Razor Blades

To be more precise, classic razor blades. Why in the name of fuckity fuck do these bloody things need changing every two to three shaves?
Call me old fashioned, but years ago Wilkinson Sword blades lasted for bloody ages, no SHWLTBO does not nick it and no I’m not Desperate Dan either.

Can any Cunter recommend a decent classic razor blade and where you can buy the fucking things?
Just had two shaves this morning, new razor blade the second time leaving my face looking like Jack the Ripper’s had a pop.


Nominated by CuntyMort

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  1. As a traditionalist I was somewhat depressed to find that a Boots 5-bladed cartridge is cost effective even in comparison to former Wilkinson single blades on a shaves-per-blade basis. Not a bad shave, either, I use them now.

  2. I have a Edwin Jagger double edge razor and Edwin Jagger Badger hair brush. They will see me to my grave. I use a variety of blades depending on mood. The very best are Japanese blades made by Feather. They are extremely sharp and need a very light touch on the skin. Superb experience though. I actually look forward to a shave. For speed I have a Dorco Pace 6 the blades are a fraction of the cost of rip off Gillette and last ages. I know this is a cunting site so cunt.

  3. Here’s a thrifty tip ,if you like using disposable razors buy a rubber shaving block off amazon, it cleans the blade and keeps them sharper for longer!! A lot longer , bought mine 7-8 odd years ago and it still works ………
    Paid £8.00 saved that in weeks ……

  4. I use Gillette Sensor Excel. Each blade (approx £1.25) lasts about 10 shaves and does an excellent job.

    Not that I shave much these days, being a total washout.

    This site gets more and more like Cuntsnet every day.

      • I wonder if B+W Cunt is ever troubled by hairy winnets when he sticks his tongue up the ladies’ arseholes?….and as for The Gays,well,the mind boggles.

      • Evening gentlemen.

        I don’t have the need for sack & crack. The wife paid for my naughty areas to undergo a full course of electrolysis many, many years ago when I was still young and dishy.

        I’d be very surprised if B&WC hasn’t had the full works.

    • Is anyone here Gay enough to have bought shaving kit from that ‘Harrys.com’ ?

      Seems like a load of expensive bollocks to me

  5. I had a Solingen flick-knife for years. Superb piece of kit and incredible quality. Those Krauts knwo a thing or two about blades. Lost it a year ago. Thought I better not ask at the rozzers if it’s been handed in.

      • Wrong nom for me, got a beard gandalf would be envious of,
        Any razor will do wont it?
        Know for fact can shave with a knife,
        Shaving twice a day? Jesus cuntymort!
        Not on hormone treatment are you?

  6. I like to shave my ballbag for the Ladies’ pleasure. I use a flymo.

    Hope this helps.

    • You could end up in bover there Mr F. One slip and you could be emptying more than hairs out of your grass box.

  7. Fuckin’ hell, these people who use old fashioned razors must be associate members of Extinction Rebellion. Greta would be proud of you. There’s nothing wrong with using an electric Philishave instead of farting around for ages the old fashioned way..

  8. Don’t buy that Gillette shit. They’re the cocksuckers who produced that “ best a man can be” advert. Load of virtue signalling, snowflake pansified bollocks. Don’t give your money to those cunts.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Buying that shit make you a fucking sheep. Plus it’s a fucking Septic company. Corporate greed at it’s finest.

  9. Solingen is a place in Germany that makes carbon steel for cut throats (straight razor) best there is.I have a few made with Solingen steel best I have is Brand called Dovo.However you have to keep it sharp and buying the various equipment can be costly but in the long run you’ll be quids in.

  10. I for one will never buy another Gillette product again after that fucking advert. Bunch of cunts.

  11. I dunno what people are doing with razors, I buy whats on offer at the local Tesco and I get a month of shaving from a 3 pack. My lad who to be honest can’t grow much of a beard goes through them faster than I do.

    I actually bought some today and on exiting the Mens aisle I encounter a young lady with long legs and a short red mini skirt on. Being the old letch I am I had to wonder past for a closer look. My eyes ain’t what they used to be so not until she was in touching distance did i see those long legs were hairy as a fucking baboon.

    She must of been one of those wimmin who thinks letting their leg hair grow is liberating. Now she had a fine pair of pins and the temptation to show her the way to the razors was strong.

  12. I gave up shaving years ago. I had to on account that I’m not too steady with my hands these days.
    I have a wet shave at the barbers now and then.
    I do like a beard as it keeps my face warm in winter. 🙂

  13. For Fuck’s Sake – you bunch of namby-pamby pussified old tarts…

    What’s wrong with a chunk of broken quarry tile all of a sudden ?

    Fâggots, the fuckin’ lot of yeh.

    • Bloody hell Gusset, who the hell do you think you are? You fly in from nowhere, lecturing people about how they should tackle something as important as their facial hair. Fuck i ffwrdd.

      • Mae’n ddrwg gen i, Blunters. Does dim trydan heddiw , hwyrach i’r barti (dwi’n meddwl ?) Dim ots – Noson da i ti !

      • Oh and I didn’t fly in, you cheeky sod – I glided in, silently, dignity fully in tact on a coracle*, (standing room only) so as not to upset Mother Earth’s delicate carbon balance. Greta was stood behind me, throwing her guts up down the back of my corduroys.
        *second appearance of the word today – Thanks to Cuntstable C for reminding me of this unsurpassable Welsh invention.

  14. Shaky hands and cut throats a definite no no for me. BIC and stores own brand blades are face shredders so I only buy single blade disposable WS or G. Price dictates which of them I buy when needed as there is little difference between them. Can’t stand the ones with lubricating strips though as the buggers bring me out in rash. Also single blade better for giving the crack the once over every now and then as there is nothing worse first thing of a morning than getting a bar of Imperial Leather knotted in your arse hairs and having to rip them out to free the soap. Ruins the rest of the day it really does.

      • Will you and RTC please cleanse your filthy minds. I’ll have you know that the soap does not go up the bum just across the flabby, hairy butt cheeks prior to a good washing. For some reason hair grows as fast and as dense as Japanese Knotweed on my hind quarters but not on my arms, legs or chest. It has done since the onset of puberty 50+ years ago. One episode of Fr Ted referred to his seminary nickname as being Fr Fluffy Bottom due to the hair spotted on his backside in the showers. Rest assured if it had been me I’d have been known as something like Fr Amazon Rainforest Jacksy.
        Had to have an unexpected colonoscopy a couple of years ago. To my eternal shame the female nurses commented on the hairyness. I swear the beggars were humming King of the Swingers & Bear (bare) Necessities of Life from the Jungle book in tribute to the mass of hair for the whole of the proceedure. The only saving grace is they weren’t humming “there’s Klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow”. It’s the one and only time I’ll ever have that done no matter. If I ever got rectal cancer I’m dead. They’ll have to mark cause of death on the death certificate as “embarrassment”.

  15. Oh yes,poxy razors. I could not agree more with this cunting.

    Firstly, the cost. ‘Ladies’ razors are way more pricey than mens. You would think that they were bloody gold plated and covered in fucking diamonds, or summat.

    Secondly, the blades last five bloody minutes, but when you first use them, the scene is reminiscent of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre…..

    …..and let me tell you my fellow cunters, this is not funny when we are talking the vicinity of the flange. Childbirth would be less painful…..and don’t even get me started on the regrowth itch. A case of the crabs would be less irritating.

    I may be a slovenly cow, but the only thing I shave during the winter months are my armpits (or legs if I am getting them out, which is VERY rare) Otherwise the legs and flange can get to fuck as no bastard ventures there so why bother? Mind you, it is just as well, as my nether regions end up resembling a peaceful’s beard by winter’s end.

    Anyhoo, it is also extra warmth when it is cold. At least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

    • Evening Nursey. I’m beginning to think you might not be Julia Hartley-Brewer after all.

      • Evening RTC. Hope you’re doing ok!

        What gives me away? Is it the Feminazi lack of shaving?

        Naah, I’m just a slovenly cow, honest guv’nor.

      • Methinks yow doth protesteth too much… it’s a double double cross… you really are JH-B, ain’tcha!

        I’m ok now thanks Nurse. Nighty night.

    • Sorry, the 4skin reply was a misplaced response to MNG. The colonoscopy memories have given me the tremors and watery eyes again. Can’t see the keyboard properly now.

    • Sorry FtF. I’m alright now. I just needed to let pent up emotions out to like minded sympathetic understanding people. Must be late onset male menopause. It’s done me the world of good and won’t happen again.
      BTW did I mention it was a 250g soap on a rope? You won’t believe the things you can do in a shower with a piece of string. If only I knew how to post pictures.
      Also apologies to MNC for referring to you as MNG in error. Had g-i-t on the brain for some reason. Practically same as a c… but slightly lower grade. Hopefully not too much offence given

  16. This must be the only nom i have read that hasn’t mentioned the word Brexit!! so fuck it Brexit there ya go. Cunts

    • There will be no razor blades after Brexit, and we will all have to be beardie cunts. Must join the LimpDumbs…

  17. Picked up 100 Derby traditional blades off Amazon two years ago, they last for ages and only set me back £7! They even throw in a bar of shaving soap too. Add to a nice butterfly type body and you’re good to go.

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