Ken Clarke (3)

An at death’s door cunting for aging Tory MP and EU lover Ken Clarke.

This old doddering twat was quietly shuffling off in to the ether, until teeth and tits leader of the liberal undemocrats Jo Swinson name dropped him as a potential caretaker PM, based only on the facts that he’s a remainer and he’s old (sorry experienced*). Droopy face Clarke had three times been knocked back in his attempts to be PM in the past, mainly because of his love affair with the EU.

Desperately trying to take this slither of possibility that he might be relevant again, he’s now been on every media outlet there is, quite inconsistently telling the public how he’s going to “sort brexit out”. Clearly he’s not exactly sure how though, as he admitted he doesn’t actually know what’s going on at the moment, as he hasn’t been in any meetings with anyone important for some time.

Like all other remainers, there’s no actual plan, apart from inevitably stopping brexit altogether. Even though Swinson is adamant her stance is to destroy brexit, her aging recommendation says he will seek an extension to the brexit deadline to allow more negotiation time. I think he’s just picked up the Theresa May handbook on how to deceive the public and opened the bookmarked page.

Ken Clarke, fuck off, there’s a reason you never legitimately became leader, you’re a cunt yes, but the wrong kind of cunt. You might as well jump ship to the limp dums now, Swinson might even let you fuck her as a reward for being a wanker.

Nominated by elboobio

Christ on a bike – just when you thought Westminster politics couldn’t get more fucking ridiculous along comes Ken Clarke to prove you wrong.

Apparently our Ken has graciously agreed to allow himself to be shoe horned into the top job in what amounts to a Coup d’Etat orchestrated by Magic Grandpa, Swinney the Loon and a bunch of Tory traitors.

Two questions come to mind…

1. Isn’t this called “treason”?
2. Why are these cunts still allowed to take the Tory whip?

Just asking…

Nominated by Dioclese.

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  1. Thought this fat lazy has been was retiring from politics? The sooner he shuffles off into obscurity the better Never gonna be PM so just fuck off never trust anyone who wears brown hush puppies with everything big buddy of the EU does not like Referendums especially when they go against his line of thought

  2. In London theres a place called traitors gate apparently, where in days gone by, we took shifty cunts like Ken to tyburn to be hung from a tree or beheaded.
    This would be a good custom to resurrect,plenty of traitors about,
    And as we enter a uncertain future without the benevolent EUs tit to suck on, think of the tourist revenue this would generate?
    “Ready for Ken yet mr pierrepoint?”

    • Well spoken M.N.C. I was thinking of the very same thing, Chopping block, nice sharp axe, lift separated swede by the ears, behold the head of a traitor, job done no trial straight to execution. Hmmm should I put myself forward as head of religious persecution?

      Mind you cleaning out parliment will take a while though.

      • Blokes outside selling ‘bloody head”” lollies and dolls on elastic nooses?
        Jap tourists would love it!
        Blood splattered t-shirts saying ‘i lost my head in London” create lots of jobs and much needed revenue!
        Thin westminster out , have room to put theye feet up when snoozing at PMQT

  3. The names which have been touted as an interim PM , Corbyn, Clarke et al makes me think of what might have happened if the Germans had invaded in 1940 and Lance Corporal Jones from Dad’s Army been given command of the army. Doomed, we’re all doomed!

  4. It’s perverse isn’t it. Remain turn to the irrelevant trying to prevent the inevitable.

    If parliament had united behind the result of the democratic vote we would of had a much stronger hand and I believe negotiating a good deal would of been possible.

    The EU was encouraged to play hard ball by remainers in parliament aided and abetted by agitators at home and abroad.

    Ken Clarke is a measure of the desperation to prevent brexit at any cost. I think it’s possible brexit will be cancelled but I think the following GE will be a blood bath.

    • I hope you’re right about the blood bath, Six, but my fear is that despair, alienation and apathy would set in. In my mind it makes The Brexit Party more vital than ever, but I don’t see any evidence that it’s actually making much headway on the domestic front, despite the success in the Euros.

      • I sincerely hope there’ll be a blood bath Sixdog, including this Democracy-detester though I’d magnanimously give him a pre-death cigar.

      • Indeed, Ron.

        All depends v much on how well Boris does; even in my worst nightmares, I can’t see millions flocking to vote KGB.

        What could be good is Brexit Party picking up enough seats to be able to seriously put the screws on the Tories. Of course, there is much usual pre-election talk of “no coalition”, but if Boris wanted to save his skin, he’d shake hands with The Farage, I’m sure. Even Gauke said “If Corbyn’s the answer, fuck knows what the question was.”
        And so say all of us…

  5. The fat barrel of shite has a lot of questions to answer about the blood scandal.

  6. Mumbling fat remainer cunt, with delusions of grandeur.
    Saw him a while ago on TV talking a load of bollocks about staying in the EU but without having a voice and I think it was Andrew Neil who made Ken the Kunt look and sound more ridiculous than he already is. Ken Clarke is a deluded cunt who has been in the Westminster world far too long and has obviously lost the plot.
    Go fuck yourself.

      • Afternoon RTCP, that’s the one. What a useless cunt Ken is, I simply cannot understand his and others obsession with staying in the pile of cunt that is the EU.

      • Just watched that. What a fuckin’ bumbling idiot Clarke is. I’ve said for a long time that a quota should be set for the number of lawyers in Parliament. They love to quote and hide behind laws whilst at the same time possessing not one single shred of humanity or common sense.
        If ever there was one profession that served humanity the least it’s the legal profession, the self serving parasitic pack of rats.

      • Interestingly one of the comments against this clip is “The host hasn’t got a clue”.

        Unfortunately Andrew Neil is probably the only BBC commentators who does have a clue, and that is why he has been taken off air and that he and BBC are now history.

        Another reason my TV licence will not be renewed.

        Ken Clarke can sod off tout suite to a place where old deluded has been lying windbag politicians go to, preferably in the sky somewhere.

      • Willie, I don’t think I’ve heard you threatening not to renew your licence before!
        You’re still welcome to come round to ours on Christmas Day to watch Morecambe and Wise.

    • Sadly the whole bunch of them seem self-serving toerags. Steptoe has said he HAS to be the leader of a GONU. This proves he just wants to get his arse on the seat of power.

      If I were Boris I wouldn’t give two fucks about their “vote of confidence”. The Lib Dems will change their minds, but the Change Quintet will never vote for Corbyn, nor will most Tories (I can see that Bubb fucker doing it because he thinks Corbyn would be less dangerous than a no-deal Brexit), but there are many Labour MPs who won’t vote for Corbyn and Corbyn’s friends wouldn’t vote for Ken Clarke or the other proposed leader the Blair babe cocksucker, who I won’t give a name check to.

      Let them have their pathetic vote and then see them do a pratfall

  7. How the fuck did Special Needs Swinson come up with the batshit crazy idea of dusting off the cobwebs from this sponging old Brussels cocksucker? I bet even he can’t believe it.
    She’s as crazy as he is and even crazier than that Lucas bitch.
    The sooner the election comes the better. We need to get these crazy fuckers in a proper nuthouse where they belong. Perhaps their friends in Brussels have something in mind for them……….other than sucking their cocks and licking their arses.

    • You mean you don’t support a coalition of unity new government with Corbyn at the helm and Swinson, Lucas, and McDonnell pulling the strings. You know it makes sense. 😁😁😁

      • In politics nothing mskes sense except we are lining up to trade with america an we fucking shouldnt be!when all is said&done try getting certain food types in at supermarket they wont be there!cos we got no one to trade with and the list is never fucking ending.

      • You can just imagine Swinson on TV: “And we demand Mr Juncker – take down our knickers immediately, down a dark alley where nobody goes. And bring along Macron for Caroline. She is anybody’s for a glass of champagne”

      • Clarke should put as much energy fighting for Brexit as he does eating, the fat cunt.

        And Toe Swinson is equally as ‘orrible.

  8. Good morning cunters just having a beer and old fashioned for breakfast right now twisting until sunlight Ken clarke has a fucking fat piggy face oink oink

  9. I’m really enjoying the frantic efforts of the remoaners to assemble a consensus. I have never seen more clearly illustrated the precedence of individual ambition over the common good, even if you wrongly define the common good as handing over our sovereignty to a German bank. Pass the popcorn, please. This is, for the moment, quite fun.

  10. Ken Clarke. The man who started a fire in the House of Commons Tea Rooms when he fell asleep with a cigar in his mouth! About as plausible a PM as Oliver Wetwin who dumped confidential government documents in a public waste bin. Is this the best Remoaners can come up with?

    • It’s like a religious obsession for them, Marvellous. Their voices have begun to bleat in a similar way. These empty-eyed believers will only become more fanatical in the coming weeks.

  11. Their all throwing their hats in the ring to be caretaker Prime minister.
    Clarke ,Lineker , and Corbyn. At least Corbyn looks like a caretaker.

  12. Hey wait a minute… has Boris Johnson resigned? Last time I looked there was no vacancy for PM.

    And all this garbage about a ‘Government of National Unity’. A blatant misnomer if ever there was one. Just like the ‘People’s Vote’.

    If anything it should be called a Government of REMOANER Unity.

    At least call a fucking spade a spade, you spineless traitorous cunts.

  13. It’s a coup d’etat, nothing more, nothing less. We are taking charge, “temporarily” of course, with no legal or historical precedent because we know best. It’s absolutely fucking astonishing but a sign of the remoaner desperation and incredible arrogance. Fuck me, even Hitler gave up that idea after he got his arse shot up in Munich.
    We are living in interesting and unprecedented times.
    What a bunch of cunts.

  14. Heard the cunt saying how flattered he was, and he was up for it. The remoaners love the old cunt, but if his opinion was anything other than stop Brexit, he would be gammon, and be told to go away and die. Commissar Corbyn says that he will be crowned leader when the vote of no confidence is delivered on the return of parliament. Either way, we are fucked.
    On the subject of moaning remainers, fat tongued mongoloid Jamie Oliver is blaming Brexit for the collapse of his poxy restaurant chain, because people are too scared to waste money on dining out. Perhaps Brexit was the cause, but it may be more like people would rather eat a handful of cat shit than put money in the pocket of this pontificating spastic.
    I surrender. I can’t take this bullshit anymore. A vote we were never meant to win, given by a political class that were sure a dumbed down population would reject the opportunity to leave an increasingly corrupt and federalistic organisation, hell bent on continental domination. This stupid little charade about what type of Brexit was or wasn’t offered is smoke and mirrors to hide the real objective, which is STOP BREXIT.

  15. A further heavy dose of PROJECT FEAR on the News this morning. This time purporting to be a ‘leaked’ Government dossier laying out “what the Government believes is the likely scenario in the event of No Deal.”

    Oh yeah?

    Doubtless another dodgy dossier cooked up by the Civil Service on behalf of the May government, designed to stampede MPs into voting for Barnier’s Vassal State Treaty and cause wider panic. ‘Leaked’ now to undermine Johnson and his new Cabinet.

    Steaming pile of cuntage.

    • The first thing I thought when I read the news about this supposedly ‘leaked’ government document was……..bullshit.

      I know the media think we are all thick as fuck, but are we supposed to believe that there are documents floating about that just say:

      Shortages after Brexit

      Fuck off you cunts.

    • On the other hand, if Johnson leaked it probably means he’s intending to bring back Barnier’s Treaty (with a comma added or subtracted) for a 4th time… or he’s preparing the ground to accept Commissioner von der Leyen’s ‘offer’ of a further extension.

      Breaking news: Gove has just been twittering that the document represents the “worst-case scenario”…

  16. As we count down to hopefully a no deal Brexit, I imagine scenes of chaos from the remainiacs…
    Hunger strikes, more cunts sitting on top of trains, tonnes more Romanians and poles flooding in before the deadline, a remainiac/extinction rebellion alliance formed and more disruption, Somalians… being Somalians, every rich celebrity who owns three houses saying they will leave the UK, some cunt who forgot to take their medicine dying and it being blamed on a lack of planning, Ken Clarke hopefully having s heart attack whilst smoking a cigar, and finally the Green parties Caroline Lu’nati’cus trying to declare Brighton part of Scotland and then trying to rejoin the cunting EU.
    They can all go fuck themselves.

    • Many a true word spoken in jest B&WC.
      In the run up to 31st October watching the remainer cunts, will be like watching tablet time on One flew over the cuckoo’s next.

      • I agree TCMOA, It’s gonna get very interesting the tactics they try. The biggest joke is Corbyn pretending to be pro EU and wanting to take over when he’s the biggest Brexiteer in Parliament, I bet he voted leave the old cunt.

  17. Don’t worry! Corbyn us off to Accra to liase with socialist leader of this swamp infested shitehole.

  18. The Tory traitors siding with the Lib Dumbs and the Corbynistas will live to regret their treachery. Even if they were to achieve their goal of selling out their country to the Krauts the Libs and Commies hate them with a passion. And if they lose the electorate will have kicked them out anyway.
    They are fucked but that’s what happens when you choose the wrong side.

    • More like Porky the pig, fat cunt isn’t cool enough to be the apathetic droopy dog

  19. Treasonous, useless fucking has beens should be Sjamboked up and down the A1 till they repent their cuntishness and beg forgiveness from the poor bastards who have paid their wages and expenses.

  20. We now live in a low grade banana republic. This is the sort of shit you’d expect in Nicaragua. This is a coup attempt pure and simple. Saying that though, nothing surprises me anymore with the shit stain remoaners. I know they want this reaction, but I’m slowly but surely losing fucking interest in the whole thing. Fucking self serving pricks.

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