The London Borough of Islington

A concise cunting for the London Borough of Islington (where else?) I needn’t elaborate on the statement below:

The mayor who wears a hijab

Cllr Rakhia Ismail, the UK’s first Somali-born female mayor and is thought to be the first mayor to wear a hijab.

Cllr Ismail was chosen as the new mayor for Islington, north London – a mostly ceremonial role – on 16 May.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Islington, the home of Corbyn, Flabbott et alia.

Just to prove that the Labour Party can’t sink any lower, Islington, the home of the bearded messiah himself, voted against him.

Maybe the cunts ain’t such cunts after all, but I ain’t putting money on it. They voted for fucking Cable…

Nominated by Dioclese

70 thoughts on “The London Borough of Islington

  1. Somalian. She looks even more of a fucking pirate with that hat on.

    • That mayoral bling will mysteriously go missing. Traded to a gang of skinnies to settle some tribal dispute over goats back in the motherland.

    • You never heard of somali pirates? Well this made good! Mayor of leftyville, all the vegan food she can eat, plenty of booty to stick in her burka back pocket!

  2. A cunthole with some nice streets with big 1920’s houses, usually occupied by the likes of Flabbot, Catweazle, Fatty Nugee and other champagne class warriors. I’m just surprised that James O’Shithead doesn’t live there.
    Does anyone know what “dogwhistle politics” means? I’ve heard it 3 times on the radio today, each time from libtard remoaners, so i’m guessing it means something those cunts don’t like.

    • Is it what fat munters like Emily ThighBury or Flabbatasaurus secretly enjoy hearing from lubricious workmen even though said workmen are actually whistling for the return of their dog in case it’s eaten by said munters?

      • Hold on! I ask a question and you reply with a different fucking question? Are you a politician?
        Do you live in Islington by any chance?

    • All I recall from ShitIslington is Georgian houses interspersed with shit ugly council blocks and general delapidation and a myriad of expensive 1 hour parking bays that signified a big fuck off to people with cars.

      Dog whistle is lefty theory for how the right wing get support with duplicitous bigoted language and get a following. Like ‘here little bigot vote for me because I’m tough on crime”. The lefty agrees that ‘tough on crime’ sounds reasonable but warns or fights against it because the actual policy when enacted will be harder on blacks or whatever oppressed group. Explains Flabbpt and Lammy and the hard left a lot.

  3. John Cleese is spot on…
    London is dead and no longer English… Hell is upon us…

    • In that case John Cleese is obviously a RAAAACIIIIST!! so every episode of everything he ever did must be erased. Especially by the beeb.

      • You say that in jest but I wouldn’t put it past Al Bibi to try and erase Cleese from TV history.

  4. Islington is also home to Arsenal, the big game shitters.

    No doubt Steptoe supports them.

    • He does. A friend of mine saw the cunt at a match.

      • Bercownt must’ve sneaked in under the turnstiles, the horrid oompah-loompah.
        No pies and pints for Steptoe and Dopey, they were no doubt all sharing a glass of fizz in the complimentary rooms plotting the next Brexit stitch-up.

    • I support Arsenal, having done so for as long as I can remember I’ve grown a pretty thick skin.

      If Jeremy Corby stood next to me at a football match we could have a pleasant 5 minutes discussing the good times and 85 minutes plus injury time of me explaining to him why the IRA are scum, why Islam sucks and why socialism is like a form of mental impairment.

      Maybe I could then assist the Arsenal board by explaining you can buy as many average midfielders as you like but successful teams tend to invest in something called a defence, not like Arsenal didn’t have the best back four in the game when they last tasted success.

    • Had a “Dignity Funeral Plan” leaflet through the front door today.
      The old scrote on the front looked just like Steptoe.

  5. Islington, like the rest of that london is a shit stained cesspit that needs Manaco’ing.
    Rebuild the wall around the City of London, we’ll take that as our kind of West Berlin, then raise or lower the M25 a few hundred feet and seal all the exits.

    • Top riposte there Blimpo,
      Londonistan stopped being “my” capital city when the dark keys, Asian, slope, Africunt, slanty eyed stabby shooty moped mugging cunts were more or less given free reign to do whatever the fuck pleases them after Genghis and the Dick thing took over and offered no resistance to speak of and started arresting re-tweeters.
      If I were boss I would cut loose Scotland, Ireland and Wales who, lets face it, hate the fucking sight and sound of the English as a fair few hate the Scotch, Oirish and Taffs. rescind the Barnett formula brass and let them fucking rot.
      FInally, to make this England Great once more I would make Londonistan a City state. Let the dark keys, Asians, slopes, bent Russians and slanty eyed cunts pay for it as they own every brick and slate.
      Come my reign only good white folk are spared and the rest can either fuck off or face deportation to a nice dependency we have down in the South Atlantic, South Georgia. Its pleasant with lots of disused whaling sheds and plenty of fish to curry. Only when we can claim our Country back as our own can we avoid the stain of an enforced multicultural shithole foisted on us by Liebour and the war criminal T Bliar. We have welcomed all comers and the “culture”. Sadly the English have had to forego their “Englishness” for fear of the “racist, nazi, xenophobic rabid right wing”tag. Its the only way England can become Great again.
      As a slap in the face with a wet kipper the RSC are redoing Henry 5th – with a black female as Henry. I fucking despair.

      • When the inevitable movie about Fatty Lammy comes out-“Lammys Kampf: My 40 year struggle against the White Racism that still left me a Slave despite giving me a seat in Parliament, a university education,a white wife and a platform for spouting bollox”-
        I want the Fat hypocrite to be played by a big fat White cunt like Peter Kay complete with a northern accent and pork pies hanging around his neck.Who could argue against such casting? Cunts

      • Don’t forget – you are going to have to do something with the lefties and the gays……

  6. That’s the last time I buy The Angel Islington when I’m playing Monopoly.

  7. Yesterday’s IAC poster boy Lammy lives in the less posh Tottenham constituency next door and probably eyes Islington with envy that he has to live with brothers as appalling and disgusting as he is.

    The fat cunt probably squeezes himself onto the Piccadilly Line to shop there, spending his hard-earned expenses at Steptoe’s local Waitrose pretending he’s classy whilst buying tinned chicken and pineapple chunks to snaffle like a painted savage.

    • Lammy’s issue with white people is he can never be one.

      White education
      White Wife
      White Politics

      Everything about Lammy screams resentment becasue the one thing he wants his race card can’t buy him.

      Cunt he is

      • Lammy really does Love Africa and all his soul brothers and sisters but what he loves even more is White Pussy,White Wealth , White Government and White Law and Order.The Fat Cunt.

      • Why doesn’t he just announce that he’s white and join the remainers who say they won and think we should all believe them?

  8. I might be wrong but in the Euro Elections a few days ago most of England voted Brexit; but the metropolitan areas like Liverpool/Manchester & Birmingham all voted Lib Deb. And if memory serves (can’t be arsed to check) but most of London voted either Labour or Lib Dem.

    So because of that the Remainers seem to think the UK (or at least England) want to stay in the fucking EU! Take out those cities in question and its a different fucking story.

    So yes, the likes of London and all of its fucking boroughs is what is tipping the balance towards a 2nd referendum, revoke A50 or call the whole thing off completely!


  9. Im a racist. I hope none of you are waiting for a positive right on pc comment from me.?

  10. I live in a skint area of Londonistan 10 miles north of Islington.Its high road is full of trendy bars,pubs and restaurants.When I was young and still just a fledgling cunt me and my mates used to visit at the weekends to get wrecked and take the piss out of the local snowflakes,only in my day we called them yuppies.Full of posh totty but the slags were/are too stuck up to look twice at a cunt like me.Also its only 10 minutes from the West End.
    Only 2 kinds of cunts can afford to live there: minted bastards who live in brand new flats or Georgian houses converted into 3/4 flats, and poor cunts in council housing who “qualify” for every Government benefit under the sun.Its probably divided 50/50 between the minted and the skint.To give you an idea of its Cuntitude Ubercunt Blair owned and lived in a 4 storey mansion there before the lying bastard became PM.The high street has a tube station called Angel Islington if any cunt here fancies a visit to Londonistan.

  11. It may sound harsh but the smelly child raping, exploding, stabby cunts need to all fuck right off.

    • Which ones? All of them I suspect.
      Anyway, old Catweazle isn’t in the People’s Republic of Islington today. He’s been in Dublin licking more EU arse.
      The poor cunt doesn’t know which way to jump.
      May I suggest off the top of a multi storey car park?

      • I would execute Catweazle by having a sweaty Pie-Anne Flabbot sit on his face until he suffocates.

  12. May I remind cunters of the death, yesterday, of Walter Wolfgang aged 95.
    Walter was a German Jew who escaped from the Nazis and made a splash when he heckled the coward Jack Straw , over the Iraq War at the Labour Party conference in 2005. Naturally, this 81 year old was manhandled out of the building by a bunch of goons. Days of future past eh?
    RIP Walter, a fucking brave old man.

    • After dragging him out they detained him under anti-terrorism laws!

  13. Heard on the news that an American opera singer has decided to run for election as PM.
    Then I saw… Jesse Norman.
    Nothing would surprise me any more.

    • It ain’t over ’til the fat lady cries, “Victim!”

      Der fleadermaus? She probably ate it.

  14. We all know that North London is full of cunts, but I keep missing out on the best cuntings because of work, i. e. The eighties!!!!!!! Didnt anyone mention sabrina boys boys boys?

  15. As well as a miserable cunt, I am an anomaly in Londonistan in that I voted LEAVE and that I DO NOT celebrate this wonderful ‘all nationalities/races/religions/cults/criminal element foreigners welcome’ mentality that has infected the place.

    I am a born and bred Londoner and have seen the slow, sickening decline and disintegration of the city over the years and the destruction of any kind of identity that it ever might have had.

    We all know why this is. The ‘melting pot’ has overflown to a point of wiping out everything sacred and distinctly and typically English for fear of causing offence. It makes me puke, but more than that, it actually upsets me.

    Being in London is like being a stranger or a tourist in your own home city. NOBODY should feel this way. EVER. Of course the powers that be would say that this is my problem and I need to adapt and embrace this ‘cosmopolitan’ loveliness…….I say they have destroyed the place and ruined everything I and others hold dear, so fuck them.

    As for fucking Islington, well what an overrated heap that is. It is just another ‘trendy’ place for the cunt element to live, like Camden or Hampstead and I for one have never understood why. A built up pile of tat with grubby streets, irritating, inclusive, gluten free arseholes residing there and just like most other Inner London shit holes, it is a shit hole, just a ‘trendy’ one.

    Doesn’t surprise me at all that ‘Mrs Hijab’ is their new Mayor. Only surprises me that it hasn’t happened sooner.


    • You are so right, when I visit my brother who still lives in the smoke
      I am visiting a foreign country, cannot get home fast enough. One cunt in a shop just down the road from the house we lived in for 40 odd years asked me to repeat my request as he did not understand my accent. I informed him in my best mid Middlesex accent that I was born four miles away from his establishment. I then realised that a. The only white person was me. The rest of the customers looked blankly at me as they could not understand me either. I gave up and went home as fast as I fucking could.
      Goodbye the smoke goodbye.

      • Sounds like you would have had better luck with clicks and whistles with a bit of tribal grunting BB.

      • I truly sympathise, BB. I had this happen to me recently.

        I went into my local Boots branch a couple of weeks ago. I asked the woman behind the desk for a pretty common irritable bowel drug called Mebeverine.

        She could not understand what I was saying in clearly spoken English, but not only that, she did not know of the drug. She asked me to spell it out.

        This is apparently an example of the ‘trained pharmacy assistants’ that Boots allegedly employ. You would also think that understanding spoken English was a prerequisite in England, but apparently not.

        Plus, we dare not even mention this fact, otherwise we will be called racist.

        I despair these days.

  16. Not just an opera singer but another Old Fucking Etonian like Boris the Turk and Rory “real name Rod” Stewart.Can you imagine 3 boys from the same comprehensive school all running for Prime Minister? What a great democrapcy we have! By the way am I the only one who thinks that the Cunt Rory Stewart has a voice which sounds exactly like UberCunt Blair? Its fucking uncanny

      • He was also saying that someone passed him an opium pipe at a wedding, so he had a puff.

        I remember Don’t be vague Hague claiming to drink pints.

        Am I alone in finding these claims rather (embarrassingly) unconvincing ?

        I went to the local compo, and an awful lot of people ended up doing porridge. That’s just the staff, incl. Mr. Jimmy “On the fiddle” who emptied the PTA funds for his own purposes…

    • He sounds like a fucking millennial woman in that irritating creaky breathless way that for some reason stupid reality TV cunts think is classy. Cunts.

  17. I fucking hate this country more and more, with every fucking mudslime it becomes more obsolete. Just another 3rd world greater middle east shit pit.

  18. I just saw a Sly News “reporter” questioning the Yank Secretary for War-Mongering. She asked if it was OK for the President to meet with “the likes of” Nigel Farage. When they say this they also mean “the likes of” the people who would vote for Nigel Farage. They hate us, and they are willing to take away our right to vote.

    • Yes Sir Nigel is seriously beginning to piss the Establishment off. Last Thursday must have been a tremendous shock for the cunts.
      If I were him I would be beefing up my security. A milkshake might make the snowflakes laugh but he is going up against some serious fucking cunts now and has got them worried.
      I certainly wouldn’t be flying in any single prop two man planes and I would take a good long look at any cunt driving me around in a car.
      Accidents happen!

      • Have been thinking that for a while Freddie. Went to see him speak in Clacton recently. Surprised how little security he had, anyone wanting to do him harm could easily have done so.

      • Surely the Government will have been on the phone to Blair asking for details of the “Dr.Kelly” method.

      • Spot on Capt M,I have read the book ‘The strange death of David Kelly’ by ex MP Norman Baker and there is only one conclusion.He was murdered by or allowed to be by Bliars government.

  19. One glance at that fright is enough to indicate that England is FUCKED. You need a certain majority of the electorate to think she is what they need to represent them. It’s fucked, rooted, had the biscuit. Get out now.

    From a viewpoint in Orstrailya I first knew england was FUCKED when the Kumars came on the telly acting as if they owned the fucking country.

    • Cant leave me old china.Too poor,too old and aint got the skills to make a new start.

  20. Somalis are the biggest cunts in London. I’d check that gold chain goes back when she fucks off or gets deported.

  21. When they all get raped, stoned, tower block burned to death, I’ll give as much of a shit as I do now, aka none.

    There’s plenty enough decent not-so-white-skinned folk amongst us who are just getting on with life and raising their families in a, dare I say it, ‘traditional’ unit of a male and female parent with their kids.

    And then there’s that weird enclave named ‘Londonistan’…

  22. Yeah fuck Islington… Hasn’t got a patch on Notting Hill.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  23. Been in London once in 2014 – i was genuinely shocked
    50 yrs of age and “ My Capital city “
    What a fuckin disappointing experience it was like spot the white person
    Will not be back
    Fuck thum

  24. What a shit hole, like any place where blacks and asian’s turn up and begin to take over, crime,drugs, murder, corruption,squalid living conditions and general misery.!

  25. As John Cleese says London is no longer an English City any more hence the overwhelming vote to remain in the EU It will only get worse if Comrade Corbyn gets into office

    • If you want to see what happens when Whitey leaves town look up “pictures of detroit then and now”.Thats the outcome when you implement the Kalergi Plan.

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