of the day, as served by the MSM. Because we have the audacity to question the source or veracity of the “news”, we are about as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool at social gatherings.

    Fuck them all…..we’d rather die as lonely hermits than believe every click-bait bullshit headline that’s blasted across the media and become members of the sheeple. Critical thought is what (or at least used to) separates us from the animals.

    I personally don’t use FarceBook, Instawank or any platform of soshal meeja. Mrs Kiwi only uses FarceBook to talk to overseas relatives, so maybe it’s that degree of separation that also insulates us from the popular dogma?

    Whatever it is, I’m more than happy it works and the PC brigade, man bun wankstains and other assorted cunt dribbles can fuck off.

  5. I often wonder if Jess Phillips husband is a poofter. I can’t imagine her allowing a dick anywhere near her ladyhole. I reckon he is the sort who would gladly plonk himself in front of the TV to watch Strictly Come Mincing, once he had done the housework with Jess standing over him with a whip. He might even relax and take his pinny off.

    I wonder how the current bunch of MPs would have behaved during the Munich Crisis – would Benn and Grieve gone over to Germany to lick Hitler’s arse (they would have to line up behind Blair and Theresa). Appeasement used to be a dirty word that turned Chamberlain’s name into a name to be derided – now it is seen as a great benefit, to be toasted and feted like the BBC do every day.

    The feminisation of men seems complete – men using cosmetics, grizzling over soap operas, behaving like old wimmin – and of course the wimmin love it. It seemed to start or the rot set in for good after the Antony Blair years had started – a repulsive mixture of social justice and bum fun – that summed up New Labour, now you get Tories as pathetic as that shower of shit were.

    • We’re always a decade behind the rest of the world down here and we have just begun our journey into full blown PC agenda driven drivel courtesy of Mr Ed, aka Jacinda Ardern.
      While she may be a pleasant individual off camera (I wouldn’t really know), her politics reek of populism and opportunism. The country flounders while she jets from soiree to convention to sports events.

      Nice work if you can get it and it’s so fucking obvious she’s taken her lessons from B.Liar and Obama, as in get yourself known on the international circuit and bollocks to your own house.

      Apologies if I’ve wandered off topic a tad, I’m boozed and pissed off 😡

      • Jacinda Shergar worked as a “policy adviser” to King Blair so it’s hardly surprising that she picked up some invaluable tips from the snide cunt. Good luck with that bitch.

    • The thought of a Jess Phillips lady hole is making me nauseous this time of the morning. She’s probably got a shaved, puffy pierced minge like one of those disgusting UK porn stars.

      • Jacinda Ardern sounds like New Zealand’s answer to the ultimate ‘King of Cucks’, Justin(ine) Trudeau.

      • She’s way too PC to black up, but the horse racing fraternity may well take issue with her at some point.

      • Good cunting CP.
        These sound like fairweather friends and not true friends,and frankly cunts.
        Theyve done you a massive favour by showing you this.
        Sometimes its bit painful finding out someone you liked isnt who you thought they were.
        Consider yourself better off without them, no loyalty, havent got your back,cant be relied upon, but make sure you pop in the winebar and casual as fuck say loudly
        And throw a casual nazi salute.

      • “She’s probably got a shaved, puffy pierced minge like one of those disgusting UK porn stars.”

        enough said, she has my vote, (who the fuck is Jess Phillips)

      • I agree Paul. She would only use a razor to cut hubby’s throat – or her handlebar moustache. As a precaution she probably jams some Pollyfilla up her cunt when hubby isn’t wearing his chastiity belt.

      • Fucking Hell,
        That has got to have teeth hidden in her crusty snatch.
        Some things cannot be unseen. I’ve taken better looking shits than that.

    • Chamberlain descibed the Munich crisis as “a quarrel between people in a faraway country of whom we know nothing.”
      Grieve , and his ilk, would have been at the Czech border waving the panzers through.

    • Jess Phillips keeps her husband in a dungeon below their chintzy hovel wearing a Sourberry mask and a pair of grundies on which is plastered a picture of Tusk. He is chained and forced to eat pieces of the Daily Telegraph. She beats him at the weekend.

      Yesss, she loves fellers, old Peaky Blinders Phillips.

  6. Yer well rid of that type anyhow.

    I’ve lost contact with innumerable people over the years….couldn’t give a shit. People change as they get older and if their wife/opinions mean that they no longer enjoy my company…so what? I wouldn’t enjoy theirs either.
    Most people are lucky if they have one or two proper friends in a lifetime,the rest are just passing acquaintances.

      • Doesn’t help in the slightest,tbh,MNC….if anything it rather frightens me.

        🙂 .

      • Hehe, an well it should!😁
        Your right about being lucky if got even one true friends, and everyone being just acquaintances,
        Ive 2 mates, first day of school till now so 45yrs weve been friends, everyone else is just passing through so to speak.

      • To cheer you up, just saw a article on the online news about a mayor in Mexico, failed to deliever on his campaign promises to fix a major road.
        A group of angry mexican farmers dragged him from his office into the street tied him by his wrists to a pickup truck and dragged him down the road!
        I like how mexicans do justice, gringo!!

      • You’ll always have Fanny and Great Uncle Kiddie’s gold from the Reichsbank to keep you company, Dick.

  7. here here Dick, I can count my friends on the fingers of one hand, Two of them are Human the other two are dogs, even then one of them is on the half friend list, Not due to political opinion but more due to excessive use of a cold nose in the morning.
    Fucking word fence is being a cunt this morning.
    whilst off the subject any one Googled Snatch Wrestling? another extreme sport that I have taken to viewing.

  8. The pic in the nom is like a rogues gallery of the type of cunt that’s called an ambulance for absolutely fuck-all. Indigestion? ‘Friends on social media say it’s chest pain so I ought to get it checked, it might be a heart attack’, with the fucking missus standing over you/him like a fucking hawk. Cunts won’t take responsibility for their self-entitled soft arses, clogging up A&E for stubbed toes, coughs – ‘Ooh, might be cancer’ and other trivial shite. Fucking soft cunts.

    Have a tub of ‘Diddums’ and some Manupsprins you beardy cry-baby cunt. Society today makes me want to fucking cry. I genuinely fear for the future.

  9. Irrelevant cunts. If these men decide to surrender to PC culture and feminist mental castration, good luck to them.

    Who wants to spend time with these people? Not me for sure.

  10. The Cucks are a fuckin’ awful band. Their cover version of “Someone stole my Cupcake” sucks.
    Sorry, wrong nom.

    • Theyve the most boring backstage rider of any band
      Cucumber sandwiches (no butter)
      4 bottles of elderflower presse
      Joss sticks

    • “Patronising stuck up snob!” Fucking brilliant. And she wears her glasses on top of her head. Anyone who does that is a cunt, it’s a dead giveaway, trust me.

      Thank you Freddie, you are on the list.

      • Brilliant These cunts very often, either do have their glasses perched on top of their head or on the end of their nose as they peer over them.

        And you are now on the list too!, Fucking taking the piss out of my glasses

      • She’s Lib but not Dem. She’s called Bunting
        For Macron and Merkel she’s punting
        But Nigel – God bless –
        Was quick to suppress
        Her traitorous views with a cunting.

  11. “I feel sorry for their fucking kids.”

    Statistically they’re probably not their kids. With a sperm count so low that even Diane Abbott could count it, their ‘what would I ever do without you, babe’ is probably fucking around regularly.

    • In such moments i’m a actually bit of a feminist. Let the wifey find a real man while they soyboy bakes cupcakes and plays fortnite.

      What’s he going to do about it? She can probably do more bicep curls than him.

  12. Try being in your late forties and you become invisible to these people. Unused to making eye contact, they will look anywhere than straight at you. New to the village in which I live since leaving the forces, I have only made friends with people of a similar age or older. These are people who can still communicate without a device. Oh, and have their own thoughts and opinions.

    There is rational, common sense out there – I’d recommend viewing Jordan Peterson’s talks:

    • Jordan Peterson is one of the few voices of common sense in the world today – apart from the excellent contributors to this site, of course. His demolition of Channel 4 cunt Kathy Newman is required viewing.

  13. Yup. Had a row with one recently over da wimmin’s footy world cup. He was banging on about somebody in the media (I forget who know) saying the coverage is patronising. This bloke was calling the media guy a sexist/dinosaur etc. He was also saying the wimmins should get paid the same as the men at their world cup.

    It never ceases to amaze me how these idiots assume everyone shares their opinion, so I decided to pop back at him. I mentioned that the commentators and pundits never criticise the women players.

    There was a penalty missed in one game that had to be seen to be believed. It would be in sporting bloopers clips and the player humiliated if a bloke did it. Nothing was said for da wimmin in question though. I also said that perhaps when women players have effigies of them hanging from lamposts after poor performances or moving to a rival club, perhaps we’ll know that people really care about the sport. And as for pay, I obviously told him to check the average attendance and ticket cost of women’s footy vs men’s. I ended it by calling him sexist for patronising women by him suggesting they need ‘a leg up’ from cash generated by the men’s game and for never criticising a performance. He also couldn’t name more than two current wimmin’s England players either when challenged. These people are full of shit. I think he was trust trying to impress a lass who has in firmly in the Friendzone, the loser.

    We don’t speak much now lol.

    • Bloody hell, even I could name 5 of the female team, and i watched a few minutes-worth.

  14. Absolutely adept cunting ACWCC
    I have plenty of friends who have been swayed by the Twitter & Facebook brigade, once good friends who were funny, insightful and fun to be around have now descended in to brain-dead morons who blindly retweet or repost anything the left/sjw’s or the fucking BBC push as an agenda.
    Needless to say I deleted Twitter & Facebook and those brain-washed cunts.

    I hate to quote David Icke, but it’s classic divide & conquer.
    There will never be an uprising because all these lib-tards will be too busy complaining on Twitter when the Starsi kick their doors and they will then finally really their opinion/rights mean sweet FUCK ALL

  15. Milestone cunting.

    As someone in his late 30s, I am seeing a distinct shift in a few people I knew/know, some of whom I did at one time consider good friends.

    One guy, who always a decent, laid-back character who loved his music, his women and his class B ‘extra curriculars’, all of a sudden transmogrified into an entry-tier cunt, with all kinds of climate activism and greepeace wankery on his newly-established Twitter account. He has posted the ‘soy-face’ cuck expression on many an occasion and it was with a mixture of relief and regret and that I quietly abandoned this cunt just before he got married to a similarly ‘new age’ middle-class cunt who will bring out the ‘best’ in him I am sure.

    Not anywhere near as disappointing though as someone I did at one time consider as my best friend – he moved to New York a few years ago and almost overnight became a woke liberal, having been too fucking dumb to appreciate any kind of politics whatsoever throughout his 20s and most of his 30s. Now though, it is all ‘anti-Trump’ this, ‘anti-Brexit’ that – almost as if his social media is being monitored a la 1984, and he has to make regular, woke statements to gain constant approval of his new-found social circle.

    As someone who generaly despises people anyway, this ain’t as disastrous as it might be to some. Nevertheless, it is a major disappointment to see people you grew up with and thought were genuine, open-minded, reasonable and such, just turn out to be utter fucking shitcunts.

    • We should create a society called ‘people in their late 30s who are already misanthropic as fuck’.
      We’d never meet up. Those that did would be expelled because of their repulsive desire to socialise, when they should be in a shed reading German philosophers.

  16. ECB
    Its your duty on social media to remind these people of acts they committed in the past that wasnt so PC!
    Help them to be humble.
    And if nothing to work with make shit up!
    Kicked a tramp unconscious when on piss..
    P@ki bashing
    Sex with nazis
    You know the crack, bring them to heal.

    • Solid thinking, except I don’t use SM at all – only this site if that counts and the odd posting on Guido Fawkes. I sometomes cannot help meyself looking at these fuckers on Twatter and, as you suggest, remember the time they did things which their new-found circles would shudder in disgust at.

      Perhaps one day I will pipe up with factional (or fictional) anecdotes to drop in on them. Good thinking, MNC.

  17. I’ve only got 2 mates, we’ve been mates since school (we’re in our 50s now).
    They haven’t got any mates either.
    Which is good because we all think that everyone else (including eachother) is a cunt.
    The only difference is that I (and the other 2) don’t pretend NOT to be a cunt.
    Everyone else can get fucked.

  18. The men in the picture, are they trying to catch flies, or are they having oral sex with an invisible stallion?

    • Morning Spoons!
      Your starting to get bawdy and dark lately I think Bertie Blunts a bad influence on you!
      You need to pay heed to the more moral christian gentlemen on here like myself, Cuntflap, and Fiddler.
      A rigorous moral lifesyle brings you closer to the almighty Spoons!

      Yours in moral pomposity
      The glorious North.

  19. Social media has turned ordinary people into cunts. It’s like they’re famous and have to be careful with their ‘public announcements’.

    That’s when I say, “You work in Gregg’s you twat. Nobody gives a fuck abiut what you had for lunch or what think about sexism.”

    I don’t use it (well I do have Skype and messenger with a false name to keep him n touch with family and real friends I’ve had for decades that avoid Social media too) in general because it’s the sort of thing that will come back to bite you in the arse. Employers look you up in it. If you’re pissed up with your shirt off, caught on a video mid rant about SJWs or dressed up as a woman on a stag do, expect your application to be binned or maybe even have your life ruined.

      • Oy vey thats actually kinda surprising komodo, my brother is sort of deluded into thinking meat is bad. He’ll Always get fried tofu when we go out for thai curry or Indian cuury.

        We are both big curry connoisseurs btw we go out quite alot to different curry restaurants. And he sometimes trys to persuade me from getting chicken in mine, i’ll tell him this next time as he’s intuned to tribe related matters cheers m8

      • Looks as if it’s only, er, haram? for Pesach, TS. Could be ok for daily use, but not being tribal I’m damned if I know what the right blessing is! Peace.

      • Thing is I like chicken so i have no moral obligation on eating one even tho there are estrogens also in chicken like soy has. However i think its extremely cruel and stupid to swing a chicken over ones head repeatedly in a religious ritual..

      • Had to look that one up, TS. Thanks. Really surprised the vegan tendency hasn’t raised its voice in protest at that one. And it has to be a white chicken? Clearly discriminating against chiggun of colour…

  20. This is one of the best, on-the-nose cuntings I have ever read on here, and I agree with every word.

    Nice one, Cuntamus.

  21. When I was a kid, if you stepped out of the norm, you got a, richly deserved, kicking. That is what social cohesion was about, everyone having the same viewpoint and limits fo acceptability. I believe this had been the case for hundreds of years. It allowed us to stop being pushed around by the Krauts and to say what they were doing was unacceptable. Now, we have to respect every stupid cunts view. As I have sadi before, how long before “P” for paedo is added to LGBT?

    • To be honest the new era of globohomo is as conformist as it’s possible to be.

      The moderate Left used to be against censorship and authoritarianism but we’re now supposed to support all of this authoritaroan identity crap. To be honest i know of a few lefties who are horrified by identity politics and Corbyn’s betrayal of the working class (via identity politics, climate bollocks and dithering on Brexit).
      I have told them he’s just thick as shit.

  22. I had a knee replacement some years back. Two ‘friends’ ( we’d known them about 8 years and been very supportive to them) called round we thought to wish me well aand have a chat – what they did was stand up and say we can’t do this anymore and walked out of the house. A year and a half latter the female of the pair shouted to me through a hedge – “hello. how are you?” – I said very embarrassed cos you haven’t spoken to us for a year and a half – she said you haven’t been out – i said fuck off

  23. Anyone taking ‘selfies’ and pulling that cuntish ‘selfie face’ in order to try to fool everyone that they’re having a great experience and are ‘cool’ and trendy is a cunt

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