Laura Kuenssberg (2)

Laura Kuntssberg is a real cunt isnt she?

ALBBC – not content with sticking Abdul on the live hustings and the furor over his deactivated twatter account plus the awful Maitlis woman deliberately attempting to goad Boris into a corner they cant even tell the truth seconds after a live broadcast. The last vote which saw Gove kicked off leaving the PM job to either Boris or creepy Hunt ALBBC went live into the chamber for the announcement. A sigh of disbelief was heard when it was announced one paper was void. The result was then read and handed straight back to the wobbly gobbed Kuntssberg who declared “there was a huge gasp from the MP’s when the winners were announced” – no there wasnt you lying conniving cunt.

Why oh why do politicians take people like Kuntssberg and Peston into their confidence when its known the two cunts can’t even lie straight in bed? Were that me and I was approached by any ALBBC / ITV / Channel 4 / Sly news correspondents I would ensure it was quiet and just tell them to fuck off.

Nominated by cunto

50 thoughts on “Laura Kuenssberg (2)

  1. Like all Al-Beeb political correspondents, she’s a CUNT.

    When she interviewed Jeremy Cunt she was softly softly. She laid into Bojo like a dog with a bone.

    A complete waste of space. But still not as hateful as Mischal Hussein on Today.

    • All the cuntings of this cunt are very well deserved. But I bet if she was bent over a table in stockings and sussies you’d all like to bum her given the opportunity.

      Dirty cunts.

      • Only if the other choice is fucking her mouth. I’d lose my poor winkie to those gnarled teeth.

  2. Ugly, nasty remoaner bitch who doesn’t even bother to hide her brown EU tongue.
    You just know that, when she gets older she is going to be whining and moaning about “equal opportunities “ and “institutional sexism” and “ why aren’t I Director General of the BBC you cunts?”
    What kind of name is that anyway? Sounds German to me. Fucking Kraut whore.

  3. Ugly rubber faced remoaner cow
    How can believe anything the BBC say or do Fake News

    • Seeing the picture, I’d thought Ed Izzard had developed a meth habit.

    • With that stroke victim slanted gob, she looks like Douglas Carswell in drag.
      Only she’s even more of a fucking cunt.
      I’d still bum her to death, though.
      And then bum her a bit more.

  4. She’s unique in the BBC. Both the left and the right hate her fucking guts. If she’s soft on Corbyn now, it’s because she tried misrepresenting him once too often. In the edit of an interview, Corbyn’s answer to one question was represented as the answer to a different question.

    An acidulous, strident, self-important feminist who opens her condescending gob before engaging her solipsistic brain, and promoted way beyond her ability or appeal. Cunting approved.

  5. I see that the chain of lingerie shops fronted by the actor who played Star Trek’s James T Kirk has collapsed, with investors claiming the choice of name being instrumental in its demise….

    “Shatner Knickers”….

  6. An instant turn-off for me. As soon as I see her sloppy lower jaw come into sharp focus, my automatic ‘man earflaps’ shutdown. A bit like the time when the wife goes into one.

    I really couldn’t give two toots on a tiger’s todger for what speculative, EU-worshiping horse ordure dribbles out of her overpaid, wonky BBC mouth.

    Go and do one, Cuntsburger.

  7. That’s the worst joke i’ve ever heard. ………but i’m nicking it anyway.

  8. *** BREAKING NEWS! ***

    My new lawnmower is due for delivery this afternoon.

  9. Wobbly mongy lipped Kuntsberg can get fucked the patronising condescending twat.

    Albeeb have a pair of 24 carat cunts on their hands with Kuntsberg and that other political correspondent twat Katya Adler!

  10. The problem with the BBC is the majority of people still think it’s trustworthy, politicians don’t want to get on the wrong side of the BBC.

    The BBC pumps out it’s own agenda and it’s true that it doesn’t hold a bias, it will now down politicians of any hue of they deviate from the BBC agenda.

    If politicians had balls and foresight they would unite and haul the BBC back in line with its charter.

    When Cameron said he was going to shutdown the BBC if he won in 2015 there were a lot of people at the beeb shitting their pants, it wouldn’t take much to pull it back in line but too many politicians put self interest first and stay in bed with auntie.

    We the people must do what politicians won’t.

  11. It’s genuinely heartbreaking that this wonky-faced cunt has only been cunted on one occasion since my own nomination on her in 2017.

    Make no mistake – past BBC political correspondents have been utter cunts; Andrew Marr and Nick Robinson especially. But even in their pomp, I can never recall being as infuriated at the delivery, the snarkiness, the overt bias, the smug joy at being in the Westminster fucking bubble as I am with Laura Fucking KuennTsberg.

    I genuinely despise this fucking cunt – on more than one occasion this parliament whore has barked a snide question at caninet ministers as they enter Downing Street.

    Komodo is spot on though, she is verry unique in that, as he says, both sides of the political spectrum hate the cunt. It takes a special type of cunt to be vilified by Corbynites, Blairites and the Tories – I mean not even the elite corps of the political cuntfucks like Bercow can claim that.

    Kuennsberg, Maitlis, Adler – the Three Cunt Witches of Westminster.

  12. PMQs. ‘I would firstly like to virtue signal a story about one of my constituents who has lost her benefit due to government cuts:’ ‘The government has virtue signalled it’s intention to deal with this imporant issue’. ‘I would like to virtue signal one of my constituents who has been trapped in a nursing home with no proper medical attention’.’I refer the honourable lady to the virtue signaling I gave some moments ago’. Order!

    • ‘I would like to virtue signal on behalf of the people of The Yemen’. ‘The government is busy virtue signaling to all parties involved in the conflict’.

  13. And the AlBBC are cunts as well as Kuntsberg. Has anybody noticed at the bottom of every story on their website is a phrase “Why you can trust the BBC”. I’m not going to retype it all but basically it says about how impartial they are etc. It’s an absolute pile of bollocks, everything that is said is basically the opposite of what they stand for.

  14. Didn’t she have to have protection at a Labour party conference? She must be doing something right. Or perhaps they thought her surname was Jewish?

  15. She either doesnt listen properly or just hears what she thinks she hears, when she had her ‘exclusive’ interview with BoJo she later interpreted something he said about leaving on the 31/10.
    I heard what he said and understood exactly what he said, she claimed he backtracked from leaving on 31/10 by saying it was eminently feasible, NO Kuenscunt he was refering to leaving with a deal as being eminently possible.

    They are all cunts, fucking Maitlis and that fucking Emma Barnett, last night on newsnight she was almost screaming at Andrew Mitchell over the the BoJo photograph as though Andrew Mitchell would know anything about it.

    There is a systemic problem within the BBC, it full of CUNTS!

    • Fucking right, absolutely full to the rafters with cunts. My 84 y.o. housebound mother had a letter through today stating when they were going to take her free TV Licence away. If they think she’s going to pay to line the pockets of the likes of Linecunt et al they can fuck right off. She never watches any of their shit anyway, most of the time the telly’s on and she’s asleep. And why isn’t Champion of the People Cuntbyn on the case? His fucking silence is deafening. I have no idea how they’re going to police it, if they come knocking on her door she won’t fucking hear it anyway! Lucky enough I live with her, so either way they aren’t going to get their money. Fucking shitehawk cunts.

      • Don’t be too hard on those who have elderly parents and care for them. Care homes cost a huge amount per week. Sometimes it’s better for the parent and makes more economic sense for an adult son or daughter to live with them.

  16. These Kuntsbergs, Maitlis Barnett women at least do hold a national record though.
    Boiling my piss in an average of 5.7 seconds from their first appearance on screen.
    Unbiased? Yeah right.

  17. Was it just my own wet dream or did someone actually ask Hunt during the televised hustings over the weekend if he would do something about the BBC amid a large chorus of cheering?

    The Cuntsberg needs her P45

  18. This fucking sour faced wench really boils my piss.

    We really need to dispose of ze bbc before the likes of Kretinsberg and Mattis make it to the top.

  19. As daft a cunt as Keunssberg is, she seems less dereanged than horse-faced old bat Maitlis, who reverted to some sort of emergency EU-BBC programming, chanting ‘Diversity… equality.. tolerance… multiculti… ‘ at the Hungarian Foreign Minister rather than listening.

    What a fucking loon.

  20. Kuntsberg is female hooky-gobbed equivalent of Dominic Grief!

    Pure 24 carat cunt!

  21. I’m glad I found these comments, I thought I might be on my own, she is the truest cunt of cunts, mealy-mouthed sanctimonious awful leftie cunt.

  22. Scumberg is in the same acidic vile talentless bitch club as hateful Harriet Harm man and Caroline “rotty licking piss off a nettle” Caroline Flint. Welcome to our future – clueless egotistical women who use their gender to get undeserved position and promotion – we are fucked.

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