National Treasures (2)

A huge cunting for “ National Treasures”.

As soon as someone is declared a “ national treasure” then you can be sure that person is an utter cunt, viz –

Clare Balding – lezzer and cunt.
Eddie Redmayne – crap actor and cunt.
David Attenborough – global warming gobshite and cunt.
David Beckham – ponce and cunt.
Jamie Oliver – cunt food purveyor and cunt.
JK Rowling – illiterate cunt.
David Dimbleby – broadcaster and cunt
Kate Moss – skinny drug addict and cunt
Jo Brand – unfunny ugly cunt obsessed with her cunt
Miranda Hart – unfunny ugly cunt obsessed with her tits.
Allen Bennett – professional Yorkshireman and cunt.
Grayson Perry – cunt.

I rest my case.


Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

124 thoughts on “National Treasures (2)

  1. Anthony Blair. One of the world’s biggest cunts and a product of this small island.
    We should be proud.

    • He’s a CUNT for sure. Maybe the biggest. But was he ever a National Treasure?

      • Good point. You’d probably be better off asking the millions of cocksuckers who voted for the cunt THREE times. 😰😥😪🤮

      • Or just the cunts who voted for him the third time, to be fair. The rest woke up.

        Apparently he’s a national treasure in Kosovo, but as to the UK’s national treasure, all he’s ever done is rip it off.

    • Or to give him his full title
      Anthony Linton Blair
      How could we forget that wanker He is number 2 on my list of National Treasures

      • Anthony Fucking Linton Blair.

        Pace Python, a true mantelpiece. Or perhaps a lintel.

  2. Sarah Millican. National Treasure, professional Geordie woman, unfunny cunt obsessed with her cunt, tits, weight and menstrual juice.

    Fuck off.

  3. Maggie Smith with her wrinkled face, faded blue eyes, typecast roles and insufferable voice. A Deadpool candidate too.

  4. Other cunts that haven’t said anything approaching funny in a decade!! (If ever)
    Paul Merton
    Marcus brigstocke
    Fat cunt fry
    Ben Elton
    Shappi khorsandi
    Sarah millican
    Richard ayoade
    Romesh raganathan
    and obviously
    Lenny “ Katanga “ Henry!

    All absolute cunts …….
    Watching any of these idiots it becomes patently obvious most of the audience appear to laughing out of embarrassment!!

    • Richard E I Addio, who ads for HSBC. A cunt for all seasons.
      Married into the Fox family.
      Can’t somehow see Edward getting on with this obnoxious little toerag.

    • Also that cunt with the teeth like tombstones, who appears with that Romesh cunt.

  5. What we need is a run off for the most twee and NICE people in Britain between Lorraine Kelly ( ‘i think you’re great, fantastic’) and Carol Kirkwood ( ‘gooood mooorning, its an absolutely beautiful day’!) to see who can make me vomit first through sickly sweet niceness.

  6. The only thing about so-called national treasures is the treasure bit as they are all millionaires mostly paid by the BBC or the other stations.

    And as for Ant and Dec who apparently have won the nation’s hear, I believe Ant and Dec’s incredible pay packets as £79,000 a day for presenting shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, I’m A Celebrity and Saturday Night Takeaway

  7. I see our Wonderful London Mayor aka The Little Panda is not on the list.
    He surely must be in the top 3 of our National Treasures “Next Stop Please”

  8. National cunts off the top of my head…..

    Michael Barrymore
    Pete Townshend
    Rolf Harris
    Jimmy Saville
    Frank Bruno
    John Mccririck
    Prince Andrew
    Prince Harry
    Prince Charles
    Brian Cox
    Dr Who
    Sean Connery
    Alan Sugar
    Alex Ferguson
    Gary Linekar
    Philip Schofield
    Noel Edmonds
    Seb Coe
    James Bolam
    William Roache
    Emma Watson
    Simon Le Bon
    Jonathan Ross
    Susannah Reid
    Rio Ferdinand
    Johnny Vaughn
    Jon Snow
    Martin Lewis
    Jamie Oliver
    Patrick Stewart
    Richard Branson
    Damien Hirst
    Tracey Emin
    Vivienne Westwood
    Richard Curtis
    Steven Gerrard
    David Walliams
    Amanda Holden
    Daniel Craig
    Danny Boyle
    June Sarpong

    Any cunts I’ve missed?

  9. No mention of chinese shop mannequin Michael McIntyre?

    I wish he was one of those famously depressed comedians so he’d top himself. That would the funniest gag he’s ever done

  10. Completely

    See what I did then?

    I’m quite pleased with myself and, as it’s such a nice day, I think I’ll bunk off for the rest of the afternoon and share a zeppelin of White Lightning with the tramps in the park.

    Toodle-pip fellow Cunters.

  11. Proper national treasures

    King Denis Law
    John Cooper Clark
    Mark E Smith (RIP)
    Alf Garnett
    Tony Wilson (RIP)
    Syd Barrett (RIP)
    DCI Gene Hunt
    Spike Milligan (RIP)
    Ian Curtis (RIP)
    Rupert Rigsby
    Albert Tatlock
    Ray Davies

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