Climate Fear

I would like to nominate the Global Elite’s next big “on-boarding” vehicle (for weak minded leftist imbeciles) of “climate fear” for a cunting.

Racism no longer holds any water for suppressing conservative views because it has been so misused and overused by every leftist faction, that it is now happily ignored and even mocked by centre-right observers.

The latest suppression vehicle by the elites is “climate fear” and we should all be shitting ourselves that the world will end tomorrow and that anyone who goes against this new make-believe narrative should be doxed, unpersoned and deplatformed just as (wrongly) perceived “waycists” were over the last five years.

Moreover, they don’t drag out Al (private jet) Gore to promote their bullshit, no, they drag out a sixteen-year-old girl (with mental issues) – who looks like a ten-year-old boy – to purvey their sanctimonious message to the digital sheep masses.

“Oh look, he’s being nasty to Greta! Quick, dox the fucker!” – before they can speak any more truth.

However, the very dark underlying sentiment is one of anti-old people.

Mass migration fucks countries, both economically and infrastructurally and yet the Global Elite (and their collaborators) will have nothing said against it because THAT is their master-plan: replace free thinking, generally independent westerners, with easily controllable, state dependent cockroaches.

So whenever you hear NHS, housing, even the roads (FFS!), it is always because old people are living longer, or – to put it in a way that frames their sinister agenda more accurately – old people are not dying quickly enough.

Combine this with AL-BEEB “comedy” vehicles such as “Dangerous Visions” which mirthfully covers the notion of voluntary euthanasia to solve the population/resource problem, to chip away at the taboo subject, until it is sanitised, and then eventually cried for (by the rabid left), and Brave New World is just around the corner.

Whenever I see that Spock-headed Lucas, or Greta “the untouchable” Thunderberk on TV, crying about climate, why won’t the lamestream media challenge them on mass migration (to the west) and overpopulation across the 3rd world?

History has taught us that any populace unable to provide for itself, eventually dies out, or is reduced until it reaches sustainability. We have to stop being the “white saviours” who exacerbate this problem – isn’t that right David Lammy!

Climate change – and ergo resourcing – has nothing to do with old people living longer, and everything to do with 10 million new souls entering our nation since 1997!

And if they want to sanitise voluntary euthanasia across the west, then I say this: after YOU George Soros!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

50 thoughts on “Climate Fear

  1. Help! Help! We are all going to die!
    No food no medicines!
    Brexit gives you cancer!
    Leaving the EU means murder!
    The earth is at five to midnight we’re doomed!

    Trying to use mass hysteria as a cattle prod only works when your believed.
    And the problem is not everyone beleives them.

  2. When the truth comes out what will these cunts do? It just shows how dictators get started and democracy struggles when the masses believe anything they are told without questioning.

    This is worth watching, he calmly explains what’s going on.

    Professor William Happer, voice of reason.

  3. Next Friday is the great Save the Planet school strike when dumb kids will be encouraged by politicians, teachers, media and St Greta herself, to bunk off school, make a load of noise, post endless selfies and leave their trash for some piss poor immo to clear up.
    Frightened? Yeah, frightened of being left out, frightened of not belonging, frightened of thinking for themselves and having a pair of bollocks.
    Fucking robots.

    • The drones love diversity and multiculturalism but not so much when they are one of these ‘bed blocking old cunts’ waiting months on end for a routine operation because the hospital cannot afford it.

      Of course gimmigrants don’t age or get ill and bring with them 3rd World diseases they have been wiped here for a hundred years, they are all university bound Peter Pans.

      By the time these cunts are of age they will probably put everyone down at 65 anyway.

    • What is especially reprehensible is that the young are being made the prime target for this bullshit due to their under developed powers of analysis. We old cunts are far more cynical. Remember back in the early 1970s when oil was to run out by 1984 and the new Ice Age was imminent?

      • Something of an afterthought on this lovely day as I await the MotoGP and England smacking the Aussies. An erudite motorcycle journalist described the dogooders of 40 years ago ( there was a stupid US Transport Secretary was passed a short lived law which forbade speedometers reading beyond 85 mph) as ‘having one eye on their career and the other firmly on their career’ . A perfect assessment of the current crop of turds. It would appear that cuntishness never goes out of fashion.

      • Remember the ‘speedo’ gaff well. The bike shop I worked in back then, took a ‘US spec’ XS1100 import back in a trade in. We gathered round for a look and were dumbfounded by the fact that the maximum speed on the speedo read 80 mph on a bike fairly capable of managing that in second gear.
        It was our duty as ‘road testing’ mechanics to see how big a bend we could put on the needle, before replacing it with a UK spec. clock. Top gear on the town bypass … job done.

      • When i was at school in the 90s, i was told that there was 30 years of oil left by a SCIENCE teacher.
        He also said there were 100 years of coal.
        I had a slight moment of apocalyptic panic over that fucking nonsense. Now i’m very skeptical about what appear to be politically-motivated claims, especially as the BBC wont even have dissenters speak, while become ever more obsessed with climate change.

        Countryfile is now ruined with constant handwringing about that, and how to get more minorities to the countryside.

      • Yes , a science teacher may might statements based on existing resources but an economics teacher would know that the market mechanism will bring new stocks as the price rises.

  4. Climate change butters are all rum buggers!

    Filthy,unwashed hippy vegan Corbyn loving Guardian readers,the lot of ’em.
    Send them to Pyongyang.

    Good morning.

  5. Oh, and a message to the obese muff diving diva who sang Judy Garland songs at Last Night if the Proms.
    Your gay?
    Who fucking cares.
    You were there to sing not virtue signal.

    And another thing: Slim fast is available over the counter.

    Fat lezza.

    • I stopped watching that when I noticed all the ‘patriotic’ cunts waving EU flags. They should either ban the flag there or, better still, the cunts that bring them.

  6. Yeh I did a cunting about her . Just fuck off, you’re gay, get on with it, don’t ram it done our throats.

  7. Climate Bollocks is the new untouchable subject that has a glowing forcefield around it. What’s more terrifying: the race to be converted to the false religion or the pompous, hands-over-ears cunt you become when you’ve been baptised.

  8. The endless hours of airtime devoted to climate change is always about how the west is killing the planet, and never looks at growing populations like China and India, and their reliance on fossil fuels. It’s like complaining about the chihuahua nipping your ankles and ignoring the Doberman at your throat. Cunts.

  9. Yes, there are obvious parallels to be drawn between religion and this climate change fanaticism. One of them is the increasing use of the highly charged term “climate change denier.” We had a similar term back in the day…….heretic! We used to burn them back then but , of course, that would just be adding to the carbon footprint so at least we’re safe from that.

  10. Whilst reading through the comments I have the TV on, something called sundy morning live.
    Going on about thie school banning girls from wearing skirts, going for gender neutral uniform.
    I think most cunters on here would be amused by the twats that are dicsussing this bollocks, a fucking tranny and some cunt dressed like the only gay in the village……. you couldnt make this shit up!

    Back to the climate, I agree that migation is going to be a more of a problem, Africa is going to be a fucking mess, population explosion with europe taking a massive hit.

  11. An in depth expose of the carbon emissions of India et al is well overdue on BBCistan.
    I think I’ll be waiting on that for some time to come…
    Anyhow if climate change is a scientific fact and not just pixie dust then I want to know the exact time and date that Londonibad is submerged by rising seas or what have you so I can have a party.
    No? No idea Greta?
    Then shut up and fuck off.

  12. I think Joe Rogan has come up with a good catch-all for the greens, blue-haired non-binaries, vindictive feminist cunts, Corbyn acolytes, AntiFa commies and the Trump derangement tossers;
    Social retards.

    They dont know how to interact with humans, cant hold down a job, spend all day virtue signalling or tweeting outrage, and cant accept differences of opinion, forming twitter mobs and doxxing people to the point of suicide.

    I cant be fucked dealing with them.

  13. I don’t agree little Greta is being manipulated. She started the protests herself. The movement sprang from her. Far from her being given the runaround it looks to me her parents are having to sing to her tune. They have that look of being ‘dragged along’.
    Also no-one feels the mendacious influence of G Soros more than me. But ‘Global Elites’? I am always suspicious of such a phrase. Donald Trump, Bolsonaro are surely part of the ‘Global Elite? Both Climate Change skeptics.

    • Definition of elite:

      ‘A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.’

      That definition doesn’t apply to any world leader or politician that I’m currently aware of. ‘Global Political Establishment’ would be a better description of those cunts.

      • Really it’s fashion. What political ideas are fashionable.
        Sticking up for Greta though I believe she is surrounded by political fashionistas as it were. But I think she is genuine.
        Afternoon RT.

      • Afternoon Miles.

        Btw, your nomination ‘Overpopulation’ appears to read more like a cunting for ‘Underpopulation’. Are you sure you got the title right?

      • I do get confused like that. Like the ‘France’ one when I was defending France. Maybe ‘The Idea of Overpopulation’.

        I’m looking forward to my view being popularly received on here on ISAC.

    • Little Greta isnt being manipulated, I think that is the biggest understatement i have ever seen.
      She may be genuine but she is being manipulated by the media and the green brigade.
      Putting her on the laughable carbon free boat was a massive publicity stunt.

      • Looking at it from another way- she could be seen to be cynically manipulating the media for her cause. She’s always on the news.

  14. Went to see “Downton Abbey” over the weekend. Made me quite nostalgic for the England we have lost. Although they did manage to get a pooftah scene in it but, miraculously, no dark keys. Unlike the trailer for “David Copperfield” which had plenty of non-whites (as was the case in the 19th. century!!) and “strong women”. FFS – is nothing safe.

    • Lady Mary did her bit for ole England in the series…Didn’t she fuck some greasy Turd to death ?

      • Well remembered Sir (or Madam). I think you meant greasy Turk – but it’s the same as Turd. Don’t get me started on that lot. Had to work for the cunts for over a year and it was fucking murder. They are such cunts.

  15. Nearly all our oil and gas comes from Russia or the middle East, there’s an argument that the powers that be don’t like the fact that these Sheikhs and Oligarchs have our countries by the balls as we rely on them for black gold. Climate change madness is possibly one conspiracy theory, in a way to try make the great unwashed less reliant on the stuff. And thus in turn, having to bow down less to these sand dwelling billionaires. Of course, it also gives our local powerful politicunts, the excuse to heavily tax fossil fuels using the same narrative.

    I find it very hard to believe that humans would in fact be able to change the climate of our planet in any drastic form within 200 years. There has been lots of research to suggest our planet goes through a number of cooling and warming stages, so whilst we may have added to the warming, it’s most likely not only because of our actions. I believe At Greta of Cuntberg means well, but like all other millennial cunts, as no benefit of experience to know when she’s being lied to.

  16. Radio 4 on Friday: “An area of rainforest the size of the UK is being cut down every year”

    In which case, pootling about in my 1.8L petrol car isn’t going to make a fart’s worth of fucking difference to climate shift-shit is it ?

    Still, it does allow our government to rip more than £200 a year out of me because I’m a filthy, polluting bastard.

    Fuck as far off as you can get on your bicycle.

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