Donal MacIntyre

Investigative journalist and “self-proclaimed” criminologist. His older brother Darragh is also an investigative journalist.

Donal is behind such riveting documentary mouth-watering fucking treats as MacIntyre Undercover, MacIntyre Investigates, MacIntyre’s Underworld, Britains Toughest Towns, MacIntyre, Edge of Existence, CCTV Cities, A Very British Gangster, When News Goes Horribly Wrong, Donal MacIntyre’s Murder Files.

Predictably jumped on the Madeline McCann bandwagon by travelling to Praia da Luz to investigate saying he knows how Madeleine McCann was taken, was abducted by at least two kidnappers who must have carried out several dry runs in the days leading up to her disappearance. Kate and Gerry predictably agreed with his and anyone else’s findings that absolves themselves from her disappearance.

Donal (silly name) has never solved any real crimes, brings little to the party and makes no fucking difference or definitive clarity to any outcome of the investigations he has made on a number of well noted ‘cold cases’, for which the police have never been able to reach a conclusion. But there again an investigative journalist doesn’t have to. Just a bottom feeder who for money likes to hang about with real detectives.

The risks of sometimes going undercover have meant that MacIntyre has increasingly turned to presenting on films where his colleagues have undertaken the undercover work, but he still gets most of the money.

Has subsequently appeared on such illustrious programmes as (very aptly) Richard and Judy, Pointless Celebrities, Loose Women, All Star Family Fortunes, Come Dine with Me, Cash in The Attic.

And whilst Dancing on Ice, Donal MacIntyre is seen to be wearing fake tan — and he’s not ashamed to say so. “You have to get a spray tan, otherwise you will look anaemic and blue under the lights,” he explains. The investigative TV journalist has, in his own words, swapped “semtex for sequins” and strapped on his skates for Dancing on Ice.

Personally speaking, I have always very much disliked the irritating and highly annoying thick, gormless looking Irish turd, his uninteresting boring presentational “skills” and his sensationalising of low life scumbags as a way of earning him a crust and his hoping to making himself rich and famous.

Some other pertinent views regarding Donal:

Anybody else want to knock the fuck out of the cunt then throw him in the canal?

Donal MacIntyre’s wife ‘ You lying cheating scumbag!’ When I found his sex texts, it broke me … I had to expose him. He still angrily denies misbehaving and says she has simply misunderstood a series of unpleasantly lurid text messages found on his phone.

“MacIntyre allowed himself to be associated with this programme and cost most of the money. That makes him a fake and a charlatan. This individual has no journalistic credibility. He’s a fraud. This programme casts doubt on all the work he did in Britain which, up to now, I believed was credible. After watching the TV3 offering, I have no confidence in anything else he did. The man has no substance and should not be taken seriously”.

“According to Donal MacIntyre’s website”, he’s an investigative journalist, specialising in hard hitting investigations, undercover operations and television exposes. He has won praise for his courage, and campaigning zeal particularly his consistent work in the area of care homes for the elderly and the learning disabled. “Going on the evidence of what we saw tonight, this is nonsense. Donal Macintyre is a joke and nothing more than a lazy, cynical excuse for a journalist”.

“Donal McIntyre is a self-aggrandizing bastard in my opinion”.

Couldn’t agree more. I rest my case.

Nominated by willie stroker

65 thoughts on “Donal MacIntyre

  1. I remember him investigating the Chelsea Headhunters hooligan firm, he looked as terrified as the Flabbott at a salad bar.

      • Donal allegedly had the shit kicked out of him one evening by said Chelsea firm whilst he was quaffing champagne at Hampton Court.

    • Yep I remember that too. He was absolutely fucking shitting it every time they got in his car that they might find his camera.

      That said football hooligans are even bigger sexually repressed cunts.

      What was it one of them was called ? Frainy??

      Cunt more like

    • Jason Marriner is no saint but the undercover footage did him up like a kipper. It was all cut to supposedly show him as bang at it at matches when that wasn’t the case. Proper kangaroo court. Jason wasn’t a layabout or workshy, he was a successful self employed business owner and employed quite a few people, His business folded when he got sent down and all his employees lost their jobs as well. For that, Donal MacIntyre is indeed a full weight cunt.

    • when he had that tattoo done and fainted, wanker.

      If he’d wanted to look true chelsea he would have had the ‘real’ badge done, not that one that looked like they’d pinched it off a Millwall shirt

      • No im only using the name/my mate was obsessed with the krauts ww2/waffen ss etc.must of rubbed off on me.

    • Elisabeth Fritzl..?

      Liked the response of Fritzl’s neighbour when asked what it was like living next door to Josef Fritzl.

      “Horrible selfish cunt, not once ever, did he apply for planning permission”…..

  2. Lord Lucan had it for a while, then Osama binny bad boy till the yanks dropped a helicopter on his roof.

    • Or so they say. It still strikes me as strange that they refuse to show the video footage of the operation, especially given their propensity show off their military might and previous similar instances that they had no qualms in showing.

      Then there was the whole “We buried him at sea so as not to offend(Muslims)” claim. Which, despite being nothing short of sacrilegious in regards to Islamic burial beliefs, is mighty convenient when it comes there being a lack of a body.

      All in all, it rings the bullshit bell a bit.

      • Hopefully he’s in a deep dark hole somewhere, having large sharp objects shoved up his arse every day while he sings like a canary.

  3. Great shout Willie. The guy’s a complete tosser, an absolute faker of the first water.
    Don’t know why anybody pays the twat.

  4. I’ve never watched a single minute of TV with this twat in it.
    Nothing in the listings has ever appealed to me, and thanks to Willies cunting he’s even less appealing now.

  5. Watched a couple of his shows and he does seem to get a bit excited and hype it all up… Then when it’s finished you don’t really know anymore than before… What a fraudulent cunt you are Donal Macuntintyre. What’s the name Donal all abaaaaaht anyways? Was he born Donald and now doesn’t wanna be associated with Donald Trump? I don’t know and don’t give a fuck.
    Go fuck yourself.

    • PS Its my day off and I’m watching the World at War. No phone calls please.

      • Proper documentary. Never equalled in my opinion. Now, history documentaries have to have some entertainment value for the slack jaws to watch past the opening titles.

      • Evening RTCP, you can find me easily on Skype my username is… I know naffink abaaaaaht it.
        The world at war is a great series. I wonder if they’ll do a Brexit… The fight for UK series in the future… When we are still in the EU. 😁

      • Nice one. I remember repeats of World at War were on every afternoon in the early 1980s, during the only sustained period of unemployment I experienced. Terrific stuff. The series, not the unemployment, though it was nice not to have to got to work obviously.

        I’m off now to order a WaW box set, no phone calls please, or Skype or FaceTime for the next half hour.

      • Evening everybody, love world at war,
        That theme musics stark eh?
        Surprised no bands sampled it!
        Fits the show perfectly.

      • I can reccomend quite a few!i was brainwashed er indoctrinated by my ss handler er frinde yavall.

      • I found the drama series of a hitler (with robert carlyle very good) the original 1951 rommell the desert fox(james mason)an you cant forget 1978 boys from brazil mason/peck/olivier im sure think of more being an old fuck but well.

    • Never see Donal investigating lefty groups like antifa or exstinky rebellion,
      Or religious nuts of the peaceful persuasion,
      In fact not seen him on tv in ages?
      His father Ted voice alone would tip off criminals youd of thought or when sat with hooligans in a pub and he asked for a vegan friendly meal and a cocktail.

      • Unfortunately CBS Reality are showing reruns of his Murder Files including a stream of adverts promoting the cunt.

        Another reason the TV is going at the end of the year.

      • Why doesn’t he do an investigative piece on that flowery bum bandit running the Oirish “economy”?

  6. I bet this cunt has never let his investigative journalism snoop into the world of Sinn Fein or the IRA, go on Donal I double dare you ! Should have stayed at home digging up potatoes. I remember Roger Cook all those years ago getting a bit to involved for his own good but he did have some balls. Hopefully someone has given Dominic (Dungeon Master) Littlewood some advice for his own good because he’s another shit stirrer who needs a good hoofing.

  7. I used to serve Roger Cook (Cook Report) back in the 90s when I had a Saturday job in a clothes shop. Always got dangerous people in offering money for his address, as we sometimes posted items to him. There were likely a few hits out on him at the time. If I remember correctly, he’d buy clothes, wear them on TV and bring them back for a refund. God bless him.

  8. See some poor fuckers daughter has gone missing in Malaysia or somewhere out that way and them Mcanns are on it like maggots saying how it brings back the horror of maddie going missing etc
    Absolutely no shame or class them two.

  9. Pair of cunts. If that was me, having got away with child neglect at the very least, i’d keep my fucking head down and hope every cunt would forget.
    Besides anything else they have 2 other kids. It can’t be easy going to school every day and everybody knows you’re the “McCann boys” , even if it is a posh private school.

  10. Fucking “Donal” for fucks sake – how did his thick parents miss the “d” off the end of his name on the birth certificate ?

  11. The morning after Maddie went missing Sky News were talking by phone to relatives of Kate/Gerry in the UK.
    Obviously briefed by the McCanns they repeatedly referred to the shutters being jemmied open.
    This was a lie, the window shutter was closed and untouched.
    Add to this the incessant use of the word “TAKEN” to instill this into the narrative and the fix was in.
    The McCanns’ version of events that day is riddled with holes and is an insult on the intelligence….

    • That true JR? About the shutters?
      Dont know too much about the case,
      First thoughts were sorrow for them,
      Lovely looking little kid,
      Parent myself etc,
      But over time gotta admit felt something was ‘off’
      No way when my kids were tots would i of fucked off out on piss leaving them, but then im not a doctor,
      And being working class would of been slaughtered by media.

      • As was the case with Karen Matthews who faked her daughters ‘abduction’ for public sympathy and/or money. Still a top cunt but as reported at the time showed two sides of a very similar story.

      • Remember her, from Batley I think?
        Yeah a cunt indeed,
        But not a doctor and none too bright,
        Bad parent like the McCanns,
        But not treated same way.

      • It is true, it’s also true that when questioned Kate refused to answer 48 questions and preferred to mumble constantly “You fucking tosser” at the JP (Portuguese Police) officer.

        The Police are convinced/certain the ‘crime scene’ was staged.
        Sniffer dogs, both cadaver and blood indicated the smell of a corpse and blood spots although the McCanns are keen to dismiss this. Not sure they’d be so hasty to ignore this if it pointed the finger at another suspect.

        The McCanns seemed to have spent more time getting Carter Ruck to sue anyone who says anything they don’t like, rather than looking for their child.
        And as for Kate being an ambassador for a missing children’s charity… couldn’t make it up….

      • The 48 questions:

        1 On May 3, 2007, around 22:00, when you entered the apartment, what did you see? What did you do? Where did you look? What did you touch

        2 Did you search inside the master bedroom wardrobe

        3 (Shown two photographs of her bedroom wardrobe) Can you describe its contents?

        4 Why was the curtain by the sofa near the side window tampered with? Did someone go behind the sofa?

        5 How long did your search of the apartment take after you detected Madeleine’s disappearance?

        6 Why did you say Madeleine had been abducted?

        7 Assuming Madeleine was abducted, why did you leave the twins to go to the ‘Tapas’ and raise the alarm? The supposed abductor could still be in the apartment.

        8 Why didn’t you ask the twins then what happened to their sister or why didn’t you ask them later on?

        9 When you raised the alarm at the ‘Tapas’ what exactly did you say – what were your exact words?

        10 What happened after you raised the alarm there?

        11 Why did you go and warn your friends instead of shouting from the verandah?

        12 Who contacted the authorities?

        13 Who took place in the searches?

        14 Did anyone outside the group learn of her disappearance in those following minutes?

        15 Did any neighbour offer you help?

        16 What does “we let her down” mean?

        17 Did Jane Tanner tell you that night she’d seen a man with a child?

        18 How were the authorities contacted and which police force was alerted?

        19 During the searches, with the police there, where did you search for Maddie, how and in what way?

        20 Why did the twins not wake up during that search or when they were taken upstairs?

        21 Who did you phone after the occurrence?

        22 Did you call Sky News?

        23 Did you know the danger of calling the media, because it could influence the abductor?

        24 Did you ask for a priest?

        25 By what means did you divulge Madeleine’s features, by photographs or by any other means?

        26 Is it true that during the searches you remained seated on Maddie’s bed without moving?

        27 What was your behaviour that night?

        28 Did you manage to sleep?

        29 Before travelling to Portugal, did you make any comment about a foreboding or a bad feeling?

        30 What was Madeleine’s behaviour like?

        31 Did Maddie suffer from any illness or take any medication?

        32 What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister?

        33 What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister, friends and school mates?

        34 As for your professional life, in how many and which hospitals have you worked?

        35 What is your medical speciality?

        36 Have you ever done shift work in any emergency services or other services?

        37 Did you work every day?

        38 At a certain point you stopped working, why?

        39 Are the twins difficult to get to sleep? Are they restless and does that cause you uneasiness?

        40 Is it true sometimes you despaired at your children’s behaviour and it left you feeling very uneasy?

        41 Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?

        42 In England, did you medicate your children? What type of medication?

        43 In the case files, you were shown canine forensic testing films. After watching them, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

        44 When the sniffer dog also marked human blood behind the sofa, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

        45 When the sniffer dog marked the scent of corpse coming from the vehicle you hired a month after the disappearance, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

        46 When human blood was marked in the boot of the vehicle, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

        47 When confronted with the results of Maddie’s DNA, carried out in a British lab, collected from behind the sofa and the boot of the vehicle, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

        48 Did you have any responsibility or intervention in your daughter’s disappearance?

        Why would you not willingly answer these questions? Unless you had something to hide.

        A fucking disgrace that £12m of public money has been spent on the case where the proximate cause was irresponsible parents who refuse to cooperate with the police and refuse to answer valid questions.

  12. Another “Change UK” cunt traitor has gone over to the Lib Dumbs. Some bitch called Woolaston or something. No sign of a By election obviously.
    You’ll be out on your arse soon enough bitch.

  13. I hate those crime documentaries that he and the slaphead cunt Kemp do, though I will give Kemp credit for going to Afghanistan twice.

    • Remember that JR. Absolutely incredible how despite everything that has happened the Keystone Cops think they are both totally innocent. Cos the rest of the country certainly doesn’t share that opinion.

      Mind you, if the Met/Scotland Yard charge them and they can kiss goodbye to their annual holiday in the Algarve.

      There’s a dilemma.

      • Met Police Madeleine McCann investigation equipment checklist….

        Golf clubs ✔
        Golf shoes ✔

  14. Off topic, but fuck it, it’s late anyway.
    According to the papers that posturing luvvie bellend Steve Coogan has escaped a driving ban for speeding, by claiming that it would dispupt the filming of his latest shit Telly show.
    36 mph in a 30 zone should have topped up the 9 points he already had, but he got away with a fine.
    Coogan collects Ferraris.
    One rule for them…

    • Coogan is a fucking cunt…. Rivals Wayne Rooney in the coked up shagging prossies and acting Billy Big Bollocks cunt stakes… Like ‘Wazza’ Coogan had a penchant for no class slappers and although the News of the World were cunts, they had a point when Coogan spat his dummy out over phone hacking… He called the now defunct tabloid ‘morally bankrupt’….To which they replied ‘From a bloke who cheated on his wife several times with several strippers and escorts?’

      Coogan then threw a tantrum of Sweeney Toddler proportions… Can’t take it, these soft celebrity cunts…

    • Coogan should have been handed a custodial sentence for that last Alan Partrude series he done. Fucking shite.
      Although that bird who sat next to him on the couch would certainly get fucked hard into next week.

      • Cheers Willie, I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll check it out. I’ll hopefully be able to enjoy the movie by forgetting that Coogan is a monumental cunt, and just enjoy it for what it is.

  15. I just hope those McCann cunts get rumbled in our lifetime… They stink worse than an Iraqi wreslter’s jockstrap cooked in week old lard…

  16. i don’t get it. if they found Madelaine’s blood i in the boot of their car, why weren’t they charged if they couldnt come up a cast iron explanation?

  17. Every lead on this case hits a brick wall and brings you back to square one.
    Square one is Kate and Gerry.

    Check out Richard D Hall’s investigative work and the statement analysis by Peter Hyatt.

    These two are being protected.

    RIP Maddie….

  18. ….and another thing.

    Why did the government send out PR guru Clarence Mitchell to manage press conferences on their behalf..?
    When has this ever happened involving a missing person abroad.

    McCanns – connected and protected.

    If you want to make Gerry smile, just ask him where his daughter is…..sinister cunt.

    • Read yesterday that the British police have NEVER interviewed either Kate or Gerry.

      Not sure if that is true or not, but was included in an interview with Richard D Hall.

  19. Spot on cunting,thank you.
    I sort of remember this silly cunt and wish I did not.
    Send the bastard to China.
    Get to fuck.

  20. Why didn’t Donut ask Kate and Gerry if there was anything that they needed to get off their chest and if they thought that they should have had their other kids taken off them for being derelict in their responsibilities as parents – just like working class parents would have been, simply because they weren’t doctors? 🤔

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