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‘Claims Brexit will boost tourism turns out to be a myth’ apparently. The i among other news outlets are claiming visitors to Britain are spending less due to Brexit. I would like to start by pointing out that surely, if we were to do this scientifically, the only conclusion we could glean from visitor spending being lower is that, NOT HAVING BREXIT YET, is the reason tourists are spending less. How the fuck can you claim something has had a negative effect before it’s even happened?!

I’m sick to fucking death of reading journalists (bullshit merchants) interpretations of stats and figures. When will they get it through their simple fucking brains that the ‘uncertainty of brexit’ and ‘brexit’ are two completely different things. This government have caused the uncertainty of brexit and this is what’s causing so many economic problems. British Steel has gone belly up because of the uncertainty of brexit not because of brexit, which as we alluded to before, hasn’t happened yet, so cannot be the cause of anything.

It should be a crime to publish these spurious statistics along with a prognosis that’s completely wrong. After all, they were quick to try and brand leave organisations as breaking the law for lying during the referendum and yet now they’re reciprocating with even more outrageous speculation. Hypocritical cunts!

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  1. And Remain idiots attempted to prosecute for Boris Johnson for spreading “ false claims”, yet they do the same every hour of every day. It’s called Brexit Derangement Syndrome and large sections of the media, Press, establishment and Twitterati are chronically infected. If only there were an antidote.

  2. We all know theyre sly and bullshit artists, thats a given, cant trust those cunts. British steel going under is a disgrace, why isnt the goverment using them as a main supplier? Buying cheap chinese steel thats like fuckin marzipan, probably.

  3. More neo Marxist EU arse licking libtard snowflakery!

    Fuck the EU.
    God Bless The Queen.

  4. I’m sick to the back teeth of brexit, maybe that’s what they want, drag it out so long we all just give up and it can be allowed to die.

    Sick of the media

    Totally enraged that the government has mismanaged Brexit and allowed the country to slide even further into oblivion.

    Most of all I’ve come to despise remainers who’ve decided the ends are justified by the means and who’ve taken a democratic choice and turned it into open warfare.

    Stop brexit, do it please, I know you remainers think it’s over at that point. It won’t be, you’ll of won the war but there will be millions of people who don’t believe in the system any more, millions of people who have learned that the rules only apply when it suits the individual.

    Bring it on

    • I’ve had enough of the whole fucking topic too, but I am mindful that one hope amongst the remain MPs is that people who want out will be ground down by the continuous shitshow, deliberations, delays and procrastinating.

      It’s important to Brexit voters to stay ever steadfast in the face of such scumcunt tactics.

      • and those Remain cunts are the establishment – they control the banks, media, everything. They don’t want the plebs running the show – the referendum has shown that. Unfortunately, violence is the only thing they will listen to.

  5. Didn’t the owners of ‘i’ newspaper switch to digital only, to stop people wiping their arse with it?

  6. I remember in the 1980s when The Independent was born and it was heralded as a newspaper that would be different. Here we are a few decades later and it’s become a shittier version of The Grauniad but without the po-faced celebrity writers. Just as smelly, mind you.

    • The Independent is a thirty three year old teenager. It has had so many redesigns over the years to try to disguise it’s acne. It has always seemed to me to be a newspaper looking for an audience, rather than having defined it’s audience in advance. It tends to be for elderly rebels who even at 70 grow their hair long and wear it in a ponytail, and poof fanciers and other *artistic* types.

      • It’s the newspaper equivalent of the Lib-Dems. Apparently, the Independent was the paper everyone wanted – but no-one bought it.

  7. With the pound so cheap, I would imagine any tourists in the UK are lording it up. The yanks must be loving it. If tourist spending is lower I would suggest global slowdowns are the main reasons people are not going overseas. Fuck I have just noticed I haven’t got any spaghetti hoops in. This Brexit uncertainty is playing havoc with everything.

    • Fuck me yes. Can’t move in London for septic tanks. And there seem to be hundreds of the cunts working here – like to see that happen t’other way round.

  8. ‘The i’ is just as big an arse wipe rag as The Groaningremoaniad. There was a great piece of objective journalism in the latter yesterday, by that cunt Nick Cohen, calling for ‘the battle against populism’ (ie the attempt to overturn the referendum) to begin. He reckons that Farage is a ‘demagogue’, apparently for having the downright affrontery to demand that parliament upholds the will of the people. The nerve of the man! Nige has done untold damage to the country, says the cunt Cohen. Yes, a belief in upholding the democratic process really is beyond the pale…

    • Cohen has always been an Anthony Blair fanboy, and I guess he still takes direction from Blair and Mangledbum. He is another motherfucker shitstain journalist who likes to think he is important, like Will Hutton, the Dame Keir lookeelikee

      • Another one of the Islington set, he is a warmonger supporting intervention in Iraq, Libya and Syria. That shithole of Islington needs wiping off the map. The damage it’s residents have done to the world is irreparable.

  9. We are constantly being told to drive less, use public transport, cycle or walk and then when we hear of a slowdown in car sales the same cunts (bbc and the rest) scratch their heads.
    Diesel is good, oh sorry its actually bad.
    Dont buy a diesel dont buy a petrol, buy electric at twice the price and when the battery runs out you are fucked because there is nowhere to charge it

    The fucking media are just cunts.

    • Fuckin ‘A. The stupid cunts run a global warming story and how awful the government is for not taking it seriously followed by a slowdown story becuase we’re buying less clothes, eating less meat, and keeping our cars longer and isn’t the governemt awful for letting this happen and the stupid fucks can’t put 2 and 2 together.

  10. ALL conventionally available news is now left-slanted. And what’s more, the ability to add a vaguely right of leftist-defined ‘centre’ comment is being more and more censured and censored.

    The media has won the battle. They’ve got the stranglehold on the brainwashed zomboid masses that are today’s voting age 18-30s. The ones who literally cannot function without a phone telling them what to do. For along with scientific ‘progress’ comes scientific hegemony – and Zuckerberg, at Soros’s behest, is there laughing all the way to the bank.

    (and no doubt he’s had a good go at the Maddy free ride over the years)

  11. British steel is fucked because its cheaper to buy Chinese.

    Nothing to do with brexit that hasn’t happened (yet).

  12. While the Chinese are doing what they fucking liek – they don’t listen to all this eco-loonyism. Breaks my heart when I go and see the family in Newcastle and see the industrial devastation. Re-open the coal mines, use the power to make cheap steel and tell the eco lobby to fuck right off. Cunts.

  13. I used to read the Indy, then the i. I gave up when i noticed the nonsensical scare stories about Tory cuts being shared by ‘low info’ friends of facebook, and creeping identity wank.

    Theyve been publishing apologia for peacefulism, such as ‘The Satanic Verses wouldnt be published today and rightly so’

    This stance has nothing to do with one of the owners being a Sultan.

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